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Hi everyone! Long time. Please join me at the soapbox.

Gird up your pocketbooks, people. If you’re not debt-free, get that way, and get an emergency fund in place.

Everything’s about to get really expensive when the taxes go up drastically in January and all the ObamaCare regulations roll in on the businesses you work for and buy from (some already have, and companies have already stopped hiring full-time workers so they don’t have to pay the massive ObamaCare tax of being required by the government to buy health insurance for their employees), and the less debt you have, the better you’ll be able to deal with it!

We’ve been working through Dave Ramsey‘s baby steps since May 2011, and you should too. We’re almost done with our emergency fund, and then the real fun starts. We haven’t had any non-mortgage debt since March — no car payments, student loans, credit cards. We only have the mortgage. How much money could you save every month if you bought cars only with cash, paid off your student loans and credit cards, and quit buying things on credit? We have a significant amount per month more now that we’re out of debt, and we’re putting almost all of it into savings. After the emergency fund is in place, we will start chucking a ton at retirement and college funds, and the rest will go toward paying off our house. Can you imagine not having a mortgage? Can you imagine having that extra thousand, 2K, 3K a month? I can (for us it’s $1200). That’s when the real fun starts. That’s when you get to take big vacations and buy stupid things (only with cash, though!), and give a lot more to charity (real charity, not prison-enforced “charity” that you pay to the IRS), as long as it’s in the budget.

Eat beans & rice and cut out the luxuries (including eating out, alcohol — really, look at your alcohol expenditures and see how much money you’d save if you cut that out, tobacco, expensive clothes), and GET ON A BUDGET. Frank and I each still have an allowance. We each get a small amount every month that we can spend on anything we want. And that’s all. We don’t say, “Oh, I really want this, though, and it’s only $30, and we have $30, so I’ll just buy it.” If I don’t have enough in my allowance right now, I wait until I have enough saved up (we carry balances forward month-to-month, and I just make sure I mark in the budget that the full allowance amount was spent). It’s frustrating when I want something *right now* but it’s necessary. I live in a 1st-world country, so it’s all luxury. I’m not suffering if I have to wait until next month to buy the next Harry Potter book for my Kindle or wait two months to buy my Big Shot. We started with the allowance system back in 2007 when we realized that we weren’t making any headway with our finances, and that’s when everything started turning around. We also take 10% from any extra money (bonuses, royalty checks, etc.) that happens our way, and we put that in our “fun money” fund. We use that for eating out and non-fancy vacations, and if we don’t have money in our fun money fund, we don’t eat out, I don’t make sushi, and we don’t go anywhere that isn’t free. We have a small amount budgeted for vacation savings each month — yes, this is a luxury, but we need to visit family every couple of years, so we budget that. We also budget a small amount for Christmas savings each month so we don’t get hit with the whole thing in December — and it is a small budget. We don’t buy a lot of gifts for each other or for other people right now. It’s not in the budget. We occasionally splurge (for Buttercup’s birthday, we bought her a doll house), but only after both approving the splurge and putting it in the budget. Yes, we get each other’s permission to spend money that isn’t budgeted, because we’re married.

Set a limit for yourselves on money you get to blow, and you have a lot more money for the more important things, like life insurance, gas, saving for your next car (we’re about to save for a minivan so that when the new baby comes, we’ll have a nice used van for me to haul the kids around in), and groceries — which are about to get even more expensive. I’ve seen my grocery prices at least double in the last 4 years, and I expect them to skyrocket when we hit the fiscal cliff, which is coming, and it’s not racism telling you that, it’s math. January should be fun and/or horrific for everyone, especially people dealing with debt payments they can’t afford.

And teach your kids about living on a budget so perhaps the next gen of politicians can understand the importance of not spending more than you make and of saving money. And that people will vote for fiscally sane politicians in the future.

Shouldn’t U.S. military planes be made in… the U.S.??

That the administration has even proposed to have a Brazilian company make the next generation of planes for the U.S. Air Force is preposterous. To do it when our economy is this horrible? Unthinkable. Watch:

When Obama talks about all the phantom jobs he’s saved or created, maybe he means overseas. That’s the only way his math works.

Imagery B+

A kid was sent home from school when his pansy teacher freaked out because he drew a stick-figure Jesus on the cross. The school sent the kid home and is requiring him to undergo a psychological evalutation for the crime of drawing a “violent image.”

