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well, i tried

Today Blogger blogs won’t take my comments, munu blogs won’t take my comments… Thank goodness for WordPress.

Leave the children alone

Some [expletive deleted] searched for “naked photos of 8-10 year old girls” and got to my page. You sick freak.

IP address: 24.26.61.#
Using roadrunner internet service
Location: Bradenton Florida
Using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0

So… anyone know how I forward this info to the appropriate authorities?

So. I think I make a great brunette.

In the Snark Raving Mad! banner, Cadet Happy photoshopped me as Starbuck, Claire the Cheerleader, Poh-ler Abdul, Chloe, and Pam from “The Office.” I hope y’all noticed that I put “raving” right under the picture of me as Poh-ler. Anyway, don’t I look great with dark hair? I keep asking Frank if I can dye my hair dark, and he says no. He likes me blonde. And in case you haven’t seen it, this is my sidebar picture.

I can recite the intro to ALIAS if you’d like.

The unveiling.

Snark Raving Mad! is up and running. Snarking will begin this afternoon.

And I would appreciate it if y’all would be so kind as to link it, blogroll it, tell all your friends about it. It’s going to be the best TV blog ever! Starring the lovely and talented SarahK (that’s me) and Cadet Happy.

i may just loathe scalpers

A couple of months ago, I did a search for a URL/URI, whatever the heck they’re supposed to be called, and no, I don’t care which. The URL was not registered — perfectly available. I went to register it this morning and before I did, I put in the URL and noticed that it is now “for sale.” Someone went and bought it up and is now selling it and would like me to call them at one of two long-distance phone numbers, apparently to discuss a price. No thanks. I’ll just go with the .us version, because I refuse to pay extra for the domain because someone decided they’d like to scalp it.

And before y’all get all SarahK-hates-capitalism on me, I’ll just say that I love capitalism, blah blah blah. I just don’t like scummy people.

the big announcement

No, I’m not preggers. Everyone was asking that. Don’t worry. If I’m ever pregnant, I’ll just pop it out there. “Hey, btw, I’m pregnant.”

So my big announcement is not as exciting as babies being born, but it is, nevertheless, exciting for all you TV addicts out there (like me!).

I’ve just bought the domain for my new TV snark blog. It’s been planned all summer, but I wasn’t allowed to even play with the design or buy the URL until just now (husband’s wishes — like I would get distracted or something). As soon as I have something up over there, I’ll let y’all know so we can all be happy together, and you can start reading a ridiculous amount of TV snark. The best TV snark ever!

I plan to get it rolling this weekend, because DWTS premieres Monday, and Mark Cuban is one of the dancers, and I dislike him gravely after his whole financing Loose Change the movie thing. Yeah, the project was cancelled, but I intend to make him pay for that. Muh ha ha ha.

What’s sad is that I’ll probably have to start watching more shows as y’all demand. Ooh! Good idea! Tell me in the comments what shows you want me to snark. If they’re not already on the list and I think I can stomach watching them (so you know, Big Brother, Real World, and other sucky MTV reality shows are strictly out — I can’t stand to watch people be *that* stupid), I’ll do my best to work them in.

There will be another new blog announcement soon… Dun dun dunnnnnn.

stay tuned

Later this week, I will have announcements for you. Announcements so exciting that you’ll pee yourself in utter glee and anticipation. And (I know this will make you happy) they have nothing to do with moving! I feel like a one-trick pony around here these days. But hey, don’t sweat that, because where there’s a Mr. and Mrs. J (and the pack of wild animals!) cross-country move, there will also be mishaps, hilarity, insanity, and a rather large helping of nausea (possibly brought on by car sickness but most likely due to the mishaps, hilarity, and insanity). Y’all can’t wait for that. But mostly you can’t wait for the announcements.

uncanned spam

This spam comment made me laugh out loud. (Uhm… dirty response to said comment in the link.)

tsk tsk

After all her talk of this being the land of HER, Opportunity had something to say about my taking her down in the best blog game ever yesterday. I, *NSYNC, had to respond (same link).

I’m just afraid that if I have to wait for my Boo-Bye Speech and then don’t get to give one, since I’m gonna win, I won’t ever get to give a speech. So I have decided (and this isn’t in the tournament rules, so I may get in big trouble from Miss tracey) to kick my defeated opponents while they’re down and respond to any and all trash talk.

