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Darryl Sydor is back? Where have I been?? It’s only been three days, so I’m forgiven.

That reminds me of a story. I’ve probably told it. It’s boring and dumb, but it warms my heart because it makes me think of one of my favorite families, and I will always think of their oldest son when I see Darryl Sydor or hear “number 5.” Also, Hawaii Five-O. Did I mention this will be a dumb story? It is.

I used to watch a LOT of hockey. Every Stars game I could get my eyeballs on, many in person (man, I loved the Platinum Club’s barbecue sandwich — it’s one of the few glutenous things that if I had the opportunity, there is a 50% chance I would risk intestinal lymphoma for), and many watching with my friends P, S, The Boy, K, and A at their house. Now I can’t remember if this was the year the Stars won the cup (98-99) or the year they lost in the finals to New Jersey (99-00). Wait, I checked their website, and it was definitely 99-00 or after, because Brenden Morrow was on the team. Darryl Sydor had bleached his hair platinum blonde, and the rookie Morrow had done the same. One day, I was over watching hockey, and K walked in with platinum blonde hair.

Dangit, is it blonde or blond? I can never remember, but Firefox always tries to tell me I’m wrong when I add the e. Is it blonde for the noun and blond for the adjective? I don’t know, and I’d rather spend my time telling y’all that I don’t know than googling it.

Anyway, I started calling K “#5.” “Hey #5!” (No, he did not reply with, “Hey #2!”) “How’s it going, 5?” I’m completely retarded, what can I say?

Eventually, I started adding an “o” to the end of everyone’s name, because see previous paragraph. So “5″ became “5-o.” “Hey, 5-o.” One day, someone else was around (don’t remember who), and they asked me if K was a cop. “Um… no? He’s in college.” May have been high school, because when I first started hanging out with them, the boys were both in high school. Turns out, Hawaii Five-O was a show about cops or something, and Five-O generally refers to cops. This I did not know. See two paragraphs ago.

And there you go. Boring story, as promised. You’re welcome.


Stars unveiled their new third jersey. (This is the first I’m reading about it, getting caught up on my feeds.) I predict it will not be a big seller, because if you’ve got basically the same thing in dark and you get to choose, the Stars fan almost always goes for the dark jersey (mine is dark and has the same #9 and the same A-patch on it, because I heart Mike Modano, even though I rarely get to see him play anymore). Anyway, whatevs. At least it’s not Constelacion del Toro.

By the way…

I know there are Packers fans who read here, so I’d just like to say neener neener neener on behalf of my Dallas Cowboys.

Zubie out

Sergei Zubov is out at least four weeks, so he’ll miss the first couple of weeks of the season.

Awww yeaaaaaaahhh

Dallas Stars won the Prospects Tournament in Traverse City. (Coached by Steelheads coach Derek Laxdal.)

It warms my heart that we have a Stars feeder team in Boise. We plan to go to several games this year.


How wrong is it that they’ve devoted maybe a total of one hour of TV time to the Decathlon, the epitome of Olympic sport, and showed at least three hours of men’s racewalking? We need to see all 50K of that? No. We need to see the Olympic Decathlon.

Very wrong.

I want to see the Decathlon! It’s the best of the track and field! These are probably the most well-rounded athletes in the Olympiad, and we get five seconds here, five seconds there.

Grr. Argh.


*I was busy writing my looong medical post last night (ahem, thanks for pointing out how long it was, Kate P), and I didn’t pause to yell and whoop about Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin going 1-2 on the balance beam and Jonathan Horton winning the silver on high bar. So let me just tell y’all: I did yell and whoop and cheer and pump fists and all that.

*Uhm, I know that my boyfriend Sasha fell off his high horse (pommel variety), but he still should have been in the (ridiculously short) gymnastics gala. Did they only show five people in the gala? Or are we just midway through or something? Weird.

*I was rooting hard for Walter Dix in the 200M. Usain Bolt won it in world record time, and I was pleased that he actually leaned forward at the finish line. Of course, his antics afterward make me still wish someone had handed him his pinkytoe on a platter, but whatevs. I had a Benadryl today, so I’m too tired to throw anything at the TV. Good grief, peeps, someone stomp on that guy’s toes. And Wallace Spearman has been DQ’d from the bronze. Shawn Crawford gets the bronze now, with Walter Dix in fourth. The silver medalist, according to the announcers and the video playbacks, is guilty of the same thing Spearman did (running in another runner’s lane). USA is protesting Spearman’s DQ. And they interview Usain Bolt, and you know, when he’s not jumping around like a giant tool and beating his chest like he’s king of the jungle, he’s pretty personable.

*Oh yay! Walter Dix will get the bronze after all! I think I’ve been cheering for him because every time they interview him, he seems like a class act and a good guy. He’s not overjoyed about the bronze when he gets the news. “I still lost,” he half-jokes with his agent. Yes, but you won a fan this week, so call it even. Congrats to him and to our silver medalist, Shawn Crawford.

*I wish they’d stop calling the Athens 10M platform diving gold medalist the “defending champion.” She’s not even competing, so I think it’s safe to say she’s not defending anything.

*The little anorexic Chinese diver — I can barely stand to look at her. They chose her for diving because she doesn’t like to eat.

Bedtime. I’ll have to watch the conclusion of diving and the women’s beach volleyball final tomorrow. Nighty night.

Your daily dose of Olympics

*When I got home from work, I watched yesterday’s softball game, US v. China. By about the sixth run in the first inning, Frank was asking if they have a mercy rule (in Texas we call it a skunk rule). Lucky for China, there is a skunk rule, and they only had to play five innings against our amazing team. I’m quite sure that the reason softball is being taken out of the Olympic games is because the Americans dominate it so hard, and hey, one fewer guaranteed gold medals for us.

*We love the Russian pole vaulter who says, “If people want to take picture, pleasure. If video, pleasure. I feel badder if nobody wants to look at me.” She’s adorable and goofy. Frank: “She knows enough English you can understand her, but not enough to stop being cute.” I think he’s saying that once women start talking in a language you can understand, they stop being cute. HEY!

*The other night when Usain Bolt won the 100M, all the showboating annoyed me, but not that much. But the more I think about it, the more I want someone to hand him his pinkytoe in the 200M and then be a perfect gentleman about it (Walter Dix has my vote). Show him how a real champion behaves. Bob Costas and Al someone were talking about it this morning, and Bob was pretty stern about the taunting of the other runners. I like when Bob gets stern. Blerg, there he is again, preening pre-race and post-race. Twit. (I mean Bolt, not Bob. I love Bob ever since about… well, whichever is the first Olympics I can remember watching.)

