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i just danced around the livingroom

in front of Frank.

to ‘NSYNC’s “Up Against the Wall”. terrible little song, but i’m playing my “albums” playlist on my ipod over the amplifier (my own playlist called “albums”, not just the music listed by albums), and really the only two songs i’ll not be too lazy to FF through are Carrie Underwood’s “Inside Your Tear Ducts” and ‘NSYNC’s “Digital Getdown”.

as i danced, he kept saying, “stop that now, or i’m going to stop loving you.” and “the golfers are staring at you.” they weren’t, because i kept glancing over at the window to make sure.

Joey Fatone is soooo going to win DWTS.

in other ‘NSYNC news, i found in the garage today (while still unpacking boxes from the last move–I refuse to take trash from the last move with us on this move) a box of unopened ‘NSYNC valentines, a Lance Bass placard from the Backstage Pass game (which i still own, thank you very much), and an Entertainment Weekly (i stopped subcribing years ago, too infuriating) with them on the cover. none of these items went into the trash bag. all into the scrapbooking bin. i’ve still never done my ‘NSYNC scrapbook. or any of my scrapbooks, for that matter. funny, that. i have all those scrapbooking supplies.

movie meme!

I got it from sheila.

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times.

Just one?

The Princess Bride
Return to Me
Bring It On
The Goonies
A Walk to Remember (I do not apologize for this.)
Armageddon (Nor this.)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Say Anything
The Italian Job (new)
Sliding Doors
Never Been Kissed
The Little Mermaid

When I lived alone, I would pick a movie and latch onto it and have it playing in the background all the time. While I fell asleep at night, while I was sitting surfing the net, working at home (haha, not cleaning, sheila — I’ve only finally started doing that), whatever I was doing, my current movie of choice was usually going. Some of these made the rounds then, and some of these I’d already seen more than ten times.

2. Name a movie you’ve seen multiple times in the theater.

Just one?

Titanic (Three times.)
Return to Me (Five times, I’m not kidding.)
Schindler’s List (Three times. One time, they even bussed all the kids in the school district to see it, and I was so upset and disappointed because there were kids laughing and throwing popcorn at each other and having a good ol’ high school time, and I was so distraught. And when one Jew got shot in the back of the head point blank, these idiots from O.D. Wyatt H.S. sitting right in front of me did the whole, “Oooh! He just busted a cap in him!” thing and squealed with laughter. It was one of the most disgusting displays of inhumanity I’d seen. Then I remembered they were children whose mamas had probably abandoned them for their crack-dealing pimps, and I settled down.)
Saving Private Ryan

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.

Jimmy Stewart (best actor ever)
Katharine Hepburn
Denzel Washington
Bruce Willis
Reese Witherspoon
John Hannah
Jennifer Garner
Johnny Depp
Jason Statham
Marky Mark
ok, there are more, but i should stop.

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie.

Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Ben Affleck
George Clooney and his haughty face.

5. Name a movie that you can and do quote from.

The Princess Bride.

WESTLEY: Give us your gate key.
GATEKEEPER: I… have no gate key.
INIGO: Fezzick, tear his arms off.
GATEKEEPER: Oh, you mean this gate key.

WESTLEY: You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well. I accept.

INIGO: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.
WESTLEY: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die.

INIGO: Are you the Miracle Max who worked for the king all those years?
MIRACLE MAX: The king’s stinking son fired me. And thank you so much for bringing up such a painful memory. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice papercut, and pour lemon juice on it? We’re closed!

[Buttercup is about to kill herself with a dagger to the heart...]
WESTLEY: There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. ‘Twould be a pity to damage yours.

Oh, I could go on…

The Goonies.

[to Rosalita the hispanic housekeeper]
MOUTH: Si no hacen buen trabajo, sera encerada aqui con las cucarachas por dos semanas! Sin agua y sin comida!

Return to Me, Bring It On, Say Anything… you know. See #1.

6. Name a movie musical that you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.

The Little Mermaid
The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast

Hmm. Those are all animated, aren’t they? I’m sure there are live-action ones, too.

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.

See #6
Say Anything
And, um, Titanic
Oh yes. A Walk to Remember.

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.


9. Name a movie that you own.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Frank bought it for me for Christmas, along with a 5-pack of other Jimmy Stewart movies. Just picking a random one off the shelf. We actually ran out of room on the shelves and are going to need a third shelf now.

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.

I would have said Eminem like Sheila said. I’m not going to say Jennifer Hudson, because she has turned out to be a total snot, so I’m totally done with her. Sheila also mentions Eve, and I totally agree with that. Hmm. Queen Latifah. I’m going with Queen Latifah.

11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? If so, what?

Not that I recall. But Frank, that would be totally romantic.

12. Ever made out in a movie?

Yes, only I don’t remember which movie(s). And funny, my first thought was, “I did, and was it Schindler’s List?” I must have been remembering your story, red. Haha. And no, it wasn’t. I was even speechless for a good half hour afterward the first time I saw it in the theater, but I took a pause to remember back, because I was on a first date with a boy from the bell choir on whom I was totally crushing, and no, we didn’t make out in the movie. Yes, the first time I saw that I was on a first date. Great date movie. I think the third time was with the beasts from the high schools.

13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven’t yet gotten around to it.