That coffee will be mine!

best blog game ever 2.0

Best Thing Ever: America is going on at miss tracey’s place. I was knocked out of Best Thing Ever: England in the Round of 16, as I (Simon Cowell at the time) had the most unfortunate luck, going up against the Beatles and their ringer Andy Roddick.

This time? I (‘NSYNC, of course) am Justine Henin. I’ve already won a grand slam this year, kids. Watch out for me.

All I can say to my first competitor is… Bye Bye Bye.


Look who won PayU2Blog‘s special Labor Day weekend $100 banner reward drawing!

I left a comment on the PU2B blog… something to the effect of, “I never win anything on the internet! I mean, I won a husband, but other than that. Yay!”

Oh, and when I told Frank, who gets all the Paypal emails? “Oh yeah. I saw something about a banner reward drawing. But I thought it was an advertisement or something.” Bad hubby! I should switch the Paypal account so it emails me.

Just listen to that Scottish (? right?) accent. Mekhs meh feel all werrm ind foozy.

p.s. Thanks to Kat for the tipoff. I was on my way to bed.

Pay Per Gripe

I wasn’t going to respond publicly about this (I figure my lack of new marshmallow creme category and my refusing to apologize for blogging for money says what I’m thinking), but now everyone but me has responded, and I’m nothing if not a conformist. ;-) Haha. I said over the weekend in pam’s comments that I didn’t feel the need to publicly respond to being, in essence, flamed, but you know… I’m a girl, so I wrote the post anyway over the weekend and have been ignoring my need to post it until now. I usually ignore other bloggers yelling at me from their own blogs (CTG’s not the first), because I figure if you have something to say to me, you should just say it. In my comments, in an email… but ranting about me on your own blog is just tacky unless you first take it up with me.

First, the rant that triggered the storm of poo (profanity in link).
pam‘s preemptive response (prof).
wRitErsbLock‘s response.
Amanda‘s response.
Kate‘s response (prof).

And now my thoughts. Some of this I already sent to CTG in an email, and some I was going to post in pam’s comments the other night but decided my comment was too long.

Here’s the thing. I asked y’all a while back whether the paid blogging thing was ok, did anyone have any problems with it, etc., etc. Here are the comments I received when I was *inviting* negativity if you had any to sling my way.

I think you’ve done a very tasteful job so far. :) Earning more money is a good thing.

I wondered what that paid blogging thing was all about. Thanks for explaining.

I think it’s great, and I like the extra posting. You make money! You do it now! And write to me sometime, trixie! :-) I’ve been too busy to email too though so I can’t complain.

Also and back on topic, I actually like the times you link to useful stuff, like the blinds and the business products. I clicked over and read stuff, even.

I think you do a good job with the paid posting. I started the same thing just about a month ago (Kate’s a good recruiter). I’ve made more than I thought I would and have just recently started making even more because it did take so long to get established. But my own posting has increased on non-paid topics as well. I’ve had no complaints and noticed my commenting increased — which really means that people actually DO comment now.

Honestly Sarah, I don’t even notice when they are paid posts. You’re doing a great job.

And I, personally, love that we get more “SarahK” in the whole deal!!!

clicky clicky good. sarahk good.

Wonderful!! I am so glad for you! :-)

Not one negative comment. A few neutral. Most positive.

I’ve been very up front about the fact that I’m posting for money. Before I ever started, I put up my sitewide advertising disclosure policy. It has been updated to make it clearer. There’s a nice little button on my right sidebar, at the top, right under the links to the various services I use (and the Dubya book) that links to the disclosure policy. The disclosure policy is linked on every page on my site, including individual posts, because all of my pages contain my sidebars. Oh, also, that “so you know” page is listed right at the top of my blog, next to the home and about page links.

I also finally got my blog in order. Fixed the comments, upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, got the new theme personalized, made sure the theme works in Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, all that just so I could make it more pleasant here for everyone. And actually, I couldn’t justify the time I was putting into that if I hadn’t known I would be making some money off of the blog soon. I didn’t even have time to post, let alone fix all of my issues. You would still be reading a wonky site in anything other than Firefox were it not for paid blogging.

Then I put up this post telling everyone exactly what I would be doing. Before I ever started.

Right now, I use three paid blogging services. They’re all different. Linkworth finds posts for me, and I can accept or decline them. They always provide an image link that I can use at the end of my post, so they never demand that I not disclose that it is sponsored. Sometimes I use the image, and sometimes I don’t — it depends on the post. Linkworth assignments usually come with wording such as “we would prefer a positive review but we’ll leave it up to you.” And the most important part of that is, “we’ll leave it up to you.”

