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My Terrible Friend – “Dying to Live”

Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose collaborates with Lauren O’Connell.

Here’s some Pomplamoose for you


New from my favorite internet band, Pomplamoose: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”.

I love love love these guys

They did a cover of “Single Ladies” that I adored, too.

Carrie Underwood’s big shindig that happened near Christmastime

Ok, so I have to give you my notes on this extravaganza as I watch it off the DVR, because from song #1, I can tell you it’s going to tip the crazy scales hard.

Alright. Opening number is “Cowboy Cassanova.” The dancers with her–are they supposed to be vampires or Adam Lamberts? Also, the leather getup she’s wearing? I want to make some kind of crack about it, but I can’t come up with one, and I also recognize that I only want to bag on the outfit because I could never pull it off, and she pulls it off so well. I’d hate her if she wasn’t so awesomely awesome.

I LOVE all the Idol guest stars in the bit at the beginning.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Carrie & David Cook got married and had lovely little talented children?

I’m once again obligated to mention David’s hair. No need to say anything specific about it–it just always merits a mention.

You know I have to comment on the bit w/ Carson Kressley and Carrie’s sister, right? Because Carson says, “Do you know if these [muffins] are gluten-free? I haven’t had a carb since ’78, and I’m a little scared.” Ahem. Gluten-free grains still have carbs. Duh. #glutenfreenerd

I love that Carrie named her dog Ace. “Before He Tweets”! Ha! (Note to self: Write and record this song.) I also like that he seems to be a trained yapper dog. Usually when they’re that small, they’re vicious and loud.

I’m totally in love with Carrie’s mom.

I have a very low tolerance for songs about mama or daddy, songs about death, and songs about people’s kids. But since “Mama’s Song” is more about the guy than about the mom, and since the verse about death in “Temporary Home” is more about looking forward to heaven than the dying part, I give Carrie a pass. That said, “Temporary Home” and “Change” are my least favorite songs on the new album. Which is her best yet, btw.

I love the skit and song medley w/ Kristin Chenoweth and Christina Applegate. They’re all precious. Except that it went on way too long. I had to pause twice to go pee.

I liked this from the Jack Nicholson impersonator sketch: “If I wasn’t famous, I would totally date you.”

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” w/ Brad Paisley: Love.

“Songs Like This.” Ok, uhmmmmm. What’s with the dancing boys?

I like “What Can I Say” but if she doesn’t do my favorite off the new album tonight, I’m gonna cry. (That would be “Undo It.”)

Look at Dolly, she’s so cute. I like how she wore bicycle pants.

Oh, I think it’s worth noting that I’m an hour and a half in, and I have yet to see any “holiday” in this special.

I love how Carrie’s Holiday Special is all about gays and prostitution. Nothing says “baby Jesus” like gay stereotypes and whores!

For the record, I would LOOOOOVE to have Kristin Chenoweth singing with Dolly & Carrie. I’m hoping she busts in during the Carrie/Dolly duet to “help out.” And how much did Carrie pee in her pants when Dolly said, “You’re one of my favorites”? Also, I hope Dolly was serious about Kristin Chenoweth playing her in the movie. That would rock.

I’m now 1:45 into the show. Still no Christmas music! Oh wait. Carrie says there are a few holiday songs coming up for us. And the first one is… “Jesus Take the Wheel”? Ok, true story. I was driving home from taking Cadet Happy to the airport when we still lived in Florida. I was on I-95 in heavy traffic, about half a mile from my exit for Palm Bay. I was going to call CH to make sure he and his daughter got to their gate on time and all that, and I looked down at my phone to scroll for his number (bad!). When I looked back up, I was about two feet from slamming into the back of a dump truck. So I hit the brakes, swerved, etc. Pinky went into a spin. Girl just started doing 360s right there on I-95. And I let go of the wheel and had one of my cheesiest moments to date: “Jesus Take the Wheel” started playing in my head right when I let go of the wheel and took my foot off gas & brakes. I couldn’t stop it, or I would have because of said cheese factor. I’d have chosen something more like “The Final Countdown.” Anyway, when the car stopped, I was facing two lanes of traffic. A huge black semi was in one lane, and a big Suburban was in the other, and I was splitting the D. And they were still coming and not far off from me. I yanked the wheel and hit the gas to drive off to the side of the road. Shook, cried, hugged the driver of the Suburban, said hi to a cop, all that. My point is that “Jesus Take the Wheel” is an emergency freak-out song, not a dashing-through-the-snow song.

My favorite Christmas song, “O Holy Night,” sung by Carrie Underwood. This is at least as awesome as knowing that we’re getting a Hobby Lobby in Boise soon. And *that* knowledge had me gasping and cooing for a good five minutes.