Take a moment, have a scowl and an eye roll, call the school board if you feel the need.

All done? Good, because I think everyone’s missing the real story here. The class was asked to draw something that reminded them of Christmas, and this kid drew… Jesus’s death.

I’m no religious scholar, and I celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday rather than a religious one, but my understanding of Christmas is that it’s the celebration of Jesus’s birth. And instead of the sweet little baby Jesus in the manger with the frankincense and myrrh or Christmas trees or candy canes… the kid picked the crucifixion as the image that reminds him of Christmas. What will he draw at Easter? A stick-figure baby in a boxy manger?

The kid’s teacher and the school administration should be fired for failing to teach the kid about imagery and associations.

Just sayin’.

Health Care poll over at RWN

I participated. I picked answer #1 on all the questions.

Get a grip, Lizzy

On Twitter, Jake Tapper linked to this story about Rep. Jim McDermott’s staffer wigging out when someone called her Liz instead of Elizabeth. She’s a real piece of work, not one to win friends and influence people. Go over there and read the email thread–it’s full of loser. (And may I just tell you how much I hate it when people say “past time” when they mean “pastime”? A lot much.) And this part cracks me up:

My name has a lot of “nicknames” which I don’t use. I use either my first name or my last name because I row with a lot of other women who share the same first name.

(Um, what’s with the quotes around nicknames?) The offender here is someone who clearly does not know good ol’ Betty, and she’s offhandedly mentioning that she’s on a rowing team. Or, heck, I don’t know Lizbeth at all, and I hate to presume, lest I be reprimanded umpteen times in an email thread–maybe she means she fights with lots of women who share her name. Well, if they act anything like dear E-Liz, I imagine she does.

(BTW, you can call me whatever you want–just don’t leave the h off my name.)

My new favorite song


Favorite People on the Right

My friend John Hawkins has the poll up. I would tell you who I voted for and explain my choices, but I’m too embarrassed that I accidentally left off Fred Thompson. He’s in my top three, and I totally forgot him when I was sending in my top twelve.

He’s like the opposite of Reagan

Obama chose the guy who defended Reagan’s would-be assassin to be his White House counsel (it only gets worse, read the whole thing). Change!

Least Favorite People on the Right

I participated in the RWN poll. My list was:

Mike Huckabee – Big government populist who manages to alienate anyone who isn’t Baptist every time he opens his mouth. He’s the only person who ran this election cycle (besides Ron Paul) that would have made me stay home had he been anywhere on the ticket. We get it, Huck. You hate Mormons! And most likely the church of Christ as well. Huckabee made Mitt’s religion an issue when it never should have been, and I’m pretty convinced that once the economy collapsed in September, Romney is the only Republican that could have actually beat Obama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Romney fan, but he would have been a better nominee than McCain, especially after September. And especially if he’d chosen the Sarahcuda.

John McCain – Let this be a lesson to Shamnestinians: McCain was the best friend of illegal aliens, and the Latino vote went overwhelmingly to the other guy, even though the majority of Latinos are very religious and anti-abortion, and Obama’s not only pro-abortion, he’s pro-infanticide. Also, McCain has been a coward on the issue of the Palin smears — I never thought I’d think of him as a coward or dishonorable, but in the political arena, he’s either a coward or a total jerk. He should have manned up as soon as it started happening, but he never did, and now it’s just another way to push against conservatives, his favorite pastime.

Ron Paul – RON PAUL! I actually agree with him on a lot of issues. But he’s a nightmare on national security, and his supporters do him no favors. Some are Truthers, others try to make him sound more serious by calling him “Dr. Paul.” Yeah, we get it. He’s a dr. That doesn’t make him any more qualified to run the country than I am. Of course, I’m smarter than most doctors I’ve met.

Christopher Buckley – What an arrogant twit.

Colin Powell – He calls himself a Republican, but Republican does not mean conservative. It just means you have an R next to your name. I’ve felt this way for several years, and it was really as surprising as Paris Hilton buying a new handbag for her yip-yap dog when he came out and endorsed Obama. Yeah, never saw that one coming.

Chuck Hagel – Friend or foe? Foe.

Ted Stevens – Felon. We don’t like them so much on our side of the aisle.

Mel Martinez – Shamnestinian.

Hank Paulson – Let’s socialize every failing business in America! All the better if it helps out the unions! We were so stupid to pay off our mortgage when we sold the house.

