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whadaya think of that

I think yesterday was my blogiversary. That makes 8 years! My favorite things blogging has brought me: a husband (and hence a baby), wonderful friends, and sweet, sweet cash.

Thanks for sticking around, even though I’m spotty with posting. All 50 of you. Unless that’s just you, Mom. But thanks even if it is just you, Mom.

upgrade: done!

The blog has been upgraded.

welcome new readers!

Thanks for stopping by–I hope you come back. However, if this is your first time commenting here, and you call me a lazy idiot, your comment will be marked as spam, and it’s fine by me if you don’t come back.


For some reason, I wasn’t receiving my blog comments for the last couple of days. So if you commented, I wasn’t ignoring you, I just didn’t get it until now. I just got a bajillion blog and Facebook comments. So I’ll respond soon.

And thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on the cat declawing thing. Like I said, I really don’t want to do it. I think we’re going to try the Soft Paws before we do anything.

I guess I’m back to blogging

I’ve blogged every day since Tuesday. Go me.

6 years

No surprise here: I missed my blogiversary AGAIN, like I do every year. Anyway, whoopee.

One more new gig

Yes, I’m all about the new gigs these days. The same week that tWits started, I also took over Viral Footage for John Hawkins. See the videos that I think are the best over there, and send me any vids you think I should post. See, I call them vids now, because I’m in the biz.

Where else can you find me?

Besides Twitter and Snark Raving Mad!, I’m now also blogging at tWits. This was Caleb Howe’s (of RedState) idea and is a fun, snarky, very twittery group blog starring Caleb, Tommy Christopher (Daily Dose), Lori Z (Snark & Boobs), and me, plus other contributors.

I’ll still be here for the personal, so don’t think I’m leaving you.

But do go see us (and blogroll us, bookmark us, etc.) at tWits! It’s snarktastic!

I think we should just go ahead and call *me* the Best Thing Ever: America

Two years ago, I brought *NSYNC the glory they deserved and had them named Best Thing Ever: America. (Man, I just re-read my gloatation speech from back then, and I wish I were still that funny these days.)

Anyway, there was no BTE: America tournament last year, so that would make me the repeating champion of Best Thing Ever: America, as I (and The Princess Bride, aka The Royal Slattern) have just won yet again. My best gloatation speech this year was actually earlier in the tournament after The Royal Slattern beat Mr. Holland’s Opus. I wasn’t sure that I would make it past More Horrible Slatterns (aka Sunset Boulevard), so I had to make it count, you know?

I’d like to thank my loser competition and also Headmistress Slattern Tracey for putting on the show, and also for the DVD of Frogs that I now anxiously await.

So sorry for the light posting

I really AM trying to post every day, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at ye olde blog. My sister’s coming to town tomorrow night (Wednesday), and we have a busy schedule planned. So in addition to trying to get the guest room ready, I’m also trying to get everything prepared for when she’s here.

Thursday we’re going to the BSU/Oregon game, in which the Broncos are going to beat the Ducks, just so you know. Friday we’re taking them rafting, then making sushi and eating around our fire pit. I hope it’s not too hot for that. Saturday we’re driving to Washington, a whirlwind few days in which we will see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, go to Forks, Port Angeles, and La Push, and hike in Olympic National Park.

I’m not sure when we’ll have wifi access, but if we do, we’ll update. And we’ll have our cell phones for tweeting, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter!

Either way, we don’t leave until the weekend, so I’m sure I’ll be updating over the next few days w/ stories about my crazy sister and probably pictures. So stick around.

New blogdaughter!

Well, I was going to wait until my newest blogdaughter had a week of posts going before I told y’all about her, but… well, I’m excited. I haven’t had a new blogchild in a long time (at least not any that I know about), and I’ve neglected all of my blogchildren for many moons now… so I’m just gonna go ahead and tell y’all about Ann. (Aside–I am going to try to be better to all my blogchildren, and I’m going to try to start reading my blogroll again. Promise. Oh, also? I’m really going to make an effort to blog at least once everyday. It’s a goal.)

