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For tracey

And the Sudden Yurt Commune.

Well, obviously, we need to move in.

tray is fireblogging

I meant to link to tray earlier this week. She’s in San Diego and has a lot of great posts about the fires in California. Please go read about what is going on out there. There are too many great posts to link, so just start at the top and keep scrolling.

fat kitteh!

Omen went back to the vet for her leukemia booster shot. She has gained two pounds! She’s now the fattest of our cats. She also got her belly shaved so the vet could look, again, for the spay scar. He still couldn’t find it. So he did an ultrasound to see if she’s pregnant, and he saw nothing. He did the ultrasound because she’s gained two pounds in two weeks. Kind of a lot for an eight-pound cat (who is now ten pounds). Well, at least no kittens! Whew!

We’re supposed to put food up high for the other kitties and feed her rations. I can’t imagine not letting a kitty eat whenever she wants! What’s funny is that she’s on the indoor cat healthy food that the other cats *lost* two pounds eating. I guess we’ll have to figure something out.

And now… for Rachl Lukis, who put me on to lolsecretz (prof. in both links)…

i purrtend

i had no idea

When Frank asked where the Trivial Pursuit cards were, I just assumed he was trying to get smarter. I was not expecting the police.

the a-musing interwebz

I’m sorry, y’all, I just can get enough of the LOLs. LOL! C? Toad u.

the a-musing interwebz

the a-musing interwebz

shame on me

tracey and Harry Potter both celebrated birthdays on July 31. Happy birthday, y’all!

uhm, no thx, Congressional nannies

Go read what Senators want to do to your interwebz. (Read all the way to the end. Dooo it.)

for women’s eyes only!

No kidding. Kate has a post about something most femine. I have very little to add except this: You *know* a man had to design them. And he did not ask opinions of women; no market research before launch of the products, most definitely. Because yeah. We would have informed him.

Thus ends the women-only post.

the a-musing interwebz

  • Well, maggie katzen and RTO had a little bit of trouble with airport security… I know how you feel, mk. Except I got escorted from security and had to get a new flight, take an unpaid day off, etc. I did get kiss-up jewelry, though.
  • Why conservatives (and non-Communists) don’t like Hillary Clinton (prof. in link and comments).
  • Oh, hail.
  • Freshly home from a third world country! Go say hi!

blogger poll

John Hawkins has posted his latest Rightosphere temperature check. I participated, because I’m awesome. :)

the amusing interwebz

  • Kimmy is not dead (you know, I’ve never asked if I could call her that, just started doing it one day — I hope she doesn’t mind). Yay for her not being dead! (Oh, and she passed her step 1 of something to do with med school!
  • Gloria Estefan’s betrayal of Cubans and Americans from Cuba. Go read it, it’s very sad. (For me, it makes her music even more un-listenable than it was before.)
  • Did y’all know that avocado green appliances still exist? For reals.
  • Making Jell-O. Boys apparently need very specific instructions.
  • Susan got to scream at attorneys today (mild prof).

Gluten Ease

I agree with Nancy. I would never ever use this so I could eat gluten, but I am interested in having some on-hand for when I do accidentally “get glutened.” I’ll have to see if I can find some (my local health food store doesn’t carry it) to keep for emergency situations (and no, emergency situations don’t include “I really want to order pizza”).

Anyone else tried it for glutenings? I’m interested in hearing what others have to say about it.

the a-musing interwebz

Just to clarify, a-musing doesn’t mean I find this stuff funny. It’s just a play on words. You know… my blog name and all. I didn’t want to call it links of the day, and I wanted to be creative. I guess I could have gone with be-musing, but everyone would think I was confused all the time (except those people who actually think “bemused” means “amused” rather than “confused”). Ok, yeah. Maybe I need a new name for this link roundup. But it must contain the word “muse” or some form of it. So help! Or tell me if it’s ok to call it a-musing even though the links aren’t always a-musing (but some of them are!). Ok, then.

Ok, it’s bedtime. Oh, if I missed any of my birthday wishes, please let me know. Y’all have made my day most wonderful.

the a-musing interwebz

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. Ashley has been posting her pictures from her Alaskan Cruise (more). I just told Frank, “Ok, you must take me on an Alaskan cruise.” “Why?” “Because I’m looking at Ashley’s pictures. We have to go.” (BTW, just click on her homepage and scroll. Everything is so pretty there.)
  • Sunny Lucas is still not as cute as Rowdi (scroll down in Rachel’s comments until you find the link I dropped to pictures of Rowdi). Cute, though, for a rageful, murderous-looking dog.
  • That’s all today. I told y’all. I’m avoiding the interwebz.

the a-musing interwebz

Go read this stuff. Then come back here for Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter…

…Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter…

the a-musing interwebz

This is a new little feature I’m gonna do here on mountaineer musings. Are y’all excited? Yeah, well, I didn’t invent it. Link round-ups have been around forever, and I’m inspired to do my own now. It probably won’t happen every day, but anyway. When I think of it. So here we go.