Peggy Noonan – Self-explanatory.

Ann Coulter – “Let’s act like the tards on the left who have been shouting, ‘Not MY President!’ for years! That’ll show ‘em.” Or… we could be adults and Americans and hope and pray for the wisdom and good choices of whoever is in charge.

Bill Sali – I actually like this guy’s positions on pretty much everything. But he said some dumb things that people should only say on blogs and lost to a fairly liberal Democrat this year. In Idaho. That was a seat we shouldn’t have lost.

Oh well

I’ll have a mourning song for you in the next day or two. And then I’ll get over it and fight harder for conservatism. With Carter 2.0 upon us, we’re going to have to get over ourselves, stop being lazy, and be on the lookout for our next Reagan. Reagan in a skirt? Maybe — if she’ll come right out and say that she only agreed with Shamnesty because Senator McCain told her she had to — not that it will matter, because with the balance of power heavily Democrat and McCainObama 100% pro-illegal alien, we will have amnesty in the next two years. Whatever happens, there are a lot of strong conservatives out there. The Republicans will either see this for what it is — punishment for swinging left — or they’ll pretend that Obama won the election because Republicans weren’t liberal enough. If that’s the case, the Republican party is dead, and we’ll need a new conservative party. Either way, we have to start right away. After I eat the rest of my misery Skittles.

Bad dog! Voting is for hoominz!

Read more »

To the point

If you are considering voting for Barack Obama or have friends who aren’t farther left than the Democratic Underground but are still caught up in the Hopenchange hype, this is a must-read/watch.

Some politicians can be hilarious! Others can be averagely funny.

McCain’s speech at the Alfred E. Smith dinner rocked the house. Watch the whole fifteen minutes. You won’t be sorry. I want to see more of this McCain. I especially loved the end, where he pumped up what was sure to be the greatest speech ever at the Al Smith dinner and made sure to jokingly set the expectations for Obama’s speech very high. Really, the whole thing is a great throttling of The One. Watch it. Do it now.

The One also gave a speech, and it had some funny lines, but most of them were “It’s funny because it’s true” laughs at Obama’s expense. And of course, it didn’t meet my expectations. I also couldn’t get over his laughing at his own jokes. Every other joke he had to pause to laugh or suppress a laugh, and it made me wonder if he even looked over the speech before standing at the podium. The part about not being born in a manger was funny, and the followup about actually being Superman would have been funny if he wouldn’t have said “my father Jor. El.” Everyone just says “Jor-El.” Totally ruined his geek cred. I do laugh my butt off when he whines about Fox News not being in the tank for him. I think this makes three times in one week! “Wah. Hannity doesn’t get the tingle up his leg. Where’s my baw baw?”

In other news, Larry King says Sarah Palin is going to be on SNL this week. She’ll do a great job if she takes Frank’s advice.

I hope these questions weren’t asked of “likely voters”

This is telling. I have to disagree with Captain Ed on this, though, considering some of the recent conversations I’ve had with fairly uninformed voters. An example:

UNNAMED PERSON: I’m totally a Democrat, but I’m voting for McCain because of Palin.
SARAHK: God bless you.
UNNAMED PERSON: Not so quick. I was a huge Hillary supporter. But I really think we need a woman in there.

A terrible reason to vote for someone, yes? This is the same girl who said she’s definitely not a conservative because she has a sense of humor and conservatives don’t. I kept waiting for the badum-ching, but she was serious.

Don’t worry, America. Uncle Barry knows what’s best for you.

Senator Obama doesn’t want to punish your success, rich people. And by rich people, I mean people whose small businesses employ a hundred people or so and put food on our tables (not to mention health and retirement benefits). He doesn’t want to punish businesses for doing bad things such as paying people for their hard work. He just wants to overtax them to the point that they can no longer afford to do business. But hey, in the short period that they are still doing business, the beneficent senator just wants to take the money out of the pockets of those employers and put it in the hands of people who didn’t earn the money. It’s not punishing success — it’s redistribution of wealth. (Also known as socialism, which is also known as forced mediocrity.) And when the small businesses run out of money and have to lay off their workers and close their doors… well, don’t worry! Uncle Barry will take good care of you. He will pull that money right out of his hopenchangery backside and hand you pennies when you used to make dollars! See? It’s all good, Senator Obama is just here to help you be more patriotic.