14. Ever walked out of a movie?

I’m not sure. I know I wanted to walk out of Eye of the Beholder soooo badly, but I kept thinking it would have an amazing ending to make up for such a sucky movie. It didn’t. Wanted to walk out of The Thin Red Line because it was so boring, but I felt like I shouldn’t because it was a war movie and I should respect the dead soldiers and whatnot. It seems like there’s one I’ve walked out of, but I can’t think of what it is. If I’d seen Sin City in the theaters, I might have walked out of that piece of poo and asked Frank to meet me in the lobby when it was over. Oh! I wanted to walk out of Boys Don’t Cry, but Brenda and I were doing the whole see-all-the-Oscar-movies thing, and that’s when I thought I had to see all the movies, etc. and didn’t feel like I could walk out. We slumped in our chairs the whole time. I did NOT enjoy the movie. Sue me. It sucked.

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.

Titanic. I sobbed. I think I started sobbing when the string quartet said it’s been a pleasure playing with you and then continued playing, and I didn’t stop sobbing until… ok, I was in Big Spring, and there was a 50-minute drive to Midland afterward to my cousin’s house. Then I cried myself to sleep. And I cried for half an hour afterward the second time, and I cried the third time. And I think I cry every time I watch the DVD. And the first couple of weeks I heard the song on the radio, I cried every time. I do not apologize.

Return to Me
Oh, come on. Every movie makes me cry in the theater. Everything. I cry from happiness, excitement, sadness, boredom, all of it.

16. Popcorn?

Rarely. When I developed allergies in 2002, the first thing that I noticed was that the mere smell of movie popcorn makes me want to retch. If I smell movie popcorn butter, I still feel ill. If I have it, I have it without butter. I like to get pickles and gummy bears at the movies. And Junior Mints.

17. How often do you go to the movies (as opposed to renting them or watching them at home)?

Rarely. Once, twice a year? Maybe once per quarter. Big action flicks only.

18. What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

The last one I remember seeing was Casino Royale, but I think we went to one after that. I can’t remember what we saw, though. Hrm. Oh. Talladega Nights over Christmas in Boise.

19. What’s your favorite/preferred genre of movie?

Dumb action flicks.

20. What’s the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?

Casino Royale. Ha. I don’t remember seeing any movies in the theater. Maybe E.T.

21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?

Sin City
Eye of the Beholder
The Thin Red Line
Boys Don’t Cry

22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?

Moulin Rouge. Loved it.

23. What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?

Probably The Ring.

24. What is the funniest movie you’ve seen?

The Princess Bride. Or I don’t know. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No, The Princess Bride. I love it so much.

you’re all envious

Spidade called me today to ask what exactly I called to tell him on my way to worship yesterday morning. First he asked if I was late to worship. Yes. Because I forgot to set the clocks forward? No, we remembered that; it’s just we didn’t wake up. So late to Bible class, or late to worship? Oh, about a half hour late to worship. Missed Bible class completely. New meds, Dad, new meds. Today I slept till 11, so it’s not a selective church-days thing, either. Anyway…

SPIDADE: What exactly did you call to tell me on your way to being late to worship?
SARAHK: Hmm. I don’t remember. Did I call you?
SPIDADE: Well, you left me a message. It was five minutes long.
SARAHK: Oh goodness. Don’t tell me.
SPIDADE: Yes, I got the end of you singing one song and the entirety of “Jesus Take the Wheel”. And oh yes. I listened to the entire message. [Do I need to even tell y'all that he laughed at me as he told me this?]
SARAHK: Oooh. I remember singing that very badly. Was it bad? I was listening to her CD on the way to church and singing along. That’s what I do when I’m in the car, I practice for my next karaoke night.
SPIDADE: Well, at one point it sounded like you were almost mocking the song. [Thanks for the support, Spidade.]
SARAHK: Yes, I remember it was on the way to church, and you probably heard the end of “Before He Cheats” first. [Great song for preparing for worship, right?]
SPIDADE: Yeah, I think that is what it was.
SARAHK: And I’m actually planning to write a parody of that song, so I was probably working on some of my material. [I can't tell y'all what it's about. But Frank came up with it, I'm going to write it, and Spidade thought it was funny.]
SPIDADE: Oh, yeah? You’re going to be the next Weird Al Yankovic, huh?
SARAHK: Yes, that’s me. I’ll go by Weird Alice. Yeah, after that, I remember singing “Jesus Take the Wheel”, and at one point, I ran out of air on a long note [I hadn't spoken all morning, and these two songs were the first utterings out of my lungs, come on!], so I started to rewind, taking note that I would need a much bigger breath for that phrase, and then I just decided to start the whole song over.
SPIDADE: Yeah, I remember that. I remember at one point you started the song over.
SARAHK: Well I hope it got better after I started it over, because if not, I should just never sing again. Because I think I was actually singing along the second time, big breaths and whatnot.
SPIDADE: Yeah, it was pretty good the second time through. But man, at the top of your lungs. So Frank’s ears must have been splitting open enclosed in the car like that.
SARAHK: Actually, Frank felt pretty bad yesterday, had one of those 24-hour things, so he didn’t go. And when I’m in the car alone, I sing at the top of my lungs. [Doesn't everybody?]
SPIDADE: But you don’t remember calling me?
SARAHK: No. You know what it is? Ever since I almost got myself killed on the highway last week, I’m all hands-free, all the time. So I had my hands-free thing plugged in in case the phone rang, and when that’s plugged in, all I have to do is say someone’s name for it to auto-dial them, apparently. [I wonder whom else I called yesterday.] And there must be something in “Before He Cheats” that sounds like “Dad’s cell phone”.
SPIDADE: Well, I enjoyed it. Thanks. And now there’s something for your blog. [Hmm!]

