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Europe is so much more enlightened than the U.S.

They spend so much time criticizing us and threatening that the world will be most displeased — maybe even displeased enough to send a telegram saying as much — if we don’t elect Barack Obama. We’re a bunch of hillbillies if we would dare have a vice president who could survive in the wild as long as she had a gun, a knife, some sticks, and a match — how quaintly dreadful of us. We are in for a right tantrum if we don’t become enlightened and elect the (half) black man.

Meanwhile, Shari’a law is going to take over Great Britain.

Islamic sharia law courts in Britain are exploiting a little-known legal clause to make their verdicts officially binding under UK law in cases including divorce, financial disputes and even domestic violence.

I guess we know whether Britain is going to protect the rights of their female citizens. That’s a definitive NO. From now on, when I hear Brits and American expatriates whining about how McCain and Palin want to protect the lives of babies and want to take away women’s rights to do as they please with their bodies, I’m going to do nothing but laugh heartily. Possibly even die laughing. Conservatives supposedly want to control women’s bodies (it’s about protecting the innocent, stupids, not about controlling the women), and the socialists across the pond screaming about that most heinous injustice are the same ones who will allow Shari’a to murder women if they accidentally show a little bit of ankle skin.

A new network of courts in five major cities is hearing cases where Muslims involved agree to be bound by traditional sharia law, and under the 1996 Arbitration Act the court’s decisions can then be enforced by the county courts or the High Court.

And any Muslim women who would agree to be bound by traditional Shari’a law would be forced to agree under threat of honor killing — same result, only this way the Brits are legitimizing and legalizing the torture and murder of women.

Officials behind the new system claim to have dealt with more than 100 cases since last summer, including six involving domestic violence which is a criminal rather than civil offence, and said they hoped to take over growing numbers of ‘smaller’ criminal cases in future.

“Officials,” I assume, are Muslim clerics?

Oh, hang on. I have to catch my breath after reading the caption under the picture in the article.

Women are likely to suffer more if sharia law, which does treat women equally to men, becomes an accepted legal avenue

Women are likely to suffer more, but they’re treated equally to men? And has the person who wrote this article ever heard of Shari’a law? Women are treated like dogs. Men are treated like they are above reproach. Surely there is a typo in there somewhere.

Critics fear Britain’s Islamic hard-liners will now try to make sharia law the dominant legal system in Muslim neighbourhoods, and warn that women often receive less favourable treatment at the hands of the traditional Islamic courts.

And once they’ve taken over the Muslim neighborhoods and turned those clocks back hundreds of years, they’ll start to infringe on the surrounding areas, until all of the areas melt together and Britain is completely under Shari’a law. Oh, and the expatriates won’t be able to return to the States either, because it’s a little hard to get out of a Shari’a country to return to the Great Satan.

The issue erupted into a major controversy earlier this year after the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams claimed publicly that formal recognition of sharia law ‘seemed unavoidable’

You stay relevant, Church of England. I mean, you’re the official church of England. I’m glad America doesn’t have an official church, but if we did, I’d be a little ticked off if the head of the Church of America just gave up and said, “Well, it’s inevitable, so let’s bring in the caliphate and call it a day. Hail, Islam!”

Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly what he said, but he might as well have. He’ll be saying it soon enough if he wants to live.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal panels, set up by lawyer Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, are now operating in London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Nuneaton, with more planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Those are major cities, right? Shari’a law is operating with the consent of the British government in major cities. I’d start making plans to get out if it were me, but then again, I like freedom. I was at a retreat with the church ladies Saturday, and we were talking about different countries in which we might live. There were a few of us who agreed — there is no place we’d rather live than America. I said, “Yeah, I could maybe stay somewhere for a few months, but I’d have to come back. I really like freedom.” One of the ladies replied to me that there are a lot of free countries in the world. I told her that I can’t think of any that have the same freedoms of America. Free speech, right to bear arms, and oh yeah — right for women to not be treated like dogs. Right to worship Whomever or whatever you choose or to not worship at all.

Not so in other “free” countries — not for much longer anyway.

But as well as civil disputes they have also handled six cases of domestic violence.

In all six cases, he said, sharia judges ordered husbands to take anger management classes and mentoring from community elders, but issued no further punishment.

I don’t know, maybe the Shari’a judges should order Islam to take anger management classes. Yeah, that’s right. I went there.