She didn’t do “Undo It.” As promised, I’m crying. Console me. Preferably with Coke and chili chocolate.

iPod survey

While you wait for my loooong post about dentists and root canals, you can read this FB meme. I know you feel fulfilled. Please, join in and do your own in the comments (copy and paste, please).

1. Put your iTunes, iPod, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag whoever you want including me.
5. Have fun – you will be surprised at how it works sometimes.

After An Afternoon [WHAT, SarahK? An Afternoon where? Need more details.]

When You Come Back Down

Dress Down [True, Siobhan. True.]

Do Your Thing [Well said, *NSYNC.]

Tied Down [Hahaha.]

Across the Universe [is where her brain is half the time?]

Yellow Brick Road [They want me to come home?]

Main Title [YES! The main title of my novel. Working title is AWESOME. Right, tracey?]

It’s Gonna Be Love [oh, haha, one of my FB friends was my first kiss.]

Do You Realize [how cuh-razy you are?]

Where Do We Go From Here

Something To Sing About [Deep, man.]

Geek in the Pink [hahahaha]

Polkarama! [EXCELLENT! But dang! I'm not having any more weddings! I've reached my limit!]

White America [Look how many hugs I get!]

Politik [Heh. One of them, yes.]

Tremble for My Beloved [Sounds like I'm scared of the geek in the pink.]

Way Down South [Well yes. My fancy place is a secret.]

The Most Dangerous Predator [Edward!]

Sleep All Day [ya lazy bums! I'm right there with ya.]

BONUS TRACK: Ready For Your Love [Bowchickabowwow.]

Passing along an earworm…

Love me, baby
Love me, baby
Shake me like a monkey, baby
Forever I am yours

You’re welcome.


ME: I swear, Beethoven was a genius.
HE: Did you just say Beethoven was a genius? [laughing]
ME: Yeah. He was!
HE: That’s like saying Einstein was a genius.
ME: He was too.
HE: Carp are fish!
ME: They are!
HE: Beethoven composed music!
ME: He did!

25 Albums

Facebook meme! Sheila tagged me, and I finally got around to doing it. See below, follow the directions. Post your 25 (or however many) in the comments or on your blog (and leave a link here).

Think of 25 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world. When you finish, tag 25 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good.

No being cool, which albums have you actually listened to thousands of times?

Okay. So I’m not that good with the rules and the following, and I just couldn’t stop. So the following albums are the ones I’ve obsessed over, in one way or another–they’re the ones you could pop in, and I’d sing every single word (or note, on the instrumentals), even years after hearing it. I couldn’t whittle my list. Just couldn’t. But here, I organized them for you!

1. Dave Matthews Band, Before These Crowded Streets
2. Jason Mraz, Live at Java Joe’s
3. Matchbox 20, Yourself or Someone Like You
4. Billy Joel, Stormfront (the third album I ever obsessed over)
5. Billy Joel, River of Dreams
6. Billy Joel, Songs in the Attic
7. Billy Joel, Greatest Hits Vols 1 & 2 (um, I may have a slight Billy Joel obsession)
8. Cyndi Lauper, She’s So Unusual (the second album I ever obsessed over)
9. Madonna, Madonna (the first album I ever obsessed over)
10. Celine Dion, Falling Into You (yeah, what of it?)
11. *NSYNC, No Strings Attached
12. *NSYNC, Celebrity (I do not apologize for #11 or #12)
13. Dave Matthews Band, Under the Table and Dreaming
14. Creed, Weathered (haha, I know, but WHATEVS!)
15. Dave Matthews Band, Crash
16. John Mayer, Room for Squares
17. Elton John, Greatest Hits Vol 2
18. Chantal Kreviazuk, What if It All Means Something
19. Joseph Arthur, Redemption’s Son
20. Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
21. Kelly Clarkson, Thankful
22. The Eagles, Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (dudes taught me how to harmonize)
23. Switchfoot, The Beautiful Letdown
24. Natalie Merchant, Ophelia
25. Celine Dion, Let’s Talk About Love
26. Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head
27. Edie Brickell, Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars (my obsession lasted years, I think)
28. Metallica, Metallica (Black)
44. Jason Mraz, Waiting for My Rocket to Come

29. Eminem, The Eminem Show (Clean version-hahahahaha, it’s like half the album is missing!)

New Age/World
30. Enya, The Memory of Trees
31. Enya, A Day Without Rain

32. Michael Giacchino, ALIAS Soundtrack (season 1)
33. Les Miserables, Original Broadway Cast Recording
34. The Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once More, With Feeling
35. A Walk to Remember soundtrack
36. Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
37. Howard Shore, LOTR: FOTR soundtrack
38. O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack

Country/Bluegrass (I’m really surprised this category isn’t bigger)
39. Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts
40. Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces
41. Toby Keith, Greatest Hits Vol 2
42. Nickel Creek, Nickel Creek
43. Sara Evans, Born to Fly

My new favorite song


writing playlist again

This morning:

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
Make Up – Elefant
Whispering Hope – Hailey Westenra
Grey Blue Eyes – DMB
Satellite – Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds
Halloween – Dave/Tim [iTunes was really into them this morning!]
Independence Day – Carrie Underwood
What’s This Life For – Creed
Send For Me – Nat King Cole
Lover Lay Down – Dave/Tim
Tailor Made – Colbie Caillat
I Know You Won’t – Carrie Underwood
Don’t Tread on Me – Metallica
Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk
Drive In, Drive Out – DMB (live at Red Rocks)

Writing playlist

This morning, the songs that popped up:

“Brand New Day” – Joshua Radin
“Children, Don’t Stop Dancing” – Creed (yeah, I know, but I like them, so shut up!)
“Declaration” – David Cook
“So Much to Say” – DMB
“Walk Down This Mountain” – Bebo Norman
“Pick Me up on Your Way Down” – Martina McBride
“Life is a Song” – Patrick Park
“Wheel of the World” – Carrie Underwood
“After an Afternoon” – Jason Mraz
“Yellow” – Coldplay

Joshua Radin

Ok, so last night on either House or Chuck (I think Chuck? Don’t remember.), Joshua Radin’s “Brand New Day” played at the end of the ep. Within about two seconds I was on iTunes downloading that lovely little song.

So here’s what I want to know. Is his other stuff any good? I love his voice, and I love love love acoustic guitar more than most things in this world (perhaps more than avocado, and that’s saying something), so y’all tell me if I should go ahead and buy the rest of his music.

Also. Y’all tell me more good acoustic guitary music that I will love. I’m a big huge fan of that plus sweet male vocals, so that combo is golden.

Kthx, mates.

iTunes on random

So I worked at home today, and I had iTunes going on random. I have almost all of my music on my computer now, because I finally started moving the rest over from my old machine, The Beasty VAIO. Notes:

*It’s a little hilarious and very disconcerting to hear the dunna-dun-duh-nun-da-dah! of the Les Mis scene at the barricades and then, instead of hearing, “You at the barricades listen to this!” you hear a different man singing something in French. Yes, I bought the Original French Concept album accidentally many years ago from one of those music clubs. And I always load it on my computer but never listen to it. I have no use for French.

*I don’t know how to make it play all of my music except Christmas music, but I don’t mind so much when it’s Harry Connick Jr.

*”Spit on a Stranger,” my least favorite Nickel Creek song–I still think they’re saying “Ooh, meow” when they say “pull me out” or whatever it is they say.

*I still love *NSYNC unconditionally. They are the Best Thing Ever: America, after all. And um… Tracey? I call Twilight for this year’s event! No one can pick it besides me, because I’ve got dibs! All-important dibs.

*Through the horror of a compilation CD, I have a Gloria Estefan song. But I have to admit she’s listenable when she doesn’t have that awful Cuban beat behind her (my apologies to my Cuban readers… but seriously, I hate your music).

*My Eminem CDs are all the “clean” versions. Frank doesn’t see the point, because you only hear every other word. But I do love his voice and the beats. I hate most other rap.

*What ever happened to Evan & Jaron? I liked those little teeny boppers. Same with BBMak. (What? It’s not like I was into Hanson.)

*My latest vocal crush is on Hailey Westenra. I adore her angelic voice. I was streaming Yahoo radio one day at work, and she came on. I’ve found several artists this way recently, including Bond and Patrick Park.

*I still like Edie Brickell.

Cheater Cheater

Have you heard this song? We heard it on the way to church this morning, and I laughed at several lines. I wish it were in a higher key, but as it is, I still may be learning that one for my next karaoke favorite. It’s funny. Here’s the video (it plays automatically)

Stunned and saddened

One of the best musicians in the world has died. LeRoi Moore, whose bari sax solos have made me tingle with joy at Dave Matthews Band concerts, died unexpectedly today. He had an ATV accident about six weeks ago and was recovering at home.

I’m just in shock. So sad. What a great talent.

R.I.P., LeRoi. You will always rock my sox.