*Go, Stephanie Brown Trafton! She won gold for us in the discus throw! The first American woman to do so since 1932. I’m so proud.

*I won’t be finishing last night’s events, because Frank got distracted and accidentally deleted that episode of “Summer Olympics” when he was supposed to be deleting the US/China softball game.

*Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh are about to close out Brazil in their semifinal match, Kerri playing without the big ink blob of tape on her shoulder. I’ve been tickled by the athletes attending the different events. Kobe and Lebron James have showed up at a lot of events, particularly the swimming. And now they’re at the women’s beach volleyball match. Kobe always looks totally star-struck, like he’s hoping he can get an autograph. I like it when superstars look up to other superstars. And YES, our team wins and will face one of two Chinese teams in the final!

*Hey, look at that! Women’s trampoline final! In prime time! That looks incredibly scary. They jump so high! What if they fall off?

*I love Bela Karolyi. And I love that Bob Costas is letting him declare that the judging during this Olympiad is whack. See what I did? I just declared Bob Costas the head of NBC. If he were, I would probably watch it more often.

*Um, that old dude (and by old, I mean he’s somewhere around my age) who did the “Victorian” on the still rings? Dude. Oooh, Yang Wei didn’t win the rings! It’s good for him and good for the sport if he doesn’t win every gold medal he set out to win.

*Yelena Izinbayeva is the name of the precious Russian who would love to be in Hollywood. Dang, that girl can pole vault. Ooh! It’s to Izinbayeva (best female pole vaulter in history is what the announcers are saying) and Stu… Uhm, apparently, I was waiting to see Stuczynski’s name on screen again before I finished that sentence. Anyway, Janice Stuczynski (American) wins the silver medal, and Izinbayeva sets a new world record on her last vault. She goes over to her coach afterward, and he has no words of congratulations except, after his lecture, he does say in a rather oh-well-ho-hum tone, “Hey. It’s a silver medal. Not bad for someone who’s only been pole vaulting for four years.” And then he kind of dismisses her. How about, “YOU’RE AMAZING! YOU’VE ONLY BEEN DOING THIS FOUR YEARS, AND YOU WON AN OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL! BRILLIANT!” Her coach is kind of a tool. Way to suck the wind out of her silver medal sails.

*We sweep the men’s 400M hurdles. Go us! In light of this, I won’t rag on the dude who feels the need to wear his sunglasses at night. So he can, so he can… you know the rest.

*Nastia goes against one of the cheating Chinese toddlers in the uneven bar finals. 16.725 for the toddler. Shocker: Nastia’s mom is actually in the building. She must have felt the seethe coming at her from America. Nastia’s routine is beautiful. 16.725 for Nastia, who should have scored higher than the toddler, no doubt. She was just better. So they’re tied, and I give that a big WHATEVS… They’re tied, but the computer has ranked Nastia second. Nastia looks ticked. off. And I don’t blame her. China’s second toddler is up. Looks good but not as good as Nastia or her cheating Chinese toddler teammate. 16.65 for her. Semenova is the last woman up. She’s not good enough. Get the Australian judge a calculator, because manual math is just too hard for him/her. The gymnastics judging has been total bullcrap, and I’m seriously considering ditching gymnastics for that ridiculous sport of handball when 2012 rolls around.

Olympics! What, you thought I would stop after Phelps?

*I’m trying not to like Kobe. He’s making it really hard on me, because he’s all patriotic and proud to play for his country, speaks at least three languages, and cracks me up. I’m still succeeding in not liking him, but just barely. Well played, Bryant.

*Bob Costas just interviewed Michael Phelps and his mom, Debbie. Classy guy, great mom, I just love them to pieces.

*The male commentator from the rowing events sounds like Alan Colmes. I told Frank this, and he (playing his DS and only listening to the TV) said, “Oh, I thought that’s who it was.” WAY TO GO USA WOMEN’S ROWING EIGHT! And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for singing along to the national anthem! I love it, they were practically screaming the anthem!

*Oh, earlier I was watching the women’s 100M (track) heats (or maybe it was 100M hurdles, I don’t remember), and there was an American girl who came in second in her race. Her weave was, I’m not kidding, almost to her waist. I think she might have gotten first in her heat if she wasn’t carrying around so much weight on her head.

*My hat is off to Guo JingJing. I mean, if I wore hats. Unless I’m hanging out in the desert sun all day, I generally don’t wear hats. I would wear bonnets if they were still in vogue. Maybe I need to move to southern Utah or northern Arizona.

*Men’s floor exercise final. The Russian guy was just fantastic. 15.725, great score, deserved score (good job, judges! Those flash cards are helping your subtraction skills!). The Brazilian gymnast — he needs a year’s subscription to the SarahK Cheering Up Pie Club. I actually cried for him when he walked off crying.

*Lauryn Williams looks and talks just like my friend Kisha from Florida. I love Lauryn’s dog, but I wonder why his eyes are so bloodshot. She should check his crate for drugs. I also love her explanation for why she has a Great Dane. “When I was growing up, I always had this impression that wealthy people all have butlers and Great Danes. So I consider this a high-class dog.”

*Alicia Sacromone’s interview was nice. And I’m glad to see her first vault was great. Second is good. 15.537 is her average. Cheng Fei lands on her knees on her vault and is still ahead of Alicia. WHATEVS. I take back what I said about the improvement of the judges. I have to admit, I’m happy for the Russiouzbekigerman 33-year-old who just took the lead in the vault. Oksana Chusovitina. But now after the next vaulter, Alicia is out of the medals. That’s too bad for her. And wow, Oksana has a silver medal! I’m really happy for her. North Korea has a gold medal, and I’m sure the North Korean girl is just amazed and thrilled to have seen electricity for the first time in her life. Ouch, Alicia is out of the medals by hundredths of a point, beat out for bronze by Lands-On-Her-Knees Cheng. Oh yay! Bela is on with Bob again. He will agree with me. “It was a REEPUFF, BAB. A REEPUFF.” He is incensed.

*I am holding my breath here. My boyfriend Sasha (he’s no longer my new boyfriend, as we’ve been seeing each other for over a week now) is on the pommel horse. Should have held by breath longer, as he fell off the horse. Returned to fabulousness when he got back on with that high-flying helicopter thingy, but it’s not enough. He scores under 15, and I need to pinch and kiss his little RussioAmerican cheeks (the face ones) to make it all better for him. But I’m pretty sure he’s just thrilled to even be in Beijing. Wow, the Croatian got the silver (first gymnastics medal ever for Croatia), and Great Britain holds on to bronze and keeps China to only one medal in this event!