All the women subsequently withdrew their complaints to the police, who halted investigations.

All the women will be subsequently murdered by their families for “dishonoring” their husbands.

Mr Siddiqi claimed the advantage was that marriages were saved and couples given a second chance.

Translation: Women were forced to stay with their abusive husbands, and husbands were given a second chance at beating them into submission.

The Ministry of Justice said: ‘Sharia law is not part of the law of England and Wales, and the Government has no intention of making any change that would conflict with British laws and values.

‘In all arbitrations, decisions will be enforceable by the English courts if the requirements of the 1996 Arbitration Act are satisfied. If any decisions by these Tribunals were illegal or contrary to public policy under English law, they would not be enforceable.’

Good luck with that. The women sentences will be beaten or murdered carried out before the decisions can be reviewed. You watch.

Told you.

The ‘Stache agrees with me about North Korea.

You know, I’d wet my pants if McCain picked Bolton for VP. It won’t happen, because Bolton tells the truth way too much, but I don’t mind dreaming about it.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for good change

You think this will be an Obama Hopechange post. You’re wrong.

People seem to actually be getting excited about Kim blowing up his Yongbyon nuclear reactor. I can’t even force a smile over that one. Kim has tortured his own people for so many years (his own people), and I’m supposed to find this guy trustworthy? I call shenanigans out the wazoo, peeps. First, as Captain Ed points out, the facility wasn’t even active, and it had long since been shut down. I say Kim was just waiting for the right moment. The moment when he has either built something that isn’t detectable from space (i.e., it’s underground), and it’s already gone live, or he’s got reactors going strong in other countries. We already know (allegedly) that he built a nuke facility in Syria; thank Israel for getting us (and themselves, of course) out of that one. Do y’all think that Syria was the only country that let North Korea in? Russia, anyone? How about China? Lots of countries in the Middle East, I could go on…

If we ever see the lights go back on in North Korea, then I might be happy at least for the North Korean citizens, because maybe once they have electricity, that’ll be a sign they’re also getting food. For now, I assume they still starve.

religion of peace

These two precious girls were (allegedly) murdered by their own “father” in the most peaceful of acts, the “honor killing.” The only good part of the story (if one is to be found) is that the monster did this in the Texas Metroplex (and Texas is not kind to monsters).

I say throw him into the death penalty express lane and let him go collect his 72 raisins.

Rest in peace, Sarah and Amina.

It’s 9/11

Do something very American today. Whether it’s watching baseball, making lots of capitalist money, cleaning your gun, or just being free. Dooo it.



SarahK not in shock

Five out of eight British terror suspects said to be doctors.

Nine out of ten doctors said to be complete pinkytoes by SarahK.

(h/t Drudge)


Tonight on Hannity & Colmes, The ‘Stache (John Bolton) told Alan Colmes he was out of his mind. Hahahahaha. That’s what you get for calling Joe Lieberman a warmongerer, donkeybutt!


Fire and steel. Keep watching to the end if you can stand it. The end is the most unbelievable. I’m kinda sad I didn’t get to see this in “Hot Topics” today so I could see the meltdown in its entirety. I took the View off the DVR list yesterday because I couldn’t stand it anymore, and Frank can’t bear to even have it on as background noise. Newsflash, Rosie: Ahmadinejad would have you and your partner executed (probably by stoning or hanging) for being lesbians.

Oh, and make sure you catch the “Jimmy Carter error” Freud bit at the very beginning of the video. Ro, darling, that’s because it was Jimmy Carter and not someone with gralls.

And then go here for Treacher’s Ro-ku-like comments.

i wouldn’t believe it if i didn’t hear it

If it weren’t Rosie, I wouldn’t have believed it came out of a human’s mouth. He’s Kalid Shaikh Mohammed. You’ve never heard of this animal, Rosie? He deserves to be treated like an animal, because he is an animal. He is treated far better than he deserves.

North Korea conducts nuclear test?

South Korea says so.
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the threat

The Islamofascist threat is real, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Don’t believe me? 1) Check out Glenn Beck’s Real Story from yesterday.

Listen to the 6-minute clip that Hotair has from Glenn’s radio show from yesterday. Please. Listen to this. If nothing else, read the summary here. Also read the commentary before the Hot Air video, and follow the links at Hot Air.

