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these things i heart

i heart Publix

I went to Publix last night, and our Publix isn’t one of those Publix Greenwise stores, but they’ve added a ton of organic foods, gluten-free foods, natural meats, etc. I’ve been able to get natural bacon there for the last few months, and the Amy’s freezer meals (which I keep on hand for Frank in case I don’t feel like cooking or am not inspired to cook) are cheaper there than at our teeny Whole Foods (previously Wild Oats). Oooh, and last night, I found all beef natural franks! Which means I can eat a hot dog! I get headaches every time I have regular cured hot dogs, even beef ones (I assume from the nitrates/nitrites), and I’m trying to stay away from pork as much as possible.

Every time I go to Publix, I somehow end up walking down the vitamin aisle, which is also where they keep the “healthy” snack bars (healthy is in quotes because all of the ones Publix was carrying are very very bad for my body). Well, last night, I was walking by, out of habit, scanning the snack bars to see what they had. I actually didn’t even realize I was doing this until something jumped out at me. Larabars! At Publix! And they were four cents cheaper than on Amazon, twenty cents cheaper than the Whole Foods sale price, and forty cents cheaper than the non-sale price! I was so excited!

I will miss Publix.

let’s go back

just some bribery for my sweetie.

cliffs of insanity
looking up at the bright angel cliffs under the coconino overlook.

just past camp near ribbon falls
just past camp cottonwood near ribbon falls close to sunset.

the most beautiful powerlines in the world
the most beautiful powerlines in the world are at the bottom of The Canyon.

ribbon falls
ribbon falls. and this is before we had a good camera.

at sunset at the bottom of the canyon
at sunset at the bottom of The Canyon.

yes you have to go back up
a bit of a daunting vista, especially on day two, when you realize that yes, you have to go back up. but oh yes, it is sooo worth it.

when can we go back?

i heart David Morse!!

i reeeeeeally hope he’s gonna be a regular on House. and i couldn’t help but laugh at the end of House… but i don’t know if it’s because House deserved what happened (aren’t i nice not to spoil it for you?) or if it’s just because i heart David Morse. either way, what a great episode. almost makes me hate FOX less for preempting House for baseball for a month.

things i love

my hubby. i’ve been thinking all day how lucky i am to have him. how really really great things worked out for me this time, and how i’m so excited to be spending the rest of my life with him. it really hit home for me when i was making fish tacos tonight. i cleaned the whole kitchen, ran the dishwasher, cooked to my heart’s content, sliced up some apples, and we had a yummy meal. he loved the tacos, i loved making them (plus guacamole) for him, the dog loved lounging in the livingroom, the cats loved watching the dog.. nice happy family. i love all the time i spend with him (he even waits until i’m in the kitchen ignoring him to watch that vile show The Family Guy, and i love him for not making me go through it), i love our weekends together, and i love being his kept woman. ;-)

being a housewife. i LOVE it. i was talking to my friend Blake yesterday (who got a Corvette, and i told him i’m going to punch him for doing such a thing, and i told him that if he’s having a mid-life crisis, i’ll kill him), and i told Blake that i was born to do this. he said he was too but it didn’t work out for him. LOL. really, though, what’s better than cooking, cleaning, and working on whatever project hubby wants me to work on? be it clean the guns (gun-toting maniac!), edit the IMW compilation (yes, i’m really working hard on it), spend his hard-earned money on pedicures, or walk his dog. this month, i’m even going to tackle that project of getting my hair highlighted and cut (finally!).

guacamole. i love it so much.

Kathy Griffin. the snarker in me bows at her feet. the Hollywood-hata in me kisses her ring. the Christian in me secretly buys tickets to her standup tour and doesn’t tell anyone where we’re going when we go see her. the Clay Gaiken lover in me laughs my pinkytoe off.

having a husband to send to the store. kinda goes along with number 1, but anyway. the fish tacos recipe requires making beer-battered fish. i absolutely will not purchase beer. can’t do it. i’ve never had more than 2 sips, and i just can’t bring myself to buy it. i can buy wine, because the checker lady, seeing all my italian herbs and spices, realizes that i love to cook with wine. if they see me with beer, they think it’s how i get my unsightly stomach, and nosir, it is not. i get my unsightly stomach with lots of hard work and bad foods. i don’t want anyone thinking i have a beer belly. so sweetie, could you go buy me 1 cup of beer? i don’t care which kind, i just need 1 cup of it.

