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Because this blog just doesn’t suck enough lately.

I know it, y’all. I own it. I do promise to blog more when I lose the job, and since I will be caught up by next week, that could be very soon. I don’t, however, promise that the blog won’t continue to suck.

As a preview to the possibility that things will get even more boring around here, I give you this 50 questions thing that I copied over straight from FB. Enjoy. Or don’t. I mean, I wouldn’t.

1. What color is your toothbrush?
Do you really care? Anyway, it’s purple and white.

2. Name one person who made you smile today.
Megha. And Edward Cullen.

3. What were you doing at 8 am this morning?
I was in the shower, thinking it was much earlier.

5. What is your favorite candy bar?
Ugh. Used to be Twix and Kit-Kat.

6. Have you ever been to a strip club?
No, but I watch the CSIs, so I feel like I’ve been to lots.

7. What is the last thing you said aloud
“Admit it. You’re mildly interested in watching this movie.”

8. What is your favorite ice cream?
Braum’s chocolate almond.

9. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Coca-Cola or Aquafina.

10, Do you like your wallet?
No, I hate carrying a wallet and only do so because to get a purse big enough to hold Hans and small enough to not be obnoxious, I had to get one without one of those built-in wallet thingies.

11, What was the last thing you ate?
Chips and salsa. It’s an underrated lunch.

12, Have you bought any new clothing items this week?

13, The last sporting event you watched?
Wow. It might have been the Poinsettia Bowl, since I don’t get Stars hockey here.

14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn?
I don’t eat popcorn anymore, but if I did… Smartfood, baby, all the way. Great, now I’m craving Smartfood. Thanks!

15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to?
Mmm… Megha.

16. Ever go camping?
Yes, but I’ve only ever camped at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and on the North Rim. But we’re totally camping somewhere new this summer, by gum!

17, Do you take vitamins daily?
Um, celiac. So yeah.

18, Do you go to church every Sunday?
Except when I’m sick, yes. I actually got to go this week!

19, Do you have a tan?
I’d fit in well with the Cullens.

20,Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza?
Yes. I prefer most things over pizza.

21, Do you drink your soda with a straw?
No. I drink my soda only out of a can. Ok, at a restaurant, I drink it with a straw.

22, What did your last text message say?
Ask Megha, I don’t know!

23, What are you doing tomorrow?
Work, Bible study, American Idol.

25, Look to your left, what do you see?

26, What color is your watch?
I don’t wear a watch.

27, What do you think of when you hear Australia?
David lives there now and we really need to go visit him!

29, Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?
Hahaha. Well, I typically only do Qdoba and Chipotle for fast food, so I go in.

30. What is your favorite number?
47. Thanks, JJ!

31. Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone?
Frank. Please pick up peanut butter.

32. Any plans today?
Vacuum this blasted carpet, blog Idol.

33. How many states have you lived in?

34. Biggest annoyance right now?
Stephenie Meyer has no current plans to finish Midnight Sun.

35, Last song listened to?
Rock Star (Eminem)

36.Can you say the alphabet backwards?
Yes, but I don’t. I mean, I’m not morally opposed to it, but I don’t have a reason to do so.

37. Do you have a maid service clean your house?
No. It’s too bad, too, because at least then someone would be cleaning it.

38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
Now that it’s spring, my brown Bass sandals.

39. Are you jealous of anyone?
Do you mean envious? I think you mean envious. And yeah, I’m human, so probably.

40. Is anyone jealous of you?
Do you mean envious? I think you mean envious. And I don’t know.

41. Do you love anyone?
Yes, I love lots of anyones.

42. Do any of your friends have children?
Most of them do.

43. What do you usually do during the day?
Work, listen to Spike or music.

44, Do you hate anyone that you know right now?
No, I actually let the hate go a long time ago. There are people I don’t like, but I’m not wasting energy hating them. Hate is toxic.

45. Do you use the word ‘hello’ daily?
Yes. But I usually forego it for “hey.”

46. What color is your car?
Toreador red.

47. Do you like cats?
They complete me.

48. Are you thinking about someone right now
The Cullens.

49, Have you ever been to Six Flags?
Had season passes for many many years.

50. How did you get your worst scar?
Before December 20, I would have said bike crash (Cindy, do you remember that horrific day?). But now… I was attacked by two cats.


*We finally saw Iron Man last night. Great flick. Dumb action, great hero, great villains, explosions, sci-fi… what more could a geeky gun chick ask for in a movie?
*For the first time in a very long time (like maybe since we met), Frank and I both know of more than one movie we want to see in the theater this year. We usually just wait for Netflix for everything, but Iron Man, Narnia, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, X-Files 2, Hancock… we actually want to go to the movies. We’ll have to sell my car to afford the tickets (seriously, eighteen bucks for two tickets? Are you mad?), but maybe we’ll only have to sell Rowdi if we see matinees.
*I answered an email from a friend a few days ago whose mom has just been diagnosed with celiac. I get one or two emails about celiac each month, usually from people who read here and know someone who was just diagnosed or have been diagnosed themselves or see similar symptoms to those I have experienced (and still do experience). And I really want to make a better effort to be a good resource for celiacs and people like me who are gluten-intolerant. I don’t know if I’ll do a one-shot post or a series of posts about gluten-free living, but I know I want to do something.
*My Florida neurologist (Dr. Wonderful) went through a couple of years and several theories with me while we searched for the cause of my migraines, muscle pain, nerve pain, and so many other symptoms. As soon as we saw how the gluten-free diet improved my life, he kind of became an expert on celiac and gluten. And now he has suggested to someone else (I don’t know how many, but I know this person, so I do know it’s at least one) that he/she may have celiac or some other kind of food intolerance. I can’t tell you how much that warms my heart. Not that someone else may have food problems, but that my situation may have played a part in his suggestion to this person (who is currently being tested).
*Rowdi is really enjoying playing with the other dogs in “daycare.” We know she is, because she comes home every day and sleeps until it’s time to go to bed and then sleeps some more. I think the little dogs are wearing her out, because every day when we get there to pick her up, the little dogs are always jumping all over her and around her. I know she’ll start pacing herself next week, and it makes me kind of sad, because when she’s ultra-tired, she doesn’t have the energy to be bad.
*I’ve been really inflamed this week. Having headaches every day, muscle pain, nerve pain in my leg… I think I must have had some gluten or dairy, but I don’t know how. I’ve cooked all week, so it’s not like someone is slipping something into my food. I have been wondering for a while if I’m also starting to have a problem with corn (I’ve thought this for a year or so now, but I keep telling myself it’s not possible, because that’ll just cut out pretty much all the Mexican food I’m able to eat). I’m also starting to wonder if I have something else going on that causes flare-ups of inflammation all over the body. I had a colonoscopy last March before my endoscopy, so I don’t think it’s Crohn’s or colitis, and I’m hoping it’s not anything. I guess I need to get myself to a new neuro. Wah.
*Today I’m getting paid to play. The whole accounting department is leaving the office at 11 and going to lunch and then going to do stuff that I’m way too out of shape to do. Teambuilding and whatnot. I’ll report later, as I’m sure shenanigans will ensue.

Later, dudes.