Also, be on the lookout for this guy, “Jafer the Pilot”. He’s a bad guy, and he’s likely the orchestrator of the next attack. And it’s coming, and it’s going to be big.

Nuclear terror more likely than not in the next decade

Taliban in Somalia – this is what happens if you leave too soon and let Islam establish a government. Let’s not leave Iraq too soon.

Don’t be surprised when there is an attempt on the Pope’s life. They’ve already commanded he convert, and I’m sure he’s gonna get right on that… mmm… never. Now, I’m not Catholic, obviously, but most of Frank’s family are, so this is something I’m following very closely. I’m also following it because the Muslims lump the Pope in with all people who have faith or even profess to have faith in Christ. Do I think they will succeed in their assassination attempt? I don’t know. I do think they will try. They’re sloppy shooters. They expect “Allah” to guide their hands. But sometimes they complete their missions. Egypt Air. 9/11. USS Cole. All of the forgotten attacks that were swept under the rug so that we would just kind of pretend the big ugly monster wasn’t coming for us.

More on this later. Get your heads out of the sand, people.

re: Chavez

my head exploded over at IMAO, if you’re interested.

if any of you out there are still sleeping

Go read this now. Wake up.

you know what they’re doing, right?

with stuff like this

checking to see what procedures are if a passenger throws a fit as a diversion. where are planes diverted to. what do the flight attendants do. claustrophobic my pinkytoe.

no more reading, sarahk.

it’s all because of the children

Essay and I were talking yesterday about all this crazy stuff and how we’ve got to get our act together on national security, not to mention morality, and my opinion is you’ve got to have God in the government and the home and family but leave religion out of government.

Yes, I know you’re all saying “but you’re the one who keeps saying profile Muslims!” Yes, that’s because only Muslims are trying to kill us all. As soon as it’s a different group trying to kill us all, I’ll say let’s profile that group; if it were the Canadians, I’d say let’s profile all the Canadians and kill their caribou. And when we profile Muslims, and we find out that a particular Muslim that we’ve profiled for questioning is innocent and doesn’t want to kill all the infidels, I’m totally cool with that Muslim.

By having God in the government, I’m saying we have to be a morally sound nation, or God’s not going to protect us from other nations any more. Call me a religious nutter, I don’t care. The only reason we’re still around and prospering, when so many hate us on the mere principle that they don’t like our form of government and the fact that we have freedom and do prosper, is because we are, for the most part, religious and moral, and because we protect those who need protecting. I truly believe that.

I’m going to need to research this, but I seem to recall something from Bible study to the effect that God was always behind a nation until they stopped protecting the children. I don’t know where I’m getting it, but it seems like once a nation stopped caring about protecting the children, the nation would begin to suffer at the hands of its enemies. Does anyone else remember something like this?

Any time I hear about some imbecile judge letting a child molestor off with, eh, 60 days probation, or 60 days in jail, or 3 years for abusing a child for years and years because the guy is too little and would be raped in the prison system, it makes my head explode. The judge needs to be thrown into the incinerator with the child molestor.

We’re not even protecting the children any more. And every time I hear about the judges pulling crap like that, I think to myself, “The children. God’s going to stop protecting us.” And then I’ll hear about something mad happening, like a Muslim runs in and kills 6 Jews in Seattle, and the feds say, “No, it wasn’t terrorism.”

UPDATE: Oh yes, I didn’t mean to leave out the aborted babies. We’ve long since abandoned them, haven’t we. It’s horrible. The only good thing for them is that all innocent babies will live in heaven for eternity.

I should step back and stay out of the news for a couple of days. I’m going to have a Scrubs marathon, I think. And this weekend, shoot guns. Shooting is good for the soul.


We’re losing, and here’s why. Lack of evidence. Mmmhmm. When your story changes from the time of your arrest to the time of your questioning, you have pictures of bridges, you’re a young Palestinian-American, and you buy disposable cell phones in bulk, that’s plenty evidence for me. I suppose that makes me a profiler.

shooting stuff

If I hear one more gray-haired fool say that buying a thousand cell-phones may be something as innocent as planning to sell them for profit, I’m going to scream. TREASON AND TERRORISM! NOT COKE MONEY!

Sweetie, we have to go to the range this weekend. I must shoot something.

BTW, tell those kids buying cell phones to sell them for profit that they’d better be paying taxes on that extra income.