With PayPerPost, I look for the opportunities myself, and I don’t take an opp unless I really want it. I only take opportunities for things that are on my mind (home improvements, anyone?) or things that will help me post a story I’ve had on my list of things to blog for a while and know I will otherwise never get around to posting. I am very picky. The post in question in CTG’s rant is about a PPP opportunity. I had read VK’s post about the same website, but I had actually not realized that it was a paid post. Then I saw the opportunity at PPP, and I was thrilled. I loved the website so much and was already building a kitchen in my head. After I dug through the website, knew in general what I was going to write (my next kitchen), and made sure I really liked it, I read the rest of the offer. And I noticed that I had to include an image in the post… one that looked exactly like the one in VK’s post. So I went back and read VK’s post more closely because I still wanted to take the opp (if it was a $7 opp, I probably would have passed, but this was more than four months of hosting fees), but I didn’t want to in any way seem like I was copying her, and my idea wasn’t the same as hers. We didn’t write from the same angle (she talked about why her husband doesn’t want a Wii — a tragedy, that — and I talked about our next kitchen… not the same post, even if we’re promoting the same website.), and there were a few required points that we both hit on, but if you ask me, they were both well written. Then again, I’m biased about my *own* blogging. Because I’m awesome.

PayU2Blog is the only service I use where I cannot turn down assignments. But they are easy. I just work one word or phrase into something I’ve been wanting to blog about but haven’t had time, and I’m done. Occasionally, I’m given phrases or words that I wouldn’t otherwise use, but I just look at those as a chance to be creative.

I also have an Amazon Associates ID. I don’t throw around random links to Amazon just so y’all will buy something through a link from my site and I’ll get a commission. Before I had the Associates membership, I normally didn’t bother linking to a product I was talking about. Now, I actually link to the products with my ID. That’s the only difference there.

If an advertiser doesn’t want a sponsored post link, I consider it sufficient that I have clearly pointed out to y’all several times what I’m doing and that I have clear links to my disclosure page. I don’t feel the need to spell out to y’all which posts are paid posts. It’s a big fat duh that y’all know what I’m doing (I have never tried to hide it), so I don’t need to point out when I’ve been compensated. I’ve invited questions, they’ve been asked, they’ve been answered. To me, continuing to point it out would be insulting your intelligence. It’s not that hard to figure out if I’m being paid for inserting links in posts. Note that I didn’t say “paid to write a positive review.” Because if there is a demand for a positive review, I include an image at the end of the post. If the assignment does not demand a positive review and I write one anyway, I don’t necessarily include an image.

Here’s the other thing.

If I weren’t blogging for money right now, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. I don’t have time. But because of this, I make time. I have so much more *non-paid* content now than I would if I wasn’t blogging for money, because I can’t justify blogging until we get moved if I’m not making money from it. And my blog would sit for weeks with no new posts, and all of you would go away. And our blogs are our lives, so I would be sad if you all went away. Some people can go days and weeks without blogging. That’s them. But that’s not how it is for us. It’s how we met, it’s what we do sitting on the couch next to each other in the evenings, some of our closest friends are people we met through blogging, we plan every trip based on where we can get free internet access, and we will probably blog all our lives. And the paid blogging is my justification for doing the non-paid blogging right now.

Don’t get me wrong. When we get moved and unpacked and all that, I plan to continue the paid blogging. I love doing it. It forces me to write things I never make time to write. It forces me to pay attention to the blog when I otherwise might ignore it. It forces me to be a little more creative when I write my entries. And once we’re moved and unpacked, I’ll be a blogging machine. I’ll have so much non-paid content that y’all won’t know what to do with yourselves. You’ll be like, SarahK! Too much quality blogging! We can’t take it! And I’ll feel very sorry for you for about negative five seconds.

I do not lie. I was married once to a chronic liar, and I do not hold high opinions of liars. If y’all think I’m being dishonest about something, you can tell me so, and I will set you straight for impugning my integrity. If you’ve read here any period of time, you know I’m not like that, and I’m offended if you don’t know that. This whole thing about it being “dishonest” is a crock of baloney. I’ve been so up front about it, I gave you an opportunity to tell me you hated it, and no one said anything. If you don’t gripe even when I ask you to and instead hold it in until you just can’t take it anymore, then I can’t help you; it’s not my problem — it’s yours. I’ve never once demanded you read a post, and I know y’all are smart enough to find the scroll bars on the right-hand side of your screens if you want to skip a post. I don’t tell you to click the links (though many have and have been glad they did), and I don’t tell you what to read. So when I read something like, “I SWEAR TO ALLAH I WILL STOP READING BLOGS THAT HAVE PAID POSTS!” coming from another blogger, I am flabbergasted. You know, I hate profanity. I still read a few blogs that contain profanity. And I don’t sit over here on my blog and yell, “If CTG has one more f-bomb on her site, I swear I will never read her blog again!” Even if I felt that way, I would just quietly go away. I wouldn’t feel the need to rant about it.