*Hey. ‘Sup?
*The weekend went by in a blur. We had my in-laws and Frank’s aunt over for dinner Saturday night and had a good time. And I was bad and figured that just half a scoop of vanilla ice cream would be fine. It wasn’t. The upside is that I’ve learned I definitely cannot have ice cream, at least for now. I wasn’t sure if I could or not, because different types of dairy affect different people differently. That’s three uses of different in one sentence! Anyway, the result of my eating ice cream was… explosive. But no seizures or migraines or muscle pain or skin pain. So that’s good.
*Some days I wonder if I’m getting worse, though, because my easy bruising has gotten worse.
*Sunday after church we were invited over for lunch at someone’s house. I tell you, when people who don’t know me that well invite me over for a food event, I look like a deer in headlights. My immediate reaction is that I won’t be able to eat there and everyone will think I’m being rude or they’ll feel awkward that there’s nothing I can eat. So as I stood there in the church building, mouth agape, mind racing, the woman who invited us over said that when she’d done her grocery shopping, she hadn’t bought this and that because they either contained wheat or dairy, and she told us what we were having, and that she made sure even the chips were okay for me. How do you say no to that? It was nice. There were several families over there for lunch, and I noticed that when the preacher’s wife was about to refill the bowl of chips with a different brand of chips, the teen or early 20s son of the host and hostess stopped her from refilling the bowl and insisted on making sure they didn’t have wheat in them, “because she can eat these chips but I don’t know about these. So let me check.” Pretty cool. They also made me go through the line first so no one would contaminate the food. Turns out, the hostess has cooked various places for years, and she is used to dealing with special diets. No education required.
*Work is still fun, and I really like my office mates. L and I have a lot of fun. Also, we have an intern who is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. I’ll have to save that for another post. She’s here on a student visa, and you can tell that she’s gone to college in only conservative areas because of the questions she asks me. “Someone told me that if the Democrats are elected, we’ll have to pay more taxes. Is that true?” Hahahahaha. “Absolutely.” Also, “What should we expect if the Democrats win the presidency?” “Socialism.” “Someone told me that if we don’t pay higher taxes now, our children will pay them later. But is that really true?” “No. We can keep taxes low, but the government absolutely has to stop spending the way they do, or everyone will pay for that.” She is a total sponge, too. Soaks up everything. Anyway, I’ll blog about her sometime. It’s so fascinating to have someone so interested in politics and political issues in such a detached fashion. Like she’s interested in everything and wants to know everything, but she has no agendas. She just wants to know the answers to all these questions and get a variety of opinions. Oh, and she screwed up her face and said something like, “Ech,” when I mentioned California. Hahahahahaha.
*I got my hair cut and highlighted last night, finally! I hadn’t had it done since October, I think. It’s waaaay short. I would like another inch back, but I’m sure I just gave bad instructions. The color is awesome. I have these reddish streaks in my hair! Always wanted those. Maybe I’ll take a picture, maybe not.
*I’m sad that Terminator only has one two-hour finale left this season. That was a really short season. I want more more more.
*If you’re wondering, I’m going to vote for John McCain. Unless he picks Mike Huckabee as his running mate, in which case I’m out. I’ve wanted to write about it for a while. But anyway, Rachl Lukis has been saying everything I would want to say about it.
*My in-laws brought this awesome globe game over here because I like it so much. It’s so much fun. And very addictive.
*We thought the snow was all finished, but after a few weeks of no snow, we got something like three inches on Thursday or Friday. Now it looks like it’s gone for good again. But what do I know?

Later peeps.


I woke up dreaming Thursday morning. The dream was actually something I think could make a good novel. With tweaks, of course. And since it is National Novel Writing Month, I decided to just start. I kinda have the plot laid out, but it will change, of course. It’s the most solid story I’ve had for a novel yet (which isn’t saying much).

Anyway, I started writing last night when we got home from Kennedy. I’m on Chapter 2. Chapter 1 really needs to be fleshed out some more, but it’s a first draft, so I’m going with it and plugging through. It will need major revisions when I’m done, but I’m too excited to get held back by that. I just want to get it down on paper now and revise later. I’m not brave enough to do the bit-by-bit story that Frank does or even to post good chapters here for you. Maybe once the whole thing is done, I’ll post it, but for now, it’s mine. All mine.

I’m so excited to be writing!


Wow, so I put us on a schedule that started Monday. Every day is mapped out in the extreme. What each of us is doing at each set time. We have gotten so much done. Packing, last bit of staging, applying for jobs, cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning up and cleaning out the garage, cleaning various parts of the house… Frank painted the first half of the garage today. Tomorrow, the other half.

We were sad Fred Thompson came to Florida today. If only it were next week. We hope he’ll wait to go to Idaho after we move.

What else. I saw the gastro, Dr. Awesome. My BP was 90/70. Weight? 159. So I gained three pounds from when I weighed at Publix, and I’ve only lost three total since going off gluten. BUT. Alice did show up today, and I already look less swollen and bloated in my face. Should I start expecting that now? Off gluten, I have cramps for a whole day instead of thirty seconds on gluten. Not a fan of that side-effect. And I bloat up horribly for about a week ahead of time. Never had that problem before. Ugh.

So. I told Dr. Awesome that all of my symptoms have drastically improved (migraines, hand pain, foot pain, nosebleeds, easy bruising, and more after getting off gluten, muscle aches and nerve pain and seizures after getting off all dairy and starting probiotics). But I still am constantly bloated, TMI ALERT!!!, have clinical diarrhea at LEAST 75% of the time, and spend twenty-four hours a day discomforted to the point of misery from the bloating and gas pains. Fun fun stuff. Dr. Awesome slipped to Dr. Awesome Minus (A- for short) because he said he’s completely satisfied with my improvement and doesn’t think I need to do anything else except maybe Immodium (I’ve been quite clear with him that bandaids are NOT okay). Dude, you heard the part about all that diarrhea, right? Because I can’t do overnight hikes in that condition. I’ll never be able to hike the Grand Canyon again if I’m just satisfied with the status quo. He was perfectly happy with everything though. Drs. amaze me. Anyway, the probiotics seem to be working their magic. I found gluten-free, dairy-free ones. So there you go.

I’ve put in several short breaks each day (funny, I barely have time to read blogs in that time, much less blog myself). Also Bible study every day, which we actually have to schedule in, because otherwise we keep saying, “We really should do that,” and we never do. Sad. And we have half an hour of playing games and drinking hot tea after 9:30 p.m., because no one is supposed to call after 9:00 p.m. (it really annoys us, we’re like, “Who died?”), and certainly not after 9:30 p.m. The first night we played Scattergories. The past two nights, we played one game of Phase 10. I used to be so addicted to Phase 10. And the last two nights, I had so much fun playing (though, admittedly, it’s more fun when there are three or four people playing). Tonight before dinner, Frank asked, “Can we play Phase 10 again tonight?” “I told you it’s addicting,” was my response.

Have had no time for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Monday I will be able to get back on it. Am reading Goblet of Fire at bedtime every night. We have half an hour scheduled for reading in bed. I usually fall asleep after ten minutes, and Frank can spend twenty or thirty on his comic books. Today I said, “Hey, maybe you should try reading books that have words.” “Comic books have words. They just have pictures, too.” Yeah, pictures that take about ten minutes to interpret. “What is happening in that picture?” “I think he’s falling off a building.” “Are you sure?” “Oh. Yeah. Because four frames later, someone mentions him falling off the building.” Then why didn’t they just say that??

Frank, a lifetime insomniac, has slept very well this week. I’m convinced it’s the hot tea. He isn’t sure.