Don’t you wish I’d called you?

BTW, yes, I know I still haven’t written about almost getting myself killed in a spinout on I-95. It’s too taxing. I’ve tried. I’ll do it, I will, but it’s hard to write this thing eloquently. And y’all know me. Always eloquent. Also hard to write about that when your head feels like it might split down the middle.

“Places I’ve Been”

by Taylor Hicks.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

I love the whole CD, actually (buy it), but that’s the one. That’s the song that sticks with me all day and runs through my head. It’s the one they should never release as a single so they can’t ruin it.

This is why I don’t listen much to the radio. They ruin too many songs with their formula.

What was I saying? Oh yes. “Places I’ve Been.” That’s the one.

UPDATE: Umm… When we were coming home from worship this afternoon, I was reading the CD sleeve and I realized two things. 1) Taylor Hicks didn’t thank his AI fans (nor the judges, nor the AI machine — just a blanket thanks to everyone in Fox television — lazy and snubbish — but wait, lemme get to that in a minute). 2) I blogged about the wrong song. Don’t get me wrong, “Places I’ve Been,” the Diane Warren song, is beautiful and probably my second favorite on the album, but the song I meant to blog all warm and fuzzy about was “Just to Feel That Way.” But I’d just heard “Places I’ve Been” and got all confused.

“Just to Feel That Way.” That’s the one. The one that sticks with you and plays in your head over and over blah blah blah. Love it, love it, love it. Piano, vocals, drums, everything. Mwah. Oh, and the songs with the harmonica solos and the bari sax (pretty sure bari, and I love me some bari sax) are so much fun.

NOW. Taylor. Let’s talk about manners. AT the very least, Taylor, you should have thanked your fans. I’ll just come out and say it. You hurt my feelings. I walked into Publix all mopey and smushy-faced when I did my after-church grocery shopping this afternoon after I read your lousy excuse for thanks in your liner notes. Listing your webpage and your myspace page are not enough, Mr. Gray Charles.

Ok, so I didn’t vote for you every single week. But I voted almost every single week. And multiple dials! Not to mention the near-constant blogging. I don’t expect a “thanks SarahK, U R teh kewlest!” but come on. Not the tiniest mention of your fans who voted for you for months? Or even “to my fans” in general. Not even an overall “fans” umbrella. Not even your fans that listened to you in the bars over the last decade or so? How many years did you do this before American Idol made you into a smash hit? Yes, you are outstanding. You deserved to win. But you’ve been at it for more than a decade without going global, and after a few months of being dialed as the fan favorite, you are a star for as long as you choose to be.

I’m sure there will be a second album. Your first is a great start to what I know will be a long, successful recording career. Especially since you left off that terrible forced AI song. You’ll only get better, but you’ll do better to remember the people who help you get where you go.

And the whole AI machine. Ok, I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes action that occurred when you made your CD. I know you were not the chosen one, the pimped one. They didn’t groom you to be their winner, because AI didn’t figure they could sell you, and they were wrong. But look what happened with Chris Daughtry — they started trying to groom him to be the winner, and every time he sang out of his own style, people stopped voting for him (of course, that was, IMO, the best thing that happened for him on the show and for his career). Simon didn’t get you and didn’t really go for you most days — he’s a businessman in the business of teenypoppers, so he didn’t see dollar signs with you. I understand you not thanking him. Randy and Paula? Come on, they were mostly with you and gave constructive criticism when they weren’t “yeah-yeah-dawg,” and even Simon had tips for you along the way — and he wasn’t always against you. And the producers and the whole AI machine — to throw out a blanket “Fox television” thanks is so all-inclusive that it’s under-inclusive and underwhelming. And ugly.

Maybe the myspace page has an explanation as to why you forgot us. Me. Them. Our fingers. I hope it was an honest mistake and not a deliberate snub. If a snub, boo. Hiss.

Either way, bad form.
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Taylor Hicks

I got the CD for Christmas. I like it very well. If I weren’t being forced to watch Miracle on 34th Street (I’ve avoided it for thirty years, why shouldn’t I be able to avoid it for thirty more? It’s not like there can ever be a Christmas movie as great as It’s a Wonderful Life. Hee.), I would listen to it track by track for you right now and tell you which songs I love and which ones I only like. “Do I Make You Proud” is not on the CD, so there are no songs that I flat out cringe and roll my eyes to hear. ;-)

I’ll tell you the ones I know off the top of my head I like:
Places I’ve Been
Just to Feel That Way
Soul Thing
Wherever I Lay My Hat (though I think I go back and forth between liking it and thinking it’s kinda hokey)
Gonna Move
The Right Place

Country Music Awards

I forgot to watch the CMAs last night but just found out that Carrie Underwood won both the Horizon Award (for best new artist) and Female Vocalist of the Year. I’m so happy for her! It looks like that was Anthony Fedorov sitting with her? Cute. I’ve just been browsing the photo galleries over at the CMT website. Go over there and click on the pressroom photos link. Look at the 3rd picture of Kris Kristofferson and tell me that isn’t one of the coolest, most handsome, most distinguished faces in history. He just gets better with age.

Kellie Pickler was apparently on the red carpet, which is a really good gig for her. She does have personality. She also presented one of the awards to Carrie. * sigh * I’m seeing her everywhere. She even sang on the View the other day. My honest assessment: it wasn’t entirely bad. It was decent except for one off-key moment. The song was about shoes, so it was bubble-gummy. What can I say? She has a cute personality but a weak voice. She should stick to acting and being cute, hang out on red carpets, do TV bits. Don’t sing!

