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I officially declare Thursday to be the best day of the week

Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Psalm 27:14

I’ve always known Thursday to be the best day of the week. It’s the day before Friday, the day when we look forward to the weekend, the day we know that after five tomorrow… there will be rest.

Last Thursday we closed on the house. Yesterday Frank got a job!

Interviewed in the morning, job offer by afternoon. Because he’s awesome. The email from the company said that all of the coal miners were VERY impressed with him. He’s an impressive kind of guy. He starts Monday. His new job is so close to where I work that we’ll be able to carpool. We can drop the dog off at daycare (shut UP!) and both be at work within five minutes.

One drawback: I’m going to have to start getting up earlier. He won’t be walking Rowdi during the day anymore, and we don’t want to lose control of the dog (the little we have), so we’ll have to walk her early, before we leave for work. Which means… carry the one… get up at 5, ply Frank with coffee, walk the dog at 5:30, shower by 6:30, etc. So… bedtime by 9, 9:30? I’m excited about the carpooling, even if it sounds like I’m not.

Second drawback: Planning. It’s been nice calling him during the day and saying, oh, can you run to the store and pick this up for dinner? And can you precook the chicken for me? It seems I’ll have to go back to the proper way of doing things, which is make a menu and do all the grocery shopping and precook the chicken on the weekends. And I’m going to have to get Fly Lady involved so we keep everything clean. I should make a couple of loaves of bread this weekend.

I want to say thanks to you readers who prayed for us and those of you who either helped or tried to help. And yes, a blog reader (one of his) got him the interview and wins the free t-shirt. I know you all want it, but only one can win. ;-)

And here’s where I go all religiony and such: I knew Frank was going to get this job. I’m doing a Bible study with the ladies from church, and this week’s study really had me thinking and praying. And praying. Monday we had made a decision about what Frank was going to do for work (it would have meant a lot of travel), but the decision didn’t feel right. Probably because I would miss him. I prayed hard about it (no one ever says they pray softly, do they?). Wednesday he got called for yesterday’s interview, and I knew this was the one. I told him yesterday morning, you’re going to get the job. You’re going to go interview, and they’re going to call you this afternoon with a job offer (I was wrong, they emailed). The work sounded really interesting to him, and he thought it went really well. When he called to tell me that he’d gotten the job and told me the salary, I told him, that’s exactly what I knew they were going to offer you. I had even done up a new budget the night before using that exact salary. Now I’m not gonna sit here and say that the Holy Spirit told me the salary or that God told me in a vision that Frank would get this job — I don’t believe things work that way. But I am going to tell you that I believe in the power of prayer. Not that we hadn’t been praying all along, but before this week, I wasn’t focused on Psalm 27:14 when I prayed.

not bad for 2 days’ pay

So using the IRS-calculated deduction for sales tax that people living in non-income-tax states get (which the tables will calculate for you based on state and county of residence), we still owed the government $591 after having already paid $1200 with our extension.

I spent the weekend scouring the office for all of our sales tax receipts — this means receipts from department stores, wedding expenses, my U-Haul storage rooms, all my moving expenses (which were not deductible since I only worked 35 weeks after moving here, and you have to work 39 to get the deduction, so I could use them in the sales tax deduction), trips to the shooting range, etc. I was able to find receipts for sales tax paid of well over two thousand dollars. Which got our tax due down to…
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what’s on my mind

Got an email from Martha today (Martha of Hank and Martha from the cruise). Of course, I haven’t yet responded, because I’m bad, but I got such a kick when she gave me a message from Hank:  they had fish tacos this week, too. Haha, we were eating them for lunch when I read the email. Also, she called me her adopted daughter, so that put a huge smile on my face. It’s crazy how alike we are.

The goals. On the Saturday dog walk, we talked about needing to get a plan for getting out of Florida (hmm, I wonder who brought that up). The goal is to be writing for a living by the time we move. We’re suspecting either Idaho or Texas, since the next place we live is probably where we’ll have our kids, and we definitely want grandparents around.  So. This has turned into a strict schedule for me, because my #1 priority is getting the first In My World compilation edited, plus editing his short story that has received interest from a sci-fi magazine.