The answer to your question is yes. I do think we’re all gonna die if he’s our next president. Why do you ask?

In other news, Obama wants a “temporary” ::cough:: SHENANIGANS! ::cough:: moratorium on mortgage foreclosures. You know, just until January, at which time he’ll decide that no one should ever have a mortgage again. Government housing for all!

It gonna be awesome. Socialism always works out so well.

Bad Fred Thompson. Bad.

Do politicians buy lists of contributors from other politicians? Or do they just hand them over and say, Here ya go! I’m sure these thousands of people would love to get mail from you!

When we were waiting for the debate to start Monday night, we could hear three people talking on the row behind us. They talked about Sarah Palin (love her) and Barack Obama (not so much) and John McCain (better than Obama). They didn’t mention Joe Biden. No one ever mentions Joe Biden.\One of the men mentioned that he always gets email from the McCain campaign. The other man (the woman wasn’t really saying much) asked how he, too, could get on the McCain email list. The first man told him that he could go to McCain’s website but that he was pretty sure Fred Thompson had given McCain his info. Frank and I looked at each other and chuckled, because we, too, were victims of Teh Fred’s generosity with his direct mail list. Before Palin was picked for McCain’s VP, we had given money to only one politician since we had moved to Idaho — Fred Thompson. Yet one day, we received a hilarious letter from the RNC, and there is no way they could have found us on their own (they couldn’t even find a conservative agenda, and they’re supposed to be experts at that). We rent and aren’t listed with our new address in any phone books, and really, I don’t think the RNC trolls phone books for their direct mailing lists. Republicans probably just assume that if you support the conservative Republican, you’ll automatically want to support the far less conservative Republican, because they think that if someone calls himself a Republican, we, the constituents, are dumb enough to think he is automatically conservative — and actually, people who don’t pay closeany attention to politics do probably think that way.

I don’t know if Teh Fred gave Frank’s email address out — I don’t check his email. I *am* on McCain’s spamlist ever since we donated, but I only open them when they’re from Governor Palin. I should probably open them more often, though — they’re surely full of blog fodder.

Stuff to read

Scary. And accurate.

Pwnage. It’s near the end.

Typical. Check out the dates.

Sad and funny at the same time.

Okay. Most of that isn’t stuff to read but stuff to watch. Whatevs. Enjoy your day. I’ll be reconciling bank accounts and reviewing journal entries. You wish you were me.

Oh good. My copy of the Constitution isn’t faulty after all.

I was yelling at the TV (as is my wont in political debates) and gaping (when I wasn’t yelling) when Senator Biden went into his speech about what a vice president is supposed to do. He was all up in a tizzy over Vice President Cheney and was trying to school Governor Palin on the Constitution. He was wrong.

Too appalled

I was too appalled (and yeah, a little bit terrified) when I first saw the Hopechange Children Sing Praises to Obama video to write about it. But Rachel Lucas has said it better than I could anyway (with remarkably mild profanity!). If you haven’t watched the video, do it. It’s cult-tastic, and there is so much kool-aid involved your tongue will turn red just watching. Makes me shiver a little. God help us.

UPDATE: Cadet Happy’s take on it. I don’t think he’s far off.

The improvements made to the bailout bill

Thank House Republicans for making major improvements to the bailout bill. I still hate it, and I still want to know whether credit cards and student loans are included as they were before, but until then, I’m less opposed to the inevitable bill (which is the best you’re going to get from me).

And while you’re thanking people, I know we can’t stand him, but you thank John McCain for backing up Boehner at the White House meeting and agreeing that we needed to reign in this big, ugly dog.

If you’re conservative like me and still haven’t made up your mind to vote for McCain, do me a big favor and consider this: the next Treasury secretary will be appointed by the next president. And that Treasury secretary is going to have a stinking lot of power, oversight committee or not (we see how well committees did for the banks and Freddie and Fannie). Also remember that this is making government bigger, and our best hope for making government smaller is the stubborn man we all love to hate. I get that your principles are urging you loudly not to vote for him, but remember that you have more than one principle. And read this.

UPDATE: I know the bill failed, but don’t breathe your sigh of relief yet. It could become worse (back to the way the Democrats initially had it).