As to the feeling cheated by reading a paid post thing… That baffles me, because like I said, I make the paid links fit my content, not the other way around. And imagine how cheated you would feel if I wasn’t posting for dollars right now. ;-) You would have zero content until we got all moved in to our new place. I know *I’m* having Richmond withdrawals (take your time, Rich, I would never tell you how to run your blog).

BTW, feel free to complain in the comments to this post if you have a problem with my paid blogging. I won’t stop doing it, but I might take your comments into consideration. But I’m not going to try to cheat the advertisers by having a special category that says, “Don’t read me, I’m a paid post,” (this would also cheat you out of reading my awesome stories you would otherwise likely not read, because you’d skip them). I’m quite sure you can figure out by scanning a post whether I’ve been compensated for doing it, and if you choose not to read those posts, in most cases, it’s your loss.

That’s about all I have to say on the matter for now. I’m not trying to have a flamewar with CTG (I save my flamewar energy for Rachl Lukis!). I like her, I like her blog, all that.

UPDATE: Kate wrote a great post about how to properly do paid blogging so your blog doesn’t suck and you aren’t making your readers angry. These are all things I *think* I’m doing. I make a very conscious effort to do it the exact same way (it’s almost as if she was in my head, or as if I learned from a good example).


I’ve written a very lengthy response to this rant (profanity). I’m going to let it sit while I go to storage and the hardware store. When I get back, I’ll reread it and edit it one last time. Chances are, I just sound a little too angry right now. And I’m actually not angry… anymore.

fast service

Wow. I submitted a post to Linkworth this morning, and they approved it within ten minutes. I’ve already been so impressed by the response time, but ten minutes? Overachievers. :-)

it is not a luxury!

One thing we do not consider a luxury in this house is hi-speed internet. I have had a hi-speed cable connection since around 1999, and the thought of going back and living in the dark ages of dial-up makes my tummy queasy. I told y’all about how going to see my mom (though I love her dearly) gives me the shakes, because she still has only dial-up (and you have to actually unplug the phone line to plug in the internet!).

Even when I first moved into my apartment, I watched the mail for Comcast cable offers (the only cable they offered at my complex) the first week I lived there so I could get fast internet. I couldn’t afford both the cable modem and the juiced-up TV (Comcast cable TV specials notwithstanding), so I went with the internet and suffered without TV. Yes, I was a big whiny baby, but I was a big whiny baby with a cable modem. I definitely made the right choice, though, because I found Juan, my friend from high school, that fall (through the power of the internet). It was great just to find him, but that also led to my starting to blog, which led to many new friends, which led to the t-shirt babe contest, which led to hiking the Grand Canyon with Frank, which led to… mawwage. That, of course, made me oh-so-pleased to have used one of the Comcast cable deals I’d gotten in the mail.

And of course, now it is not only not a luxury – it’s a necessary expense. Ooh. We both blog for money now… I’m guessing it’s even a business expense on our income taxes. We claim all of the income from it, after all. I should look into that.

this paid blogging thing

Huh. I thought I’d not started until July 20th, so I was going to wait until a month from then to give y’all an update, but apparently I started around the 12th of July. Actually, I signed up with three services earlier than the dates I’m listing, but it took a while to get approved with PayPerPost (but that seems to be going a lot faster for other people, and they were apparently working out a lot of issues in July, so it may be better now), and it took a while to get my first Linkworth assignment. So… here’s what I think.