*Nastia and the Beefy Peach (thanks, Tracey, even Frank knows them as that now) are on the floor routine. Shawn Johnson will go first, and Nastia will be seventh. Shawn nails her routine and gets a 15.5, the second-highest score for women’s floor routine all week. Jiang Yuyuan is third (the Russian who was second wasn’t even close to Shawn), and I’d just like to point out that this girl is totally underage. She’ll be close to Shawn, but she shouldn’t score higher, in my unprofessional and totally patriotic opinion. 15.35. Large sigh of relief from me. This Brazilian girl has so much energy! It’s too bad she went out of bounds twice, because I enjoyed her energy. But wow, how many Red Bulls did she have before she went on? I was getting the jitters just watching all that energy come out of her. Poor Anna Pavlova, today is just not her day. Cheng Fei just stumbled a bit on her standing twirly thingy, and wow, fell. She’s out of the medals. Shawn Johnson is guaranteed a medal. Nastia up next. She nails her routine too. And… Nastia has a 15.425! So it’s Shawn 1, Nastia 2. Sandra Izbasa is last to go, and she’s flawless. I don’t think as great as our top two, but she did go last, so she has an advantage. 15.65, she takes the gold right out of Shawn’s hands. Shawn gets silver, Nastia gets bronze, and China is shut out of the medals.

And that’s where I stop for tonight, because it’s bedtime.


So. Anyone else all freaked-out-happy about the swim meet tonight and/or happy about the laid-back amazingness of Michael Phelps?

Yeah. Me too.


Kristin Armstrong

She is THE NEWS here in Boise right now. Ever since the games began, the news has been all-Kristin-all-the-time. Yesterday when she arrived home, there was a huge crowd at the airport to welcome her home, and now they have hundreds of people at the downtown YMCA to have a big to-do in her honor. All the little kids are getting her autograph, and she’s talking to them, being their big hero. It’s pretty touching, and kinda the biggest thing to happen to Boise since the J’s moved here (that was big news, too).

UPDATE: They’re doing a big bike ride (possibly thousands of people), and she’s going to be leading it off with her time trial bike. I think they’re only going a half mile, from the Y to City Hall, but it’s pretty cool. And the history peeps in Idaho have already asked to have her bike on display in one of the museums (I didn’t catch who/which).

UPDATE 2: The Lieutenant Governor has just declared August 16th Kristin Armstrong Day in Idaho. They couldn’t send the Full Governor? Uncomfortable moment of awkward silence while there is an announcement that someone lost a three-year-old who was in the bike ride and hasn’t been seen since. He’s supposed to go to the blue tent, and they have found him. Whew! That would have put a damper on the whole day. The Mayor of Garden City, where Kristin lives, has given Kristin a key to the city. All they gave me was a nice shiny ticket a couple of weeks ago, because Chinden is a 35mph speed limit when it should be at least 45. Losers! And now the Mayor of Boise has given Kristin a key to the city. And now Kristin speaks. Have I mentioned I’ve been crying all morning, between this whole Kristin thing and some weird kind of allergy that is stinging my eyes? Also I finally watched the medal ceremony from the women’s gymnastics all-around.

What up, neon?

What’s up with the neon yellow ball they’re using for Olympic softball? Do they always use the scary ball, or is that special for the Beijing Olympics so they can see through the smog?

BTW, have not watched the Michael Phelps race from last night, and I could barely see the TV screen from the patio at PF Chang’s, so I think he won, but I’m not entirely sure.

More on last night’s Olympics

I was so conked last night that when I woke up this morning, I noticed a lump on my boob. It was my anticonvulsant. I had enough energy to get it out of the bottle but then I apparently just dropped it down my shirt and went to sleep.

*I like it better when the athletes sing along for the national anthem rather than giving the stoic reflective face. So far Natalie Coughlin is the only one I have seen actually singing along. Speaking of her, she’s swimming the 100 free; this is the race that Libby Trickett almost didn’t get to swim but for the Chinese swimmer false starting. Wow, .04 seconds decides the winner, and it’s Steffen, a German. Trickett silver, and Coughlin gets the bronze!

*WHOA! What a great vault from Nastia Liukin! I don’t understand how Yang Yilin had a better execution score than Nastia. Shawn Johnson’s vault is good, but she has that wonky landing again. After much deliberation, 15.875. Great for anyone else, but she’s not happy, and if I’m not mistaken her execution score was better than Liukin’s? Liukin really should have had a better score. The little 12-year-old Chinese gymnast did the same vault as Shawn Johnson but landed on her back. Don’t worry, little cheating panda, you’ll be able to do it very well in a few years when you’re old enough to compete.

*Back to swimming. Phelps in the 100M fly semi. He’s just amazing. He hits the wall in sixth place and before they’re halfway across the pool for the second half, he’s in first. Finishes first in his semi.

*The commentators are discussing Liukin’s vault score, and they have determined that she was totally robbed on her score. They don’t get how she could have gotten so many deductions. Me either. Shawn is in 2nd after one rotation, and Nastia is 10th. I hope this doesn’t rattle her nerves. Bela agrees that Liukin was scored low and also thinks Shawn was. You know, the other night when she had the big step on the landing, Shawn had over a 16. Liukin’s high bar routine is perfect, other than the big step on the landing. The commentators say, “That will be a three-tenths deduction,” and I said, “And another seven-tenths for being an American.” Sure enough, her execution score is 8.95 out of 10. Shenanigans. Well over 16, but it should have been higher. Whatevs. Shawn Johnson really good on her routine as well, and her score is 15.275. Execution 8.975. The little Chinese toddler did a great routine. I’m sure her score will be well over Liukin’s, even though Liukin’s is a higher difficulty and they both only had the step on the landing. And Yang Yilin’s execution score (same step on landing, plus a handstand that wasn’t executed) is 9.025. She leads after rotation #2.

*After two rotations, Nastia is in 2nd place, and Shawn is in 5th. Shawn’s up on beam. She makes a small balance check during and a step on her landing (not a big one). She should still be well above nine on execution, but she’s American. 9.05 on execution, total malarkey. And now one of the little toddling Chinese girls makes a bobble right when she mounts the beam. Two more balance checks pretty quickly. I predict she’ll get a higher execution score than Shawn, and there’s another balance check. Step on the landing. Romania needs new leotards, they’ve been wearing the same one forever. Or maybe it’s just me. WHAT? The Chinese toddler gets a 9.025 on execution. Do I need special Judges’ Goggles to watch these Olympics? I should order a pair in the next four years so I’ll understand what’s going on. Wow, that little Semenova girl from Russia looks really familiar. Has she been around forever? I’m thinking yes.

