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Four days

Including today.


There’s an exit sign about twenty feet from my desk at work. I’ve decided that the reason for its existence is to taunt me. It teases me with its bold red letters, the energy it sucks from the room and from me to keep itself on, the door it hovers over (a little creepy, if you ask me, all that hovering).

Monday one of my coworkers gave her notice. She found a great job and only has to come here until the end of next week. Lucky girl.

And then there’s me. Yes, I should be grateful that I still have a job, and I am grateful that I have the paycheck. The job, not so much. I won’t go into it here, but let’s just say that it’s not a fun environment–barely even tolerable. Also, the work has devolved into a massive pile of bore. For the last three months, I’ve felt like I’m just taking up space, and they’re probably only keeping me just in case everyone else gets a job. Or as headcount on the health insurance. Or so they can laugh and the exit signs can taunt me.

Since my coworker gets to scoff at the exit signs and get out of this soul-sucking place, I’m taking over her work. And now suddenly it looks like they actually need me here again. I have nine years of accounting experience, and I’ve only become useful again because a staff accountant with a little over a year of experience is leaving.

How twisted is that? It’s demeaning.

I know why things have turned out the way they have, and I don’t know if I’ll ever blog about it, but to give you a hint, there are some people in this world who are only happy when they make everyone else around them miserable. It’s hard to hate those people, because they’re so pathetic. I mostly pity them. Mostly.

Stalking in the bathroom at your workplace: It’s wrong.

So. I was minding my own business at work today, and by minding my own business, I mean I was in the bathroom doing just that.

I finished and came out of the stall. Someone (we’ll call her Stalker) was standing against the wall, even though there was an empty stall. I washed my hands, and she stalked out. I thought it was weird. Then someone else (we’ll call her Stalkee) came out of the third stall, and I wondered if Stalker had been waiting for Stalkee. And then I left, and when I got to the atrium, Stalker was standing at the top of the stairs. She actually asked me, and I could not believe this: “Hey, was Stalkee the one in the other stall?” I was appalled. You do not STALK people into a bathroom! It’s creepy! I gave her a look that said “you’re a FREAK!” and just said, “You know, I don’t really pay attention to other bathroom participants.”

Good grief. Get a grip.

Spoke too soon

So I had decided that “they” have forgotten I even work there and so they’re planning to keep me until the end. But today the rumors are flying again, so it’s looking like there may be another layoff. I mean, I don’t really get having a layoff when you’re down from 400 people to 20, but whatevs. I just hope that if it’s happening, it happens soon so it doesn’t delay our closing at the last minute.

I wonder if this means I’ll get paid for my remaining vacation hours. The people there at the very end will most likely not get paid theirs, but going earlier… maybe?

what’s the deal

with executives and speaker phone? It’s good I have an iPod or I’d never get any work done.

round five

It looks like I’ve survived round five and probably have about a month left at my job.


So last week was a very bad week for my company. Super-bad. Yesterday, we learned that starting Friday and ending next Friday, they’re letting most of us go, keeping somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five people for a couple of months, maybe a little longer.

This is a horrible time to look for a job in Boise. I won’t actually be looking for one if I’m let go–I’ll be retiring again to my two favorite jobs ever–housewife and writer. I would really like to hold on to my job until after we’ve bought this house, but I don’t know how realistic it is to hope for that. But I have a lot of coworkers who will be dumped into the awful Boise job market. There’s nothing out there. I know people who have been looking for months and found nothing. And I hear that most of the people in the other departments weren’t even looking until Friday or yesterday.

So it’s bad for a lot of people, especially the owners. It’s terribly sad.

Personally, I blame Barney Frank–the economy was standing on the ledge, and he went ahead and pushed it right off, the way I see things. Thanks for him, Massachusetts.

I still have a job!

Thanks for all of your nice comments and prayers. Y’all are the best blog readers (I always get to brag to Frank that mine are nicer than his).

They kept everyone in our department. Big Boss and one of the other managers lobbied to keep all of us and gave TPTB very good reasons for letting us all stay. So TPTB said yes, and we all live to work another day.