The schedule.  It’s strict but doable. The main reason for the strict schedule is to keep the dog on a strict schedule, but the benefit is that my days are mapped out so I’m super-productive. Tomorrow is the first day, and I’ll let y’all know how many minutes it lasts. Actually, I’m very committed, so I’m going to make this work.

Dog Yeller with SarahK. That would be the show if I were Cesar Millan. Anyway, yesterday morning we were lying in bed, and the phone rang. It was Vickie, my massage therapist. Her neighbor Vickie has a German Shepherd who pulls her all over the place, and she’s at her wit’s end, with tears and everything (sounds like me the day Rowdi made me chase her through the neighborhood and I was a big sobbing mess). So Vickie told her about me and said she should talk to me about it, because my dog is so much better now. This made me laugh so hard inside (I mean, she is better, but the thought of me being someone to go to on this is hysterical). I haven’t talked to her yet (she missed my call and is supposed to call me next), but I’ll of course tell her about the Gentle Leader, the Dog Whisperer TV show, Cesar’s DVD, and Cesar’s book. Maybe when she gets her dog under control, our dogs can play together (he’s a boy). All the dogs in our neighborhood are mean to Rowdi. The little ones nip at her nose and yap yap yap until she leaves, and the big dogs growl and bark. Poor bad dog.

Speaking of Cesar Millan. I quickly jumped ahead in the book (we received it the day it came out) to see how he got to the U.S. It turns out, he came here illegally (though he’s now legally here and working on becoming a citizen). I’m all kinds of against illegal immigration, but I did get a new perspective on it reading Cesar’s reasoning for why he had to come illegally. It had nothing to do with the U.S. and everything to do with the corrupt Mexican government. I’m still against illegal immigration, but now it’s not completely black and white for me. Yeah, I know, it’s one man’s account. But the thing about that man is that he learned English, doesn’t run around protesting with Mexican flags and throwing our hospitality back in our faces, contributes to society, and is not a tax burden.

On TV’s LOST.  I’m getting bored with LOST. Everything is a mystery. From what’s up with the island, to who’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, to who Kate’s going to be in love with today, to who’s going to be stupid enough to ask Sawyer for help. There’s not enough action. Jack and Locke are fighting like a couple of females. Really, why don’t they just go out to the ocean and have that peeing contest. And quit acting like girls fighting over who gets to be captain of the cheering squad. The second most annoying thing about LOST, though, is that I’m having serious Rambaldi flashbacks. The ALIAS peeps never really knew what the whole Rambaldi endgame was, so at the end of season 4, they had the stupid big red ball making people evil. That’s it? Are you kidding? And now, the writers (and probably creator) of LOST don’t have a clue what’s going on with the island, so they make it like a Monday through Friday soap opera. Nothing happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (hello, Days of Our Lives), so people really only get any entertainment out of Monday and Friday. Problem is, and this is the #1 most annoying thing about LOST, they only show it every 4 weeks or so. So one week we get a decent episode, then they’re off for 4 weeks, then 3 inconsequential eps in a row, then off for 4 weeks, then one decent episode… and so on. After the most recent hiatus, I had no desire to get back into it.

And on 24… I still think Audrey’s in on some bigger plot, the DHS lady (Mr. F) is evil, Tony’s not dead, and we haven’t seen the last of Walt’s widow. Oh, and the Chinese government – I’ll bet they figure out Jack’s not dead, if they haven’t already.

And in Melbourne, Florida, we got rain! It was fantastic, around 4:30 Saturday morning we started having major thunder and lightning, and the rain lasted a couple of hours. I was so happy to see the rain. And I’m pretty sure my Gerbera daisy plant outside was happy to see it too, because now I not only have the one big flower standing tall, I also have two new babies making their way up!

The weather today was fabulous. And we have mucho clouds, so I’m hoping this cooler weather will continue.

Gotta go to bed now. The new schedule says so.

