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Sarah H

I miss you. I wish I had a way to get in touch with you.

UPDATE: Nevermind, found you.

Must read

Rachel Lucas on her trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

While I’m off getting myself killed…

We’re leaving to go whitewater rafting. We did it last year, but this time we’re doing Class III & Class IV rapids. I have to say, I’m a little nervous! Risk of death and all that. I’m glad my mom doesn’t check the interwebz on weekends, so she won’t know I was nervous about it until after we’re all safe and sound on dry land again.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a link to Vodkapundit‘s Week in Blogs. I may have made the list. :-)

Happy birthday!

First, to my friend Tracey, who rocks. I’m so glad I know you.
Second, to Harry Potter, who also is known to rock. I shall celebrate your birthday by starting to read your series again.
Third, to JK Rowling.

I’d also like to wish a happy birthdate to my retirement. I shall celebrate your birth by making and eating sushi with friends tonight.

Oh dang. I had a root canal yesterday (I’ll probably need to blog about that nightmare and my total meltdown in the dentist’s chair), and my jaw is still sore, so I hope I’m able to eat my sushi rolls!

Ok, I have to go now. Have to make some notes, clean off my desk, say goodbye to one or two people (I will be the only person in corporate accounting at the office today), finish up some training, and pick up my final paycheck.


Today’s kind of a big day for me. I’ll tell you why later. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Done. I gave my notice at work. Next Friday is my last day!

Birthday plans

Today I’m thirty-three.

Yesterday we got all moved in to the new house. We love it.

We’re about to take showers so we can go clean up our ex-house after we get the rest of our stuff out. We have miscellaneous kitchen stuff left and some bathroom things. And half our clothes are still there. Garage things…

We don’t have to clean that much. The house auctioned Friday, and the property management company is not charging us a cleaning fee or doing a walkthrough, because it’s no longer their property to manage. So we get back everything–$800 in pet deposits, first and last months’ rent. Wahoo! So we’re going to clean all the floors (vacuum, sweep, mop–no steaming carpets or anything) and the kitchen counters and sweep out the garage. That’s it.

Tonight after worship, we’re doing dinner with my in-laws.

And then… you know… Sookeh! (And Eric!!)

So we bought a house

We signed today. The sellers sign at 8 a.m. The loan officer thinks it may have funded today, which means that as soon as the sellers sign, we can get keys.

I have the day off tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll do?

This is your brain on mortgage paperwork

My mom is going to kill me for posting this picture.

Better news

So we applied for a new loan on Wednesday. Actually, we contacted the guy Wednesday. He took our app over the phone Thursday. By the end of Thursday, we were approved and through underwriting. Today he called me with an update. They got the appraisal that our first bank had done, and since the appraiser isn’t on his approved list of appraisers, they’re having her added to his approved list. Not ordering a new appraisal–making it so they can accept the first appraisal.


Wait for it.

He doesn’t want to overpromise, but he thinks we’re closing next week. He called me at 4:45 on Friday just to update me on the status of everything.

Things are going so much better now.

And I have to hand it to our original loan officer. The application fee, which covers the appraisal, was non-refundable. She’s having it refunded anyway *and* she sent over the appraisal so our new bank could use it. She also told me that if she’d known her underwriting team would be so incompetent on our loan, she would have told us to go elsewhere for the loan a long time ago. I feel bad that she did a ton of work on our loan and doesn’t get anything out of it, but… that’s how it goes, I suppose.

The sellers are closing on the house they’re buying in two weeks. So they really need to close next week. Our rent house was supposed to auction today, and I assume it did, so I’m guessing we’ll have until the 20th to be out of here.

So we’re shaving things close, as is our wont, but it looks like things are going to work out. I’m breathing a mild sigh of relief–I’ll breathe the heavy sigh when we have a date and time set for closing.


Supposedly we’ll hear the status of our loan tomorrow. And the house we currently live in is being auctioned on Friday. And we’re hoping to close on our new house by the 16th. And we’ll probably have until the 20th to be out of our house.

As you can imagine, I’m packing like mad, because it looks like I’m not gonna be able to carry stuff over in several loads.