I know Ann in real life, not just virtually, and I like her okay. Just kidding, I like her very much. She’s spiritual and kind and witty and a ton of fun. I’ve gotten to know her a little better while I’m helping set up her blog, and I’m really glad about that.

Okay, so… what to tell you? Ann is an artist. I’ve seen her sketches and her first watercolor, and she’s so talented. One of the goals of her blog is to help her grow more as an artist, and I’m hoping we get to see some of her pieces through her blog. Well, I’m hoping y’all do. I already get to, so nyah. Ann is a writer, suffering writer’s block, and she’s going to make herself write. Word up from the writer’s corner. And she’s 50 and trying to get healthy. (She should play along in the We Can Wiirk It Out club.)

She has a wicked cool blog name (maybe I’m biased because I helped her come up with it, but I’d still think it’s cool).

Alright, enough ado. Go see Ann at ANNalogue. Say hi and welcome her to the blogosphere!

Dinnertime Disturbing

So my last four referrals are all from google images. The pictures they’re coming for? I’ll give you filename only, no context.


RWN’s Conservative Blog Awards

I voted, but John didn’t give me a sticker.

Blerg. I’m doing a meme.

Amanda, who should know better, has tagged me with a meme. Bad Amanda! You get a time out, and no biscuits! I apologize in advance, peeps. P.S. I didn’t fix the meme’s grammar.

Choose a favorite book or movie or television program and name the characters you would:

- Bake cupcakes for:
- Trust with the keys to my car:
- Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
- Have a crush on:
- Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
- Vote for President:
- Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
- Pair up:
- Vote off the island and into the volcano:

Y’all know I’m doing Buffy, right? But I’m doing the whole Buffyverse, including Angel.

- Bake cupcakes for: Spike. He had to endure so much angst and disregard from Buffy. Plus, he really likes to eat and drink, unlike that other vampire-with-a-soul.
- Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Charles Gunn. What a whiny baby, especially when he was with Fred, because my goodness, what a jealous tool he was.
- Have a crush on: Rupert Giles, William the Bloody, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
- Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Willow, because she kinda destroys the world when she’s upset. What if I forgot to return her garden rake?
- Vote for President: Anya, for sure. She’s a capitalist.
- Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: I do not understand the question. Does this mean who would I be in a buddy movie with? Or who would I go see a buddy movie with? Either way, Anya. We’d totally be BFFs.
- Pair up: Buffy and Spike, Angel and Cordelia, Anya and Giles. Harmony and Xander, Willow and Wesley. Connor and Dawn, the Wonder Twins of Annoyance.
- Vote off the island and into the volcano: Wow, tossup between Gunn and Dawn during seasons four, five, and six. Annoying little twerp. Also Fred when she first arrived. I was like, “Um, we don’t talk like that in most parts of Texas.” Then I learned Amy Acker is from Dallas, and what the heck? She should know we don’t talk like that. Maybe her character was supposed to be from Coahoma or Fritch, but otherwise, we don’t talk like that. F’reals.

I tag: Tracey, Elle, Nightfly.

I hope they didn’t find what they were looking for…

Someone from Moscow (the Russian one) found my site by searching for “needle torture.” Creepy.

UPDATE: Also, someone in Warsaw got here the same way.

Welcome to the Dark Side!

The worst blogmommy in the blogosphere now has a new blogdaughter! The bad blogmommy is me, and the blogdaughter is my friend and coworker Elle. Her real name is on her blog, but I’ll keep calling her Elle because I feel like it. Anyway, her blog is LittleLady01′s Weblog, so go welcome her to the blogosphere! Do it now!

We are back

Thanks to the nice reader who told me my blog had been glutened (which made me laugh) yesterday. Something happened when Hosting Matters was moving me from one something to another something (I didn’t understand the words). But they got me back up this morning. You may now celebrate.