  • Linkworth totally rocks. I started posting with them on July 26th (so less than three weeks ago). I dropped my prices below their recommended price for my blog until I got a couple of assignments under my belt, and then I raised prices back up. In less than three weeks, I’ve made $206 through Linkworth (in twelve posts) and have assignments for more. I love Linkworth, because you set your price, they find the assignments for you, send them to you for approval, and you can approve or decline the assignments. I also love them because they keep me loaded with assignments, and they review the assignments you submit right away. In my experience, they’re the fastest and most attentive of the paid blogging services I use.
  • PayPerPost is pretty good. I did my first post for PPP on July 12th, and I have made $109 there (eight posts). I already mentioned the slow approval of my blog, so that was frustrating at first, but now that I’ve started rolling, it is better. I like PPP, because you get to look through all the offers for which you qualify and take the offers you want; that can also be a drawback for me, because I don’t think to check the offers very often, and a lot of it is just a matter of timing. If you happen to get there right after an offer has gone up, and the opportunities aren’t all reserved for that offer, you can pick it up. Some days I’m able to find something I want to write about, and other days all of the good posts are taken. You can also set prices for direct posts, where advertisers request you personally to write about their sites.
  • PayU2Blog is also pretty good. I’ve made $120 through PU2B since July 20th (twenty-two posts). They also have a lot of chances to receive and then review free stuff, which I think is most excellent. They don’t pay that much per post (usually the same amount every time, and they set the price), but they do load me up with assignments. The only thing is, the wording in the links can be clunky. Usually the companies are trying to improve their google page ranks for certain products, so the phrases can be weird and hard to work into a sentence. But I manage, for the most part.
  • I signed up with Smorty when I signed up with these other services, and they declined my blog at first. I didn’t bother to find out why — it’s not like my content is offensive, unless you don’t like my politics, and there I just can’t help you. I am who I am. Anyway, I did get approved by Smorty a few days ago (out of the blue), but so far I haven’t found any posts I want to write for them.

So that’s that. $435 since July 12th, and I didn’t get going full-steam until around the 20th. Not bad, considering I have virtually no time for blogging right now and haven’t even started my two new blogs (I’ll tell you about them soon). As soon as we have the house on the market, I’ll be blogging up a storm (yes, more paid content, but even more unpaid blogging, which means y’all will be rolling in magnificent writing. ;-)

Oh. Re: Ad revenue. I’ve made $6.45 in google ads since July 12th (haven’t received a check since February), $0 in blogads, and $2.44 since I signed up with Amazon Associates. I don’t remember when I did that. IMAO does a lot better with Google and Amazon than I do, so I think it just depends on the blog, the traffic, the page rank, etc.

So yeah. I’m a fan of getting paid to blog. I’ll be an even bigger fan when I actually have more time to blog. Maybe I won’t need to get a part-time job while we wait for the house to sell. :-) Won’t that be nice.


Thanks for your comments on my post about blog advertising. I was a little worried that I would drive people off with the paid posting, and since I gave y’all the opportunity (and invitation) to complain and ya didn’t, I’ll take that as tacit approval from the ones who didn’t have comments too. :-) Like I said, I’ll give you an update in a week or so and let you know how much I’ve made so far.

clicky clicky!

As y’all know, I signed up earlier this month to do paid blogging through a variety of services. I’ll give you a money update (by service, like VK did) when it’s been a full month (it took the first couple of weeks to even get going, and I’m pleased with the amount of money I’ve made doing the paid posts over just a couple of weeks).

So far I’ve had no complaints about the paid blogging posts and have noticed that a lot of them are getting a good amount of comments, so until I hear otherwise, I assume that y’all don’t mind me making a little sweet blog money. Essay did ask me why some of my posts have linked to pages that she wasn’t expecting when she clicked through, and I explained that those are usually paid posts and that I had told my readers before I ever started those that I would be posting such things. But that’s all I’ve heard.

So I think this is a good thing. At IMAO, people occasionally complain about the ads (something I will never understand, because if you’re getting free ice cream, it is incredibly impolite to complain about the placards that Florean Fortescue has up at the ice cream stand). We have seen good click-thru rates over there, especially with Google Ads. However, those just don’t work for me here. $100 a year from Google doesn’t even cover URL and hosting fees for my blog.

Paid posting click-thru rates, however, are much better. I just read an article tonight that says that average CTRs on PayPerPost are 10.5%, which is the highest average click-thru for any type of blog advertising. I think that’s pretty impressive. As a comparison, the IMAO Google click-thru rate was 1.5% for July. Which means that the paid blogging is much better for advertisers themselves than other types of ads. Of course, I’m not going to dump Google Ads any time soon ($100 a year is still fine with me), but this has been more beneficial for me and is apparently better for the advertisers (on average) as well.

I’m a big fan of paid posting services. Especially since the paid posting services have certain rules that require that you’re not blogging only for pay. I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I’m posting a lot more now than I used to, some of them paid ads, yes, but the majority of my posts are still unpaid posts, and I think the quality of my blogging has improved.