Nonsense spam

Y’all know that weird comment spam we’ve been getting for a few months? The kind that has no email address, no link, just says something like “funny ringtones” or “I got a great tip on 45123 real estate”? Oh and then there’s the kind with the message “funny ringtones” and just the email address. Always a combo of letters and numbers. And movable type blogs will show commenters’ email addresses if they’re given and there’s no hyperlink. This week, I got a comment on an old post on IMAO “funny ringtones” and the email address started with “mnt”. Montana anyone?

I’m telling y’all, I’ve been telling Frank all along that there’s something up with that. Several times I’ve told him that’s a way the terrorists are communicating with each other. They have their little code all worked out and they’re using our blogs against us. Spammers aren’t getting stupider, terrorists are getting more resourceful, on our bandwidth. I don’t know if it’s just the right wing blogs or all blogs. But I can’t think of any other reason for this to be happening. Seriously. If you’re going to spam a blog, shouldn’t you have a link?

I’m starting to think I’m not just a silly paranoid girl.

I’m right cheery these days, no? Come to mountaineer musings, it’s all fun and sunshine! Fizzing whizbees!

Is it possible

that these kids that went missing from the Montana school are the diversion? The ones who showed up are just not going to show up for the flight home. They’re going to start building bunkers in Montana like Glenn Beck was talking about on his CNN show last night. (He was asking if there are bunkers being built by Islamofascists here in the States like the ones Hezbollah has in the Middle East.). Either that, or they’re working on building a cell. The missing kids are to take the focus off of the ones that showed up. Something big is going to happen this month, before the kids are supposed to get back on the plane to go home, and they’re going to quietly disappear into America somewhere. Because after whatever big happens this month, they’ll be small fish, and hardly anyone will talk about them. Oh, Michelle Malkin will talk about them. Glenn Beck will talk about them. I’ll bring it up if my decreased mentation lets me remember. But there will be so much to talk about, and there’s already so much to talk about, that those guys that have already shown up for class and who disappear when it’s time for their visas to expire and for them to go home will quickly be forgotten. You watch.

See, you need to just sit Glenn and me down in a room together and we’ll figure it all out. The 2 most paranoid people on the planet. He reads everything and scares the poo poo out of himself. Everything he says makes me even more paranoid.

I love my P99.

And I really wish people would go read Ezekiel and Daniel. All this talk of Armageddon and End Times.

Don’t y’all know Jesus is gonna come when we least expect it? Thief in the night, people. If y’all think you can predict it, you need to go read the New Testament.

However… World War III? Yeah, full swing. Get ready.


i swear, they need paranoid people like me working for the feds. baby formula and prescription liquids are allowed on flights.

1) have passengers make a deal with the pharmacy. i turn in my liquid meds here, and the pharmacy in the city where i’m going gives me the same amount when i arrive. let’s all work together here. we’re all Americans.

2) have passengers take their baby formula on in powder form. when everyone is all tucked in, give the mommies water for the bottles.

3) i still giggle every time I hear Putin referred to. it’s funny.

4) they’re throwing this liquid stuff people bring into a bin? all of it in a bin in the airport terminal? and what, no random no-show student is just going to throw his cell phone into the bin where his no-show buddies already threw their leaky sports drinks and blow up the terminal with just as many people as are on a plane? who comes up with these airport procedures, Daffy Duck? i’m telling you, that’s what the feds are missing. the terminals. and don’t think i’m giving ideas to the terrorists that they haven’t already been planning for.

they need to check every person’s carry-on at the check-in counter. liquid in your carry-on? put it in your checked luggage right now. if you have carry-on luggage only, and you try to carry on liquid stuff, you’re under suspicion. maybe your meds just make you stupid. maybe your boyfriend gave you a Christmas or Ramadan present and you don’t know what he gave you because you haven’t opened it yet, once you’ve been cleared of suspicion, you miss your flight. period. you’re sent back through security, you have to toss your stuff or take it to your car or mail it to yourself or whatever you need to do. if you’re not cleared of suspicion, or if you’re deemed to be here illegally — meaning you’re an illegal alien, whether on an expired student visa or you jumped a fence or crawled through a ditch — you’re arrested and actually prosecuted. if you’re here illegally, you go home or go to our secret prisons forever.

every time i’m in a terminal, i feel more uneasy there than on an airplane. i used to love flying, but ever since a United flight from Harrisburg to Chicago one year during a storm when i truly thought i was going to die (i’ll never fly United again, ever), i’ve not cared much for it. i much prefer road trips. anyway, i used to like the people watching in the terminals. now i don’t like all those people milling around.

