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My in-laws have bought a very nice house close to ours. Not the same neighborhood or anything, but closer than they are now (the mileage may be close to the same, but the traffic from our house to theirs is much better than from our house to the place they’re in now). The house is gorgeous (I drool over their inside paint). We actually like hanging out with them, so it’s a good situation. I know they’re planning to meet a lot of people in their neighborhood so the Mean Old Man can have a bridge club (just kidding) but I think we’ll still hang out. We all like playing board games and cards and watching some of the same TV shows on DVD.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have an elliptical machine, so on cold days, I may have to take advantage of their hospitality and their equipment. And when Rowdi is bad, we can just send her to visit the grandparents. ;-)

family medical drama

So my step-sister Megan got a staph infection last week (at least they’re treating it as such). They treated it, and everything was supposed to be fine. But a very tender body part, where the infection first showed up, got worse again yesterday, and my mom took her to the hospital so they could cut the body part open and drain the abcess that the infection had formed, because if it bursts and drains out inside her body, it’s very dangerous. She’s doing ok now, though she made the mistake of looking at what came out of the abcess, and it made her sick. My mom: “I told you not to look!”

Then there’s my cousin BaLinda’s youngest daughter Cassidy (I don’t remember her exact age, but she’s definitely under five — I think three). She also had a staph infection several months ago. And now she has something going on. Very high fever, which they’ve been able to bring down, but it keeps going back up. It’s over 104, not yet to 105. They were getting nowhere at the Podunk hospital, so they moved her to Lubbock yesterday. The Podunk doctors say it’s definitely something in her blood, they just can’t find what. They’re worried about leukemia and meningitis, but the lab found nothing. It could also be autoimmune (JRA can be accompanied by high fevers), I doubt they tested her for those, even though she had an infection six months ago (and those are big autoimmune triggers). Lubbock was pleased with all the tests the pediatrician in Podunk had run (my Crazy Aunt Wanda says he’s really good), but they didn’t re-run the tests! Even if he ran all the right tests, that doesn’t mean the blood lab is infallible. So far, her fever has not broken, and it’s been several days.

Frank’s dad has been undergoing chemo for amyloidosis. His protein counts improved at first, but then they went back up again. So he is moving on to the next treatment.

My sister’s cancer may have come back. She had bad cells again at her three-month checkup. They froze her cervix again, and now it’s wait-and-see for another three months.

Bikermommy seems to be recovering just fine from her gall bladder removal. That makes an aunt, a cousin, a mom and a grandfather who have had their gall bladders removed. I’d like to hold on to mine.

I am much improved. After my confusing weight spike, the weight is coming back down again. Poo is normalizing (you wanted to know). I have no complaints.