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

But everyday should be a good day to die
Oh all fall down
It won’t be too long now
Every fire dies
I find it hard to explain how I got here
I think I can I think I can
Then again I will falter
Dream little darling dream

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

-from “You Never Know”

Latest obsession

Sheila will be happy to know I have a new one! I’m not talking about the Buffy/Angel obsession, because that’s been going on for a couple of months now. It does tie in to my American Idol obsession, though. My latest:
Read more »

Told y’all he was overrated.

Wise men say Elvis isn’t even in the top ten.

in case I forget

Y’all remind me to fisk one of Carrie Underwood’s new songs from Carnival Ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love the CD, but there is one song that I like less and less every time I hear it, and now I’m to the point of scoffing. I scoff! But I’m sleepy, so I’ll do it tomorrow, and if I don’t, y’all yell at me.


Haha, I just saw that Carrie’s music publishing company is called Carrie-Okie Music. That’s funny right there.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s new CD, Carnival Ride, came out Tuesday, and it arrived in the mail today. I’ve been sooo good about not buying music recently, but sometimes you just have to make an exception. Like when your very favorite singer comes out with a new CD.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet. I’ve gotten through three tracks, only because my computer CD player was tied up with Myst III today, and our DVD player isn’t plugged into the TV right now because of the Wii. And I’m nothing if not lazy.

I did read the liner notes (first thing I do, usually), and she is still classy and thankful and adorable. Unlike Taylor Hicks. And I noticed Tuesday when I ordered the CD that in the photos she’s wearing the top she wore when she performed on American Idol this year. I *love* that she will wear the same thing twice. I do.

Anyway. First track, “Flat on the Floor,” is great. Second track, “All-American Girl,” starts off badly, because within thirty seconds I was rolling my eyes. The first verse is daddy/daughter sap, and I hate daddy/daughter sap songs (“Butterfly Kisses” always made me want to vomit); but the second verse shifts gears, so it’s ok. Not great. Ok. I love the melody, but I do not like family sap for some reason. “So Small,” the first single, is just lovely. I’ve loved it from the first time I heard it on the radio.

More on this when I listen to the rest.

UPDATE: How cute! The Soul Patrol are like Ron Paul internet supporters. Ladies, I’ve ranted about Taylor’s lack of gratitude before. If you were actual readers of this blog, you would know that. Here’s what I had to say about him in the past. And on my blog, I’m allowed to pretty much say whatever the heck I want. I pay the bills here. Kthxbai.

I dreamed a weird face

Yesterday was Piera day at the house of J. wRitErsbLock and sherlock and RTY came over, and I fixed linner (potato soup and crock pot “brisket”). Before linner, we played Wii (I got the youngest fitness age of all — 29! That’s younger than my real-life age! sherlock was the oldest, WB was second oldest, and Frank was second youngest.).

After linner was karaoke. I Dreamed a Dream that my hair would not be so funky in this video and that I would not emote with such ridiculous faces. What’s with the closed eyes, you freaky SarahK!?! You’ll want to turn it down. This was recorded on a picture camera, so it sounds like I’m busting the speakers. Go over here to see/hear WB want to go somewhere far… far… far… far from Skid Row.

Don’t judge me. I’ve never had any vocal training. And obviously, those drama classes in high school didn’t do much for my acting skillz.

best blog game ever 2.0

Best Thing Ever: America is going on at miss tracey’s place. I was knocked out of Best Thing Ever: England in the Round of 16, as I (Simon Cowell at the time) had the most unfortunate luck, going up against the Beatles and their ringer Andy Roddick.

This time? I (‘NSYNC, of course) am Justine Henin. I’ve already won a grand slam this year, kids. Watch out for me.

All I can say to my first competitor is… Bye Bye Bye.

have y’all heard the new Carrie Underwood song?

We heard it for the first time coming home from church Sunday. It might be her best song yet. Apparently her new album comes out in October. I can’t wait. I hope it’s as good as the first one.

coming up

Ugh. I had a post already written about this story, which I found at Electric Venom. I had written the whole post in Kate’s comments and decided I needed to do my ranting over here; however, I was stupid, cut my comment, and went and copied the link to the story before pasting my comment into the blog post I’ve already started about this, and therefore lost my whole post. So. My rant will have to wait until later. And NOOOO. I will *not* hold back my feelings about the child’s parents.

But. I have a date with my husband and Dumbledore’s Army. So this will be a little later.

Also coming up, I’m really trying to get y’all some karaoke, way better than that other karaoke we posted. I finally have the karaoke, at least most of it, on my own computer, and I finally have it in a program that will let me work with it (for some reason the video editing software that we have actually paid good money for WILL NOT LOAD on my computer). Now I just have to learn how to make the one big long karaoke video into little 3 and 4 minute clips then upload the video to the interwebz.

