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I dreamed a weird face

Yesterday was Piera day at the house of J. wRitErsbLock and sherlock and RTY came over, and I fixed linner (potato soup and crock pot “brisket”). Before linner, we played Wii (I got the youngest fitness age of all — 29! That’s younger than my real-life age! sherlock was the oldest, WB was second oldest, and Frank was second youngest.).

After linner was karaoke. I Dreamed a Dream that my hair would not be so funky in this video and that I would not emote with such ridiculous faces. What’s with the closed eyes, you freaky SarahK!?! You’ll want to turn it down. This was recorded on a picture camera, so it sounds like I’m busting the speakers. Go over here to see/hear WB want to go somewhere far… far… far… far from Skid Row.

Don’t judge me. I’ve never had any vocal training. And obviously, those drama classes in high school didn’t do much for my acting skillz.