Rowdi is scratching one of her n!ppl3s so hard that it has bled, scabbed over, and bled some more. I don’t know what to do for her. Watch this be the only part of the post that gets comments.

When we move to Idaho (Lord willing), we will become huge Boise State fans. It’s pretty much a requirement, especially if I want to stay in my in-laws’ good graces. Plus, they’re an easy team to like. I once knew a guy who was so obsessed with Tennessee football (because he went there) that he tried to recruit people. This was in the Texas Metroplex. I don’t think he converted many. But considering that Texas Tech and Boise State are the only college football games I’ve been to and bothered watching on TV (I’m a Cowboys fan, and it’s pro sports all the way for me, yo), those are the only teams in which I’m interested, and… BSU is much closer to Boise than Tech… yeah, I will actually become a big BSU fan. Once upon a time, my dear friend Scott told me that I would be a fan of the teams located in the city I live. That it was a requirement. No. I assured him, I will always root for the Metroplex teams. I suppose I’ve picked up a couple of college teams, but it’s still Stars, Cowboys, and bless my heart, the Texas Rangers. I liked the Mavericks when Mark Cuban wasn’t financing Loose Change the movie (which I think fell through), but now I can hardly stand to think about where all that Mavs money is going. I can’t wait to snark his Dancing with the Stars performances. Oh, and yes, the Metroplex still has metric football in the form of the Dallas Sidekicks, but… it’s so… metric.

I wrote my awesome Gloatation Boo-Bye Super-Fantastical Speech today. Finally. Go read it, it’s some of my best work ever!

Anyway. I’m late for game time. Ta!

notes about nothing

  • So… I’m almost done with all the filing, and then I’ll be caught up and never get behind forever. Seriously, I’ve been behind on my filing since about… oh… 1998? So yeah. This will be a good thing.
  • What else… Frank is finished painting all the doors. As soon as I’m finished packing up everything in the livingroom (the last room with *stuff* in it), Frank can paint the livingroom trim, and I can pack away the last few things in the garage.
  • I love Super-Fantastic Ultra Wish Time on “The Soup”. The little head that goes, “Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehhhhhh”? Makes me laugh out loud every single time.
  • I found my poetry. Even my big poetry notebook from high school. Ech, I used to be so maudlin. But the stuff from when I was going through my ugly divorce doesn’t suck. I also found a concept for a novel that I kind of… er… backgrounded. I don’t even have a full concept. But I do have main characters, setting, etc. I might go back to it someday. I’ve started several over the years. I think I lost a few when my computer crashed. I have one on Frank’s laptop… The thing is, I’m ready for our lives to settle down so I can write earnestly. Write my novels. I’m a good story teller. Terrible at coming up with the story, but good at the narrative and dialogue.
  • Moving… we’ll go wherever the road leads. We’ve looked at several places. Amarillo — not gonna happen, though it is my favorite place ever to have lived. Phoenix real estate is tempting — decent prices, close to the Canyon and other hiking… but… no grass, no four seasons. Austin is great but still humid, and I fear we won’t do outdoorsy things once we get there because of the humidity and distance from the desert. Idaho… the only drawback I see is that we’re not close to my family and friends. But close to Frank’s family, in the desert, hiking everywhere, parks everywhere, so close to a ton of national parks, four seasons… It will all depend on a couple of factors, but I guess y’all can tell where I’m leaning.
  • Tonight I was burning candles on the wall sconces in the bedroom. I decided they’d been burning long enough (I could see them from my position in the sitting area), so I went into the bedroom to put them out. I heard a drip, drip, drip. Put out both candles. Still, drip, drip, drip. I knew where this was going… Sure enough, there was a massive pile of wax on the carpet, drips on the wall, splatters on the back of the bed frame. Thank goodness for irons and goof-off. We’ll see if the iron works before I try the goof-off (which could potentially bleach the carpet). Good thing I haven’t thrown out the iron. I’ve considered it. I never use it….
  • I’ve been making decent meals lately, and one of the best ones I’ve made recently? Gave us both heartburn. Too bad, that. Oh well. It was particularly inspired, too.
  • We’ve finished BSG, seasons one and two. Watched season five of
    “Friends” (BJ’s had it for $17). Now we’ve moved on to season one of LOST. So. We either have to buy more TV DVDs or move on to the movies.
  • I’m almost done with the next chapter of Harry Potter. Sorry I’ve gone down to posting one at a time, but we’re so busy. And ready to get out of here.
  • Ya know, I love Pier 1 candles — they smell so yummy — but they sure don’t burn well. My Tar-zhay candle that I bought on clearance for $3.88 burns so much prettier. And there is nothing more frustrating (in the candle world) than a pack of Party-Lite tealights that have off-center wicks and therefore only burn for about half an hour instead of six hours. Brutally disappointing. Ta, musees. I’m internetted out for the day.

8 random facts about me

Ahem, blogchildren, I hate memes! Haha, just kidding. But this one’s HARD! digitalKaren tagged me, so I’m supposed to just tell y’all eight random facts about me. Then I’m s’posed to tag people. If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged.

  1. I am a member of the church of Christ. I grew up in it, and I’m a big fan of the Bible. And I think more people who have opinions about religious people should actually know what it says.
  2. If Frank and the pack of wild animals and I could live at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (on the Rim) and blog for a living, hiking and biking on our breaks and the weekends, I’d beg and beg until Frank said yes. Since that’s not likely an option, I dream of retiring to Flagstaff someday.
  3. I’ve never read a Jane Austen book.
  4. I can’t stand seeing chicks in bikinis, showing off their cleavage, or wearing shorts or skirts above about an inch or two above the knee. I hate that there is so little modesty left in our society. Put some clothes on.
  5. I like guns. I especially like cleaning and shooting them.
  6. I trust very few people. I also have very good creepdar. Thank you, Psycho X!
  7. I love kitty cats. I don’t like dogs.
  8. Like Pauler Abdul, I’ve never been drunk in my entire life, and I’ve never done recreational drugs. Except I’m for real about that.

everything you ever wanted to know about me

In ten questions.

Venomous Kate has interviewed me with her mad interviewing skillz (mild profanity, one word). Here’s a snippet:

7. Name three things that make a blog suck.

Only three? I can think of five or six off the top of my head.

  1. Lack of original content. If all you’re doing is linking to other blogs or news articles or posting pictures of celebrities and saying “skank,” then your blog sucks. Like you’re the only person on the planet who thinks Lohan’s a skank? At least say why. “Lohan’s a skank, because she flashes her (allegedly) unwashed hoo-hah to the magazine people and never met a guy she wouldn’t have sex with (also allegedly). Also, I have a personally signed letter from her attesting the fact.”