cooking with alcohol. LOVE cooking with alcohol. the other night, we had Cognac Shrimp for dinner. soooo good. of course, i didn’t know how expensive the dinner was until Frank got home with the tiny bottle of Cognac (sweetie, can you stop by that liquor store near the church on your way home from work?) and told me it was fifteen bucks. ouch. the alcohol cooked out, and it tasted like Gretchen Wilson smells on prom night (allegedly). yummo. don’t even get me started on bread pudding with bourbon sauce. i’ll kill for that stuff (gun-toting maniac!).

my wedding photographer (warning:  slow loading website). she’s wonderful. i spent a good part of today trying to narrow down the wedding pics that i want. it’s SO hard, because she took so many fantastic pictures! i get 100 4×6′s, 10 5×7′s, 200 digitals (gotta have something to show my musees), and an amazing 30-page album. fantastic price, too. it’s just so hard, because she took about 350 pics that i want, and i have to narrow it to 200. ergh.

Mary Kay. my Mary Kay girl is in Indianapolis (Rachelle’s sis-in-law). i’ve gotten back into the routine of Timewise night stuff and moisturizer at night, and Timewise day stuff and moisturizer in the morning. it makes my skin pretty, but even if it didn’t, i would still do this. because it makes my skin feel pretty. i touch my face, it feels like i’m glowing. but not nuclear reaction glowing. pretty glowing. and i like being pretty.

for the record

i heart Shuster, Polo, Rojeski, and Fenson.

(we’ve just finished watching the first round match against Great Britain. we still have to watch the Canada match before we get to the medal round.)

i think it’s a different sweater

i heart E.D. Hill. i was just thinking that i heart her even more because this morning she’s wearing her Longhorn-orange sweater that she wore last week because of Texas’s big Rose Bowl win, and pretentious celebrities don’t wear the same outfit even in the same month. but when they showed her close up, i don’t remember the tiny fringe around the neck from last week’s sweater, so i think it’s not the same one.

oh well. i heart her anyway.

Big Lots – you should shop there

i totally heart Big Lots. i like to stop by there when i’m near it. i try to be near it at least every few weeks so i can need to stop by there.

today i stopped in to see if i could find the perfect ottoman, because i really really need one for this livingroom. i did find a brushed microfiber ottoman in a lovely camel color, but i really want something more in foresty green or rust, so i held off, even though it was only $30.

on my way out, i happened by the wall decorations and found a silver-framed mirror, 3 ft. wide by 2 ft tall, that will be perfect for the red & silver guest room. $20. for serious.

i heart Rotel

i’m having chips and Rotel for dinner tonight while Frank eats McDonald’s. i love this dinner!

please oh please

let us have Joe Lieberman. i heart him. and apparently so does my President.

i heart Scrubs

“dude, the only difference between a black girl and a white girl is that when a black girl asks if her butt looks big, you say [for real] yes.”

but Frank, when a white girl asks, you know the answer, right? :D

oh. i. love. this. show.

weeeeeee!! best show on television.
reviews of 4.1 and 4.2 to come.
it’s back!! it’s good!! it’s just like season 1!! i heart it!!

have i said before that i heart Michael Medved?

yes? well, i’ll say it again. i heart Conspiracy Day, too! it’s fun listening to wacky people and their theories.

and lemme just say that at this Texas rest stop, they’ve played 2 Oak Ridge Boys songs in a row (Elvira and Fancy Free), and i heart that. giddy up-a-oom-poppa-oom-poppa-mow-mow.

later, musees!