Missed Earl and stuff?

Me too! Jennifer’s History and Stuff is back!

better than all the alternatives

Some days I’m amazed at how many diseases I researched before you, my dear readers, told me about celiac. I went through more than three years of doctors giving me band-aid drugs for my many symptoms while begging someone, just anyone, to try to connect the dots. The M.D.s didn’t connect the dots, so I spent so much time researching, blogging about my symptoms, digging around, and noticing my symptoms in other people. Oh, she’s been diagnosed with Lupus! It would be a horrible thing to have, but more than anything I just want a diagnosis! Please let it be Lupus. My symptoms are so similar. Yeah, Lupus was a big one for me.

Then there was Lyme disease. Hey, remember that one day when I had a painful burning rash from my ankles to my knees when we went to Epcot with the Pieras? It wasn’t a bullseye, but maybe, just maybe… it could be Lyme disease. That’s so much better than Lupus! Doesn’t require a lifetime of meds or anything!

At one point, I was convinced that I had lead poisoning. The house I’d lived in in Amarillo was old (really really old) with peeling paint on the walls, and the pipes had never been replaced. Maybe I’d been poisoned by showering in the water there. Or eating the peeling paint in my sleep. I could get intravenous chelation therapy or even look into oral chelation, and I’d be on the road to good health.

I think the saddest thing is that at one point, I actually prayed I would be diagnosed with MS. Those symptoms fit so well, especially when I started having the seizures in my hoo-hah. I did not want MS at all, but I really wanted any diagnosis, even if it meant injections and a degenerative nerve and muscle disease…

Every time someone asks me what I can and can’t eat (this happened at work today after we all ordered lunch from Goodwood Barbecue, and I had called and talked to the kitchen to be absolutely sure about what I could eat), I happily tell them. And I always assure them (after their looks of pity or *wow*) that it’s really not bad. I name for them all the things I can safely eat and emphasize that basically I have to be ultra-careful at restaurants and stay away from prepackaged foods. I tell them how wonderful it is to eat foods prepared from fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. How good the food tastes, especially the brown rice pasta and the fresh homemade bread. And I think of you. You and my blog and how thankful I am that I opened up and blogged about all of my insane symptoms. And how you helped me to start recovering.

Mwah. Y’all are the best.

i love scheduled posts

I haven’t done them in a while because I haven’t had much to talk about, at least nothing I wanted to write about so much that I would deal with my old computer. (Seriously, we two have had a battle of wills in the last couple of months, and VAIO finally beat me down enough that I just gave up.)

But I finally decided that I don’t have to write something exciting every time I write something. This is my journal, so I can write little one-sentence posts, and that is just fine. Might not be great reading, but it’s my life, and I like talking about it.

adultress! UPDATED

What will my family think? On my post about getting the most awesome massage ever, someone named “Sean” had something to say about the kind of woman I am. For getting a massage. A professional massage by a licensed massage therapist. A massage that I can use Flexible Spending Account pre-tax money to fund.

You are, with your husbands permission or not, an adultress.

Is that husbands? Plural? And let me guess. You are voting for / did vote for Mike Huckabee in the primary? He’s, like, so awesome on things like foreign policy and big government. I just LOVE big government. It goes great with my hair.

But not much more

Not much more? I’d say adultery is quite a lot.

is expected from someone who styles herself as a “queen”

Actually, someone else dubbed me Queen of Infidels, I just ran with it. Infidels! Like infidelity! Awesome! Oh wow! Like totally freak me out, I mean, right on!

and enjoys the teasing and “naughtiness”

You mean like if I don’t tease my hair exactly the way Cosmo tells me to? It IS naughty! I am such a rebel.

and pretty much writes like a college cheerleader.

What? Like it’s hard?

But hey, it is YOUR BLOG, eh?