Heidi 2, cancer 0

many of you will remember “musee” Heidi who carried her baby to term and gave birth to a beautiful boy. the amazing part of the story is that Heidi discovered she had breast cancer in her first trimester.
read the story here. Heidi is going on the lecture circuit to tell people about her miracle. and here is a link to her precious son Noah’s first commercial.

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

God is good.

the low purr

every morning when i do my blogging, my sweet bebe lays her head across my arm and purrs. a low, constant rumble. feels like home. and not just because i’m at home on my couch. just feels like she’s supposed to be there, in my way, making it harder for me to type, warming my wrist. and purring.


i get to see Mary this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! just got a call back, and i get an hour and a half massage by my old massage therapist this weekend. i would jump up and down if it wouldn’t hurt. yay! she was my therapist for 2.5 years, and she knows my body better than anyone but me. plus, we giggle like schoolgirls and talk the entire time.

now, if i can just get Deanne to call me back, i can get two in one week again.

just wanted to share my excitement. carry on. haha, i almost typed carry the one.

Karen is the bestest cubemate

i said, to no one in particular, that i should go get some food, because my stomach is eating itself. Karen tossed me one of those yummy trail mix granola bars. she’s sweet like that. :)

i heart y’all!

ok, y’all are the coolest and nicest readers anyone ever had; i proclaim musees to be the bestest blog readers on the planet.

y’all have taken to self-sissifying. i’m honored by this, and i get tickled every time i see it. so thanks for that, it shows a great amount of respect and makes me think that y’all might heart me too!

oh, and Iowasoccermom sent me money. thanks!

goody goody gum…throws

my cube-wall-mate Karen, who is also my music/movie twin, told me to prepare to catch something over the cube wall (we can’t see each other but through a tiny crack through which we pass notes and CDs and such). i didn’t actually catch what she threw, but after the loud clattering of tin on my desk stopped, i spied a can of Cinnamon Altoids Gum, my very favorite breath-saving gum ever. i thought she was tossing it for me to grab a piece, but as it turns out, she bought me my very own can! how thoughtful! thanks, Karen.

my bikermommy’s the greatest!

i was too tired last night to notice that Bikermommy snuck over and cleaned my kitchen before i got home from work yesterday. thank you Bikey!

musta been ’cause she liked Frank.

welcome home!!

yeah, so our friend RTO Trainer of Signaleer came home to his wifey maggie katzen and their cat this weekend. hooray!! RTO T was at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan and is now safely back in the Texas Metroplex.

our other friend Redun of Army Geeks came home to his family and friends this weekend too! hooray!! Redun was also at Camp Phoenix and is safe and snug in Oklahoma (let’s not hold that against him. ;) ). he’s taking a vacation, and i’d say a well-deserved one.

thank you for your service, fellas, and welcome home.

nice surprise visit

my Aunt Wanda and Uncle Robert came through Amarillo tonight on their way to Colorado, so Bikey, Pappy, and Aunt Couple (that would be Aunt Carol and Mark, who are inseparable) and i met them at a restaurant for some good eatin’. we had gotten settled in at our table and ordered our drinks, and this tiny little 23 year-old girl walked up and asked if there was room at our table for her. it was my cousin Misti, whom i used to see every single holiday but hadn’t seen in at least a year and a half (she stopped coming around the family). we all sat there stunned (except Aunt W & Uncle R, who were in on the surprise) until finally it clicked with Aunt Couple who this purty little bebe was. so we all stood up and waited in line for the hugging, and when i finally got to hug my little cousin, i started crying so much that it could have been called weeping. we expected as much from Bikermommy or Aunt Couple, but me, i’m the … oh, who am i kidding? i’m a big cry-baby. but for some reason, they were all surprised that it was i who wept.

so happy to see her, and so thankful.

all about thanks

i have several many numerous lots of thanks to give out….

to our founding fathers, for founding the greatest nation on the planet. and they did it in such a hilarious manner; those guys sure did have senses of humor.