Anyway, back to the CMAs. Brooks & Dunn cleaned up with 4 (that “Believe” song got 3, deservedly), Brad Paisley grabbed a couple (I had no idea he was married to Kimberly Williams). Sara Evans lost out to Carrie but looked great. I don’t know what she sang, but I rilly rilly rilly hope it was that pork ‘n’ beans song… um… “When You Were Cheatin’”. Sorry, I had “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood rollin’ through my head.

George Strait was inducted into the hall of fame, right where he belongs. Congratulations, George, and thank you.

Keith Urban accepted his Male Vocalist of the Year Award with a note, as he is in rehab. I’m glad he didn’t skip out on rehab to go to the awards. I’m also glad he didn’t go on an anti-Semitic rampage or come out as a gay pedophile before he went to rehab. I prefer that people go to rehab because they need help, not because they need an excuse for their behavior.

Anyway, I love that the CMAs have been bringing in more viewers than the Grammys in the past couple of years. Love it. For all the ranting that the Dixie Chicks do about country music being for redneck hicks, yeah, well, we’re the redneck hicks bringing in the advertising dollars. And the pop music crowd you’ve switched over to is losing in the ratings. That reminds me, I read an article about the CMTs this morning — I should have known what it would be, it was the New York Times — that was nothing but contempt for country music, the CM industry, and its fans. The entire article, I couldn’t help but think that Kelefa Sanneh has a chip on his/her shoulder and absolutely hates country music, country musicians, and their fans. Maybe he/she saw “Shut Up and Sing” (a ripped off title, btw) and bought into the woe-is-me line the Dixie Chicks are feeding. Here’s a clue: you can say anything you want, but your listeners can choose to stop giving you money after you say it. Money talks, and not spending money on your albums anymore is my free speech. Get over yourselves. You are not entitled to my money. I don’t know why the poor wittle girls don’t understand that.

Oh, I also learned that Michelle Branch has turned country and is now in a duo called The Wreckers. Had no idea about that.

And Kenny Chesney was once again Entertainer of the Year. And I have to say, that category is aptly titled. Being that it’s the super-biggest award at the CMAs, you would think it’s who’s best overall, girls + boys + duos + groups combined, but no, Entertainer of the Year really is just who is the best entertainer. Kenny Chesney, in my opinion, isn’t among the best in the male vocal department. He can sing a charged-up heck-yeah song but really can’t hold his own in the ballad arena. Keith Urban, George Strait, Alan Jackson, B&D, even Toby Keith (who himself is more of a heck-yeah guy) walk all over Kenny where ballads are involved. But Kenny knows how to entertain. He’s the stage guy, the partier, the one who plays packed stadiums. He’s a marketer. And that’s why he wins EotY. Even without the voice of Keith or George, he still has a great voice and brings the whole package to his fans.

Nah, I’m not really one of them (I’m a vocal chords girl), but I understand why he has so many. Tarina has probably been close enough at a concert to get sweated on. And she luuuuuuurves him. Lots of people do.

Anyway, I’m sorry I missed the show.

UPDATE: Yes, I saw the Faith Hill reaction to Carrie’s win. Come on, y’all. She was totally hamming for the camera. What I want to know is did Carrie thank American Idol on her Horizon Award win? Because she didn’t thank AI on the Female Vocalist of the Year win, and if she left them out altogether on the night, that’s either her being ugly, or a huge oversight. Even though Simon was pretty much against her the whole way (because he couldn’t, back then, get it through his head that a country star would sell as well as a pop star), and even though they made her sing that awful song “Inside Your Heaven”, she can’t deny that American Idol made her a star. Having her talent, yes, she would have eventually made it on her own in Nashville, but AI sent her on the expressway, and she should be grateful for the AI machine.

one of my new favorite songs

“The River Sings” from Enya’s Amarantine CD. BTW, I’ve had the CD since shortly after it was released but haven’t listened to it that much. It’s one of her best, right up there with The Memory of Trees, and maybe even better than The Celts and A Day Without Rain.

Copout Clay

Ok, I’m going to be the one to say it. Clay Aiken copped out on his new CD. He only has what, 3 or 4 original songs on the whole CD. The rest are covers from the 70s forward. It’s like he missed American Idol so much that he went and recorded it. No no, I don’t want to record my own CD, I want to go back to my Idol days when I’m just singing other people’s stuff.

Listen, Clay, babe. I know that most of the stuff on the radio today is garbage. I get it. And I get that you’re not a songwriter. But I also know that if you dig hard enough, you can find good songs to record. You know, as long as you stay out of the American Idol song book (My Destiny, Do I Make You Proud, Inside Your Heaven, anyone?).

And actually, if you can find yourself a rhyming dictionary, you can probably write 12 songs at least as good as what’s playing on the radio these days. And with your pipes, you could get away with pretty much anything.

Anything, that is, except making your third album be an album of covers. You’re not allowed to do that until you’ve already put out at least one greatest hits album (of your own music). And so far, you’ve done 1 original album, 1 Christmas album, and now this, a covers album. I’m sad. I’ll still buy it, but not this week. Not in any rush for it. Maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas.

But at least you just keep getting cuter.

evil mail

The evil fake SarahK sends me stuff in the mail all the time. And it’s always unmarked, like he thinks if I knew it was from him I would send it back, “return to sender”. Last Saturday, I checked the mail when Tarina and I were heading out to pick up some items and decided to drop it off inside the house before we left.