Yes, Canadian, it is. Good job figuring that one out! Go YOU!

Let me guess, your favorite movie is Legally Blonde,

My adultery-approving husband does agree: I do love that movie! I own it and everything! It’s super fun!

and you usually accept it’s and your premise as logically plausible.

Do you mean “its”? You confuse me with your progressive grammar. Oh, and what is my premise? The girl at the hair salon didn’t tell me, so I’m totally clueless!

I got here via CG, if you’re wondering.

I wasn’t, but thanks for sharing!

Thankfully, there is no law in this country against having an empty-headed, worthless, and pointless web site.

Yes, that’s great for you! So what’s your blog address?

So, rave on, and don’t worry about me, I’m allright.

I’m glad you’re alright. I was worried there for a second. But no biggie! (Said… the cheerleader.)

UPDATE: Sean has apologized and said he won’t be back. I accept your apology, Sean.

mild fanfare is fine

Lookie at me, I had another blogiversary yesterday (that makes four!), and I missed it for the fourth year in a row. Anyway, happy blogging to me! And thanks to all of you, who make it all worth it. Mwah!

thank you, American Idol!

My other blog, Snark Raving Mad!, has been neglected even more than this one has. I’m so glad Cadet Happy has been around to keep posting reality snark while I’ve been trying to get settled into the house and, now, looking and applying for jobs. Otherwise, there would have been nothing to read over there for the last couple of months, and the SRM readers would have been sadder than a Paula Abdul without vodka. Before we up and moved from Florida, I was trying to think of ways to get more website traffic for SRM, because after all, a brand new blog always needs more traffic. Heck, I’ve been blogging here for four years now (dadgummit! I missed my blogiversary yesterday for the fourth year in a row!), and I still need more traffic. Ok, want.

I don’t know. With mountaineer musings, I just am what I am, and I think to improve my traffic here, I either need to install more optimization plugins with WordPress or even consider going to a website optimization firm for help.

Cadet Happy has been great at bringing traffic to SRM! because he’s one of those complete reality TV geeks that watches every reality show (no, really, every one) and also visits all the forums and all the sites. Also, he’s great at getting cross links. It turns out that the key to me actually getting more website traffic over at SRM! was simply the return of American Idol. That is a combination of Idol being a huge traffic maker and me getting my inspiration back. I’ve been happily watching television ever since we arrived in Idaho, but I have had no inspiration to snark it until the return of Idol. When Idol came back this week, I had so much fun! I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to write about AI. And with the return of LOST (a most snarkworthy show) at the end of the month, I don’t think my snark passion will get lost in the shuffle of moving boxes again.

I just have to say

that Linkworth still totally rocks. They have been taking good care of me.

I can has computah!

My power cord finally arrived today. We are finally a two-computer house again! This means much more blogging and time to actually read blogs. Yay!

I have missed yall!

I’ve missed my blog, I’ve missed my awesome readers, I’ve missed blogging, I’ve missed other blogs, other bloggers, etc., etc. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could never give this up.

Y’all, I have soooo much to blog about! I’m making myself work around the house, unpacking, organizing, settling in, and in a little bit I’ll have to walk the dog. But I’m allowing myself short breaks to catch up on blogging. Because yo. I haven’t been around for a couple of weeks! That hurts.

I’m going to make a list of what I want to blog about right here for y’all to see. I usually keep this private, because y’all know how terrible I am at keeping my blogging promises, but maybe if I tell y’all, I’ll feel obligated. And I need to feel obligated, because I have lots of things to tell you, and you shouldn’t miss 95% of them. Ok, here’s the list off the top of my head (I’m sure I will add to it):