But since we now have few enough people to fit into one building, we spent the day moving to cubes in one of our other buildings. I don’t know how I feel about cubes. I’ve worked in them before and survived, but it was really nice having an office. Ah well. At least I still have a job.

I did apply for one sweet, sweet job last night, and Big Boss knows the controller at that company and is going to call her and put in a good word for me. He’s a good boss.

Now I can actually focus on getting us ready for the big trip to Texas. We leave early Saturday morning, and we’re driving. It may be spotty here tomorrow (just like all the other days!), but we’re taking our computers, and I plan to blog about the trip.

Happy holidays!

Today, we had Round Four. A lot of people were laid off at my company (a LOT — basically only a skeleton crew is left). Everyone found out today whether they would be staying or leaving… everyone except my department. They know they’re going to lay some of us off… but they don’t know how many or whom. They’re still deciding what level of financial reporting they’re going to need and how many of the five of us will be sticking around. I have no guesses. They’ll have their decision in the morning. Until then, we just wait.

I knew something big had happened when I got two emails within minutes of each other. One from Big Boss, one from coworker Emme, both asking me to call them right away. Everything happens in the afternoon when I’m working at home.

I wanted this to be my last job, I really didn’t want to go anywhere. I am the only person that I know at the company who until today hadn’t applied for any jobs and wasn’t actively looking. I figured if I got laid off, I’d just stay home. And that is an option… but we’re still paying off the mortgage on the house we sold, so we really like my income. At the very least, I would like to have a job through the end of the year so we don’t have to cut off all discretionary spending just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mega discount stores are always an option; I’m not sure I’d last more than two days during the Christmas shopping season, but since no one can afford to spend money this year as it is, maybe the crowds would be smaller. Anyway, I browsed jobs today and saw one that would be pretty perfect for me, and I figure no one else from my department will be applying for it. So I hastily updated my resume, got an ok from Big Boss to put him down as a reference, and applied. I actually meet all of their qualifications, so I’m not worried about that. Being out of town for the next two weeks isn’t a big tally in my favor, but that’s what phone interviews are for. I just said tally.

We are still going to go to Texas for Thanksgiving. The only people in my family I’ve seen since Thanksgiving 2006 are my mom, stepdad, and brother. They get all sad and antsy if they don’t get to see me now and then. You would too, because I’m awesome. We’ve had the money for this trip sitting in savings for a couple of months now. And having cheaper gas prices than we’d planned for helps.

So that’s the scooby. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out tomorrow. If I get laid off, I hope I don’t have to stay the whole day to get paid for tomorrow. Oh, I should take my work laptop with me so I don’t have to drive it back up there in the event of my jobly demise.

Laters. Gotta get to work early tomorrow so I don’t miss any more drama.


We’re going to flexible schedules at work. Couldn’t have come at a better time, because starting yesterday, Rowdi is staying home alone during the day, and the cats are in the garage. With the flexible work schedule, I’m going to be able to work from home in the afternoons, which means we don’t have to drive home at lunch (a forty minute round trip) to let Rowdi out and make sure the cats are okay in the garage (I worry about the heat). Instead I’ll get to go home, let Rowdi out to pee, let the cats into the house, and get back to work. We won’t be able to carpool to and from work anymore, but we’ll save about $300 a month. $425 for unsupervised doggie “daycare” (if care means putting the dogs in the back yard and checking on them once or twice throughout the day) versus $120 extra in gas each month? Yeah, I’m good with that.

So now I need to find a desk for home. And a comfy desk chair (but not too comfy).

snippets: the workplace

Elle and I have been on fire this week with the snarky comebacks and snappy remarks. I’ve forgotten most of it, but I do recall the ones I wrote down.

I was working in our accounting system yesterday, which is IE-based (now, there’s your problem). It gave me an expired page error message, and I shouted, “WHATEVS!” at it. I think it learned its lesson.

ELLE [regarding a transaction she was investigating]: This doesn’t make sense.
SARAHK: You don’t make sense.
ELLE: I do too make sense. I’m full of sense.
SARAHK: Yeah, well, I’m full of dollars.


Elle was working on something I gave her last Monday.

SARAHK: I gave you that like nine days ago!
ELLE: Well, not nine business days.

