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the house smells so good!

We finally got a Christmas tree Wednesday (we needed to get a lot of stuff out of the livingroom before we would have a place for the tree). It’s a noble fir, and it was cheap! See, being so late in the season and all, when we walked onto the Christmas tree lot, the guy told us the Douglases were $20, and the nobles were “a little more,” but that everything is negotiable. The nobles were marked around $80, and we paid $40. We didn’t even have to negotiate — we just asked how much our tree was, and he said, “Eh… forty,” and I said, “We’ll take it!” Woohoo! It’s so pretty, and the whole house smelled like a Christmas tree within hours.

Oh yeah. Ok, so Wal-Mart and Lowes were both out of Christmas tree stands! I was glad about Lowe’s being out, since we don’t officially do business with them anymore. So we went to Fred Meyer for the Christmas tree stand, and we got the super-most-awesome Christmas tree stand ever. It’s so heavy that the kitties will most likely not knock over the tree any more! How cool is that? I’ll grab the tag and tell y’all what brand it is later, because everyone should have this stand.

Tonight I put on the lights and most of the ornaments. I need to add a few more ornaments and a few more snowflakes and just a teeny bit of tinsel and it’s all ready to go. Oh, but this tree is a drinker. Whoa, I filled it up last night, and the water was very low tonight. So either the eight-footer is slurping up the water, or the kitties are stealing it like they steal my breath when I’m sleeping. So I’ll have to check it in the morning to see if it needs a refill.

I still need to put the lighted garland on the banister (I threw some plain garland up there the other day just so it would look somewhat Christmasy around here, but the banisters definitely need lights) and hang a few things and get the top of the fireplace all decorated. Don’t worry, y’all; I know a lot of you were worried when I mentioned possibly putting a TV above the fireplace, but I’m telling you, even when we run the fireplace from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed, the top does not get hot. The moulding that hangs over the fireplace does get hot, but the flat surface above that really does not. No joke. And it’s a pretty deep surface, too, not like your normal mantel; this is about two feet from the front of the top of the fireplace to the wall.

Anyway, other than the wreath on the door, I don’t think we’ll do any outside decorations this year, because we don’t have time for it, but I’ll be happy that the inside will be all fixed up for Christmas. Besides, the only outside lights I have (that aren’t indoor/outdoor and thus being used either on the tree or in garland) are icicle lights, and I’m kinda eh on those now. I’m not sure why I’m eh on them; I think it’s because the year I bought them, every stinking house in my neighborhood ended up having them, because that’s the year they suddenly caught on with everyone. I don’t see as many now, but I’m ready for something new. If we were doing outside lights this year, I would want to order new Christmas lights. I’m big into mini lights, and I just saw that they now come in white frost and snow! How precious is that? I also love the LED Christmas lights. Not the brightly colored ones — oh, I shall have to take pictures around the nearby neighborhoods for you, because some of the houses are sporting so many multi-colored lights that it looks like a kid just got out there with his glow-in-the-dark finger paints and went to town. But I do love the little berry ones (in warm white or red) and several of the other LEDs. On the color front, I’m pretty much into only red where lights are concerned. Especially with LEDs — with blue ones, I’d come home to see a thousand computer indicator lights staring at me. Ok, next year we must do outside lights. Tasteful outside lights put up by adults.

Anyway, since our place can fit everyone comfortably, we’re actually having Christmas with Frank’s family over here this year. I’m so excited! Company!

Now to just work out the menu with my mother-in-law and learn how to make gluten-free pie crust.

i can almost see my countertops

Even though I made sure to bring only clean dishes with us (the dirty ones I just threw out — haha, just kidding, I washed them), I still didn’t like the fact that they’d all been in cardboard boxes, so I decided to rinse them all. Well. The big problem with that is that I didn’t have a volunteer to dry the dishes (ahem, Mr. J), so I was having to dry them all right after I rinsed each one, not having a dish drainer. I finally just bought one of those. But there are so many dishes, appliances, etc., that I can only do a few at a time or else I have to follow behind myself with a towel… So I just let them dry while I unpack boxes, which means it has taken a while. Anyway, long, boring story short, I’m almost there. And the best part is that I think I’ll actually have room for everything! I even have drawers for my aprons and towels and a whole entire drawer for entertaining / serving items. And that’s on top of having a very deep sink (yay!), awesome fixtures, beautiful cabinets made of actual wood, wood floors (or laminate, I don’t know, but they’re pretty), and awesome appliances. The dishwasher makes no noise, the microwave makes no noise, the range is great. The fridge is tiny, and there is no pantry, but there are enough great things about the kitchen to make up for those drawbacks.

I can’t wait to show y’all pictures. But first I have to find the beautiful countertops.

What is it, peeps?

There’s this stuff outside. It’s on the ground, on the rooftops, cars, fences, trees, our patio table and chairs, the street, the mountains in the distance… It’s a white substance that looks like a blanket, and it seems to be stuck there. I remember seeing something like it in Amarillo, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember. Anyone know what it is?

the House of J

Ok, it’s still not put together, so I can’t show you pictures just yet, but when y’all see them you will all want to come visit the House of J. I’ll give you the brief scoop, though. It’s two stories — I’ve actually never lived in a two-story house. The closest I ever came was a townhouse apartment my mom rented, and I only lived there for two months; I’ve also lived in second-floor apartments. But never stairs in my house, rented or not. So y’all know that thing that everyone does at Christmas with the garland on the stairway banisters? Oh yeah, I’ve already thrown some up there just because I can — I still need to arrange it, put lights in it, and make it all pretty, but there is garland on a banister in our house! And I’ve actually never had a preference, one story or two, but I am loving the fact that if it’s too cold downstairs, I don’t have to turn the heat up — I just have to go upstairs.

Alright. Three bedrooms. The master isn’t any bigger than what we had before, but it’s set up better. There are windows everywhere and a big walk-in closet with shelves and everything. In the master there is a 3/4 bath with a nice double-sized walk-in shower. A LOT of cabinet space in the bathroom — a huge improvement over our Florida house — and several drawers. Oh, and on top of that, we have a linen closet floor to ceiling. The countertops and floor are tile. The second bedroom, which I think we’ll use as a reading and game room, has a little indented sitting area, a nice-sized walk-in, and a view. You open the blinds in there and are staring at the mountains. I tried to convince Frank to make that the master, but he insisted it is too small. But what a nice place to play chess or read a book. The third bedroom, the guest room, has a walk-in closet almost as big as the one in the master. Between the smaller bedrooms is a full bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling linen closet, cabinets, and drawers, and tile countertops and floor.

I have to finish this later (I haven’t even gotten to the downstairs yet), but can you already see why everyone is going to want bed and breakfast gift certificates for the House of J?