*Yang Yilin has a major bobble on her full turn and then has another big balance check right after. Biggish step on her landing. I expect a 9.75 on execution. 9.05, same execution score as Shawn Johnson. Nastia on beam now. Small bobble on her full turn. Balance check there. Totally stuck landing on her dismount. 9.425 on the execution, I’m shocked. After three rotations, Nastia in 1st! Shawn in 3rd! Yang Lilin in the judges’ T-Mobile fave five! She’s inexplicably in 2nd.

*Dang. Anna Pavlova’s floor exercise was near perfect. She rocked it hard. Semenova’s floor is fantastic, too. Three more to go. Yang Yilin, Nastia, and Shawn. Yang makes a decent-sized error on one dancing move. Other than that, her floor exercise is well done. Unwatchable because of her crazy anorexic form, but sharp. 15.0 is her score. Nastia needs 14.85 to take the lead. And wow. She’s amazing, I’m in complete awe of her. She doesn’t even look awkward and creepy during the dancing parts like most gynasts do; looks like she’s just doing ballet out there, right in the middle of the tumbling floor. 15.525! Shawn would need over 16 to beat that (not happening on floor), but she will definitely get the silver, because her routine is pretty flawless. And we take 1-2 in the women’s all-around. 15.525! GO AMERICA! Liukin trains in Plano, Texas. Yay Texas!

*See Tracey’s rant about Nastia’s mom over here; I pretty much agree with that.

Well done, USA! Also well done, whoever is in 4th place and probably should have the bronze medal.

Look at us go!

*May/Walsh. That got dodgy in the first set of their round of 16 match, but then they went on a tear and remembered that they haven’t been beaten in almost a year.

*Rebecca Soni! Her win made me cry and blubber all over myself. So unexpected for her to beat Liesel Jones and bust the world record.

*Ryan Lochte and Aaron Piersol going 1-2 in the 200 backstroke, with Lochte breaking the world record. I’m so happy he got an individual gold. He’s the second best swimmer in the world and is overshadowed by Michael Phelps all the time. Doesn’t get the attention he deserves, yo.

*The bit about Kirsty Coventry and the way Zimbabwe reacted when she won in Athens? Yeah, I turned into a big puddle of goo. So horrible what’s going on in Zimbabwe. Glad she can bring joy to her peeps.

*Bela Karolyi is teh crazy. “I’m already having the bumpy.”

*Dude. Michael Phelps has size 14 feet?

*Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte will race now in the 200 IM, right next to each other. And Lochte’s gold medal was 26 minutes ago. He’s gotta be tired. Great swim. Phelps wins his sixth gold and a new world record! Has there been any event in which he hasn’t broken the world record in Beijing? Lochte was sooo close to the silver but has to settle for the bronze. Well done.

*I don’t even know if I can stay up for the women’s gymnastics all-around. I’m so sleepy from yesterday.

I’ll have to finsi this tomorow. Told y’all I was sleepy.

I know. You’re tired of it.

I’ll reward you with a meme later. You can’t wait.

Ok, so notes on the Olympics. Expect it to be this way until the games end. If this doesn’t make you writhe with glee, you’re unpatriotic and most especially unAmerican.

*Yay to Kristin Armstrong, who won the women’s time trial today! I’m so glad I didn’t fast forward through the cycling! (Not that I have been… ok, just through the long stretches when nothing’s really going on.) Armstrong lives in Boise, btw. We’re like BFFs.

*I get women’s synchronized diving. It’s a beautiful ballet all the way to the water. Maybe Cirque du Soleil. Whatevs. And then there’s men’s synchro. Perhaps the gayest event in the Olympics. I expressed this opinion to Frank, and he kind of shrugged me off. Until he saw two men jumping up and down and doing somersaults together. “Yep. This is definitely the gayest sport at the Olympics.” As Frank says, “It’s pairs of men wearing almost nothing, trying to move together in beautiful precision.” When the Chinese did their first optional dive, I said, “Wow. They’re so good.” Frank: “I credit their lack of individuality.” I made a poster.

Yeah, I can’t stop. I now understand why Rachl Lukis is addicted (profanity warning).

I’ll post now but continue my DVR-delayed liveblog. I heart the Olympics.

*I’ve been rolling my eyes at the fact that the women’s beach volleyball teams wear attire barely suitable for a strip club while they’re playing, and finally there was a big hubbub about how the men are required to wear actual clothes and the chicks wear less fabric than it takes to make a cloth diaper. Think of our textile industry! And if you’re wondering, the black oil spider thingy living on Kerry Walsh’s shoulder is kinesio tape. She had shoulder surgery. Of course, when I see it, I always just wonder if she has a tan line in the shape of an ink blob. I’m sure she does. Poor blobby Walsh.

*Yay, May-Treanor/Walsh win! Congratulations, blobby tan line! Now give me swimming and gymnastics.

*Phelpsie is up next in the 200 IM heats (from earlier). I love his superstitious arm slappiness. What’s insane to me is that the freestyle isn’t even his best stroke, and he keeps killing everyone there. He wins his heat easily. Ooh, squee! NBC is showing all eleven of his gold medal finishes. And now it’s on to live swimming.

*First-time Olympian Scott Spann swimming against that dangerous Kitajima in the 200M breaststroke. Spann is pretty far behind, not looking like he’ll medal. Kitajima does win, Spann in sixth.

*I totally just confused myself with the DVR. I don’t even know what’s being recorded anymore, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have to catch Mythbusters on the repeat due to my DVR FAIL.

*Natalie Coughlin, thrice medaled in Beijing is up in the 100M freestyle semis. Coughlin wins the semi, and Libby Trickett, the Aussie, is fourth! No Americans in the second semis, so I don’t care. Wow, Trickett didn’t even make the final. Rowdy Gaines says that has to be the biggest shock of these Olympics, but I have to give that one to the big old comeback victory by our men’s relay the other night. Duh. Ouch, China’s Pang is out. She took first in the semi and has been disqualified for a false start. That’s gotta hurt. Libby Trickett gets a break and a trip to the finals.

*Aaron Piersol & Ryan Lochte in the 200M backstroke semis. I’ll have you know, we’re hours into prime time, and no sign of men’s gymnastics. Maybe NBC is waiting for the Chinese gymnasts to perform or something. Gotta say I’m really happy to not be on the east coast with these late shows. Ok, I’m always happy to not be on the east coast. Meanwhile, we’re watching heats and semis. All-around finals notwithstanding. Piersol’s in, Lochte’s in, they’ll be in the middle lanes. Oh. The men’s all-around hasn’t started yet. My bad, NBC.