We found out today that effective immediately, we can wear jeans every day of the week. They sent out a mass email to the entire company, and Elle read hers first. “We can wear jeans every day now!” And then we heard loud cheers erupt from the finance department. Seriously, those people are crazy. They have wild lunchtime parties every now and then, music and everything. We are, of course, going shopping this weekend. Not the finance department and me. Elle and me. Elle and I, actually. So during her lunch, Elle was looking at the store websites to see what they all have this weekend (I’m not lying, she loves shopping).

ELLE: Wow, these jeans are $80, on sale for $39.50!
SARAHK: Holy cow.
ELLE: What, that they’re $39.50?
SARAHK: Yeah. That’s crazy.
ELLE: How much do you spend on jeans? $10?
ELLE: Well, you said $39.50 was crazy!
SARAHK: Twenty, thirty if they’re really good…
ELLE: $39.50 is not bad.
SARAHK: Are you planning to wear them to the Oscars? [I don't know where the Oscars came from in my wee brain, but there they were.]
ELLE: No, if I was planning to wear them to the Oscars, they’d be like $130.

Our staff accountant, whom I’ll call Emme, came by later and actually asked me if I’ll be switching to jeans. Well, sure, but not $39.50 jeans. It’s too bad for Frank, actually, because I haven’t spent our clothing budget for three months, and I was going to use some of it to buy new trashy lingerie. But now I need jeans.

My superpower is the ability to talk too much.

So Friday was payday, yay for that, I like money. Well, to make it an extra-special payday, the COO came around and handed out the checks. He was wearing a suit, and we were all in jeans, because it was Friday. So he came in, handed Elle and me our paychecks, and started chatting us up — that was a little challenging, because the first thing we do when we get our checks (stubs, really) is open them up and see what we got paid. It’s like we’re both hoping that one day, we’ll open up our paychecks and find a candy surprise that no one told us we were getting. Anyway, we had to refrain from opening our stubs, because that would be rude.

SARAHK: Could you hold on a second, Mr. COO? I want to see how much I got paid. Is there a special treat inside? No? Oh… awkward.

Of course, I felt pretty conspicuous anyway, because my desk, the area around it, and the desk that used to belong to our intern T have little SarahK Paper Explosions all over them. I felt the need to explain, which was totally retarded.

SARAHK: Oh… um… hi… Thanks for the… pay… I hate for you to see my desk like this… I’m just… um… See, I’m still finishing the quarter end close, and we’re starting on month end, so I’m wrapping up [one of my entities] and also working on [another of my entities] and… Well, one of these days, I’m gonna get all this stuff filed, and… ok then.

He told me that hey, it looks like I just have a lot of stuff going on right now. Oh yes, lots of debits and credits.

So Mr. COO kinda just hung out in our office for a few minutes. What are you doing for the weekend, here’s what I’m doing, glad it’s Friday, yes, me too. And of course the most exciting thing I had planned for the weekend was watching the series finale of Buffy and season five of Angel, and who told the COO that she’s currently obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That’s right. Me.

COO: Really? That’s an old one, right? Is it even on anymore?
SARAHK: Oh no, it was cancelled, but we have the special box set on DVD, and next week we’ll be getting the comic books that continue the series…
COO: Wow.

I even managed to go on and tell him that I used to be obsessed with ALIAS and that I go through phases with my TV and on it went.

COO: So, Elle, what about you? Doing anything fun this weekend?

She was planning to do normal things like float the Boise River and go white water rafting. I hate her.

But so far I’ve only seen obese ones

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, that is.

Today at doggie daycare (we may possibly *be* those people — I just don’t know anymore), Rowdi had several dogs to play with. One was a min pin, which she played with yesterday very well, but today the min pin was fickle and would occasionally snip and snap at all the dogs. But I like that Rowzer the Bowzer (also known as Row-Row the Bow-Wow) is able to play with the teeny dogs at this place. At the place in Florida, they separated the dogs, large and small, and the two sizes didn’t get to play together, but here all the rat terriers, chihuahuas, and min pins jump around Rowdi and yip and yap and frolic and play, and she alphaly ingnores them all. There’s a giant lab named Duke that she lurves and also a puppy pit who can match her in energy and sprinting abilities. Y’all know we have pretty much the most high-energy dog on the planet, right? Well, these little yippers (the rats, chihuahuas, min pins) tire her out as it is… but today, she had a puppy chocolate lab, a puppy labradoodle, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. And the Rhodesian Ridgeback? Could outrun her. Dogs don’t outrun the Rowzer. And when I heard it was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, I was like, “But Sunny Lukis is obese!”