UPDATE: make that 3 songs, including Bobbie Sue. woooooooo!!!

i heart Fox

i know, big shocker. but it was funny just now when ED went off on a rant about Canada and them hating us, and the producers and Brian started making fun of her. played Ray Charles in the background and put up the banner “E.D.torial” as the American flag flew on screens behind her. so cute.

i heart Absorbine Jr.!

these little back patches are great. i put one on my spine last night, and my back is doing ok this morning. these babies are supposed to provide relief for 8 hours, but i’ve found that i can get a good 10-12 out of them.


i might cry…

i should be working, since i’m here at the office, on a precious day off… but i’m rewarding every fifteen ten seven minutes of actual work with catching up on one blog in bloglines. so i bounded over to Blog Maverick to see what’s new with Marky Mark and his little Mavericks.

turns out Cuban got fined for just pointing out that geniuses idiots (i can’t get fined by the NBA) are in charge of the basketball schedule and chose to make opening night fall on the once-in-1461-days Presidential election night.

not news that Cuban got fined? well, here’s the post that brought the fine… get past the article and check out those pictures. the players standing respectfully, hand over heart, while the national anthem plays before an exhibition game. i thought, well, they should be! they’re Americans!

not all of them. i don’t know all the Mavs players, but i know 3rd from the left, 2nd pic. check out Dirk Nowitzky. he’s a German. i now heart him.

i heart Malkin

Michelle was just on FoxNews, and she’s so smart and correct. and much more coherent at this time of night than i would have been (more gracious too). i heart her.

lunchtime notes…

welcome Instareaders! take your coat off, stay a while (after you check out all of the recipes in the Carnival, of course), and peruse the lovely and talented extremely humble SarahK’s happy abode. i hear people like my random stories and the adventures of a t-shirt babe best… or maybe that’s the stuff * i * like best.

i’m completely addicted to Rosa’s Tortilla Factory, which today roped me in with promises of the best chicken soft taco on the planet and seared – seared! – my tongue with unusually hot salsa. giving my Grama a run for her money, ouch!

this just in… to my cube… Karen chucked her leftover tortillas over the wall to me after the warning signal of “want my tortillas? heads up!”. let’s just say that i caught the tortillas with my chest and leave it at that.

i’ve been waiting a long time for Frank’s presidential endorsement, and he has finally shocked us all by endorsing… i can’t tell you, go find out.

the hearting of continues… yesterday morning, i received an email that my amazon package had shipped, and when i got home from work, it was waiting at my door. that. is. service, i tells ya, and on a late Monday night order at that. i got season one of 24 for $15 (yay), and i didn’t start watching till last year, so it will be all new to me! i also picked up a Chantal Kreviazuk cd. :)

and today is massage day. somebody supress my urge to turn cartwheels, for i’m afraid i can’t hold it inside!

ta, musees!

Condi Rice

i heart Condi.

Steve Doocy finally gets a heart

from me. i heart Steve Doocy.

they were talking on F&F about the poll numbers in Florida, and Doocy said “so the President is leading by 8 points in Florida… that’s good news!… for Bush.”

Jason Mraz reads my blog!!

so i’m working on a Mraz/Mayer post, and i went to his website to dig around in his lyrics. but the front page says my musical love has a new journal entry, so what do i do? i clicky. and the first words i read are…

I heart New York.

but i know what he meant. he meant…

i heart sarahk. she sustains me. i read her blog every day, and secretly i pine for her.

that is soooo sweet, Jason. i heart you too. but you’ll have to pine for me from afar, as i used to pine for you, because i am happily unavailable. :) also, Frank gets kinda crazy/jealous, so maybe you should stop telling people you heart me on your website.

keep up the wonderful singing and the loverly guitar; btw, i ordered your live cd/dvd, and if you could go ahead and sign it for me, that’d be peachy.

about jump drives

my jump drive is one of the best purchases i ever made.
in my whole life.

it’s a SanDisk cruzer mini 128MB drive, and i heart it.

i heart y’all!

ok, y’all are the coolest and nicest readers anyone ever had; i proclaim musees to be the bestest blog readers on the planet.

y’all have taken to self-sissifying. i’m honored by this, and i get tickled every time i see it. so thanks for that, it shows a great amount of respect and makes me think that y’all might heart me too!

oh, and Iowasoccermom sent me money. thanks!

i’ve searched my archives…

…and i just can’t believe that i’ve never officially given Brit Hume his own “i heart” post! egads, the oversight!!!

so anyway, i heart Brit Hume and claim him from Bikermommy, who, truth be told, hearts Tony Snow more than Brit.