Also writing. Not as much as I want to, but I am writing steadily anyway, even if I only get out a couple of paragraphs per day.

I’ve given myself writing assignments for the blog, but I haven’t had time for them, so I’m not telling you what they are. I know how y’all hate it when I flake out.

Michael Jackson: Dead at 50


Things I dig

First, this. Oh my word. I see this and I feel like a failure at life in general. I will never do anything as cool as that.

Also, this. Suck it, Babs. Can I call you Babs?

And I’m late on this, but it’s awesome. Break it down.


I’ve been stalking our new house. Six of every seven days, I drive by, slowly, avoiding the stares of any future neighbors who may be hanging around outside. I study it. I try staring at the weird building in the back yard, which we still haven’t figured out–what ARE you, building?–and I gaze longingly at the rose bushes in the front yard. I’m not even a fan of roses, but the rose bushes are so pretty! And so abundant.

I’m not just stalking the house, I’m stalking the whole neighborhood. There’s supposed to be a park in the neighborhood, and we can’t find it. I don’t think it exists. But whatevs. With the back yard we’re getting, we don’t need a park.

So I drove by today. Got really annoyed. Why? you ask. Because there were two cars there. One parked in the RV parking, and one parked in the driveway. I know those are the owners’ cars, but I’m still like, get out of my driveway! That’s my house!

I should stop thinking of it that way until we close, in case something happens and we don’t get it.

I did hear from the loan officer today. She surprised me by saying that it’s in final review, and she thinks we’ll be able to close in June! We could be homeowners again (the first house we’ve ever bought together) in less than two weeks!

Twitter rocks

A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight’s planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between 2-3p PST (1:30a in Iran).

I’m devoted for life now.

They had announced it for 9 p.m. Pacific last night, but the people tweeting from Iran were all over it, begging Twitter to reschedule, and Twitter did.

Twitter owns this story. I was following it all weekend, and when I got to work yesterday, no one had heard what was going on. I think ABC was the only network reporting on it at all until Sunday night, when CNN finally jumped in.

If the revolution is successful for the people of Iran, Twitter will have played a huge part.

Yellowstone snippet

FRANK: I don’t listen to Eminem. I have respect for myself. And others.
SARAHK: No you don’t.


I think I’m actually back. To blogging. It took Dave Matthews Band to do it, but I’m back. I’m working on several things right now. I don’t want to make any more promises than that, but look for me here. I’ll finally be around again.


Wow! It’s been a long time since I blogged. A lot’s been going on, I suppose. You want update? I give, I give.

*Ok, so I’m obsessed with Twitter (follow me). I resisted and resisted, because once Frank started tweeting and I saw that his obsession was like my Facebook obsession… well, I should have stayed away. So that’s where I’ve been.
*Also where I’ve been? Getting ready to buy a house. Long story short… four months after we offered on the house we rent, the bank has still not accepted or declined our offer. And after our file was on one negotiator’s desk for three months (“I’ll get to it in the order in which it was received”), they moved our file to a different negotiator’s desk (“It’s on the bottom of my stack, and I’ll get to it in the order in which it was received”). The bank is IndyMac. I’m wondering why they went kerplooey–such a well-oiled machine, that IndyMac.
*The realtor who has been working with us on the short sale found us some houses to look at, and she found one that’s great for us (actually she found several great for us, but one sang to me, la tua cantante, as it were, and no, I don’t know Latin or Italian or whatever, so I can’t change that to the me pronouns instead of the you pronouns). On a bad day with traffic accidents and road closures and snow, it should take us about five minutes to get to church and the same to get to Frank’s work. We’ll still manage to be late everywhere we go, though–don’t read so much into that proximity!
*The house has 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage (real 2, not aughts 2) w/ lots of built in storage, 2 living areas, office, dining room. It’s slightly smaller than the house we rent but seems much bigger. Oh! Also a good-sized laundry room with cabinets and extra space and everything. Big front yard, huge back yard. Trees. Wood fireplace. Fire pit. Patios. Etc. NO great room (I’m not a big fan of those). Will need some updating, but it’s perfect for us. We should be moving sometime in July.
*I can’t wait to hang my hammock in my new back yard. My Kindle and I will have many hours out there.
*I won’t be able to see the TV from the kitchen. So obviously, I’m gonna need one of these. I haven’t yet told Frank.
*Finally bought the Olympus E-520. My first D-SLR. It arrived today, and yes, I’ll be downloading the manual onto my Kindle so I’ll know what the heck I’m doing.
*So here’s a dumb D-SLR question: my regular old Olympus camera has 10x optical zoom. D-SLR language seems to be some non-English language. What lens do I need for zooming that much? I’m looking at you, maya, because I know you know this stuff.
*I’m gonna have to wait on getting a flash and other lenses (I have to save up my allowance again).
*I got my hair did again today. Looks good.
*Rowdi’s gained weight. A lot. We feel rotten. I’ve been running with her a lot lately to help get her weight down. It isn’t working yet. But I’ll keep at it.
*I still have my job. I think they’re planning to keep me until the end. There are only about 20 of us left.
*We’re on vacation. Going to Yellowstone for a few days tomorrow.