to our Armed Forces, past, present and future, who are the best protectors and defenders in the entire world. my deepest gratitude, and a Happy Independence Day to all of you. (i know it’s late, but i’m generally about 2 days behind on everything, so really i’m right on time.)

to our MilBloggers, who keep it real for us.

to the fabulous Bikermommy, who writes tough-love mail at least weekly (and that just brings a tear to my eye), and who cleaned my entire kitchen while i was gone. seriously, the kitchen is huge when it’s not stacked full of boxes and laundry and dishes and furniture and whatnot. hooray for Bikermommy!

to Chad, who’s helping me with the blog conversion, though i keep threatening to quit.

to wordpress… for nuthin’.

to movable type… for even more nuthin’.

to Sandy for hosting me for the weekend.

and to Jason, for preaching 2 excellent sermons Sunday; it’s been a while since i’ve heard even one, so that was a welcome gift.

UPDATE: ::sheepishly bows head:: and i’d like to thank my wonderful faithful fans, all 4 of you, for sticking around. y’all really are the bestest.


Pappy’s pappy Bert gave me a charcoal grill (the best kind for flavor, if you ask me. ask me. now!), for which i am quite thankful.

then Joe made me new handles for the grill, and they rock. he actually made them out of a cedar tree that he had chopped down himself!! way cool. speaking of way cool, Joe has the coolest loom and makes the coolest rugs, etc.

so now i have a new grill with beautiful new cedar handles. i plan on making lots of burgers to go with the lots of ice cream i’m going to make this summer.


did you notice…

…the new banner? how awesome is that! so much better than the one i made in 5 minutes on Blog Day 1.

gracious and generous reader Chad from saw my whine about needing a new banner and took it upon himself to help me out.

what a nice surprise for the inbox!

the banner may evolve some after i get settled in in my new digs and new job, but i’m now in no rush for that. yay!!

thanks, Chad!

UPDATE: Chad has sent me 4 different banners to choose from, and they’re all awesome. the one above is my favorite.


Bikermommy rocks. as soon as we have the go-ahead on the adorable rent-house, she’s going to go over and start getting it ready. she’s going to clean it head-to-toe (WOOHOO!!) and told me that she’ll just let me know how much i owe her for anything she buys. like what, Bikermommy? “well, you may need curtain rods, blinds, stuff like that.” “um, i’d like to be involved in picking those out, if you don’t mind.” “oh. [sad voice.] okay.”

and Spidade rocks too. he’s coming over after church tomorrow to help me pack boxes, and i think the Stepmo’ might be coming too. YAY! other people out there, y’all should definitely follow suit and offer your help! i’m moving in 2-3 weeks, yikes!

monday mayhem…

i’m the new what??? despite my shameless kissing up to the judges of Frank J’s IMAO T-Shirt Babe Contest, i still managed to win the contest, which makes me the new and first-ever IMAO T-Shirt Babe! i was sure that i was going to be the Jim Carrey of Frank’s World, getting a lot of the fan vote but snubbed by the academy, but whaddaya know? after a long long weekend of waiting (man, it seemed like forever!), the judges made me the babe by a very slim margin (1 pt – how much slimmer can it be?). runners up were Willow, Serenity and the Berkeley hotties Reva and Carissa. all of Frank J’s babes are hot stuff, so what an honor! i’ll have a speech up soon…

responsibility, bah! so i leave this evening for the Panhandle; i interview tomorrow in one town and Wednesday in another… it’s funny how having a job directly affects one’s ability to pay the rent. so i’m putting in my notice at my complex today, which is a little scary, since 1) i have no idea where i’m moving to, 2) i have so much to do by way of packing (any volunteers?), 3) i don’t know where my job will be, though it’s apparently not going to be in Arizona (choice #1), because i can’t wait around forever… oh well, the Panhandle gets me closer to mountains, farther from psychos and only 12 hours from the north rim of the Grand Canyon (woohoo!).
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i’m back!!

i’m thankful i made it there and home safely, thankful that my kitties missed me. and thankful to Adam, who took care of my girls while i was gone.

and thankful that i didn’t get any tickets!