SARAHK: Did you order a CD clock? I didn’t order one.
FRANK J.: No. Why? Did one come in the mail?
SARAHK: I guess so. The return address on this box is some CD clock company. I’m not opening it.
FRANK J.: Who’s it addressed to?
SARAHK: Me. But I didn’t buy it. I guess when I get back from Walmart I’ll email [the evil fake SarahK] and ask if he sent me a Kellie Pickler CD clock.
FRANK J.: He’s going to have to stop sending you unmarked packages.
SARAHK: I know. He has no idea how many items in our mail have almost gotten bomb squad attention or been taken out to a field and shot.
FRANK J.: Are you going to open it?
SARAHK: I guess so.
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scrub scrub scrub

Atlantis launch scrubbed again. Next chance is sometime next month. Finally I can put on some Natalie Merchant and really clean the house.

UPDATE: Oh, now they’re saying it could happen Saturday or Sunday? Ok. That means Tarina could actually get to see a space shuttle launch in person! That’s pretty cool. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing, unless you live here for more than a few years.

My worst nightmare

Sunday morning on the way to church, we had on the country countdown as always. It was on really low, and I heard a voice that kinda sorta sounded like Conway Twitty (they were doing one of those flashback thingies). And I loves me some Conway Twitty. I turned it up a touch, and I enjoyed the song and the singer. I could tell it wasn’t Conway, but I still liked it. I thought, “Hmm. I like this ‘Honky Tonk Angel’ song. And the singer is pretty good.” I was smiling. I said to Frank J., “I like this song.”

Then they said it. “And that was Elvis Presley…”

If I’d been standing, I would have fallen. That must have been pre-hip-jiggle-Hound-Dog-Blessa-Muh-Soul- a-Crappy-Voice-a Elvis. Or post-that. Or something. I could not believe it.

And of course, Mr. Wonderful started laughing. And just couldn’t help himself imitating me in a high-pitched voice. “That’s the best song I’ve ever heard. I love that singer so much and can’t wait to buy all of his albums. I can’t wait to blog about how wonderful he is. Who is that? Conway? Is it Conway? Because I loooooove this! Oh! It’s so good! I love Elvis Presley!”

workout mix

Well, Sheila had to go and post her running mix, so I, of course, must follow suit. I always throw my 50 or so songs on shuffle, and keep in mind that a lot of times I’ll skip through the slow songs while I’m working out and then skip through the fast songs while I’m stretching and cooling down. Ok, mostly I just find Natalie Merchant’s “My Skin” for the stretching, crank it, and play it over and over until I get home. UPDATE: I’m going to pare the list down to the songs I’m keeping when I reload my phone later.

The current list of songs:

“Bridge Over Troubled Water”, Clay Aiken. Yeah, that’s right, shut up. And I was at Target at opening minute the day the single came out too.

“Calling All Angels”, Train.

“Main Title” from ALIAS, J.J. Abrams. Oh yeah. Jammin’. Makes me feel like Sydney Bristow, and I just work my little butt off and feel like a super spy. For 30 seconds.

“Anywhere Is”, Enya. Stretching song.

“Bigger Than My Body”, John Mayer. Short people song, love it.

“It’s Gonna Be Me”, ‘NSYNC. Actually a little slow, but I just high-step it instead, so it’s good.

“Learning to Breathe”, Switchfoot. Joke song for when Sarah is short of breath. Works great for stretching, not so much for working out because it’s too slow.

“Life is Sweet”, Natalie Merchant. Love this song, love it love it love it. Usually stretching or slower workout.

“Why Georgia”, John Mayer.

“Wordplay”, Jason Mraz. Fantastic workout song, if for no other reason than you can completely distract yourself from the fact that you are, in fact, expending energy doing unenjoyable things by trying to memorize the twists and turns in the lyrics. Mr. A to Z is a master of the twist and turn. It’s all about the wordplay.

“Bad Day”, Jason Powter. Yes, yes, I still love it. No, no, American Idol did not tire me of it. I never skip it.

“Gravedigger”, Dave Matthews. In there solely for the drumbeats, and for some reason, my phone has not once given me this song while I’ve worked out, only while walking the dog. So I can’t tell you if it’s a good workout song.

“My Stupid Mouth”, John Mayer. This song makes me think of Frank and the dumb things he says every time I hear it, so I keep it around. I especially love the long pause part. “I’m never speaking up again… starting now … … … one more thing… why is it my fault?”

“Red Hair is Better”, and instrumental from ALIAS, Michael Giacchino. It’s an electronica type beat from the pilot, where she’s dying her hair and going on a rogue mission, and then it all crescendoes and builds up to the part where Sydney is breaking into a car in Taipei and there’s this rabid scream-type thingy, and that makes me grin maliciously every time, and people all look at me. I love it.

“Superman”, Five for Fighting. Piano, vocals. Mmm.

“Did You Get My Message”, Jason Mraz. Ok, yeah, a lot of my old boyfriend Muh-raz in here. But I do adore that voice, and let’s not forget the wordplay. It’s all about the wordplay. And he’s so upbeat! This one’s not going away any time soon.

“If You’re Not the One”, Daniel Bedingfield. Ace Young’s botched attempt at this one (you know, the one he called “If I’m Not Made for You”) renewed my love for the original. It’s best as a stretcher. Not so much for the exercising. Great for walking the dog, though.

“Jesus Take the Wheel”, Carrie Underwood.