This is how capitalism works

Full disclosure: I’m not an economist, and my high school economics course was taught by a Democrat, who did not teach me the things I’m about to say. Also, I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

In a beautiful demonstration of capitalism at work, J.P. Morgan Chase bought WaMu last night. Captain Ed notes that Chase eventually will run out of money to buy these banks (they also bought Bear Stearns earlier this year).

First off, if Chase runs out of money to buy up failed banks, other winners will step in and buy the other losers. They can buy these banks for cheap and use good business practices to build up what they bought into something good. My first reaction to the news was, “Chase bought our bank? I’m fine with that, because I’ve been pleased with them.” We do other business with Chase, and they’re fairly breezy to work with. Bank of America would have been a different story, because the second they bought MBNA, they raised the interest rate on my credit card with them by ten points. All that does is tick people off, and I no longer use that card. Ever. My second thought was, “Hey, this is how things should happen. Let the government seize them one at a time and sell them off, rather than the government buying them all, hoping the assets that back the bad loans appreciate in value someday, and sticking it to the taxpayers when they don’t.”

Second, this is capitalism (for now). Yes, the people who have invested in WaMu are going to lose a lot of money. That’s the way things go. If WaMu had done well, the investors would have gained a lot of money. You invest your money wisely, you make money. You invest your money in a bank that loans out its capital to un-creditworthy individuals, you lose money. If you don’t like that they’re making bad loans, you take your money elsewhere. We’ve known for a few years now that these bad loans were going to make a lot of trouble.

Yes, it’s sad that people will lose jobs. It happens, and that sucks. But it isn’t as bad as socializing the economy. The Paulson plan was a bad plan, thank goodness it’s pretty much defunct. And Democrats were making it worse. They’d slipped in unsecured credit card loans, bad student loans (also unsecured), and other things that the government has no business helping. I mean, just think about that. Bad credit card loans. They’re not secured, so there is nothing the creditor can do to get the money back, other than threaten to trash your credit. So if I default on my credit cards and don’t pay them back, and the government buys up my credit card debt on the *hope* that I’ll *change* my mind and pay them back, and I never do… then you, the American taxpayer, have to pay for things like my wedding ring, my honeymoon cruise, my dog’s heartworm pills, that guitar I’ve always wanted, my new stainless steel refrigerator (I mean, the white one just wasn’t pretty enough)… do you see what a bad idea this is? Say I run up $10,000 in debt, maxing out my credit line. I make my minimum payments, and then one day, I get a bonus (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). I decide to pay $1,000 on my credit card, which is still sitting at about $10,000, because those minimum payments barely cover the interest. A few weeks later, I get a letter in the mail from my credit card company: my credit line has been increased by $2,000. And we know it’s because I paid more than the minimum payment. It’s almost automatic. So I run up $2,000 more buying that new plasma TV I just have to have. And then, you know what? I don’t feel like paying my credit card bills anymore. So you, the American taxpayer, have just bought my plasma TV, my beautiful diamonds, my jaunt to the Caribbean, and that lovely icebox in the kitchen. And you know what? I’m not even going to thank you, because I feel like I was entitled to all that stuff, because some of you have the same things. It’s not *fair* if I don’t have them too.

I have to go to work now. I don’t know where I was going with this post. I only know that history tells us that you never just have socialism for a little while. You can’t just decide you don’t want that social program anymore, thanks FDR. You have it forEVER.

Later I want to talk about how if the government buys any bad debt, they’ll be able to lock up anyone who doesn’t pay and isn’t connected to a Congressman. I mean, if the government could actually keep track of its money.


If you haven’t already seen Rachel‘s and sherlock‘s posts about the Palin event in The Villages, Florida, go see. They have great photos and commentary. I’m particularly happy that Rachel got pictures of Willow. She’s the middle child, so I adore her.

Get it?

Go here. Watch.

Europe is so much more enlightened than the U.S.

They spend so much time criticizing us and threatening that the world will be most displeased — maybe even displeased enough to send a telegram saying as much — if we don’t elect Barack Obama. We’re a bunch of hillbillies if we would dare have a vice president who could survive in the wild as long as she had a gun, a knife, some sticks, and a match — how quaintly dreadful of us. We are in for a right tantrum if we don’t become enlightened and elect the (half) black man.

Meanwhile, Shari’a law is going to take over Great Britain.

Islamic sharia law courts in Britain are exploiting a little-known legal clause to make their verdicts officially binding under UK law in cases including divorce, financial disputes and even domestic violence.