5) i’m just so frustrated today. as Liz pointed out in the comments below, it’s all about global warming, isn’t it? that’s what’s going to take us all down. global warming. not people who want to die for their precious cause to kill the evil west.

i’m having seizures right now. straight for the last 5 minutes. feeling them in my tongue. i’m noticing that they come when i’m under stress or very frustrated. since weaning onto my meds, i have very few. but i notice they’re triggered by stress. and i’m on two epilepsy meds.

6) keep security tightened forever. these nutjobs are going to do this forever. they let scissors back on a while back, and we barely heard about it. nobody touched it! why do they let scissors back on?? what moron at the TSA decided that scissors can no longer cut things? what about utility knives? can they not cut things now either? in 6 months, they’ll decide that the liquid thing will be ok.

7) any jerkface who whines about his inconvenience, about not getting to take his iPod on the plane (should it be banned like they’re doing in Britain), about not getting to have his Juicy Juice or his sippy cup, about having to leave his lip gloss in his suitcase just needs a good do-pop (that’s pronounced dough-pop) in the kisser, as my grandpa would say. i’m guessing it’s gonna be a much bigger inconvenience to have no breath in your body, so shut your face.

8) again. fire that guy who gave the kids the visas. stop forgetting we’re at war. stop forgetting that these people live here, among us, in our country.

i hate it when they call terrorists “masterminds”

Yeah, flying planes into buildings takes some planning. You can call that one guy a mastermind.

But really. Zarqawi? How masterful is your mind if your main MO is beheading people? Does that take a ton of planning? Major IQs? How many kids know how to take the heads off their Barbie dolls?

It’s something you learn in kindergarten. Zarqawi is not a mastermind.

P.S. I’m glad he’s dead. Yay!

this is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever heard

yeah, that’s good. we’re selling 6 of our ports to our direct enemies. we’ve got real geniuses in charge here. included in those 6 ports are ports in New Jersey, New York, Miami, and Baltimore.


i actually first heard about this on Fox & Friends, and Chuck Schumer, of all people, was flipping out about it. why aren’t 100% of our senators and congressmen up in arms over this?

and don’t make the mistake that the President makes. the UAE are not our allies, and anyone who thinks they are is completely blind.

President Bush:  do the right thing and stop the Treasury Department. i’m pretty sure they work for you.


read the text that follows this Cox & Forkum cartoon.

road map

Mr. Powell, here’s the model i think we should use for Israel and Palestine to work together.

* Palestinians stop blowing up Jews.
* When they do blow up Jews, Israel gets to blow up someone back.

i don’t think i need to draw a road map.

btw, i’ve been to Jericho. there’s a huge sycamore tree there (HUGE), and the legend is that it’s the sycamore tree that Zaccheus climbed to get a better look at Jesus when He came through town. i don’t know if it’s really the same tree, but the tree (i think) was old enough to have been there during Biblical times.

stupid idiot reporters

if you can’t call a duck a duck and insist on calling the enemy terrorists “dissidents”, perhaps you shouldn’t be allowed to report on the WAR!!!!!!!



and while we’re on the subject, morons at the AP, why don’t you add a word to your vocabulary. i know it’s really hard for you to admit that the US is right in this WAR, but really. even if you call them INSURGENTS, the American public still knows that their real names are TERRORISTS.



from Bikermommy

Bikermommy sent me this. i approve this message.

Dear President Bush,

I stand humbled by your devotion to our great nation and dedication to its service. I cannot begin to put into words the depth of gratitude we as a people owe to you. You perform your duty to the United States in an unwavering manner with staunch support of its people and of its military.

It is heartening to have a leader who truly shows his pride in our country. It is heartening to have a leader who truly puts his countrymen and his nation as his purpose. It is heartening to have a leader who truly believes that we as a people are the most giving, the most honorable and the most heroic of any people. It is heartening to have a leader who knows the meaning of true allies and stands by those allies to the end.

I never fear that you will dishonor the office of the President by personal arrogance. I never fear that you will betray your countrymen by selling our technology to a hostile country. I never fear that you will leave our beloved troops in harm’s way any longer than necessary in any situation nor do I fear that you will send them needlessly or bring them home without honor. I never fear that you will hand over the control of OUR country to anyone but OUR people. And I never fear that someday in the future, when you are no longer the leader of these United States, that you will spew poisonous words about our people and denigrate our nation to others across the world.