*I want to eat as much Helluva Good French Onion Dip as possible until my gluten challenge is over. After it’s over, I might stop being lazy and call the company to ask what “natural flavors” means.
*This would be the perfect time to have money in our budget for Indian food. Garlic na’an and all that. It would also be the perfect time to have enough time to make it at home. If I had six hours, I would just whip us up a batch of chicken tikka masala real quick-like.
*It looks like it will be cheap enough for us to move the pool table to Texas. So that’s good, we won’t have to sell it.
*The Roller Lite people also make teeny rollers!
*My body is one giant pillar of pain. This does not make for a good strong worker. I cry when other people aren’t around and then practically break down when I talk to essay on the phone.
*I’m having a hard time with my anger.
*Vengeance is mine, thus says the Lord.
*I pray for my enemies, for our enemies. This is hard for me to do. But I know I’m supposed to.
*When you’re not sick all the time, and when your body doesn’t feel like it’s eating itself, like your muscles are eating themselves, like your nerves are on fire–you just. don’t. get it. You just have no idea what it feels like.
*The miniblinds lady at Home Depot today looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked if the faux wood blinds they sell came in a top-mounting variety (because I really don’t want to drill into the side of the top of the window frame, because I will drill into metal in this hurricane house, and that will not turn out well). Her look was not, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you,” because she didn’t understand at first, so I clarified. After I clarified, I still got the look. Finally, I said in a plain voice, no malice or anger, just plainly, “Is that a stupid question? Because you’re looking at me like I’m asking a stupid question.” She then looked at my ‘NSYNC t-shirt and told me that it’s my choice whether I hang my blinds inside the window frame or outside the window frame. Dear Pete. Let’s try again. Of course I’ll hang them on the inside (I’m not a Backstreet Boys fan, mind you). What I’m saying is, I’ve hung faux wood blinds before, and all the faux wood blinds I’ve hung had brackets that mounted on the side of the window frame, and then the blinds sat in the side mounted brackets and hung from there. She assured me that all of HD’s blinds hang from the top of the window frame. She really did not get me and truly thought I was an idiot. I thanked her and walked off. In my passive-aggressive manner, I, of course, said in slightly raised voice as I walked up the aisle away from her, “Thank you for making me feel like a giant idiot.”
*I shall buy the faux wood blinds at Lowe’s. They’re cheaper there anyway.

lunchtime inanity

*I can have the glutenous Clamato at this current moment in time. So I am (with a few shots of Louisiana hot sauce). This pleases me.
*I can also have my non-glutenous vitamins. Hooray for that, hooray for fish oil and B-vitamins, hooray for near-future motility and nerve improvements.
*I have almost finished The Summer Garden. This makes me sad, because I can’t find either of my copies of The Bridge to Holy Cross. I already re-read The Bronze Horseman, before I started The Summer Garden. But no middle part of the story. After we get the house all sold and get all settled in in Austin, I believe I shall buy a hardback (if they have hardbacks yet) of Tatiana and Alexander (the British title of The Bridge to Holy Cross, of which I originally ordered two copies from Australia on the release date) and read all three again. That is, after I have finished all six Harry Potters. Because the 7th comes out two days after my birthday, because Ms. Rowling wishes me a happy birthday.
*I fell asleep hard yesterday as soon as lunch ended. Fell asleep with my head slammed into my laptop (we eat on the couch with TV trays, and our laptops are on the arms of the couch). Today my forehead has a painful little bruise on it. Also, when I woke up from said nap, I could not cool off until this morning.
*We haven’t turned on the A/C in two weeks. I can’t wait to see what our electric bill will be this month. If it isn’t below $100, Blinky and I are going to have a serious talk.
*The internet is awesome. Especially when you’re in the DIY business.
*Saturday night I dreamt a film noir. You’d think that awful excuse for a movie Sin City would have put me off the genre forever. And Frank Miller, for that matter, but I have reluctantly agreed to see 300 with Frank, just because it’s violent and makes liberals become extremely unhinged.
*Today it’s your breath. Tomorrow the Supreme Elite Arrogant Court and the EPA will find a way to outlaw guns based on noise pollution or the amount of lead output from the firing of bullets. And I shall become an outlaw, because I believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of 1911s.


*i’m exhausted. my whole body hurts. i just want to lie down for a few days, but i’m not actually sleepy.
*while we’re on the subject of my body, i don’t know how Frank can stand to look at me right now. those 4 pounds i lost that made me so happy? they’re back. in one week’s time.
*funny thing happened at the doctor’s office. the guy that went in before me weighed exactly as much as me. i stepped on the scale, and the little pointer thing went right to the middle. i thought that was so cool until i realized that meant i’d gained back those 4 stupid pounds.
*the Dallas Stars website no longer has the “Vote for Willa” button up. i’m pretty sure they took it down before she got kicked off, but i could be wrong.
*Stars have started the season on a 3-game win streak. and they’re winning 2-0 in the 2nd period tonight in L.A. ooh, make that 4-0.
*you know, i remember watching Mel Gibson in Braveheart and thinking he was a great actor… so you’d think if he wanted us to buy his “apology”, he’d use some of those mad acting skillz and actually come off as believable… but he’s just creepy. no one buys it, Mel. you’re an anti-Semite. you suck.
*i still miss E.D. Hill. mornings are just not the same without her. i can’t watch Gretchen. can’t do it. when she tries to look like a serious commentator, she just comes off as caricatured icky. and Brian is insufferable without E.D. to put him in his place. Steve is great, goofy Steve, but he can’t make a show on his own. Fox screwed up big time replacing E.D. with Gretchen. i don’t know how they can fix it… all i know is that i watched some guy named Imus interview Lewis Black the other morning. bit of a snoozer, but not Gretchen or Brian, so whatever. i would watch the Today Show except i don’t like Matt Lauer, and i don’t think i like Meredith Viera, but honestly, i’d need to give her a chance to see if i like her. thank goodness i record Glenn Beck’s show every night… i guess i need to put off watching it till morning so i have something to watch until the Daily Show and the Colbert Report come on.
*been doing taxes today. not actually doing them, but going through all my papers and separating what’s not filed out into piles and finding all my sales tax receipts from 2005. see, we spent a lot of money in 2005, so our actual sales tax deduction will be a lot more than the standard sales tax deduction. we had a wedding, a honeymoon, my really nice ring… so far i’m not even close to done with sales tax and am already up over $800. that doesn’t include my ring or the big BB&B purchases after the wedding… i hope it takes our liability down so i don’t have to send the feds much money tomorrow.
*did i mention that my whole body hurts?
*oh, and it’s now been 7 weeks since my last period. 7 weeks and 3 negative pregnancy tests.


Yesterday there were little neckid 12 year-old cheerleaders begging for money so they could go on their cheerleading trip. Their shorts were even shorter than little teeny cheer skirts usually are. no lie.

SARAHK THOUGHT: Ma’am??? Give me your little donation box and let me bonk you over the head with it, you little brat.
CHEER GIRL SAID: Would you like to donate?
SARAHK THOUGHT: Will it go toward buying you clothes?
SARAHK SAID: No thank you.


Ever since we got home from church and turned on Fox News, they’ve been doing three things: 1) telling us what John Mark Karr is eating, drinking, and watching on his flight from Thailand (ooh! it’s the story of the century! good thing that Fox News photographer is sitting in front of JMK on the plane, or we never would have known!); 2) showing us pictures of LAX (and did you know that it looks exactly the same every 5 minutes?); 3) telling us that JMK was possibly on female hormones for gender reassignment surgery, and therefore he may be a little coo coo, since that’s what female hormones do to you. Or something like that. The third one makes me laugh, but 1 and 2 almost gave me an aneurism. We’re now watching mindless cartoon comedy.


It’s funny when the dog and I react the same exact way to thunder.


Had dinner with my friend Jamie tonight. She agreed that Smallville is a great show. Jamie and I had barbecue.

My boobs hurt. Really bad.

My new phone is super cool.