I guess we know whether Britain is going to protect the rights of their female citizens. That’s a definitive NO. From now on, when I hear Brits and American expatriates whining about how McCain and Palin want to protect the lives of babies and want to take away women’s rights to do as they please with their bodies, I’m going to do nothing but laugh heartily. Possibly even die laughing. Conservatives supposedly want to control women’s bodies (it’s about protecting the innocent, stupids, not about controlling the women), and the socialists across the pond screaming about that most heinous injustice are the same ones who will allow Shari’a to murder women if they accidentally show a little bit of ankle skin.

A new network of courts in five major cities is hearing cases where Muslims involved agree to be bound by traditional sharia law, and under the 1996 Arbitration Act the court’s decisions can then be enforced by the county courts or the High Court.

And any Muslim women who would agree to be bound by traditional Shari’a law would be forced to agree under threat of honor killing — same result, only this way the Brits are legitimizing and legalizing the torture and murder of women.

Officials behind the new system claim to have dealt with more than 100 cases since last summer, including six involving domestic violence which is a criminal rather than civil offence, and said they hoped to take over growing numbers of ‘smaller’ criminal cases in future.

“Officials,” I assume, are Muslim clerics?

Oh, hang on. I have to catch my breath after reading the caption under the picture in the article.

Women are likely to suffer more if sharia law, which does treat women equally to men, becomes an accepted legal avenue

Women are likely to suffer more, but they’re treated equally to men? And has the person who wrote this article ever heard of Shari’a law? Women are treated like dogs. Men are treated like they are above reproach. Surely there is a typo in there somewhere.

Critics fear Britain’s Islamic hard-liners will now try to make sharia law the dominant legal system in Muslim neighbourhoods, and warn that women often receive less favourable treatment at the hands of the traditional Islamic courts.

And once they’ve taken over the Muslim neighborhoods and turned those clocks back hundreds of years, they’ll start to infringe on the surrounding areas, until all of the areas melt together and Britain is completely under Shari’a law. Oh, and the expatriates won’t be able to return to the States either, because it’s a little hard to get out of a Shari’a country to return to the Great Satan.

The issue erupted into a major controversy earlier this year after the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams claimed publicly that formal recognition of sharia law ‘seemed unavoidable’

You stay relevant, Church of England. I mean, you’re the official church of England. I’m glad America doesn’t have an official church, but if we did, I’d be a little ticked off if the head of the Church of America just gave up and said, “Well, it’s inevitable, so let’s bring in the caliphate and call it a day. Hail, Islam!”

Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly what he said, but he might as well have. He’ll be saying it soon enough if he wants to live.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal panels, set up by lawyer Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, are now operating in London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Nuneaton, with more planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Those are major cities, right? Shari’a law is operating with the consent of the British government in major cities. I’d start making plans to get out if it were me, but then again, I like freedom. I was at a retreat with the church ladies Saturday, and we were talking about different countries in which we might live. There were a few of us who agreed — there is no place we’d rather live than America. I said, “Yeah, I could maybe stay somewhere for a few months, but I’d have to come back. I really like freedom.” One of the ladies replied to me that there are a lot of free countries in the world. I told her that I can’t think of any that have the same freedoms of America. Free speech, right to bear arms, and oh yeah — right for women to not be treated like dogs. Right to worship Whomever or whatever you choose or to not worship at all.

Not so in other “free” countries — not for much longer anyway.

But as well as civil disputes they have also handled six cases of domestic violence.

In all six cases, he said, sharia judges ordered husbands to take anger management classes and mentoring from community elders, but issued no further punishment.

I don’t know, maybe the Shari’a judges should order Islam to take anger management classes. Yeah, that’s right. I went there.

All the women subsequently withdrew their complaints to the police, who halted investigations.

All the women will be subsequently murdered by their families for “dishonoring” their husbands.

Mr Siddiqi claimed the advantage was that marriages were saved and couples given a second chance.

Translation: Women were forced to stay with their abusive husbands, and husbands were given a second chance at beating them into submission.

The Ministry of Justice said: ‘Sharia law is not part of the law of England and Wales, and the Government has no intention of making any change that would conflict with British laws and values.

‘In all arbitrations, decisions will be enforceable by the English courts if the requirements of the 1996 Arbitration Act are satisfied. If any decisions by these Tribunals were illegal or contrary to public policy under English law, they would not be enforceable.’