“All Along the Watchtower”, DMB. Love this, it’s their Central Park Concert version. Honestly, I prefer the one from their Dallas TX concert … hmm, I think it was 7/18/2003. I’m going to switch the versions. This one is way too much intro, too much cheering, the solos aren’t as good. And Stefan Lessard’s bass intro in the Dallas concert was just so much better, if you ask me. Perhaps it’s because I was there in Dallas, and that was the kick off of my big liberating birthday week when I hopped in Pinky and drove to Utah alone to hang out with Sandy and her folks. Hiked the Grand Canyon. Read Order of the Phoenix for the first time. Yes, I simply must switch to the better version.

“Come on Over”, Christina Aguilera. Shut up.

“My Skin”, Natalie Merchant. One of my many ALIAS pickups. I don’t know if Giacchino picked out all music for ALIAS aside from also doing the score, but whoever picked out the songs for that show introduced me to so much music. I don’t know how long it will take for me to tire of this song, but it shall be a long time, because the piano and strings mesmerize me every time.

“Pink Houses”, John Mellencamp. This one sticks around for a while.

“Weight of the World”, Chantal Kreviazuk.

“Ants Marching”, DMB. It has everything required for working out.

“Green Eyes”, Coldplay. Stretcher.

“Iris”, Goo-goo Dolls. Yum.

“Jackson”, Johnny & June Carter Cash. I love how she totally puts him in his place.

“Ring of Fire”, Johnny Cash. It’s the ringer I use for Frank.

“Who’s Your Daddy”, Toby Keith. Embarrassingly, it’s the ringer I use for my dad until I find a better one, and I do like to work out to it. Except for that horribly misplaced cymbal crash.

“You Ain’t Leavin’ (Thank God Are Ya?)”, Toby Keith. It’s funny.

“You Thought Wrong”, Kelly Clarkson & Tamyra Gray. This one’s never come on while I’m working out either.

“Confrontation” between Jean Valjean and Javert from Les Miserables. It palpitates my heart.

“Let’s Embrace”, Joseph Arthur. Fun, happy, great workout song.

“Robin and Marian”, Nickel Creek. Great bluegrass instrumental. Their first album is their best. Second one was a third as good as their first. I’m afraid to buy their third. Is it any good?

“Mockingbird”, Toby & Krystal Keith. I always want to sing this one out loud. Frank’s & my song.

“The Taliban Song”, Toby Keith & Scotty Emerick. When it gets to the chorus, I just grin.

“Gotta Get Thru This”, Daniel Bedingfield. Acoustic version. Dance (radio) version would be better for workout, but there’s no beating the acoustic, so I pretend it’s fast.

“Zero Percent”, Jason Mraz. Live at Java Joe’s version. It’s something like 7 minutes long, so it’ll take me half a circuit around at Curves, and I know every syllable, and it’s so funny and twisted. And it makes not a lick of sense.

“Proud Mary”, Tina & Ike Turner. Y’all should have seen me one day working to this song. I was jammin’. They were watching me, and I was smiling so big, running with high steps and running hard with loud feet and then when I was on the machines, I was pumping hard and fast, and they all had their crappy canned aerobics cover music. They all wished they’d eaten the same salad I had. One of the best workout songs ever.

“Bring Me to Life”, Evanescence.

“100 Years”, Five for Fighting. You know, get me thinking about age, and I just can’t get enough of this song. Plus the piano is so yummy.

Now I just have to find the songs to replace all the ones I’m dumping.

tina — UPDATED

i refused to open the mail because i thought maybe you sent me a bomb. here goes Frank just now, opening the mail.

SARAHK: You’re opening that?
FRANK: Well, yeah. Of course.
SARAHK: What if it’s a bomb.
FRANK: [opens, sees what it is, laughs loudly] Well, it’s a bomb alright.

It’s either a CD or a DVD with a picture of Kellie Pickler on it.

I’m not putting it in the player, I’m afraid it will eat my soul just like the caterpillars. Or at the very least fry my DVD player.

UPDATE: Curiosity got the better of me. So Tina (?) sent me the Kellie Pickler virus. It’s a CD of Kellie’s entire season, including the auditions. Every claw-your-ears-off moment, but also the super-happy Bad Day moment (yay!). After listening to pieces of each song again, I stand by all that bad stuff I said. And LOL, thanks for reminding me that she sang “Fancy”. I’d totally forgotten!

Anyway, um… thanks? No thanks? Peace be upon you? Bad dog?

i keep trying to ignore

the news that Kellie Pickler has a recording contract (thanks Janna and P.J. for breaking the horrible news). It’s God needling me, I know. Because I practically had a breakdown Friday, and I prayed a lot, and immediately He started answering my prayers, and I think He threw in an “ok, but Kellie Pickler gets to sing some more, and there’s a possibility they’ll play her tone-deaf singing on the radio.” He has such a sense of humor.

Happy birthday to me.

I guess there’s a silver lining, though. Some sick soul is going to insist on sending me her CD, I know it. So I’ll get to review it. That should be fun.

lyrics thing 2

I decided that whole lyrics thing was loads of fun, so here’s the next one. I’ll post the answers Monday, or when y’all remind me.