*Jason Lezak, my big Olympic hero, swims soon in the 100 freestyle. Meanwhile, two American girls, Breeden and Hersey, are in the 200M freestyle. Wow. That was unfortunate. China 1-2. At least they’re of competing age, so congratulations, China girl swimmers. Americans 7th and 8th. A fan threw a drum into the water during the race. Stay classy, Olympics fans.

*Here’s hero boy, Jason Lezak, in the 100. Go, you veteran stud. He ties for the bronze, his first individual medal ever! That mouthy humiliated frog, Alain Bernard, is so happy to have won. Yes, Bernard, but in four years, no one will remember this race. They’ll remember that Jason Lezak pwn3d you in the 400 relay. But congratulations anyway.

*Getting ready for my Olympic boyfriend, Sasha Artemev, and another Olympic crush, Jonathan Horton, to go in the men’s all-around. Fast forward through the spotlight segment on the Chinese athlete — must be my patriotism kicking in. My Sasha is up first on the rings, and it’s not his best event, but he’s done pretty well. Good going. Whew, that Japanese dude on the tumbling was awesome. Oh, of course. Sasha under 15 on the rings, because the gymnastics judges are all full of shenanigans this week.

*We leave the men’s all-around to watch Michael Phelps in a semi. ? I adore him, too, but it’s like NBC is just hoping that there’ll be a big shocka! And the only shocka! would be that Phelps wouldn’t make the final in a race. Which basically means that NBC is rooting against Phelps; it’s the only explanation. Phelps wins the semi (200 IM) with water in his goggles again. Lochte, easily the cutest of our swimmers, swims in the next semi, and he wins.

*After one rotation, Sasha is in 20th, and Jonathan is in 21st. They both did their weakest events first.

*More swimming. Normally I welcome it, but I’m too excited and hopeful about the gymnastics. US women swimming the 800 medley relay. So while this is going on, I have plenty of time to tell y’all: David Cook has not yet confirmed me as a friend on Facebook. I am crushed. We get the bronze. Does Katie Hoff ever smile? Just wondering.

*The coverage of the men’s all-around is abysmal. Even when they show us the events, they go ahead and spoil them for us and tell us whether the athlete in question fell off or not, while we’re watching the routine. It’s taking away from the whole thing, so I’m ready for the commentary gang to just shut their pie holes and let us watch some gymnastics. Ok, tell me why I want to watch two Chinese swimmers have their gold medal ceremony. Why?

*After two rotations, Sasha is 12th, Jonathan 20th. But they didn’t bother to show us Sasha’s second rotation. Too busy showing the Chinese swimmers in their medal ceremony and showing a Korean gymnast warm up on the rings — not even participate on the rings. I don’t know why I’m so annoyed tonight, but I am. Boo, hiss, putrescence, all that. Finally. Jonathan Horton to vault. He prays at the chalk bin before starting (though NBC analysts call that a “moment of reflection”). Big hop on the landing, but a sweet vault. Yowza, 16.1. Big score for the big Olympic stud, who looks a lot like Mark Blucas, yes?

*Our precious little Sasha has been scarcely mentioned, and we’ve only seen him once. They’re showing the Russians, Chinese, and Koreans quite enough, but only one American warrants a mention. Whatevs, when does Fox News get the rights to the Olympics? They’re patriotic most of the time. OOCH. What a horrible fall the Japanese guy just took from the rings. Is anyone surprised the Chinese make shoddy rings? Oh, there’s Sasha! So he got almost a 16 on the vault, and they didn’t bother to show it. I guess he’s not Chinese enough. We do get to see him on the parallel bars. Lovely until the dismount, which was hoppy. 15.2.

*Three down, and Sasha is in 12th, Jonathan in 14th. It’s midnight. I’m staying up, because I’m stupid. 15.275 on Jonathan’s parallel bars. Sasha coming up on the high bar. He’s doing and redoing and redoing his grips. It’s almost a nervous tic. Beautiful stuck landing! What the heck? 15.075??? 9.075 on execution, and I don’t get it. After four rotations, Jonathan is 12th, and Sasha is 14th. They switched places.

*Jonathan on the high bar now. Small step on the landing, but the routine was excellent. 15.35 (8.95 execution, which is bullcrap). The gymnastics judging and age cheating is making me bitter. I realize this, but I don’t care; call me crazy, but I don’t think you should get extra deductions for being an American. Maybe for being a communist, but not for being an American. Sasha is on the floor routine, and I’m just amazed at his ability. Those helicopter thingies he does make me all fluttery. That was solid. He’s so cute. He looks so Russian and then he starts talking to me through the TV (hi, SarahK, thanks for all your support), and he sounds so… American. You’re just never expecting anything but broken English to fly out of his mouth. 14.625.

*Sasha goes to his final event, the pommel horse, on which he is so amazing and, I hear, spotty. Whatevs, he’s totally going to pwn this thing. NAILS IT! The best he’s been the whole Olympics. I can’t wait to see him in the individual event finals. I’m so proud of him. 15.525. Mwah mwah mwah.

*Jonathan is on the floor routine. Does a good job. Who knows what the score was, thanks, NBC. So China, then Japan, then surprised France. Jonathan finishes 9th and Sasha 12th. And SarahK gets to go to bed!

The Michael Phelps diet

I’m thinking about going on this one. I could eat 12,000 calories a day (really bad calories, at that) and still have not one ounce of fat on my body! I’m totally in!

I think Anwyn said it best: Move over, hobbits.

Why the long face, Phelpsie? UPDATED

*Michael Phelps just won his fourth gold of these Olympic Games, and he didn’t even smile when he finished with yet another world record. I mean, yeah, he’s got another race in less than an hour and just left all his energy in the pool, but come on, you just made history, you big American hero!

*I’m so incensed about China’s “women’s” gymnastics team. There is exactly one person on that team who is of competing age. I’m so angry every time I see that little 3-ft tall child step up for an event. Oh, but her Chinese government paperwork says she’s sixteen, so she must be. Well, the Chinese government also did this, so I’m not so trusting of them.

*While I’m waiting for the DVR to get ahead of me again, I’m going back and watching other DVR’d Olympics from yesterday and today. Yes, I’m recording it ALL, dudes. Since NBC cut off the other night before the medal ceremony for the men’s gymnastics team, I got to watch that just now. And just for fun, I watched Justin Spring on the high bar again as well as my new bf Sasha Artemev on the pommel horse. Be still my fluttering heart.