Good luck with that. The women sentences will be beaten or murdered carried out before the decisions can be reviewed. You watch.

And so are you.

I am Sarah Palin.

Desitin, please

This double standard really chaps my butt.

The condescension coming from the left and/or the media (it’s hard to tell which is which) about Sarah Palin simply reading a speech has me ready to go shoot a moose and eat it tartare in response. That was the first thing Mort Kondracke said last night after she had delivered her zing-filled, zesty speech: that of course, she didn’t write it, but she did a great job reading it. At least one other pundit on the Fox roundtable touched on her not writing the speech, before Brit Hume finally asked if that were fair to point out that she didn’t write her speech. After all, he pointed out, all politicians have speech writers, and all politicians read the speeches that someone else wrote. I mean, Duh. Do you think Barack wrote his rhetoric-filled speech full of fluff? Right. Get back to me when Barack makes up a sentence composed of five words or more, and he can’t have used the words hope or change anywhere in the sentence. I won’t hold my breath.

Mark Halperin gives her an A+ on last night’s speech. Then he condescends. “She read the teleprompter like a champ, with fine, varied pacing and conversational projection.” Read the teleprompter like a champ? Cram it, loser. You wouldn’t say such things if she were an old Washington insider or a man from the Ivy Leagues. You’d talk about what an amazing speech she gave, and no one would speak of teleprompters and the great ability to read something someone else wrote.

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Holy crap.

We’re gonna win. Y’all are watching, right? As Allah said, “Strident Obama partisans are excused from rooting for her; everyone else needs a note from mom.” So say we all.

Sarah Palin is telling me I should vote for John McCain. Well, um… yeah, ok. I’ll do whatever that saucy broad tells me to do.

I’m kind of in love with her. And that hubba husband of hers, soon to be the Second Dude. And Piper, who is just absolutely positive that all those people are applauding for her. We are, little Pipey, my new pet. Sorry, Tracey, hope you weren’t looking to replace your Beefy Peach. Pipes, I shall keep you in a cupboard under the stairs, and someday soon, you can go to Hogwarts.

By the way, Rowdi is forlorn and a little stung by the pit bull / hockey mom remark. But whatevs, I told her to get over it, because everyone knows that Pit Bull / Shepherd Mixes are always just looking for ways to be offended. Parse every remark, look for insults. It’s the Shepit way.

My mom called to see what I thought of the speech. I was still hyperventilating and all that, but I did ask: What’s the deal with Willow? She’s the only child they never mention, and that kind of sucks. I love her and her name and her beautiful smile! You know what my mom said? “Well, I think it’s because she’s… well… the middle child.” I should have known. Probably why I feel such a kinship with her. She’s my new BSF (Best Sister Forever). Oh ha, I still can’t get over Mike Huckabee the other night saying “BFF” and then defining BFF (for the uninformed among us) as “Best Female Friend.” Politicians amuse me.

Greta just called Idaho “Iowa.” Stay sharp, Gretsky.

All these states are passing! I am furious! Someone explain! Why isn’t every state casting votes for Sarah!?

This just in… all the states are being classy and passing so that Arizona can be the state to push McCain over the delegate count he needs to win the nomination. I’m no longer furious!

And there you go. John McCain is officially our nominee.

If you missed the speech (you know the one), Hot Air has video and the transcript.

Conventional wisdom

Tonight at the convention pretty much made me pee my pants with glee.

*The video about Michael Monsoor made me pretty much lose it. You too? I didn’t figure I was alone. Beautiful tribute, thank you, Gary Sinise.
*How hot does the First Lady look tonight? Man. She’s gotten even more beautiful over the years. And what a speech. We couldn’t have asked for a better First Lady. Full of class.
*President Bush’s speech is excellent.
*FRED! speaks next. Holy cow, the dude is on FIRE. I’ve never seen him with so much energy. Who gave him a six pack of Red Bull? At his age, that can’t be good for his heart. This speech is so full of red meat I’m getting cholesterol.
*LOL. Did y’all see when Fred mentioned the McCains’ kids, Cindy turned around and told one of her adult sons to wave? It was so cute. Such a mom.
*FRED! Yeah, Fred kicked pinkytoe hard. In particular Obama’s pinkytoe. I loved those sharp barbs he threw out there. And also the mega-support for Sarah Palin.
*Joe Lieberman’s speech was good, too. But I felt for him, having to follow such a bleeding red, meaty speech from Fred. I don’t agree with all of Joe’s points and opinions, but I respect that man more than most in Congress, including most Republicans. He has his principles, he stands by them, even when it means being ostracized by his party.
*Did anyone else have issues with Fox’s feed? By the time Brit Hume came on to talk about Fred’s speech, we were sure that Max Headroom was doing the talking.
*Newt is as in to Sarah Palin as I am. And he’s right: Tomorrow night, if she even gets on base, she’s hit a homerun. Personally, I think she’s going to nail her speech. I’m not the slightest bit worried. She’s gonna rock America’s sox. You watch.