Re: Smallville… I think I’m gonna like it. Frank got lots of Amazon money for his birthday, so today arrived the first 2 seasons of Smallville and the first season of Battlestar. I’ve never seen any of either, but I know how big a crush a certain friend of mine has on Tom Welling. We’ve watched 3 eps of Smallville straight through (and only stopped so Frank could go get the Indian food). We keep hearing from everyone how great Battlestar is, so we’re giving it a shot too.

I still feel pretty bad… Shocker, I know. The left side of my neck hurts. The muscle aches are getting better. But I have such a pain in the neck. His name is Frank. LOL, I’m so funny I could slap my knees. As long as I don’t move or lay the wrong way, or turn over in bed, I’m good.

Yay, loss of appetite!… It was like complaining about it made it so. Right after I whined about not getting the loss of appetite side effect from any of my meds, I lost my appetite. Wednesday night, not so much. But it did strike me suddenly when I was eating my hamburger that night. You ever have that thing where you’re really hungry one second, but the next second you have to spit out the bite you just took because you know you’ll throw it up if you swallow it, and you’d rather not have the throw up taste? TMI? So yesterday, I had a piece of cantaloupe and about a half cup of rice. That’s all I could eat. I’m just hoping that the no appetite thing can escape me for tonight so I can have my chicken tikka masala. Then come back tomorrow.

Ok, I’ve gotta say it… General Hospital already did the addicted-to-vicodin storyline with Alan Quartermaine. With Lucky Spencer, it’s just overkill. P.S. I’m so sick of seeing paternity tests. Just tell Nikolas he’s the father already!

Leaky A/C… It just never stops. A/C was leaking all over the garage. Tis fixed now, but what a beating. What a piece of crap that unit is.


high-speed parking lots… just saw on Fox News that there was a teacher’s aide arrested in Dallas for leading police on a high-speed chase. what i want to know is where did this woman find a road in Dallas that allowed her to go fast around dusk? LBJ is usually still a parking lot by then.

puppy is barking in her sleep… she’s so cute. i’m so sad that she’s not having fun at the doggie spa today. but she’ll get to have fun tomorrow. and Saturday we’ll take her to a pond party. if we get up on time.

easier blogging… i turned off the WYSIWYG editor in wordpress, so it’s much easier to blog now. truth is, that thing is not worth the hassle. i was always having to open the HTML editor to fix my posts, and blockquotes were ridiculous. i only turned it off because it conflicted with the gallery plugin i installed, but i should have turned it off long ago. i can’t get the gallery plugin to work yet, but i’m much happier without the WYSIWYG.

new Euro pillows… to go in my Euro shams for the bed came today. yay! i ordered them from Linens ‘n Things (thanks to whoever suggested i try there – i can’t remember who it was, but i’m sure you’ll tell me), and they’re perfect sham stuffers. and now the bed outfitting is complete.

that’s all i’ve got for now. i’ve got a ton of ALIAS blogging to do.


* it’s so smoggy here in Brevard County this morning that they’ve shut down parts of I-95 and the Beach Line. Frank took Rowdi out this morning and couldn’t see 10 feet in front of him. even Rowdi couldn’t see the two neighbor dogs that she always barks at, which were right in front of them. Frank said breathing in all the smoke was no fun.

* the fire department called this morning with an automated message to tell us that there’s a fire west of the city limits, and we will have little visibility in our section of town so we shouldn’t drive if we don’t have to.

* last night Frank was honored at a company banquet for people having a patent (or multiples – one guy had 32 patents and another had 35) approved this year. he got a plaque and a metal bookmark and everything. it was really nice, but the dinner made me ill. my stomach felt like it was going to kill the rest of me last night. anyway, i’m so proud of him.

* i didn’t watch American Idol last night, because we didn’t get home until 10, and between migraine and stomach cramps i was in too much pain to stay up. i’ll watch it now.

* Rowdi is agitated today. she’s whining and pacing the kitchen. and now she’s growling. i’m trying to ignore her (“ignoring is the highest form of dominance”), but it’s just so sad. she just barked at me. she went outside an hour ago, so i think it must be that she’s ready for her walk since she spent most of yesterday in her crate and didn’t get her evening walk or evening training. she’s very attention-starved because we didn’t spend every waking hour with her yesterday. but i need breakfast before i go walk, and i’m honestly not that anxious to get out there with all the smoke, because i know that i will have a horrible migraine for the rest of the day from the smoke.

* i thought i was going for allergy tests yesterday. i got there and found that wasn’t the case. a guy came in and tested my ring for Nickel, and it came up negative. then he said, “of course, i’ve never actually had a positive Nickel test, so maybe i have a bad kit.” you would think he’d check that out. anyway, the allergist prescribed the cortisone cream to heal my finger and gave me a preventative cream to keep the rash from coming back once its gone. he also said that my recent foot-swelling incident and my Disney rash incident in November were both probably contact dermatitis reactions from sunscreen. he prescribed meds and also prescribed the Epi-pen so i can shoot myself with epinephrine if i have a bad reaction that affects my breathing. i go back in a few weeks for testing. and that’s that.

cool stuff of the day

(in no particular order)

1) i really like my mail lady. she’s very sweet. if she has even the tiniest package (that could easily fit in the mailbox and doesn’t require a signature), she brings the mail right to the door. and today i really like her, because she brought me some wedding presents.

a lot of our wedding presents have been residing at my sister’s since the ceremony, awaiting shipment or whatever. and we really wanted the coffee maker to get here, so i told Sizzle to fill a box and surprise me with what’s in it. so today i received the awesomest coffee maker ever (eat your heart out Tammi!)… and this really awesome throw blanket that matches the livingroom colors soooo well… and photo albums and picture frames and measuring cups and towels and an awesome shadowbox and a crystal vase that is just begging for a flower arrangement.

2) we refinanced the mortgage at 5.5% for 15 years today. and it was cool, because the title company was on A1A, and the ocean is so pretty today.
3) the Soundscapes channel from Brighthouse. it’s so calming to sit here and listen while i work. (yes, work, i know it’s shocking.)

4) i don’t have much of a headache. there’s just a tiny hint of one. which means that i’ll go to Curves, which will be twice this week, and as long as i go tomorrow or Friday, i’ll get in three workouts this week. Curvy update: this is my fourth week. week 1 – 2 workouts, week 2 – 2 workouts, week 3 – 3 workouts. my body is starting to feel a little firmer, and my boobs are getting smaller, which means it must be working.
5) no one has driven a golf cart on my lawn today.

6) i got to eat lunch with my husband today. we ate at Smokey Bones, and it was good. i told him we should do this more often. “you know, have lunch, not refinance.”

7) Minerva and Sydney are very loving today. and Minerva has been watching herself in the mirror by the pool table that i need to hang. it’s so cute. and she’s lying flat on her back with her belly straight up in the air. Sydney’s watching intently.

8) the mail lady also brought the remote to our karaoke machine today. Rachel and Jim had kept it for ransom to be determined later.

9) a very special cool email i got from a very special musee. but that deserves its own post. more on that later.