Thank you Mr. President for loving the United States of America and for recognizing the true goodness of its people.

super-spies for Bush!!

NZ Bear has the Heroes for Bush Roundup goin’ on over at The Truth Laid Bear. i’ve gone out and recruited my favorite heroes to stump for the President as well. gather round and listen to what three of my favorite super-spies have to say… or they’ll spy on you.

My name is Sydney Bristow. Eleven years ago, I was recruited by a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. I was sworn to secrecy, but I couldn’t keep it from my fiance. And when the head of SD-6 found out, he had him killed. That’s when I learned the truth. The SD in SD-6 is a French term Section Disparate.

A French term!!

That’s why I support President Bush. Eleven years ago, a Democrat was in the White House, and the French were allowed to infiltrate the CIA! But while President Bush has been in power, I have never once been asked to work for a “French” part of the agency, I have only been asked to shoot French terrorists. So vote for Dubya, or work for the French.

My name is John Donohue “Jack” Bristow, but I go by the alias Spydaddy, Master of the Universe. As Master of the Universe, I assure you, I am omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibus. I have seen things your pathetic miniscule brain could not even fathom, things that would compel you to awake screaming in the middle of the night. Those things I do not fear, for I was the creator of most of them. I have killed many people, mostly foreigners, for the greater good of the United States of America and the world. All fear me.

All, save one.

George W. Bush is not afraid of me; he even threatened me once outside my Tai Kwan Do class, and I almost wet myself a little. Why, you ask? Why would I tremble in front of a man who is half my size, has half my knowledge and can only be in one place at all times? You don’t have
the clearance to hear the answer to that question.

However, in the interest of world-wide freedom and national security, I am willing to adjust the rules, as doing so will help me, and therefore, mankind. It’s simple, really. George W. Bush signs my paycheck. Oh, and he kicks terrorist… you get the idea.

So vote for President Bush. And I won’t hunt you down. Have a nice day.

Uh, hi, uh, I’m Marshall… ahem… Flinkman. Please don’t hurt me. Hey, is this… thing on? Uh, you wanted to know who I support in the election this year, right… Say, can I offer you a nice sugar-free candy? A bagel? I’ve got some… cream cheese over… Uh, right. Anyway, as someone who knows… heh heh… a thing or two about… guuuh… national security, I’m voting for President Bush. Because he, uh, lets me play with really cool stuff when I’m not out saving the world. Like this gadget here? I made it, of course, I mean, let’s face it, I’m the brains in this War on Terror, but George– uh– Mr. B– President Bush, he… uh… approved it. And… uh… my gadgets help Miss Bristow and Mr. Vaughn kill lots of bad guys… I don’t like bad guys… I kinda like working for the good guys.

images courtesy of the Vartan Hos, ABC and Touchstone TV.

welcome home!!

yeah, so our friend RTO Trainer of Signaleer came home to his wifey maggie katzen and their cat this weekend. hooray!! RTO T was at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan and is now safely back in the Texas Metroplex.

our other friend Redun of Army Geeks came home to his family and friends this weekend too! hooray!! Redun was also at Camp Phoenix and is safe and snug in Oklahoma (let’s not hold that against him. ;) ). he’s taking a vacation, and i’d say a well-deserved one.

thank you for your service, fellas, and welcome home.

speaking of the Marines

i took a guided twenty-five cent tour of the airport today (in a Jeep with the operations manager); it was pretty neat-o. i got to see the once-functional air force shooting/missile testing place thingies (no i don’t know what they’re called) and the AARF or ARFP (whatever that tower thing is that firefighters use for training purposes), and this big piece of fuselage that was riddled with what looked like bullet holes like the ORV in Goonies (i ducked but then learned that the borer thing on the firetrucks does that).

on our way back in, we saw a plane belonging to the USMC that had just landed for some reason or other. erected atop the airship was none other than a pirate’s flag. i giggled with glee. i love the Marines!!

Semper Fi.

our heroes in Fallujah

krakatoa sent me this link, and i’ve just gotten around to reading it. our brave warriors are fighting the good fight for us every day, and we owe them our sincerest thanks. so thanks to each and every one of our valiant warriors.