What do y’all think? I’m interested in this from a reader and blogger POV as well as the advertiser POV. Am I doing too much of it? Is it annoying? I really want to know how y’all feel about it. This is your chance to tell me if you don’t care for it without me throwing something at your head (but still be careful — y’all know how crazy I can get). :-)

coming up

Ugh. I had a post already written about this story, which I found at Electric Venom. I had written the whole post in Kate’s comments and decided I needed to do my ranting over here; however, I was stupid, cut my comment, and went and copied the link to the story before pasting my comment into the blog post I’ve already started about this, and therefore lost my whole post. So. My rant will have to wait until later. And NOOOO. I will *not* hold back my feelings about the child’s parents.

But. I have a date with my husband and Dumbledore’s Army. So this will be a little later.

Also coming up, I’m really trying to get y’all some karaoke, way better than that other karaoke we posted. I finally have the karaoke, at least most of it, on my own computer, and I finally have it in a program that will let me work with it (for some reason the video editing software that we have actually paid good money for WILL NOT LOAD on my computer). Now I just have to learn how to make the one big long karaoke video into little 3 and 4 minute clips then upload the video to the interwebz.

But. I have a date with my husband and a Prophecy. So this, too, will be later.

Be good, musees. And avoid all the Bat-Bogey Hexes that may come your way.

it’s rough being this funny sometimes

So. Last night I submitted Harvey’s most recent lolterizt post on IMAO to Conservative Grapevine. Harvey is on a roll with making fun of the rageful ones. Anyway, I submitted the link with a pithy caption written in the “lol” language, which is something like that awful l33t speak that geeks love so much. I don’t remember the caption, but it was probably something like, “teriztz iz funee. u laff at thim naw!”

Frank noticed CG traffic this morning and asked if I was still posting there. “Oh yes. Silly John Hawkins let me stay on as an author. Crazy man.” And I went and checked out CG. My caption had been all hijacked to something less funny. “Terrorist can has cheezburger!” As if I would put that little work into something my name is going on! ;D And “can has cheezburger” has been so done.

So I google chatted Hawkins right away. I mean, my name is on that. I post our convo with permission (edited for line breaks, capitalization, language, and punctuation).

SARAHK: Hey. Don’t try to be as pithy as me. It won’t work. :P
JH: I rock at pithy. I had to fix your entry.
SARAHK: Mine was pithier. And that’s not what I put in my caption, yet it says my name. If you’re going to change my caption, I would prefer you put your own name on it.
JH: I think someone ran it through a gibberish filter =D
SARAHK: That’s the point. It’s an lolterizt post. I wrote the caption in the lol language. Duh.
JH: I know =D I just thought people had a better chance of getting the one I put on there. It’s not like an insult or anything.
SARAHK: Whatever. Anyway, if you change my submission, will you put your name on it, so people don’t think i’m less pithy than i am? =D
JH: No! [Exclamation], don’t worry about it SK. It’s a small thing.
SARAHK: Oh, I’m not insulted that you changed it. I’m insulted that people would think I wrote anything that passe.
JH: I know.
JH: That’s the curse of gifted writers everywhere — hack editors ruining their magnificent prose.
SARAHK: I’m not worrying about it. I’m just saying. It’s my humor rep at stake here.
Exactly! See? You get it. So we’re clear? kthx.
JH: Ok, Ok, I fixed it. Refresh.

I refreshed. And this is what he changed my caption to.

I gotta give it to him. I ROFL’d at that one. See, Hawkins? You’ve got pithy in ya, too. I guess I kinda deserved it for being high maintenance. But at least it’s way better than “Terrorist can has cheezburger.” I scoff at that.

you may have noticed…

the light blogging this week. Sorry about that. A few things. Muscle aches are keeping me down, though they are waning a bit (more on that in my medical update, coming soon). Also, I’m linking over at Conservative Grapevine this week, so I’m spending a lot of time actually trolling sites other than those I normally read looking for news. You know, I really enjoy the diary blogs. News isn’t as fun, is it (except when served with a helping of SarahK pith, of course)?

Also, I’ve been adding a few things. Advertising disclosure policy, etc, I’m sure you picked up on that. I do not intend to turn this blog into a sponsors-only blog, don’t worry. It will still be as awesome as it always was, just with a few extra posts inserted between my regular blogging. What does this mean? I’ll tell you more later (always later, right?), but it means I will be blogging much more. More of my “normal” posts, and extra content I’ll be paid to write. That’s the plan, anyway; I haven’t been approved by the services yet. But the thing is, our only income right now is blog money. Sweet, sweet blog money. And Venomous Kate wrote this doozy of a post about sponsored blogging that convinced me I need to be more proactive in getting my blog in order and going out and getting some of that sweet blog money for myself.