10) this is a really cool magmathmom: the day of the month and the non-zero digits in the year are the same. (26/2006). and that’s gonna happen 12 times this year! pretty sure it will happen 12 times each year of the aughts except 2009 (stupid February!).

really tired

massage… i had my massage yesterday morning, and it was good. my shoulders were tight. i told Vickie that i was probably going to move to a 3 week schedule instead of every 2 weeks, because i can’t really justify going so often. of course, that was right before she got to my shoulders and i couldn’t believe how bad they were. then we went to the calendar, and it was going to be 3.5 weeks before she could get me in on the new schedule, so i went for 2.5 weeks instead. 3.5 weeks is an awful long time.. oh well, i tried, right?

cleanliness is next to friendliness… so we were having guests today. so i cleaned for a long time yesterday. and Frank was sweet enough to go pick up the Indian food so i could keep cleaning. i’ll tell ya, it’s really nice having vacuumed floors. there’s just something calming about that. growing up, my mom had us on a schedule. Mon-Wed-Fri were vacuum days. i’m thinking since there are zero kids but 2 cats here, i’ll go for Tues-Fri and get on a schedule… dusting is great too. well, the dusting itself is horrible, because i’m severely allergic to dust mites and the dust masks that i bought once made my face itch. i dusted the livingroom fan and all the furniture in the common areas. it’s nice. i also rearranged a lot of decorations and pulled some out of the closet that have just been begging to come out. and i got our 3D cube from the cruise mounted in the livingroom. i can’t stop looking at it!

tricksy Pereiras… Jim & Rachel called just as i finished mopping the kitchen (no sense doing that last night, would have been un-mopped by morning). they told Frank they were lost, and i thought yay! i can shower before they get here! (i was stinky and sweaty and dusty.) so then the doorbell rang while Frank was still on the phone, and the liars were at the door. i grabbed the karaoke machine from Rachel, tossed her tiara at her, and said, “bye! nice to see you!” and slammed the door in their faces. suckers! they broke a window to get back inside, so the joke was on us. i’m charging them for the window, though. then Rachel insisted on the full tour, even though i told her she was only allowed in the common areas. she pretty much just waltzed right on into our bedroom. i sent the boys to the store for oyster stew ingredients, and i showered while Rachel stole all our credit card information and searched the couch cushions for loose change.

note to self… yeah. so last time i made oyster stew, i used a pint of fat-free half and half and a pint of regular H&H. couldn’t tell any difference, so this time, i had Frank get all fat-free H&H. after i’d done everything except add the oysters, i tested it. oh wow, who poured a cup of sugar in my stew? it was awful. tasted like dessert. Dear Self, if it calls for half and half… and speaking of dessert, i wanted to make some, so i looked up my grandma’s recipe for Texas Millionheir Pie, and Rachel and i went to the store for the ingredients, plus real half and half.

better… the miscreants (Jim, Rachel, and Frank) played the karaoke game and the bongos game while i cooked Stew 2.0. i could hear lots of laughter from the livingroom, so i told Frank he was allowing our guests too much fun and should make them do calisthenics. Stew 2.0 was way better, and after stew we had the pie. it’s the first time i made it, and it tasted just like it’s supposed to, so yay. while we ate on TV trays, since we don’t eat at the table and neither do our guests, we watched DVR’d eps of The Office and Numb3rs. then our guests left, giving us some excuse about picking up Jim’s daughter.

nappy… we fell right into bed, at 5:30 or so, because we both needed naps. about 15 minutes later, Rachel called and said that Jim couldn’t pick up his daughter tonight, so would we like to meet them for a movie. it was a great conversation, because a sleeping Frank answered the phone. (paraphrased.)

FRANK: hello????
RACHEL: hey! Jim can’t pick up Rachel. do y’all want to see a movie in Melbourne?
FRANK: do we want to see a movie?? no, we don’t want to see a movie.
RACHEL: did i wake you???
FRANK: yeah, we’re taking a nap.
SARAHK: tell them they’re welcome to come back over.
FRANK: you’re welcome to come back over.
RACHEL: (talking to Jim)
RACHEL: no, that’s ok. we’ll talk to you later!

the queen of perk… after our nap, i opened our card from our new friends, Martha & Hank from the cruise. she sent pictures and a fun and sweet card. we adore these people. i can’t wait to send snail mail back. she’s our first 39¢ stamp, too!

and that’s that.

stuff about me

blogson MDG tagged me with this meme (bad blogson! ;-) ) so here it is.

7 things i want to do before i die:
* visit Australia
* hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim
* read the whole Bible
* publish a novel (that i write)
* release a cd (of me singing)
* have good Christian Republican babies
* learn to play the guitar and piano

7 things i can do:
* shoot a gun (really accurately)
* sniff my upper lip
* pull my shoulder out of joint
* change the alternator and the thermostat in my car
* cook a fine meal
* sing. and hit that above-the-staff C
* tell real-life stories really well

7 things i cannot do:
* keep my mouth shut when other people become unbearable
* resist buying candles and decorations and kitchen stuff
* reach the cabinets above the fridge
* watch It’s a Wonderful Life without crying like a baby
* can my own jams and stuff (but i’ll learn)
* shoot the Glock 17 better than Frank (yet)
* stick with a hobby (besides blogging)

7 things i say a lot:
* anyway…
* you shut up!
* you’re the sweetest and the cutest and i love you the best!
* hey Purr-Purr! hey Na-Nerva
* whatever…
* stop talking about Michelle Malkin! (just kidding)
* i hate talking on the phone

7 things i find attractive in a female:
everything about Frank
* humor
* brains
* loyalty/honor/faithfulness
* romance
* brown hair
* cute nose
* guns
* sweetness (awwwwww)

7 celebrity crushes:
* that nerd kid on Joey (reminds me of someone…)
* Mike Modano
* Michael Vartan
* Nathan Fillion
* Adam Baldwin
* Matthew whatshisface (Jack on LOST)
* Victor Garber

7 people i feel like bugging:
* Harvey
* Tammi
* Teresa
* Boudicca
* Rachel
* spacemonkey
* evil fake sarahk

so sleepy

i was in bed by 11:30 last night, but after the drive to Orlando for Serenity (review will be in the podcast and i’ll write one for the blog later) and two hours of intense movie-watching, plus my long day as a housewife ;-) , i am so tired. Frank didn’t have coffee or breakfast this morning, and i’ll have to take his lunch to him, because i didn’t even get up until he was leaving.

i’ve decided i’ll be able to sell my old wedding dress from when i married the slimebag on eBay for sure. some of the dresses i’ve seen there that have actual bids on them – oh yeah, i can sell this thing. and if i can’t, i’m going to have a bonfire. if only i hadn’t cut him out of all of the wedding pics, i’d have pictures of him to burn too. oh well, can’t have it all. :-)

Mike Brown smackdown… ok, so it was more like a good retort. yesterday a partisan hack on the ridiculous blame-game committee told Mike Brown he didn’t like him and was glad he left FEMA because Mike Brown’s facial expression made him look like a deer in headlights. Brown told the blame-game committee member that he (the partisan hack) wanted Mike Brown to be a superhero and go to New Orleans and remove all the people. he also pointed out that Mississippi and Alabama had a fine FEMA response, and the FEMA effort worked in those states, it was only Louisiana where it didn’t work. hmm, i wonder if it has anything to do with Louisiana’s inept greedy governor and corrupt NOLA government?

hahaha, E.D. is interviewing Ann Coulter on F&F, and they’re talking about how Dan Rather wants to investigate the Bush National Guard thing… because it worked so well the first time.

ok, gotta go, i have to send out a final podcast script this morning.