i’ll tell y’all about my weekend tomorrow… it’s good to be home.

i should eat out more often

so i went to eat lunch at Big Bowl with the little sizzle Jessi; for those of you who don’t know, we’re both tiny, blonde, and cute, of course. ;) she’s 20 & i’m 7 years older (which makes me 22). naturally, we get a lot of looks from the fellers when we’re sitting together; of course, last time we went to BB, we got looks all thru lunch from the fellers, but that was more due to the fact that Jess was having a particularly bad day, complete with wailing and tears.

anyway, today Jessi got to watch all during lunch as our waiter and another waiter (actually the one who waited on us on the previously mentioned wailing day) spent all their spare time watching and talking about … ME! WOOHOO!! Jessi said she’s not going to eat lunch with me anymore, because there’s something that’s just not right about that.

so i would just like to gloat for a minute, because i’m thankful that I’VE! STILL! GOT IT!


clean dishes, hooray!

thanks to donna, my stepmo’, for cleaning the kitchen today, dishes & floor even! woohoo!


as much as i hate being productive (because i prefer to just sit on my butt, eat bon-bons, stare at my ‘nsync bobbleheads and paint my toenails have someone else paint my toenails), i’m so thankful for this week. i’ve not had a real headache since monday, and i’ve been most productive all week. made much progress in packing, cleaning, did 8 loads of laundry today, even made my bed & changed all my pillowcases, yay me!! bikermommy is so proud. i even walked for an hour (at fat-burning pace) twice this week, and considering that i’ve been incapacitated & flat on my back for most of the last 3 weeks, that’s harder than it sounds.

as a reward, i shall watch playoff hockey tonight. well, i’d do that anyway, but it’s nice to think of it as me treating myself.

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who‘s in a movie together???

spidade told me that a new movie started this weekend that has both heath ledger AND the most beautiful elf-turned-pirate in the whole world????

that warrants a thankful for of the day. oh yes it does.

great casting

many kudos and thanks to the casting director and all others responsible for pulling together the fabulous ensemble cast of the lord of the rings trilogy.

and a very special thanks for orlando bloom as the most beautiful elf of all time, and for viggo mortensen’s aragorn — viggo should always have a beard and long hair.

and did i say thanks for casting orlando bloom as the greatest action hero of all time (i stole that from a friend, but i totally agree w/ his assessment)?

oh, and for casting orlando bloom as the elfboy (drool), i thank the powers that be’d.

and i’m really happy about the elf casting of the trilogy. thank you.

hmm. anyone care to guess what i’m watching?

the color brown

i’m thankful for the color brown. i look good in brown. probably because i’m a nature freak — not to be confused with freak of nature.

grand canyon pic

sarah h is giving me her portrait-sized pic of the grand canyon that her husband took on their honeymoon. what an awesome friend!

thank you sarah h!!

the failure of new coke

this morning, as i bask in the enjoyment of that beautiful beverage in that fabulous red and white can, i am reminded that i am sooooooooooooooo thankful that new coke failed. the “classic” formula cannot be improved upon.

glorious, glorious beverage.

you rock, coca-cola classic. red, white and me.


i’m so thankful for all of my current ailments. and if i live a thousand years, i will never go to the doctor again to try and cure them. ailments rock. i love them so much. i’ll never want to get rid of them again.

that said, i do love my doctor. and i’m thankful for him. he’s very apologetic.

spidade’s generosity

spydaddy gave me issue #3 of ALIAS magazine. woohoo! and it has lots of big pics of sark, and some good vaughn stuff in there too. thanks spidade!

pregnant tummies

a couple of my friends are pregnant right now, and i just love seeing their pregnant tummies. it serves as a constant reminder of God’s gift of life, His immense blessings and His matchless power. He blesses us in so many ways. i am thankful for these precious reminders of that.


i got a package from today, and i didn’t even buy it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

cranberry juice

my kidneys hurt today. and i was too lazy to go to the store and pick up some cranberry juice. so what a nice surprise to find a whole unopened bottle of cranberry juice in my fridge. for that i am thankful.