All Night Long

So I’ve been having freaky dreams. I can’t tell you what my dream was two nights ago, because I ended up using it as the beginning of my second novel (first novel still in progress). But here’s what I dreamed last night:

I was Lionel Ritchie’s houseguest. Like I showed up at his house and asked if I could stay there, and he lived close to me (over off Trinity Blvd in Fort Worth, what the what??). He and my dad were friends. Rowdi and I stayed there (after a long day doing watersports with a faceless man who wasn’t Frank, because Frank was also in the dream, and he wasn’t the faceless man. Also, the faceless man did have a face, I just can’t remember who his face was.).

The next day, I was in a rush to get out of Lionel’s house (estate–off Trinity Blvd between 820 and Precinct in Fort Worth, mind you, where there are no estates), because I didn’t want to impose, as he was having a birthday party. So I was going to jog home with Rowdi and then come back for my stuff, but we got halfway down the driveway, and she passed out. So we loaded her into Lionel’s minivan, because nothing says best-selling artist like a minivan.

Meanwhile, I went inside to get my stuff. Adam Lambert showed up with his guitar. He sat on Lionel’s couch, and he was quite put out that I was taking up his time with Lionel. They were supposed to be rehearsing for a song they’ll be recording together in Dreamland.

My dad came over and told Lionel happy birthday. Lionel was gonna be having a big birthday party, and my dad told him he didn’t like the birthday cake, that it didn’t seem to suit Lionel.

So I started gathering all my stuff, and Adam knew me, because we go way back or something. He was still a little annoyed that, though we are friends in real life (we’re not), I supported Kris (a boy, regardless of the way his name is spelled) in the final. So that’s why he was so cold to me!

I made the guest bed I’d slept in, and just as I was going to swoop out the door, I spotted my wine glass, which I’d stuffed down into Lionel’s couch cushions. Didn’t want to take it to the kitchen, so I’d shoved it in the couch. So I whisked that off to the kitchen (Adam rolled his eyes at me), and I ran out the door with my stuff.

Lionel didn’t want to drive onto my street to drop me off–he just wanted to drop me at the intersection of Trinity and Salado Trail (yes, I did once live on this street). So he pulled over, across oncoming traffic, onto the shoulder and let me and Rowdi out. Rowdi looked confused. I thanked him. Adam, who had come with us, kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. I walked the half mile home.

I mean, really. It would barely have been longer for Lionel to have dropped me at the end of his driveway.

I have to think this has something to do with my deep-seated belief that there should be no Lionel Ritchie covers on Idol. But I’m glad to know that Adam Lambert doesn’t hate me. At least in my dreams.

this won’t be good

I’m finally on Twitter. I’m not an interesting person, so this should work out great!

Is it just me?

Or did mm just go microscopic??

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Ok, so I woke up this morning pondering–yes! pondering!–this phrase. Probably because I’ve installed new fonts this week, I don’t know. Does it matter? The cause of my ponderings?

Anyway, the font thing. Usually when I see a font on the interwebz, this phrase is used as the demonstrative text. See how this font looks! The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!

For some really stupid, half-asleep reason, I started going through the alphabet to see why this phrase is used. Maybe it has most of the letters of the alphabet or something.