  • Our delay in leaving Florida.
  • Did all of our stuff make it to Idaho? I’m sure you know the answer, but maybe not *how* stuff did or didn’t make it to Idaho.
  • Day 1 of travel: Melbourne to… not so far from Melbourne.
  • Day 2 of travel: We still didn’t make it out of Florida and started having issues with the truck. That’s also the day Rowdi surreptitiously destroyed a seatbelt.
  • Day 3 of travel: We finally got out of Florida, and our reward was having to drive through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. That’s the night I had a pure meltdown!
  • Day 4 of travel: Louisiana to Oklahoma. I hate the Indian Nation Turnpike with a passion.
  • Day 5 of travel: Oklahoma to Kansas. That’s the day I locked the keys in the U-Haul!
  • Day 6 of travel: Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.
  • Day 7 of travel: Wyoming. I didn’t think I’d ever see a more beautiful drive.
  • Until Day 8 of travel when we drove through Utah and finally arrived in Idaho.
  • Our house. Y’all, I will go on and on about this house. It has very few drawbacks.
  • Our view!
  • Congregation we visited yesterday.
  • My in-laws, who are awesome.
  • Dining experience at the Cheesecake Factory (what? I can’t get to the stove!).
  • Aggressive off-leash dogs in our neighborhood. And this is a nice neighborhood!
  • Have I mentioned there are mountains here?

Don’t worry, don’t go away. Blogging recommences in earnest… now!

you know what Page Rank does affect?

Comment spam. Since Google knocked me down from my long-time PR5 to a PR3 at mm, I’ve starting getting less comment spam. Meanwhile, over at SRM, my PR4 blog, the amount of comment spam has started multiplying like little dust bunnies tend to do at Casa de J (pronounced jota). I mean, I don’t have to clean it up or anything — but there is more to scroll through to make sure real comments haven’t been eaten.

in case I forget

Y’all remind me to fisk one of Carrie Underwood’s new songs from Carnival Ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love the CD, but there is one song that I like less and less every time I hear it, and now I’m to the point of scoffing. I scoff! But I’m sleepy, so I’ll do it tomorrow, and if I don’t, y’all yell at me.

I love the things that bring people to my blog!

Go here and look at all the comments. I’ve been watching the argument from afar, amused, but I had nothing to add to the conversation, so I’ve just lurked (on my own blog, mind you). And the final authority found this blog (I don’t know how, but I would love to hear) and made a comment. I’m so fascinated!

for the record, I am not his girlfriend

Some guy over in the GameSpot forums is claiming to be my boyfriend. Frank just said, “I’m pretty sure he’s not.” Me too!

And what’s even funnier is that RamboSymbiot (apparently Canadian) got caught by jt222_us.

Um…. two questions. Is that pic of her and the gun 3 years old and do the two links listed below create any suspicions as to the credibility of this posting? Are the two links of the same lady? Just wondering? Because according to the ‘about me’ section of the 2nd link, the lady says she’s married and doesn’t go off rambling about guns???

Hahahaha! I do love me some guns, though.

And it’s an S&W .357 magnum, if you must know. It’s not mine, it was just for the pics. I prefer my Walther P99 and Mr. Shiny, the 1911 that sleeps next to me. And my little carry revolver (Taurus SS Ultra-lite snub-nosed .38 special) is pretty great too.

I just can’t tell y’all how amused I am by this.

Thanks for stopping by, fellas!

UPDATE: Welcome, GameSpot peeps (sorry, don’t know if you have a special name)! I’ve been following the thread over there, and I will answer your questions.

*That is a real picture, not fake. The gun is real, not fake. There are many more pictures of me modeling my husband’s tshirts over here.
*You can buy the t-shirt here (no oogling my sister!). And this is why Nuking the Moon is a realistic plan for world peace.
*I have pretty decent aim. I am, after all, a girl. :-D
*I do have a concealed weapons permit, and I do carry. Because self-defense is logical.
*My husband (not Rambo) buys me guns for Christmas. Ok, one he bought me, the other one he gave me (in a most harrowing way).

vote for Matty O’Blackfive!

Go here, and do what Tammi says. I mean, if you want to, of course.