1. He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
When the New York Times said God is dead
And the war’s begun
Alvin Tostig has a son today

2. When I’m walking by the water
Splish splash me and you takin a bath
When I’m walking by the water
Come up through my toes
To my ankles
To my head
To my soul
And I’m blown away

3. So I called up the Captain, “Please bring me my wine.”
He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine.”
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night just to hear them say…

4. I still hang out with my best friend Dave
I’ve known him since we were kids at school
Last night he had a few shots, got in a tight spot,
Hustlin’ a game of pool
With a couple of redneck boys,
One great big bad biker man
I heard ol’ Dave yell across the room,
“Hey buddy, how ’bout a helping hand.”

5. Yeah, payin’ the bills with my mad programming skills
Defraggin’ my hard drive for thrills
I got me a hundred gigabytes of RAM
I never feed trolls and I don’t read spam

6. When your love is pouring like the rain
I close my eyes and it’s gone again
When will I get the chance to say I love you
I pretend that you’re already mine
Then my heart ain’t breaking every time
I look into your eyes

7. Everybody seems to think I’m lazy
I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy
Running everywhere at such a speed
Till they find there’s no need (there’s no need)

8. You know you only hurt yourself out of spite
I guess you’d rather be a martyr tonight
That’s your decision
But I’m not below
Anybody I know
If there’s a chance of resurrecting a love
I’m not above going back to the start
To find out where the heartache began

9. So walk down this mountain
With your heart held high
Follow in the footsteps of your maker
With this love that’s gone before you
And these people at your side
If you offer up your broken cup
You will taste the meaning of this life

10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Knew not what to do
“This tie clashes with my hat,” he cried
“Don’t you think that’s true?”

answers to lyrics thing 1

Here the lyrics i put up on Friday. Thanks everyone for playing. I’ll try to remember to do this again Friday. I already have the songs picked out.

1. …please explain to me why forests march to deserts be while snow capped mountains melt away. What do we tell our babies, what do we say… “Mother Father”, Dave Matthews Band.

2. Everyone around, love them, love them. Put it in your hands, take it, take it. There’s no time to cry, happy, happy. Put it in your heart, where tomorrow shines… “Shiny Happy People”, REM

3. I need to laugh and when the sun is out, I got something to laugh about. I feel good in a special way. I’m in love and it’s a sunny day. “Good Day Sunshine”, The Beatles

4. Uh-oh, where did it go? It must have bypassed your phone and flown right out of the window. Oh well, how can I tell? Should I call the operator? Oh maybe she’d know the info, uh whether or not if my message you got was too much or a lot to reply. Why not try this for a fact? Should you ever come back I’d relax and be relieved of all my panic attacks. “Did You Get My Message?”, Jason Mraz

5. Off through the new day’s mist I run, out from the new day’s mist i have come. I hunt, therefore I am, harvest the land, taking of the fallen lamb. “Of Wolf and Man”, Metallica

6. You keep your distance with a system of touch and gentle persuasion. I’m lost in admiration, could I need you this much? Oh, you’re wasting my time, you’re just, just, just wasting time. “Head Over Heels”, Tears For Fears

7. Tension is building inside steadily… Everyone feels so far away from me. Heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me… “From the Inside”, Linkin Park

8. I can’t sleep beneath the trees of wisdom when your ax has cut the roots that feed them. Forked tongues in bitter mouths can drive a man to bleed from inside out. “What If?”, Creed (shut up!)

9. Walk on out, forget Anita in the stands. Be a tall and strong and brave and noble man. Be better than you’ve ever been before. Make this your greatest moment, Matador. She’s watching now with her new love, I know. Walk proud and slow. Be strong and sure and give the crowd their show. They want blood, you know. “The Matador”, Johnny Cash

10. I am young and I am free. But I get tired and I get weak. I get lost and I can’t sleep. But suddenly suddenly… “How Does It Feel?”, Avril Lavigne

more lyrical stuff

Cranky Beach has her quiz up. And I don’t know a single one of those.

lyrics thing 1

I’m stealing Kim‘s lyrics quiz, which she stole from someone else. And I just might have to make this a weekly thing. It’s way fun.

copying straight from Kim’s explanation…
It’s the Random 10 – I put iTunesMedia Player (shut up!) on shuffle, and post a snippet of the first 10 lyrics that come up. And then y’all get to guess what songs they are. No Googling! I’ll post the answers in a day or two when y’all remind me that I forgot to post them.

Note: I skipped songs where I already had the artist in the list (to keep some of y’all from having an advantage) and also Christmas music (would y’all really be able to get John Tesh? If so, you’re all girls!). And I skipped songs that were the worst songs ever by the artist. Oh, and the non-lyrics stuff like scores and classical music. So not completely random.

1. …please explain to me why forests march to deserts be while snow capped mountains melt away. What do we tell our babies, what do we say…

2. Everyone around, love them, love them. Put it in your hands, take it, take it. There’s no time to cry, happy, happy. Put it in your heart, where tomorrow shines…

3. I need to laugh and when the sun is out, I got something to laugh about. I feel good in a special way. I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.

4. Uh-oh, where did it go? It must have bypassed your phone and flown right out of the window. Oh well, how can I tell? Should I call the operator? Oh maybe she’d know the info, uh whether or not if my message you got was too much or a lot to reply. Why not try this for a fact? Should you ever come back I’d relax and be relieved of all my panic attacks.

5. Off through the new day’s mist I run, out from the new day’s mist i have come. I hunt, therefore I am, harvest the land, taking of the fallen lamb.

6. You keep your distance with a system of touch and gentle persuasion. I’m lost in admiration, could I need you this much? Oh, you’re wasting my time, you’re just, just, just wasting time.