*Back to women’s gymnastics. Here we go on the vault. Well done. Uneven bars. Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, absolutely wonderful. Okay, Shawn’s score way too low. After Sasha’s pommel horse score came back under 16 and this score for Shawn Johnson, I’m calling bullcrap on the gymnastics judges. Liukin’s score is also too low. WhatEVS.

*Yay, another bronze in women’s swimming for Coughlin!

*Michael Phelps leading off the men’s 4×200 free relay. Good grief, after 150, he’s leading by two body lengths. INSANE. This world record looks to be smashed to bits. Ryan Lochte is halfway across the pool before the other teams are even making their final turns on the second leg. Behrens lengthens that lead, and by the time Vanderkaay is in the pool, I mean, we look like we’re swimming alone. And the world record goes down by five seconds. Under seven minutes! I’m in love with our swim team. Michael Phelps, the most decorated swimmer in Olympic history.

*Ok, first off, the way Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin were both robbed on the uneven bars, there’s no way China should be ahead after two rotations. So I won’t lie. I’m wanting these “women” to fall off the beam. I don’t want them to hurt anything, I just want them to lose points, because this is shenanigans. Our girls are amazing on the beam, other than the fall right at the front by Sacromore. So we trail China by a point after beam, and it’s down to the floor routine. Sacramore leads this one off with a fall and an out-of-bounds. And that’s where the DVR cut off. I was able to catch back up with the event, but it’s China on the floor now with one person left to go, and I’m a little sick over this, because we’ve basically handed them the gold medal. All their final girl has to do is stay in bounds most of the time. Urgh. But anyway, great job by the US women, just some big missteps in the last two events. I’d rather lose to the French than the underage cheats, and that’s saying something.

UPDATE: LOL! Bela Karolyi to Bob Costas [translated from Russhish]: “I really consider this a fair result. I have to commend the Chinese team. Good kids, nothing to say about that. Too bad they are under-aged, and they should not be legally accepted.”

How about that

We watched the series finale of Angel while we ate dinner (very upset about Wesley, who at least he had a better death than Anya, but I have to ask — what is Joss’s obsession with killing off major characters? We get it, Joss, you like to go for the big shock, but after a while, it gets a little Shyamalan for me), and when I turned on the Olympics, I was shocked and appalled to see that the DVR was not recording. No reason, no conflicts, just decided to rob me of my joy. And I tuned in to find what? Michael Phelps has won another gold medal, and the US men’s gymnastics team was leading after three rotations. They’re back in second after four, and they could actually end up with a silver. When I heard the Hamms were out before the games ever started, I felt a little sick, but I was also kinda looking forward to see what the team would do. There is something about a team losing its leaders for the specific event of the Olympics that makes everyone just step it up a million notches and decide to kick some butt. Even knowing that our team was expected to barely contend for the bronze, I was not surprised to see them leading after three rotations. And then the first thing I got to see was Jonathan Horton’s high bar routine, which made me squee with glee. And then came Justin Spring, who is of mixed species — one parent is human, the other a monkey, and again I made with the squeeing.

I really wish I hadn’t missed the first three events (or that the first three included the floor routine — the tumbling is great, but all the awkwardness in between, with the weird pirouettes and flinging the body around in weird jerky motions, just makes me uncomfortable). But really I’m just waiting up for Sasha Artemev’s pommel horse routine. I totally ovulated this weekend when he got flying on the horse.

Oh, Joe Hagerty. I want to bake him a pie and tell him it will be okay. And hello Jonathan Horton! That floor routine was superb.

The pommel horse. It is killing us. Please, Sasha, you must do what you did Saturday and kill it. YEAH! MAN, THAT WAS AWESOME! Oh please take the camera off Durante. I can’t handle seeing a man overwhelmed with emotion. Class act, that guy. I want to bake him a pie, too, though. Blackberry with extra cinnamon.

So after all that, maybe we get a bronze, because we can’t catch Japan after our disastrous pommel horse (excluding my new boyfriend, Sasha). Now it hinges on how Germany fares with the same apparatus. Eh, they can’t catch us.

And it’s official. Bronze in the men’s team gymnastics! Great job, dudes!

Nice try, Froggies!

Not to kick them while they’re down, but that whole trash-talking the USA thing just didn’t work out well for the French 4×100 Freestyle Relay team. WHAT A FINISH! That was one of the most exciting races I’ve ever watched, and I jumped right off the couch when Lezak touched the wall in first place (by .08 seconds). Fastest relay split in history, y’all.

Dudes, that was AWESOME.

Go USA Women’s Sabre!

Medal sweep. I LOVE the Olympics. Especially when we win. One note about watching the gold medal match: Zagunis screams like a banshee when she makes a point. I’d hate to see her lose something.

Opening ceremony 8-8-8

So I’ve set the DVR to record everything marked “Summer Olympics.” I do admit I love the winter ones more, because other than Ice Dancing, I can think of no event I don’t love to watch when the Winter Olympics are on. Summer Olympics have fewer must-see events for me, but I watch to support the home team and to marvel in the athletes who stand at the zenith of all the other athletes.

Of course, our home team is dropping like flies. Both of the Hamms are out in men’s gymnastics, the athletes can’t breathe the thick smog… I’m sure some of them will leave in caskets for one reason or another (my money is on heavy concentrations of lead in the drinking water). I’m not so happy about this being in China, in case you wondered. But whatevs, we didn’t choose to boycott, so I support my team.

Aw, come on, NBC. You had me at “Bob Costas” and lost me at “Matt Lauer.” Someone tell me how anyone considers that guy a serious journalist. You can’t, I know. And Bob Costas shouldn’t have to share the mic with him. I remember at the 2006 winter games, there were so many moments during which you know Costas just wanted to smack Brian Williams for knowing nothing about sports (or anything for that matter, can I get an amen), so I can only imagine how much worse it will be with Lauer.

The other day, we were discussing the Olympics at work, and Big Boss and another guy were talking about the basketball team (I would call them the Dream Team, but do you remember the Dream Team’s first appearance, which was a nightmare? I’m loathe to call them Dreamy ever since.). One of them mentioned Kobe, the (alleged) rapist. I said, “Oh, is Kobe in?” “Yes.” “I’m out.” I don’t know why, maybe it’s the predator thing, maybe it’s the prima donna thing, but I can’t root for that guy. No matter what team he’s on.

Wow. This drum thing at the beginning of the opening ceremonies. AWESOME. Also awesome: Matt Lauer’s lameness. I wonder: If any of the drummers get out of sync with the others, does the Chinese government disappear them? I jest, but this is truly amazing. I am a little creeped out by the red line in the middle of the drummers’ foreheads — it looks like someone struck each one with a hatchet, and they’ve bled do death. You’ve seen it in the movies, you know what I’m saying. Lauer is now saying that it’s a little intimidating to see the synchronized drumming; maybe if you’re my dog and scared of thunder. 2008 drummers in that little ditty. Bravo, dudes.

