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save money without switching to GEICO

If you are in car shopping mode (as I would be if we hadn’t been able to fix the Explorer), will find quotes in your area for the year, make, and model of car you desire. Personally, I’ll most likely look into a Kia Sorento when Pinky finally gives up, but if you’re the Honda type, you can get Honda car quotes. lets dealers compete for your business and sends you up to two quotes (they say below wholesale prices) for your next car. There is a drawback to the site (one too big for me to complete the process) — you have to give them way too much information, as they want addresses and phone numbers *plus* the email address. That’s too bad, because if they only required zip codes and email addresses, I could have seen for sure whether to recommend their service. As it is, I’ll only tell you about it.

is it next week yet?

I’m ready to put on my golf apparel ladies and gents. We haven’t sent the golf clubs to storage yet, because we figure we need to play the course we live on at least once… ever. We’ve never played it, you see. But in this heat, if we want to play a full eighteen holes, we’re going to need to get up early to beat the heat. Or wait until October. Either way, we need to hit the driving range first — we haven’t hit golf balls since Thanksgiving week. Should be a thoroughly embarrassing experience. I should probably take the video camera.

Anyway, gotta go steam the carpets and pack most of the tools and garden supplies. Or there will be no golfing at all.


I am whipped. We are officially on a schedule; as such, we’ve done so much today. I didn’t even have time to write up my much-anticipated smack talk that PostSecret will be receiving… Why, you ask? Because my beautiful boy band won the tournament. Best Thing Ever: America is *NSYNC. Hahahaha. That’s right, baby. I’ve been writing the speech in my head all day while listening to my winners on my iPod. But I’m too tired to write it now.

My feet hurt. That doesn’t affect my ability to type, but it does make me want to lie horizontal with my ankles and heels on ice. Ooh. I could wrap them up in Tiger Balm patches for the night.

Anyway. We had talked about going to Disney when we finished here… but there’s so much walking at Disney. That sounds like the opposite of fun. I’m not opposed to the Kennedy Space Center, because at least there, you get to ride the bus now and then — plus we need to use our passes some more. We’ve already gotten our money’s worth, but it’s one of the best places in Florida, and we’ve been so many times and still not seen everything.

After KSC, take me to the mountains. In Idaho, on the way to Idaho… shoot, take me for the weekend to one of those Pigeon Forge vacation rentals in Tennessee. A weekend in a log cabin looking over the mountains? Yes please.