he’s the bestest news man in the whole world, my personal favorite, and here’s why: 1) very fair (let’s all nod our heads together); 2) easy on the eyes (and if you ladies disagree with this, may i just say that you’ve lost your minds!); 3) cute little grin when he gets tickled; 4) that sexy smirk he’s got going on; and lastly and mostly, 5) sooooo intelligent.

this just makes me even sadder that i went a whole 9 months without FoxNews last year. what a dark year it was.

oh please tell me this man is a joke

Fluffy is really just someone’s idea of a hysterical joke, right?

i’m sorry, but i cannot listen to this man speak (and no, it’s not even the ridiculous accent – my apologies to the south) without laughing my fat butt off!



UPDATE: you’re right, Fluffy! a long resume does not equal good judgment!

UPDATE 2: he really is a child, is he not? they just let him walk around in a (sorta) big-boy body, right?

UPDATE 3: can y’all tell i’m TiVo’d? i’m about 10 minutes behind. wait. have i mentioned that i heart Dick Cheney?

UPDATE 4: whee! this is fun!! yes! Fluffy’s part of the problem! p.s. i’m officially changing this to an “i heart” post, because i just heart that Evil Cheney so much!

UPDATE 5: did i say WHEE!!!!!!

i heart amazon!!!!

ok, maybe i’m a little overexcited. but anyway, any time i come home and see an box on the porch, i jump out of my car (after carefully placing it in park and killing the engine), turn cartwheels through the yard, and lovingly embrace my bright shiny package.

sunday or monday, i had special edition Monty Python & the Holy Grail in my amazon gold box for $20, so i had to buy it, because i never see it for under $25. so i threw that in the shopping cart, but i also needed something else cheap so i could get free shipping. i’d been wanting to read this Neal Stephenson book that Frank had told me about that sounded fascinating, so i added that to the cart and checked out with one of my gift certificates. (i also heart my visa card, which periodically sends me $25 gift certificates.) btw, Mr. Wonderful failed to mention that this book is over 1100 pages. i haven’t read a book that thick since Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.

point. right here. keep reading. i got an email yesterday saying my stuff had shipped. coolio. it was already on my porch when i got home today.

ok, that’s stinkin’ fast service, and when the shipping is free, you just don’t expect it to arrive 3 or 4 days after you order it!


now that’s something you don’t hear every day…

“Antonio Bryant makes a spectacular catch!”… this i heard from the bathtub and came dangerously close to taking a big gulp of bathwater.

i wasn’t nearly as surprised when i heard Whitten score a touchdown. i heart him, it’s like having Jay Novacek back. a tight end who does everything! hooray!!

UPDATE: Richie Anderson?? aaaaaahhhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh. that was a nice series for #20.

UPDATE #2: ::does the cabbage patch::

kilmeade, you kill me

i heart Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends. he’s such a smartpinkytoe, with somewhat sharp wit.

i paraphrase:

SOME GUY: they said liberal talk radio would never work [Ed.: *ahem* Spare America]. my show is the fastest growing radio program in the nation.
KILMEADE: i’ve never heard of you!


Doocy is the only Friend to not receive an I Heart — i’m sure it will happen for him soon. :) though i did have to email the show the other day because he kept calling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the Dallas/Fort Worth Star-Telegram. NO NO!

i heart my firm

that’s it. firm is a noun, not an adjective.

i heart the way the firm i work for does things the way i think they should be done. i’m still adjusting, as i am just not used to this new concept of liking the way things are done, but i’ll catch on pretty quickly, i’m sure. :-)


as if Gary Sinise wasn’t enough for me to have an instant love-love relationship with CSI: NY…

i already heart this show.

but i’m confused… the lady with the long, dark, curly hair… isn’t she the chick Horatio’s in love with on CSI: Miami? did i miss something?

E.D. from Fox and Friends

i heart E.D.

she just went on a tirade about Kofi Annan, and it was so beautiful. even Doocy couldn’t talk over her. :)

Orlando Bloom

i’m sure i’ve said so before, but i adore Orlando Bloom. beautiful elf-boy, strapping apprentice-turned-pirate, i don’t care.

i heart him.