T-shirts, sponsored blogging, the new text link ads I’ve signed up for… we could make a living wage off blogging after all. And if we get ourselves on a daily work schedule, we could get everything working well.

Speaking of that… Frank made lunch today and is working on laundry. He’s painted all the walls, and I’m working on the finishing touches now, so he’s starting to do the daily chores so I’m not constantly interrupted by them. Can you say “SCORE”?

I don’t know how

But apparently I’ve broken my theme in Explorer again. Expletives deleted, y’all. And considering that the only thing I did was install a plugin, activate it, and then deactivate it (because wow, I’m just way too dumb to use it), I just don’t know how I could have broken it. Rats.

UPDATE: Ok, it was the new picture I uploaded for the right sidebar. Should be fixed now. Y’all tell me if it doesn’t look beautiful.

alright, you whiny Mac users

Maybe it’s just you. Because, being the lovely, talented, kind, inserted nice adjective of choice here SarahK that I am, I downloaded Safari 3.0.2 just for you. mountaineer musings looks fine in Safari on my computer (other than all the roundedness and font-jacking that Safari does to make my page just so much … breathe SarahK … um … well, I’ll just say ROUNDER than I’d like it to be). So what’s your deal, pickles? Do you have the latest version of Safari?

I’m trying to make everybody happy, but it doesn’t help when all my friends are just being … well … MAC USERS … for the heck of it.

And what is with this little insect button in Safari right next to the address bar? It makes me think Safari is trying to infect me with viruses. Bad Safari.

Argh. I gots baseboards to paint, peeps.

the best blog game ever

is going on over at beyond the pale. You just have to go see. And follow tracey’s link to the next post to see who/what yours truly picked as the Best Thing Ever to come out of England. And then come back and tell me what TV show I’d just finished watching when I had to pick.

If I thought about it, this would actually be my 2nd or 3rd pick. You tell me what you think my actual #1 would be after not just picking the first thing that popped into my head. Dooo it.

Also, do be polite and refrain from announcing results here or in miss tracey’s comments. She is, after all, the Best Blog Game Creator(ess) Ever.

and what do you think of the green?

Everyone seemed to like the poo color behind the posts. What do you think of the green that surrounds everything? And what of the bar between the banner and the rest (the navigation bar that says “home”, “photo galleries”)? How do you like those colors? I haven’t touched the colors of the post headers, and the meta. Also, that most likely will not be the final banner. I just didn’t want the generic mountains picture. I wanted a photo *I* had taken in the Grand Canyon up top ASAP.

I want feedback, peeps!

UPDATE: I’ve barely touched the sidebars. Though I did just now go in and put the navigation bar’s blue on the headers in the left sidebar, since that was pretty well received. And what of the new banner? I like this one a little better than yesterday’s banner (also one I took with a film camera, this one from my first Grand Canyon hike, yesterday’s being from my 2nd Grand Canyon hike). If you look at the left sidebar (I’m talking to the green haters), is it less awful now that it’s not covering up colors you can’t read?

have you missed me?


To those of you who emailed and even called, thank you and mwah. To those of you who didn’t, :’-(

To Stacy and Mitchell at Hosting Matters, mwah, y’all rock! Thanks for figuring out the major malfunction.

Now, I know we won’t be able to figure out MY major malfunction, but at least the blog is back, baby.


what do y’all think about the background color? i love it. i’m talking about the color behind the posts… if y’all like it, i might keep it.


Well, since the official test results say I don’t have celiac disease, but my official Dr. Awesome agrees that I am definitely gluten intolerant, I am changing my celiac category name. Sadly. Because I really loved “ack! she’s a celiac! or something…”

But I have a better name. And I’m gonna make a t-shirt out of it, too, and I’m gonna wear it to every doctor appointment I have, and I’m not even joking. Actually, I have two t-shirts planned. But the first one will be the new name of my category. “i’m intolerant of gluten! and doctors!”

Do you love it? I love it.