It has every letter except “s.” I’m sure some of you already knew this. In fact, I almost thing *I* knew this already, like I’ve done this ridiculous exercise before. But I’m vexed by it. Vexed. Why no s? You couldn’t have added an s to the end of dog?? I get it, it was already a phrase. But WHY, people, WHY would you single out the s as the only letter not worthy of demonstrating a font?

Anyway, I spent a good ten minutes on it this morning. Very important stuff here.

UPDATE: G Fresh straightened out the whole mess in the comments. Thank goodness.

5 dead people you would have liked to have dinner with

Can you guess which 5 I chose for this facebook meme?
(Answers below the fold.)
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Surprise casting change rocks New Moon set . . . . .




MM EXCLUSIVE: Script of deleted scene in movie Twilight available


Edward: Jello, I’ve known since the moment I leered at you in biology class and was unable to penetrate that thick, thick skull of yours that we were meant to be together in eternity.

Jello: Ditto. I hadn’t felt such a powerful gaze since that homeless sexual psychopath who used to stare at me in the park died of syphilis.

Edward: I had almost given up hope of finding my one true love until you moved into town. For some reason, no one responded to my Craigslist personal ad: 100 YEAR OLD MAN SEEKING VIRGINAL FEMALES, AGES 14 TO 17, FOR LONG WALKS IN ISOLATED WOODS.

Jello: Yes, no one understands you but me Edward. My vast experience as an introverted, sullen teenager must appeal greatly to one such as yourself–a vampire with superhuman powers and over a century of life experiences. I can tell by the way you press your chin to your chest and leer disturbingly at me, that you love me as much as I love you.

Edward: Actually, I do that because the cloud of hairspray that orbits my coiffure deprives my lungs of the oxygen needed to hold up my head . But enough of me–let’s talk about the time you went to the Hannah Montana concert in Phoenix. Tell me about the screaming pre-teens . . .

Jello: Oh Edward, not AGAIN. There must be something else we can talk about . . . after all, you listen to Debussy, so you MUST be a deep-thinking intellectual . . .

Edward: To tell you the truth Jello, that CD was in the player when I bought it at the annual Church of Satan flea market fund raiser. I haven’t been able to figure out how to open the CD tray. I’m actually not very bright at all. This is the 23rd time I’ve been through the 11th grade. I’ve taken a solemn vow that I will keep repeating high school until I can get the marks to get it into clown college. You see, Jello, my dream has always been to work closely with young children while wearing excessive makeup . . . [SUDDENLY STARING DEJECTEDLY AT FLOOR] . . . but it seems that my lack of intelligence and depth will prevent me from achieving my dream.

Jello: No Edward, you mustn’t say such things! I can tell by your black eyes that you are deep . . .

Edward [STARING BLANKLY OUT WINDOW TOWARDS MOUNTAINS]: The blackness that you interpret as depth, Jello, is merely the dark shadow cast in my empty skull . . .

Jello [RUNNING TOWARD EDWARD, GRABBING HIS ARM, AND LOOKING PLEADINGLY AT HIM]: I would rather have an empty skull like yours Edward, than one like mine! You see, Edward, THAT is why they call me Jello. When I was a baby, my irresponsible mother dropped me while she was riding a roller coaster in Phoenix. My brain was irreparably damaged, but doctors were able to replace the void left in my skull with a mix of saline solution and a packet of sugar free strawberry Jello-brand gelatin. You assumed you could not read my thoughts, Edward, when in fact I have no thoughts to read! [sobbing]

Edward [TURNING TOWARDS HER AND HOLDING HER LOVINGLY]: I don’t care about that Jello! I haven’t felt love like this since before I became a vampire. Shortly before I turned, I had a passionate affair with a gourd that my mother kept in the root cellar. For hours upon end, I would lay in the moss in the woods and stare lovingly at its vaguely phallic shape . . . Not since that time, have I felt such a powerful connection to a food-item. Oh Jello, I heart you!




-Yeah, I’m sick, and I’m a big baby about being sick. I’m better today than yesterday–thank goodness, the body aches are gone. My head hurts when I cough. I’m totally worn out, and I did nothing all weekend (other than Friday night). I’ve alternated between sleeping and watching Twilight since about 12:30 Friday night/Saturday morning.