But. I have a date with my husband and a Prophecy. So this, too, will be later.

Be good, musees. And avoid all the Bat-Bogey Hexes that may come your way.

the karaoke is off the video camera…

Now I just have to find some pleasant enough to post here for you. And oh yes. There will be plenty of J goofiness up in here. We are so silly together. Perfect for each other, really.

ahem: not for you to see!

In an email conversation with Dave in Texas…[edited so the capitalization is consistent throughout]

SARAHK: BTW, we recorded ourselves doing karaoke the other night. Don’t freak when you see how fat I am. But as soon as we get the right firewire, we’re posting it.
DAVE IN TEXAS: Don’t fret about your body dear. It’s temporary. Lucky for us we don’t have to wear this skin forever. And I look forward to seeing it.
SARAHK: My body? Frank will be mad. Haha, just kidding. I know what you meant.
DAVE IN TEXAS: I did word that badly didn’t I?

Yes. Oh, and about that karaoke. We have to get a different firewire cord that will feed into one of our laptops, because the desktop is out of commission (busted monitor), but we did record a lot of songs the other night and will post them on the interwebs soon. Some of them are pretty good, some of them are pretty bad, and some of them are pretty funny. A list of songs:

  • My Heart Will Go On (me)
  • A surprise that I won’t even tell you, it’s too good (Frank)
  • I Am the Walrus (Frank)
  • A Broken Wing (me) (not very good)
  • Alone (me) (not very good)
  • Ring of Fire (Frank)
  • Magic Carpet Ride (Frank)
  • Angel (me) (this was my best one)
  • Amish Paradish (Frank)
  • Before Your Love (me)
  • outtakes

We definitely need to pick up some new karaoke CDs so I can stop singing the same songs over and over. We need Carrie Underwood, new Kelly Clarkson, more Heart, more Martina, more showtunes, “Jackson” by Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash. We need good duets.

the catchphrase i repeated many times this evening…

Mannheim Steamroller: Legendary
Kennedy Space Center: Awesome
Free: Icing

Thanks to sherlock and wRitErsbLock for informing us of the wonderful event! And thanks to my sweetie for saying yes.

Mannheim Steamroller at KSC! Free in concert! How once-in-a-lifetime is that?

because Josh Groban on my iPod reminds me

Is there anyone else out there (besides me) who doesn’t like “Starry, Starry Night”, no matter who is singing it? Vincent can keep his theme to himself, as far as I’m concerned.

strange neighbor

I sing when I paint. And I can hear neighbors talking next door when I’m not singing. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but my windows are open, and their windows are open, and if I can hear conversation, I’m quite sure they can hear me singing heartily while covering the white walls of death.

Today I found an old CD of a group of wedding singers I used to sing with from a congregation I attended long ago. It was one of our better weddings, not our best. We went flat a few times, but we hit all of our key changes (for some reason we always had a trouble with key changes), and we actually had more than one second soprano (I think–either that, or I just made it sound like more than one and held my own in volume, but there were only one or two songs that had parts for 2sop anyway, so I sang 1sop most of the time). When I saw the CD, I knew I must play it, because I’m in an a capella kind of mood after I have mini-breakdowns (I’m fine, nothing to worry about).

So I had that CD playing while I painted before our 5:30 lunch (Frank made us mac & cheese, because I’ve starved him today), and of course I sang along loudly, except where I didn’t remember the words, in which case I hummed loudly.

Such a funny mix of songs. There’s one from Phantom, a George Strait song, then that stupid dum-dum-da-dum song that makes me want to claw my ears off, and that even dumber song “Whither Thou Goest”, which I totally don’t understand due to the fact that Ruth said that to her mother-in-law after her husband’s death, so why do you want to have that at your wedding and have it sung as a backdrop to two lovers about to get hitched? Don’t get it. And then there are religiousy ones. “Alleluia”, “God Bless You, Go With God”, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”. And “We Will Serve the Lord”, taken from Joshua 24:15. And others about Jesus.

Some days I blast Kelly Clarkson or Five For Fighting or the Firefly soundtrack… Celine. Shut up. Norah Jones, Evanescence, Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans, etc.

So I wonder. Besides thinking that I’m obnoxious when I paint and that they can’t wait for me to move, are the neighbors also thinking I’m a little odd when it comes to music choices? “One day she’s singing about breaking away, addictions to men, and not being in Checotah anymore. The next it’s all about Jesus and going with God.”


Wow, how about them on the DWTS results show the other night? I’m just now seeing that (we fast-forward to the results, and I watch some of the rest of the results show as time permits). Yes, they’ve still got it.