Frank needs a new doctor… so he went to the doctor last week and the doctor said that since Frank’s symptoms were that he was lightheaded, he must have the flu. so now it’s a week later, and Frank adds dizziness to the lightheaded. i’m thinking the doc should check out his ears. Frank goes to the doc, mentions the ears, doc says no, i don’t think it’s that. you have the flu still.

and i have the worst cramps ever… i’m sure it’s just because we’re going through evaluations at work and having to do that self-evaluation crap that everyone hates. but i’m actually crying out in pain because my uterus hates me. and not one Advil in the entire house. i wonder what time Walgreen’s closes, and do you think 6 Midol is excessive?

listened to Faith Hill’s latest CD today, Fireflies… i’m so glad i didn’t buy it. it’s not as good as Cry, which i thought was pretty mediocre. the last time i loved one of her CDs was Breathe, i guess. my boss bought Fireflies and asked me if i wanted to borrow it, so now i won’t waste my money.

oh, but i can’t wait for Serenity… the trailer for the Firefly movie looks great. and Frank said there’s a comic or something that fills the gap between the end of the series and the movie, so i’m thinking we’ll check that out. and then after the movie, they should just move it right into the next season of Firefly. it should come back.

especially since they’re trying to kill ALIAS in all kinds of ways this season… Thursday nights, not running it straight through, and Vaughn is gonna turn out to be Bill Vaughn and not Michael Vaughn (my hair-brained theory). oh, and a major character is leaving. did i mention it’s not following LOST? and that they’re bringing on new agents? Doggett and Reyes are their names, i think.

ohhhhh, my uterus hates me. but that’s ok, one day i’ll make it lug a baby around and that’s what i call payback.

random stuff

birthday dinner… Frank got me two tickets to Toby Keith (i think I’ll take him along), ordered the Paullina Simons book from Australia and gave me a deluxe super-fancy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. then he took me to eat at Yellow Dog Cafe, and oh wow, if you ever have a chance to eat there, do it. here’s the menu; the Louisiana Style Shrimp and the house salad were both awesome. we both had specials (i the stuffed shrimp, he the pompano) and they were both excellent. their bread pudding is a cross between bread pudding and creme brulee, the best bread pudding i’ve ever had… and i’ve had a LOT of bread pudding.

that Supreme Court nominee… John Roberts sure does look young. and i’m glad the President didn’t pick a woman or a minority just to appease anyone. he picked who he wanted. oh, and can everyone please stop calling the Supreme Court SCOTUS? every time i hear that or read it, i read “scrotum”, and then i get grossed out, so please. STOP!

Mancow on my un-heart list… i normally like the guy, but i had no time between the time he said, “Harry Potter!” and the time he told the end of the book that had been out for 3 days on Fox & Friends yesterday. i sent him un-heart mail yesterday, thanked him for ruining the book and my birthday. punk.

first chapter good, second chapter very interesting thus far… i would have read more last night, but after dinner i was exhausted. all that good food.

birthday bits

they say it’s my birthday… contrary to what the evil fake sarahk would have you believe (warning, Frank is shirtless in that photo), today is my first 29th birthday. tonight my sweetheart’s gonna take me to dinner, we’re going to try a little fancy restaurant we haven’t tried before (at least the website makes it look fancy).

presents! it’s all about presents, right?
Frank has ordered me the Harry Potter book, which should arrive today. i talked to Sa last night, who was shocked that i wasn’t already finished with the book. i told her i’ve been trying to get a lot done the last couple of days, because once i get started, that’s all i’ll do until i finish… bad news, though. Sa called me when she finished the book last night, and she was almost inconsolable. i know J.K. Rowling has said that a major character would die. apparently the one i figured it would be is not the one, because when Sa called, she was sobbing. she said it is sooooo sad. i consoled her, then reminded her that it’s fiction and asked that when i call her in a few days bawling my eyes out, she remind me that it’s fiction.

i think that Frank also ordered the latest Paullina Simons novel for me. but i can’t be sure that he got the hint.

and yesterday he asked me when my sister is coming to visit, because on a certain date there is a timed event that he wants to take me to for my birthday. i know he wanted to surprise me, but i recognized the date as the date of an event i would love to attend. so wheeeee!!!!

walking and breakfast… wow, yesterday we actually went for a 45 minute walk after work. and this morning, i made oatmeal. mmm, with butter, sugar and bananas. healthy breakfast i say.

weekend fun…
we did go to the Dave Matthews Band concert this weekend, and i’ll have a big post on that in the next day or so. i will say this: some people should drink less beer or take their wives along to concerts with them, and all DMB fans should get to hear “Granny” live in concert at least once. * sigh * it was great.


wow, i haven’t blogged since Tuesday. i promise i missed y’all more than you missed me. anyway…

medical update… i went to the allergist today for the first time in 3 years, and he has me back on allergy meds for my airborne allergens and prescribed me new pills for my migraines that hopefully won’t make my neck stiffen and my throat swell like the Imitrex did.

and he is sending me to a neurologist for the migraines, i heard the terms “MRI” and “CT” so yay for that. never had those. :-\

this super easy chili stuff… last night i made a pampered chef chili recipe but really tricked it up, and it was good.. oh, i should post that for the Carnival of the Recipes, i haven’t done that in a long time.

it’s nice to work close to home… i work far from home, usually a 35 – 50 minute drive, depending on how stupid the people in front of me in traffic are.. i started a new client yesterday, and it’s 25-30 minutes and really close to where Frank works, so we’ve been having lunch together every day, a nice thing that. i’ll be on this job for a few weeks.

ALIAS 2 hour event… i won’t spoil anything for anyone, but ALIAS last night was so much fun!! “are we on comms?” “YES, you are BOTH on comms.” hahahahahahahahahahahaha! and so much fun to see yet another thing that the APO team can do in expert fashion! that stunt there at the end was better than Syd & Vaughn fixing a Jeep in North Korea like they were putting a wheel back on a tricycle!

livingroom… Frank has an old black trunk with brass handles and lots of duct tape. it was a very conspicuous decoration in the livingroom. key word being ‘was’. i think it shall go in the guest room and i might cover it.

Frank buys stuff… tonight we went to best buy, and Frank bought some stuff. among the stuff, the first season of Scrubs, the DVD Zoolander (i wanted it so much!). i can’t wait to watch both. then we went to the sporting goods store, and Frank bought us a punching/kicking bag to hang in the garage. i can’t wait to kickbox it.


Scott’s out on AI… so the top 4 are Bo, Carrie, Anthony, Vonzell. this is shaping up nicely.

Napoleon works at Arby’s… we went to Arby’s after Bible study tonight.