Ooh, pretty sparklies. Oh, now that’s just freaking cool, with the rings raising up like that. WOW.

The Bird’s Nest is way cool looking with all the lights.

The guqin. I love that instrument so hard. It makes me all trancey. The calligraphy thing was neat, but the highlight for me was the guqin.

LOVE the bamboo-to-paper thing, all done with beautiful precision by people. Applause!

Um, this might be the first time I ever cried at a Coca-Cola commercial, of all things. Hallmark, yes, vacuum cleaners, yes, Coca-Cola? That bird’s nest thing was adorable.

The thing with the oars? Wicked cool.

Flourishing dancing gesturing ladies. Beautiful.

More pretty sparklies! This has been one of the most visually magnificent opening ceremonies I’ve ever seen.

Tai Chi concentric circles. Wow. Have I said wow a lot while watching this? Well, it’s wowful, so sue me.

The thing with the planets is cool, though I had to force myself to ignore that the big globe in the middle looks like the AT&T logo, and as we know, I hate them. Sarah Brightman looks gorgeous.

The Chinese are pretty good at fireworks. I wonder why. ;-)

I love the Parade of Nations. I always make with the waterworks during this. One of my favorite things is to see athletes parading around the floor with their cameras and video cameras, taping the crowds. Our First Lady is just so classy; I love her. Can you imagine getting to be the flag-bearer for your nation? What an honor. Look at the flagbearer for Israel. So happy to be carrying the flag.

Security must be insane at the Opening Ceremony. Can you imagine? All those diplomats. President of the United States, Prime Minister of Japan, the whatever of China… I’m thinking cavity searches were involved. I’m sad for the Taiwanese. Can’t even carry their own flag, have to use a special Olympic flag like the Russians had to in what, 1992? 96? But look how happy they are to be there. Mauritania had a coup this week? Oh, good. Democracy overthrown. Is the crowd at the ceremony cheering Pakistan or booing them? They got loud anyway. I love Bob Costas. “Cutter [Qatar], pronounced that way despite the spelling.” Oh, there’s President Bush checking his watch. And it always happens during that one second when the camera is watching, doesn’t it?

Canada’s team is gigantic.

IRAQ! Ok, I’m crying. The crowd gives a big welcome. A big jeer for Iran right after that. I’m on the fence whether to be sad that they’re jeered. A lot of people in Iran want another revolution (a good one this time). But then I see that there are no women on the Iranian team, because Iran is under Sharia law, and Sharia law despises and oppresses women. And part of me thinks that the men on the team wouldn’t be on the team if they had a problem with that, while the other part of me figures they would probably be killed if they refused to participate on principles. I’m so thankful to live in America. It’s not perfect, but it’s the most free.
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4 OTs

FOUR. Four overtimes. FOUR. And I couldn’t watch it.

And btw, _Jon, my Stars are totally gonna kick your Wings’ pinkytoes in the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS! I’m so excited my Stars are in the conference finals, whether I can watch or not.

As to the not watching, dudes, I can’t take it. 61 saves out of Marty. 61. In a quadruple overtime win. Any critics who hadn’t already changed their minds about Marty’s playoff stamina because there hadn’t been a five-plus-hour overtime win may now shut up.

Modano and Morrow are killing this season, and especially this playoff season, it’s like old Modano, and I just may die from the sheer pain of having to miss it all.

Someone should tape these games and send them to me. Yes, I would even watch on a VCR.

Maybe it’ll be an ESPN instant classic.

I’m dying, y’all.

Go Stars!

Super Bowl – ok, mainly just the commercials

Ok, um. The national anthem? Hello. Y’all know I can’t stand it when people trick up the anthem. But Jordin Sparks was just fantastic. I give it to her. She can sing the Star-Spangled Banner any way she likes, tricked up or not. In fact, that’s pretty much the most I’ve liked her since the first few weeks of the top twelve last year.

That Walter Peyton trophy that they gave to that one guy for being charitable and stuff? It looked like a giant hunk of milk chocolate. I half expected the guy who received it to lean down and bite its head off. Was that just me?

I can’t tell y’all how much I love the fact that Troy Aikman is doing the commentary at the Super Bowl. It warms my heart.

Since I’m a Cowboys fan and therefore hate the Football Giants with all of my being, I am rooting against the Football Giants and therefore for the Patriots. I like underdogs, but not non-Cowboys NFC East teams. That said, I don’t really care about this game that much. I’m in it for the commercials and the House episode that immediately follows, yo.

*The Bud Light fire-breather was funny.
*The car commercial that parodied The Godfather? Could have been better.\

You know what’s awesome about the DVR? We started the game a couple of hours late, and we can just fast forward through all the recapping of plays. Of course, the downside is that that’s when Troy’s talking.

*Troy in a commercial! Yay! That’s a good one, the Pepsi one with the bobbleheads and Chris Kattan. Cute.
*We love the Terminator series. We already like it more than the movies. I adore Summer Glau’s terminator character.
*The Bud Light commercial with the wine and cheese party is funny. “Goin’ on a cheese run.” Haha.
*The shoe commerical. I thought it was either for Nike or a video game.

Not related:
*I bought Frank some new jeans, because all of his jeans were just looking ridiculous. Baggy because I don’t feed him, tattered because he wears them a lot… Anyway, his new ones look hot.

Yo, what’s with the quarterbacks not being able to complete passes so far? Frank is disappointed that at the beginning of the game, they didn’t ask him if he was ready for some football. Because he wasn’t quite ready, so it would have been nice for them to ask.

*I really liked the Bridgestone commercial with the screaming critters. Hey, the lady screaming in the car, is she the girl from that “You LINT LICKER!” commercial? I think so.
*That Doritos commercial with the girl singing — I like that girl, who is she? I’d probably like to own some of her music.

Yay, the team playing against the Football Giants scored!

*Ooh! Range targets! Oooooh. Morgan Freeman in a dumb action flick. I’m in. Too bad it’s also got Angelina Jolie.
*Derek Jeter is pretty.
* once again proves they’re super-sleazy. I won’t be going to watch their commercial.
*Cool, a Dell laptop that comes in red. It saves lives, too!
*LOL! The giant carrier pigeons! Great FedEx commercial. Best one so far.
* commercial with Klondor also funny.
*Poor interview guy with the stain on his shirt. I knew right off this would be a Tide stain pen commercial. That’s a good one, too.