She sleeps constantly these days.

Another funny thing she does. In the mornings, we feed her before we leave for work (carpooling is awesome), because she’s going to need her energy playing with the puppies all day. Well. We usually feed her while we’re getting dressed, packing lunches, whatever. But as soon as she sees that we’re both downstairs and both wearing shoes, she won’t eat. Stops right in the middle — and this dog is obsessed with food. We coax her. “Rowdi, eat your food! Eat your food, puppy girl!” She’ll run and take a bite, then run back over to where we are to make sure she doesn’t miss us leaving for work. This is repeated a bite at a time until we’re ready to leave. She generally leaves about half a bowl (two cups) when we leave the house. A couple of times we’ve taken the bowl with us in the car so she can eat the rest of it, but that was just so much trouble, carrying something extra to the car and all. Now we just leave it in the house, as she is clearly not interested with the prospect of meeting new puppies nearby. And it’s so funny when we get home. I don’t know if she thinks about the food all day, like “as soon as I get through that door that I see so often, I’m going to eat,” or if she remembers food the second we hit the driveway, or if it’s when we’re standing next to the door fumbling for keys. But as soon as we open the door, she tries to bolt inside. I say, “No, first Daddy. Then Mommy. You last.” She sits politely until I finally motion for her to come inside, and the second she’s past the door, she swings around behind the door (where her bowl is) and starts chomping away, and she doesn’t even wait for us to take off her leash. I think the hunger pangs strike as soon as we step out of the car, because that’s when she suddenly forgets her manners and tries to lead us to the house. “I haz food there! Quick, hoomins!”

That’s all I’ve got. Work has been insane the past two days, and I only have three days until vacation, during which I need to do… oh… six days of work.

Today I think I discovered that one of my coworkers blogs. I went over to her desk to ask a question, and I saw that she had something that looked remarkably like Movable Type open on her computer. She quickly closed out of it. I don’t know whether to ask her about her blog or google her. They all know I blog, which is fine — I assume they read (not because I’m arrogant, but just in case) — but no one has told me about their blogs or anything.

Beddy-bye time.


SARAHK: I like working at home, because I can call people idiots, and they can’t hear me.
FRANK: That sounds like something you’d like.

I wish I had remembered my ten-key

This morning I was sure I was going to get to work by 8. A feat for me, since I come in anytime between 8:30 and 9 (and leave anytime between 5:30 and 6). Don’t worry, they told me on my first day that they don’t care if I work 7 to 4, 8 to 5, 9 to 6, as long as I work my hours and get my work done. So it really is better for everyone that I’m actually awake by the time I’m driving. I’m a big fan of this policy, btw, since my Keppra dose increase has knocked me on my butt for the past couple of weeks. It’s really hard to wake up in the mornings now.

Anyway, I didn’t wake up today in time to actually make it to the office by 8, so I got to work around 8:45. This turned out to be the perfect day to not start showing up at 8. I walked into the building and went up to my floor, and when I walked into the accounting suite, I noticed something was up. The office immediately next to the door was pitch black. Huh. Then I noticed that the lights over the cubes were out. Weird. I could hear people talking and laughing in the conference room, so I thought that surely there was an all-day training or something, and I was walking in a good 45 minutes late. Awesome. The door to the conference room was closed, so I kept walking. Mega Boss was not in his office. Big Boss was not in his, and someone from the first office was in there, sitting in the dark. The manager who sits next to Big Boss was not in his office. And all the lights on my hall were off. Oh, crap, the training or meeting must be in one of the other buildings! Great way to start the day. As I got to my office, I noticed that Boss and another coworker weren’t in their offices. Lights out. I know you can see where this is going, because you’re reading this over the course of a minute or so, but for me it all happened over about fifteen seconds, and I’m a little slow.