7. Tension is building inside steadily… Everyone feels so far away from me. Heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me…

8. I can’t sleep beneath the trees of wisdom when your ax has cut the roots that feed them. Forked tongues in bitter mouths can drive a man to bleed from inside out.

9. Walk on out, forget Anita in the stands. Be a tall and strong and brave and noble man. Be better than you’ve ever been before. Make this your greatest moment, Matador. She’s watching now with her new love, I know. Walk proud and slow. Be strong and sure and give the crowd their show. They want blood, you know.

10. I am young and I am free. But I get tired and I get weak. I get lost and I can’t sleep. But suddenly suddenly…

lyrical geniuses unite!

The Fabulous Kimster has a lyrical quiz for all you music geniuses. I shall have to copy her and do my own. Tomorrow. Or someday. You know me.

what is it about the Cs?

As y’all know, I alphabetize my CDs by artist (and within the artist, chronologically). I have an entire binder just for the artists whose name starts with C. Of course, it’s done by first name. Maybe that makes a difference.

Also of note: I have a whole binder devoted to the Ds and Es. That could have something to do with Enya and Elton John.

update on the music

I have a Jon Secada CD. It almost seems wrong to rip that CD over the Elvis one, seeing how Elvis is considered a legend by so many people. But it’s in. Elvis is out.

White Trash With Money

Frank ordered the latest Toby Keith CD, which we received on its release date.

Eh. Nothing really stood out as TK-caliber greatness. Maybe I need to relisten, but both of us had the eh reaction. And we LOVE TK.

no more bad days forever!

UPS just arrived with our latest Amazon shipments. one box was addressed to me, and Frank had bought me Daniel Powter’s CD that has “Bad Day” (the song they play when someone gets booted off American Idol).

from today forward, i will listen to that CD any time i’m having a bad day. because who can listen to that song and be sad? it’s the happiest song ever! (not that i’ve heard the whole song yet, as i only get the chorus on AI).

and my sweetie is the sweetest. and the cutest. and i love him the best.

“Gotta Get Thru This”

by Daniel Bedingfield

When your love is pouring like the rain
I close my eyes and it’s gone again
When will I get the chance to say I love you?
I pretend that you’re already mine
And my heart ain’t breaking every time
I look into your eyes

taking a break

to tell y’all how much i’ve missed Natalie Merchant.

i never owned a Natalie Merchant CD (nor paid much attention to her) until late 2003 / early 2004 when i was living in my Bedford apartment and listening to anything i ever heard on ALIAS as much as i could.

i’ve been lazy about music ever since my laptop bit the dust. all my music is loaded there, and that just makes everything so much easier. the laptop has been repaired, but i wasn’t about to send my laptop in for repairs with the hard drive, so i took it out. who knows where i put the screws. so far my search for new screws has been unsuccessful.

anyway, i found my Ophelia CD in a box yesterday and popped it in. i’ve listened to it once yesterday and twice today. i can’t wait to get my computer back on so i can have all my music back. yes, i have all the CDs, but it’s so much easier with my playlists and scrollbars. i’m getting pretty motivated now that Natalie’s sang some hippy songs for me, though.

John Corbett

Hey, that’s the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He’s singing country with his band now on Fox & Friends. He’s really good. It’s fairly popish country (reminds me a lot of Pat Green, whom I love, and a LOT of Honeybrowne), but it’s still good.


I never get tired of her “Pax Deorum” from … which album was it. The Memory of Trees or The Celts? Anyway, I have every Enya CD (except the one that was later re-released as The Celts).


just got my DMB Warehouse email about the summer tour. they’re going to Tampa, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, all those places with Pat Green (and I like him very well). i really don’t want to go to West Palm, because the parking there was horrendous and next to the dog show and the prison. what a venue.

then again, the Gorge concerts would be awesome… maybe we could plan our trip to Boise and Salt Lake City for the same week and go to the Gorge. they’re with O.A.R. for the Gorge, and i’d rather see them with Pat Green… the Gorge is a big camping event, though, so you know, hippies. lots of them. but then again, there are always lots of college hippy-wannabes at the concerts anyway, and i’m going home with a migraine no matter what from all the pot smoke.

decisions decisions.


i love channel 426, the Singers and Standards music channel. also 433, Soundscapes (massage music).

someday, if i’m not a country singer, i hope i’m a standards singer. that would be awesome. i think i’ll start writing my songs soon. potential titles:

I Love Making Coffee for You

I Love Making Dinner for You

Should I Sweep the Kitchen Now?

Do You Like Naughty Lingerie?

Let’s Have a Pillowfight Like in the Olden Days

Remember When We Did It on the Cruise Ship in the Middle of the Caribbean?

When Can We Kiss and Make Up?

I Want to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

The Candles are Lit, Let’s Make a Baby

When We Were Courting

Let’s Go for a Ride with the Top Down, It’ll Be Wild

Take My Hand, But Wash Yours First

Can We Pull the Beds Together Tonight?

So no one steal those song titles. I’m going to write those.

If Music Be the Food of Love

there’s a song by David Dickau, adapted from Shakespeare, called “If Music Be the Food of Love”. i’m trying to find the lyrics so i can know if i want that song in the wedding. that is, if i can get Adam for singing it and find the piano music for Kris.

anyone have a copy of the music and want to type the lyrics for me? i can’t remember all the lyrics. btw, this isn’t the Samantha Fox song.

maybe i’m weird

but when i heard that Enya has a new album coming out Tuesday, i got soooo excited. i have every one of her CDs except the Greatest Hits, and i have the original tracks from that.