BTW, we’ve started fast-forwarding through the game. We’ll rewind when someone scores, but for now we’re just watching commercials. It’s all about getting to House.
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Mike Modano scored his 1,233rd point! And on a breakaway goal. (It’s a rather heart-warming article. I cried.)

UPDATE: Another. Yeah, I cried over that one too.


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Whitten rocks!

It’s so wonderful to have a stellar tight end again.

That is all.

Oh. P.S. Go Cowboys!


To be honest, it’s been hard to get excited about even the Stars and the Cowboys while living in Florida, even this year. It’s a big year to be into those teams (I’m not a fair-weather fan, mind you — demonstrated by my undying loyalty to the Texas Rangers — but this season has even more energy than usual). The Cowboys have lost one game — one! — and Mike Modano could overtake Phil Housley’s American-born hockey player points record tomorrow night. Which will make him hold pretty much every US-born player record he could obtain. I would be peeing my pants in excitement! If only we got the games here. Dallas / Anaheim — what are the chances we’ll get that one? I mean, seriously — Frank is going to owe me big-time for missing the last few years of Modano. And Lehtinen. And Morrow. And I could go on.

We actually do get the Cowboys tonight, but does it have to conflict with The Amazing Race (which I will be liveblogging at SRM)? It’s just hard to root for a team when you’re only able to follow them on the internet, except maybe four games a year. If I got all the games, I would be so into it. Especially if we had friends or neighbors who could get excited with us. We’re planning to get hockey and football access once we get moved, but it will still be hard to get into my Dallas teams with no one to come over and snack and watch the game with us — maybe I’ll have to make a deal with Frank’s Mean Ol’ Man — I become a huge Boise State fan, and he comes over to give us a hard time about the Cowboys. I’m fine as long as football becomes an event again.

Either last night or the night before, we got home from something or other (maybe when we came home from Kennedy), and our neighbors next door had a group of people at their house. I’m not sure what they were watching, because I think the Pats play today, and they’re big Pats fans, but they were cheering together. And probably eating together. It made me yearn to get out of here and get really entrenched in Idaho and convert me some fans. Of course, they could have just been Wiiing. Hahaha.

I’ve never been able to get into college football. Probably because I went to a university that had a six-man team that some of my classmates started my freshman year. Also because I do not like the bowl system. I get it, there are so many teams, and you can’t do something as elaborate as the NCAA basketball tournament, but I’d like a playoff. Sixty four teams, thirty-two teams, the best records from all conferences — dwindled down to two at the end of the year. Then I could really get into it. Then the winners and runners up aren’t decided by a couple of polls that may or may not actually signify which teams are the best.

I’m sure my college football apathy will quickly subside when we get to Boise, because we’ll have family and I’m sure friends with whom we can watch the games. I got a little excited about Tech when I lived in Amarillo, because they were nearby, and Tarina was really into it. I even liked Tech basketball.

I guess that’s what I’m looking for. Football parties. Hockey parties. Learning how to make star-shaped iced-and-decorated cookies gluten-free.


I was looking at the Idaho Statesman this morning, and there was a picture of a hockey player on the front (electronic) page. I gasped.

SARAHK: Wait. Does Idaho have a hockey team?
FRANK J.: Yeah, they’ve got their…
SARAHK: The Steelheads?
FRANK J.: Yeah, the Steelheads. They’ve been there for a while.
SARAHK: Are they in Boise?
FRANK J.: Yep.
SARAHK: How could you have withheld this most important information from me?
FRANK J.: I don’t know, I didn’t think you cared about non-NHL hockey.
SARAHK [gasping again]: I’ll watch any hockey!

Then I read the article.

SARAHK [gasping yet again]: They’re a Dallas Stars feeder team?!
FRANK J.: Oh really?
SARAHK: How could you have not told me this?
FRANK J.: Well, how could you not have *known*?
SARAHK: Well, I knew they had one in Iowa but I didn’t know they also had one in Idaho!
FRANK J.: You see what I did? I said you should have known. I turned it around on you. You see how I did that?
SARAHK: You shut up.
FRANK J.: We’ll have to go to one of their games or something.
SARAHK: Uh, yeah. More than one.

Dear Boise State,

I don’t like to have multiple myocardial infarctions during football games. Pls slaughter your opponent next week. Kthxbai.


are the Cowboys. And wow, the numbers they put up yesterday. I don’t want to jinx anything by saying this feels like early-to-mid-’90s Cowboys football, so I’ll just shut up.

hockey fever

Whenever Tammi starts talking about how much she loves her Direct TV (and how lost she was without it when she first moved to Paradise), I get to reminisce about the year the Stars won the Stanley Cup. Why should direct satellite TV make me think of hockey, you ask? Because see, I watched the Stanley Cup playoffs that year with a huge group of people… at the house of some of my dearest friends… and they had a DirecTV satellite dish. And any time I think of that room, any time I’ve been in that room, I think of watching the Stars win the Cup with twenty-five other people, me listening to Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh on my walkman so I wouldn’t have to listen to the lousily biased ABC sportscasters. I also think of CSI and Tivo, because they’re the first people I ever knew to have an actual brand-name Tivo, and the first Tivo’d show I watched with them was CSI. Funny how memories are triggered. I love that room. Good times.

I may have told y’all this story before, but I love it, so you can hear it again. Game Six was so tense, and they were in triple overtime. I had made my star-shaped cookies, iced green and gold with the players’ names and numbers (they were awesome cookies, btw). We were all well fed. And we were on the edge of our seats / floor spaces – we were all just plastered to the TV in the wee hours of the morning. Well, Perry’s TV, like I said, was hooked up to satellite, so I was getting the commentary in my ears about a second before we saw it on the TV. I would start screaming and whooping, and everyone else would just follow my lead, because they knew that meant something good was about to happen. I tried to hold it in so they could feel it when they saw it, but sometimes it was just too much to handle. Such as… when Brett Hull tipped in the winning puck, the goal that won the cup (and Buffalo Sabres fans still can’t quit whining about that legal goal). I just couldn’t handle it. I heard Ralphie yell, “THEY SCOOORRRRE!!!” and I was off the floor, practically in the air, screaming my head off. And the men turned to look at my face to see if it was real, and their eyes got huge, and they turned back to the TV just in time to see the puck cross the goal line and all the Stars pour out of the bench onto the ice.

We celebrated (and I cried like the girl that I am) for such a long time.

You don’t get many moments like that. When it’s your team, and your friends are loving life just as much as you are.

Man, I love hockey. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for hockey?