One more thing. I have to admit that even if McCain hadn’t picked Palin to be his running mate, I would have been happier about voting for McCain after tonight’s speeches, especially Fred’s. Of course, having Sarah on the ticket makes me cautiously gleeful.

McCain/Palin ’08!

Those Republicans

Such women haters. Misogynists, always trying to keep the women down. Unlike Team Obama.

McCain went all-in with his VP pick, and I think it’s going to be huge with the conservatives. It’s huge in our household, anyway. How much do I love this Sarah Palin pick? This morning, I told Frank something I never thought I would say, “If McCain picks her, I will actually donate to his campaign.” Well played, McCain, well played.

This is all I’ve been able to think about today, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say.


Alice H is in Denver and has lots of pictures of the protests going on at the convention. Here is the latest installment, but after that go to her homepage and see the rest. Poor horses, having to wear windshields.

Fish in a Barrel – A Letter from the RNC

In case you didn’t see it on IMAO, where I posted this yesterday:

Frank received a letter from the RNC yesterday. Simply seeing a letter from those clueless losers makes me collapse in fits of giggles, because I know they’re going to ask for money, and the answer is always a resounding “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Anyway, y’all know where this is going, so I’ll just get started.

First, the date:

Wednesday Morning

Hey, that’s *today’s* date (well, it was this morning)! Seriously, what kind of date is “Wednesday Morning”? We get those roughly fifty-two times a year. I’m starting to think they recycle these letters. Dear Mr. J, blah blah blah, ah.

I don’t want to believe you’ve abandoned the Republican Party

I don’t want to believe the Republican Party’s abandoned me either, but I also didn’t want to believe that they killed off Captain America or that Buffy broke up with Spike. Lousy do-gooder.

but I have to ask… Have you given up?

Um, duh? Has any conservative not given up?

Our records show we have not yet received your Republican National Committee membership renewal for the critical 2008 presidential election year.

Presumptive much? Your records should also show you have not yet received our Republican National Committee membership renewal since about 2004, when the Republicans started acting like they didn’t win that election and started being like Democrats with the spending and the hating conservatives.

As the Treasurer of the RNC, I know our Party’s success depends directly on grassroots leaders like you.

What? The Treasurer wrote this letter? Why don’t you just get the RNC Historian to write to us so we know just how important we are?

So I am surprised and concerned especially because I know how generously you supported President Bush and the RNC in the past.

And after that generous support, imagine our surprise when President Bush and the RNC started screwing us every chance they got! (Except lately, with the oil thing, but he should have done that ages ago.)

You helped to advance our vision for America and elect Republicans at all levels of government.

Hey, we accept no credit/blame for anyone but the conservative one. Or two. There are two, right? Please tell me there are two.

Mr. J, I know other things come up, and perhaps you’ve just been delayed in renewing your membership. If that’s the case, I understand.

I hope you also understand that we hate you and would moon you from the back seat if we passed you on the highway.

But we’ve not heard from you this year — and I hope you haven’t deserted our Party.

Party with a capital P. They’re important.

Your generous financial assistance and active involvement are more important than ever as we work to elect a new Republican president and Congress.

But we asked for a conservative president and Congress, not Republican ones. Sorry to nitpick.

There is so much at stake. The Democrats are determined to put a liberal like Barack Obama in the White House,

The Republicans are determined to put a liberal like John McCain in the White House, so your argument would have gone better if you’d called Obama a socialist.

expand their narrow majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, and push our country to the Left [again with the capitals?] with their agenda of high taxes, big government and weakened national security.

Big government and weakened national security. That reminds me of this one time when the president passed every bill the big government Democrats put in front of him and this other time when John McCain decided that sovereign borders have nothing to do with national security. Good times.
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