NAPOLEON: Wermer durarbee cunnitakey orwa.
FRANK J.: Excuse me?
NAPOLEON: Wel-come to Ar-beee’s, may-I-take-your-or-der.

we cracked up.

i have so much to say… but i can never remember it. everything that happens, i say i’m gonna blog it, and i have so much to talk about, and then my head is so tired by the time i get home that i’ve just forgotten it all…

music… still have no antenna on my car, but i did find my John Mayer CD (No Such Thing) that i’ve been missing since i moved. turns out, when i unpacked my alarm clock cd player, it was in there. sweet.

opening sequence… the ALIAS opening sequence makes me dance. and i think it’s funny that tonight’s opening sequence was 15 minutes into the show. if you freeze frame the opening sequence, i can tell you every episode that’s shown, what the alias was, the name of the episode, the mission Sydney was on, and probably some dialogue from the scene. unless it’s from Season 3, as i haven’t yet watched it over and over to memorize it, for the same reason i don’t call my dentist every day and ask for a root canal.

my fiance is snuggling next to me on the couch, which means i’m going to shut down and finish watching ALIAS with him. snuggling is grand.

if only i had an ice skate

i’m in significant pain. my tooth holds in its roots little sharp knives. the tooth waits until i drink something cold or eat something hot and then throws open those tiny switchblades and just starts hammering away at my tooth, then my jaw, then my neck and stops around my collarbone. this started maybe 5 days ago and has gotten much worse by the day, so much worse that it now hurts even when i’m not eating or drinking anything. just all the time. i hate going to the dentist, but i actually called and made the appointment, so you know i’m not feeling so great if it’s gotten to this point. i see the dentist on Thursday so he can fix me, and if i still feel bad, i’m going Cast Away on my tooth.

the answers to the statements about me

1. i scored 1250 on my SATs. yeah, that’s true. and to those of you who said i probably scored higher, thanks for kissing up with such rigor.

2. i prefer Swingline staplers to all other staplers. 100% true. there is simply no comparison. if i pick up a Swingline, i know for a fact that stapler is going to perform its function without any wonky staple problems, no half-stapled papers. and if something goes wrong, it is definitely my fault, because Swinglines can do no wrong. and that’s the way i feel about that. oh, and don’t get me started on Bostitch. wretched staplers they are.

3. I own the Barbershop DVD. that’s true. that movie is funny, and i have a secret crush on Ice Cube. and i don’t have to worry that Frank will see that statement, because he just scans anyway. :-D

4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. this statement is absolutely false. and i think that people who claim they actually can perform this impossible trick are lying through their cherry-stem-tying teeth! except maybe IowaSoccerMom, because she’s my blogdaughter and we ate at Chipotle together. oh how i miss Chipotle.

5. i once had a dog named Poo-Poo. this is true. it was a little black dog, and all i remember is that his name was Poo-Poo, that we went to Fort Worth one weekend (this was when i lived in Coahoma), and when we came back Poo-Poo was dead from ticks or something. Bikermommy says that the dog’s name was Clarence and that my Uncle Kyle named him Poo-Poo. sounds like Uncle Kyle.

6. I sometimes drink a glass of pickle juice. true. now, when i was growing up, i used to just drink pickle juice out of the jar, because it’s gooooood. but now i know that acid reflux has something to do with your tum-tum not having enough acid, and you’re supposed to take a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar or something to help with that. and that really works. but see, i don’t have that at Frank’s house, it’s in storage. besides, pickle juice tastes better anyway. so i take that as an excuse to have myself a nice green glass of pickle juice, which has vinegar in it. not only does it work, it tastes gooooood to boot! yay Vlasic!

7. I stress-fractured my shinbone by running too much. yes, that happened March of 2003, when Sa and i were taking a running class thingy on Saturday mornings to learn how to run 10Ks and stuff. i’ve never been a regular runner since. i miss it.

8. The antenna ball on my car is a black cat from Halloween. oh yeah. when i lived in Amarillo, Bikermommy would come over to my house and put decorations on my door or in my yard or on my car, and then she’d get mad at me in December when my scarecrow was still in the yard. “fall is over, Sarah! you can’t have a scarecrow in your yard at Christmastime!” so she put this black cat antenna ball on my car, and it’s still there.

9. I peed my pants at a Dave Matthews Band concert. it wasn’t my fault! they’d already played “Crush” and “Don’t Burn the Pig” and then they threw “Ants Marching” at me! before i could stop myself, i was jumping up and down and screaming and oops! peed a little! thankfully i realized what i was doing and stopped. i didn’t tell Amelia until after the train ride back to the car, and she laughed her butt off with me.

10. I prefer my pizza without cheese. true. i’ll eat it with cheese, but i sure prefer it without those grease pits that come from melting fat all over the pizza. i also don’t like meat on my pizza, especially pepperoni. the thought of a pepperoni and cheese pizza makes me want to barf right now. my favorite pizza, for the record, is the thin artipeggio pizza from Uno’s, with no cheese, and dipped lovingly in their red wine vinaigrette dressing. salivating just thinking about it.

and that’s that.


storms? me not like so much. tonight i drove home in the scariest storm i’ve ever driven in in my entire 28 years. almost 29! lightning was brutal, it was hailing, the road was flooding, the street lights were few and far between, and did i mention that the rain was coming down in horizontal sheets? that means horizontal rain coming across my car in sheets. it was way scarier than tornado night in Amarillo. oh dear me.

The Office. this show makes us laugh so hard. me especially. i laugh hard. i love Pam and that guy with the hair.

8 days. 8 days!!!! till April 15. that is all.

the Joey theme song. all right y’all, all right y’all, you wanna be alright you gotta walk tall.

that’s about it. because i was really stressed and now i’m not and i’m about to kick Frank’s pinkytoe in Puzzle Kombat.

ten statements about me

stealing this from Jennifer:

nine of these statements are true, one is false. you guess which (except Frank and Bikermommy and Spidade):

1. I scored 1250 on my SATs.
2. I prefer Swingline staplers to all other staplers.
3. I own the “Barbershop” DVD.
4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
5. I once had a dog named Poo-Poo.
6. I sometimes drink a glass of pickle juice.
7. I stress-fractured my shinbone by running too much.
8. The antenna ball on my car is a black cat from Halloween.
9. I peed my pants at a Dave Matthews Band concert.
10. I prefer my pizza without cheese.

UPDATE: keep guessing, i’ll post the answers this weekend!

i saw my first gator

well, not my first gator… but i went to Celebration (the town that Disney built) today for a client meeting, and on the way back, Yvonne pointed out something in the pond beside the road, and i said, “what? the duck?” and then i spotted the long reptile slithering through the pond. my first non-zoo gator! it was kinda cool.

the AI revote… we forgot to vote last night (too busy playing donkey konga), so the repeat tonight is fine because we get another chance to vote for Carrie and Bo. and Paula is doubly annoying tonight. and last night she was ridiculous, so i didn’t know it could be more annoying. oh, and what? Nikko was the best of last night? i don’t think so, Tim.

my finger bruise… big ugly bruise on my finger today from where i busted it last night playing that game… so if Frank beats me at all tonight, i’ve already got an excuse.

random stuff

dinner Friday night was good. before dinner, i went shopping with Marci from work and got some new jeans and a couple of tops. when i arrived the kid we saw at the shooting range recently who i thought worked at our Publix — turns out he works with Frank. and all the engineers are nice. and no one tried to teach me to carry the one or anything. of course, the first thing i said to the waitress was, “we’re going to need separate checks.” :-)

i worked yesterday, then after work i decided to pay my rent for March. so i made jambalaya for my sweetie, and for dessert i made Dave’s Molten Chocolate Cakes. while i was cooking, i tasted the batter and told Frank that if i ever leave him for anyone, it will be for a spoon full of chocolate. when the cakes were done, i told Frank he had to pause his jambalaya eating, because the cakes are supposed to be served immediately. our cake plates were completely cleaned, my goodness it was fabulous. i actually don’t have the words to describe how wonderful.

we went to church this morning, and the sermon was a good one, about prayer. i woke with a migraine which got progressively worse until i came home from church and took a long long nap. it’s a little better now. you know what i think will help me feel better?

there’s a leftover chocolate cake in the fridge. and i proclaim it will be amazing.