-The realtor isn’t confident that the bank will accept our offer, but I am, so last week I started moving the books from the guest room into our little cove downstairs. I figure moving something downstairs is a win/win. If we have to move, the books are that much closer to the car. If we don’t have to move, I’ve gotten a jumpstart on getting things where I want them. And once we give the guest bed to our friends, that room will be ready for us to move into. Oh, but I should paint it first, since it’ll already be empty.

-I juiced this morning for the first time in a long time–just haven’t had time to be healthy lately, and considering that I’ve had a wicked sore throat and now the flu in just the last six weeks, I’d say I should have made time. Anyway, I juiced whatever I had, going for an immune system boost and all that jazz. Fruit, veggies. The juice turned out surprisingly good–even I thought it was going to be bad. Ingredients: 1.5 inches pineapple, 9 carrots, 5 stalks cilantro, handful of spinach leaves, 1/2 a beet (no tops), 3 cloves garlic (hey, it’s good for the flu), 1 meyer lemon. Yummy. I normally save my second glass for later in the day or the next day (and therefore negate much of the nutritional value), but I’m gonna have it now.

-Yeah, so about Twilight. I did go to the midnight DVD release party. There was a man behind me in line, in his forties I guess. We’d been standing in place for five minutes or so, waiting for those who had reserved copies to give their names and get out of the way, and this conversation ensued:

HE: So have you seen this Twilight thing?
ME: Yep.
HE: Is it as good as they say?
ME [laughing on the inside]: Well… it’s good, I like it. Not as good as the book, by far.
HE: Well, they can put so much more in the books.
ME: True. But it’s good by itself. You haven’t seen it? [just trying to keep the convo moving]
HE: No. [motioning to the flyer in his hand] I just saw that this was going on and thought I’d come see what it was about.
ME: [guffawing on the inside--he really had no idea that the fangirls would be out in force] Oh. Yeah. It’s… kind of a fangirl thing. The teenagers love it. [Oh no! That sounded like I was saying he shouldn't be here! I was really just poking fun at my own fangirliness! So...] Well, and me too. I’m far older than most of these kids. But no, it’s good. Angsty teenage vampire romance.

We laughed together, and that was it. Frank came up and took pictures of me standing in line, and then the line started moving fast. Of course, then there were more lines for the paying. Anyway, the man in line behind me–he kind of inspired me. No idea what he was in for, but hey, movie’s on sale, and it’s a “release party,” and he shows up just to see what it’s about. That’s the kind of adventurer I want to be. Like, oh… some kind of festival going on over there, I’m in. And then he gets there and sees that there are a ton of teenage girls and a few tweens with their dads (very few moms–”Honey, you’re taking little Trixie and her friends to the Twilight thing. I’m having a bubble bath and going to bed. See ya, bye.”) and one thirty-something, and he stays, the brave trooper. Then finds out it’s a fangirl thing, and he shows no remorse, there’s no rolling of the eyes. Just ok, I’m still along for the ride. He’s kind of my hero.

Pictures of the release party here.

-Finished Dracula. Have thoughts, mostly positive, but I need to wrangle them. Probably after I retire. Just one thing, though: the men surrounding Lucy and Mina? Kinda thick.

-Still employed. I went by my boss’s office when I was leaving Friday and told him to have a good weekend. I figured if I wasn’t expected to come back, that would give him the opening he needed to tell me. He just said bye, so I’m pretty sure I’m still working. We’re closing the books right now, so I think I’m staying until that is done. I’ll keep coming in until they tell me to stop.