Except I think on the t-shirt, it will just say, “i’m intolerant of gluten… and doctors.” Or something like that. No exclamation points. And the “and doctors” will be in small letters. And somewhere on the shirt. Gotta plug the blog at the doc’s office, right? So that when they see me for the first time, they’ll know I’m blogging that appointment, and they’ll think, “Oh, crap! I should treat her like she’s human! She might name names!” Oh, and I do, doctor. I do. I don’t know if I can make it so the “intolerant of gluten and doctors” is on the front and the “” is on the back, but that would be awesome, because they wouldn’t even know I’m blogging it till the appointment’s over and I walk out, and they’re looking at my back and going, “Uhhhhhhhhh. Oh.” Hahahahaha. I relish the thought! Be nice to me, doctors! Be nice! Y’all have no idea how fed up I am with y’all (excluding Dr. Wonderful and Dr. Awesome–formerly Dr. Fresh Air, in case y’all readers were wondering)!

I’m going to set up a cafepress store for the shirts so y’all can buy them and support my gluten-free grocery habit. Aren’t y’all excited? I will finally have t-shirts! Because I’m awesome.

BTW, be glad you don’t live with me. Frank has to hear that phrase all the time. “Because I’m awesome.” I say it so matter-of-factly and cutesy, too. It would make you gag.

Oh, who’m I kidding? You wouldn’t gag, you’d think it’s adorable! Because I’m awesome.

Well, it’s good I haven’t posted what I *really* think about doctors, then

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

And here’s why:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • retard (5x) – I’m sorry.
  • death (3x) – Oh, come on! One of those was in the Bible! One was answering a meme question about bungee jumping, and one is the name of a Harry Potter book. Death is not a good word to judge on!
  • knife (2x) – Ok, that’s my husband getting me in trouble, y’all. He’s the one that said I was “going under the knife.” It was about surgery! Retard. Oops. Guess that’s 6. I’m such a retard! 7.
  • shoot (1x) – It’s not a real threat. “Buy Frank’s t-shirts or I’ll shoot you.” I mean, it’s just cutesy and intended to make us money. Don’t you want us to have food?

    (found at Rachel Lucas’s place — but be careful over there. Her blog is NC-17, and so is her post about her blog being NC-17.)


I have no idea why comments are all hosed up. You click on comment, and it takes you to the comments of like 4 posts ago. And y’all know I can’t stand not having comments, it makes me feel unloved.

UPDATE: But now I remember why I almost immediately said no to that theme. I loved it so much for a base theme, but the comments were so hosed.

There really are very few themes that I like for a base. My two requirements are 1) widget-ready, because when I want to change my template, I don’t want to spend half an hour doing it, I want to spend half a minute; and 2) it must have three columns. Everything else I can work with.

So it’s back to this one to tinker with. First order of business, get some color on the page. Second, get rid of these round corners. I am not modern art. I am SarahK.


you’ll probably see a lot of changes back and forth here over the next couple of weeks with the templates. i’m tinkering. here’s what i know:

  • there will be three columns. i can’t fit everything i want into two columns.
  • i’ll have the remington font back for the banner font and am hoping to make the titles of my posts images in the remington font like miss tracey has. well, hers aren’t remington font, but her titles are images, and i’ve wanted that for a long long time, and when i saw that on her blog, i finally knew it could happen.
  • i won’t be able to please everyone with the color. and i’m truly sorry about that. the thing is, i’m a migraineur, and a lot of migraineurs read here. i read my blog a lot, and i read comments a lot. it’s easier for me to check comments by email, but when i have a migraine, if i can go to the blog and check them, it’s easier to do that, because gmail has a white backdrop, and i can make my blog NOT have a white backdrop. the white backdrop really bothers my eyes. it’s hard to blog when i have a migraine, because the wordpress interface has a white backdrop. but i’ve been reading that i can even change that, so i’ll be looking into that. my point is, you will most likely NOT see a white backdrop in the finished product, and that’s because my eyes can’t take it. i do love getting your input and everything, but in the end, it’s my house, so i’ll probably paint it the way that is most appeasing to my aching eyes. other than the fact that there will be NO white, i will try to make it calming and soothing.
  • there will be some sort of Grand Canyon picture going on in the banner. i’ll have Flickr going on in the sidebars and maybe a dynamic Flickr plugin across the bottom of the page, so i may leave the kitties and puppy out. and i may put this picture somewhere in the sidebars because i love my hubby and that picture so much.
  • i have to fix whatever basic theme i use, because all of them seem to be wonky in IE. because IE jacks up everything. bad IE!
  • i’ll make the font bigger so Bikermommy can read it without being two feet away from the computer. i’m gonna get in trouble for saying that. hahaha.