-Reading Let the Right One In now. Two chapters in. It’s really dark, and I’m not having fun, though I am intrigued. No feelgoodiness about it, and I’m starting to think it’s a horror novel (clue #1 being that it says so on the cover), and I don’t read those, because Dean Koontz used to keep me up at night. It’s not available on Kindle, so when I was reading it in bed last night, I realized how spoiled the Kindle has made me. First, there was a word I didn’t know, and I couldn’t just cursor down to it to see the definition. Second, reading books in bed is awkward. Have to get the right position so you have enough light, but you’re also in bed, so you expect to be comfortable. Your hands get tired, everything is all wrong, grr. Yeah, Kindle reading is superior. But I will always buy books, if only for the smell and the fact that I want people to *see* what I read (or intend to read, as I have hundreds of books that I have never read). I want to display Shakespeare on the same shelf as Harry Potter and Twilight. I want my Buffy Omnibuses and the Joss-authored Astonishing X-Men right there above Jane Austen and George Orwell and below Eminem’s autobiography.

- That’s all.


-New music: Finally got Eminem’s Encore. It’s brilliant. Also got his book, The Way I Am, in the mail yesterday. I haven’t read it yet, but I did read the first few pages on Amazon right after I ordered it, and I couldn’t stop reading until the free sample ended and I had no choice. Sheila told me (I paraphrase) it’s a good coffee table book with swears. I can’t wait to read it.

-More books in the mail: The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Let the Right One In, both recommended to me by a friend from high school. I think he and I are going to do a book club thing on LTROI once I finish Dracula. He’s seen the movie, I haven’t, neither of us has read the book, and I’ve never done a book club. If any of you want to get the book, I’d do a book club with y’all on the blog. Takers?

-Yes, I still buy paper books and Kindle books.

-Yes, I still love Spike, my Kindle. Random House gave away free downloads of five of their sci-fi/fantasy books this week, so I’ve got those waiting for me on Spike, along with several classics I’ve been meaning to read.

-I went to the neuro for the last time (knock on wood) today. The PA I’ve been seeing (since I go to an epileptologist’s office and don’t actually have epilepsy) said that unfortunately, he won’t be seeing me anymore, as I am undiagnosed with epilepsy. He’s pleased with the followup, and that is that.

-The house was inspected for the bank’s valuation today. So finally, after almost two months of living like pigs, we can clean the house. I’ve already started, thank goodness.

-The Sudden Yurt Commune is in the running for Best Thing Ever, America.

-Natasha Richardson, RIP. Just wow. So terribly sad.

-My obsessions at the moment: American Idol, James Marsters, vampires, Spike (Kindle), Facebook, my novel, and I feel an Eminem obsession building. Oh, and anything with acoustic guitar.

-As far as I know, my last day at work is Friday, but considering what I’m doing at work right now, I think it will probably last another two weeks. I guess I’ll find out on Friday.

New hair

Notice I have bangs for the first time since roughly 1996. I’m actually getting used to them, though. You can’t really see the bronze streaks in these photos, and that’s kind of my favorite part, so I guess you lose. Also, most of the bottom is still the brown.


I am. Through 1300 spreadsheet lines, all of which have to be tagged/labeled/categorized, and yesterday at that.

I say all that to say this. (As if I said “all” that–it was like a sentence and a half.) Given that I’m undiagnosed with epilepsy, I’ve taken up my Coke habit again (yes, with high fructose corn syrup that will ravage my body!). And today I’m on Coke #4.

Also, I think I saw the Marlboro man at the gas station today.

Ok, back to work.

No doubt you’re wondering

I asked about the Kindle a couple of weeks ago, or maybe last week. Whenevs. I did check out the iPod Touch, and it just didn’t do it for me as well as the Kindle–and the main kicker was the looks-like-a-book thing. So I did order the Kindle 2 with my months of saved-up allowance money. And it shipped today, and I’m so excited. I’ve already started ordering a bunch of free books.

Uhm. Be afraid.

Pictures to come, but… I have bangs. Inadvertent bangs, mind you, but I have bangs. Not a good idea for most people, and certainly not for me. I also have three colors of hair. My dark brown had faded to dark blonde/light brown, so I have light brown, platinum-ish, and bronze (BRONZE, like a certain Cullen boy!) hair now.

Frank said it looked like Kelly Clarkson hair. And even though I promised myself I would refuse if she tried, I allowed my hair girl to flat iron my hair again. Which means I look like death and also like a 32-yr-old woman trying to look like an emo-ish 22-yr-old.

I should just finish off the look with some fishnet stockings and lots of cleavage. Anyone have a tube top I can borrow?