As I got to my office, it dawned on me that maybe there was a problem. I walked in, and Elle and Em (new accountant) were sitting in the dark, just hangin’ out. I said, “Do we have no power?” Elle said, “We have no power.”

We waited around till about 9:30 or so when the company had gotten an update from the power company. They were working on the problem, but the next update would not be until after 11. 11! So we had a quick staff meeting, and everyone figured out what they could take home. By 10:30, I was finally on my way home with a box full of papers, three binders, and my hole punch (as in, the one I own and previously brought from home). I felt like an auditor again! Not a good feeling, actually, all that hauling.

I got home and realized that if I were smart, I would have brought my 10-key, because I seem to have lost my personal one and my awesome 10-key-esque calculator in the move. And when you’re used to pounding on the big keys all day, the little TI-36 just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

I finally got my interwebs working (I need them for email and to get into our accounting system) after a good half hour of Vista being a terd. As soon as I logged into my email, I saw an email from the property manager, of course, telling us that the power was back on. But whatevs. I get to work in sweats and wearing no bra, so I’m fine with that. Boss emailed and said we could keep working at home if we wanted. Yeah, because I was really considering driving the half hour back. I told him that since I was already in sweats with the fire going, I’d just stick around here. But thanks for the offer, crazy man!

Have done some work but took a break so I could make deviled eggs for lunch.

Anyway, it’s back to work for me now. Enjoy your previously scheduled posts (I’m trying to schedule lots ahead of time for you to read during the day, because I’ve decided I’m going to stop being a sucky blogger).

Ok, back to work. You kids be good.

I think I worried them

So Elle and I were sitting there working yesterday, and Boss stuck his head in the door and asked if we two had a minute for him. We went into his office, and he shut the door. That always makes my ears perk up.

Boss sat down and asked if Elle and I were doing okay. Just how ya doin’? We were fine. He didn’t believe me because he said I didn’t sound convinced. I said, “No really. I’m good. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain, but I got my massage, and I’m much better.” Then he believed me. We talked about some other things, work-related, personal, etc. And then we were dismissed. Weird?

Elle and I went back to our office wondering what that was about. And then I heard Big Boss’s voice in the copy room, and something clicked. Big Boss had stuck his head in my office on Wednesday, about an hour before my emergency massage, and we’d exchanged sentiments about how we were both “just okay.” (Turns out Big Boss had been sick, and his whole family’s sick.)

So connecting the dots here, Big Boss checked on me with Boss, and Boss thought he should check on us and make sure we were okay.

Either that or my debits don’t equal my credits.

off to work

Hopefully my only working Saturday for a long time. But we’re really busy, and I’m still learning, and we have a Monday deadline, and I will spend Monday doing some things that halfhave to be done on the last day of the month. So. Hopefully it’s only a few hours, but I have a feeling I’ll be there all day. At least the boss is buying lunch, though (I’m taking my own lunch just in case).

Later, dudes.

pasta sauce

Okay, so I had a massage last night. It hurt, because George is trying to fix my gimpy leg, and he was really digging on the knots around my knee. That has nothing to do with anything, but I had a massage, just so you know. (My leg was great last night, but it’s worse again. George told me to try stretching it often.) I should move my massages from Tuesdays, though, because I don’t like getting a massage and then screwing up my massage by blogging Idol for two hours.

Came home and cooked a fantastic and simple pasta sauce using very few ingredients (coconut oil, three cloves garlic, salt, red pepper flakes, couple splashes of white wine, fresh parsley, coconut milk).

Ate dinner, watched Idol, ate coconut milk ice cream. Which is perhaps the best thing ever made in the history of the world. History of the world. Yummeh.

Wish I could say more, but until Idol is down to twice a week (next week, yay!), most of my blogging time is spent on that. Gotta go close some books, lovies.


So I was sitting in a meeting yesterday afternoon, and there were two whole departments there. Including my Mega Boss (CFO) and my Big Boss. And Big Boss got up and was talking about something, and he said something about “duties.” My first thought was, “Hee hee hee. He said doodies.” And then I was amused with myself, because how silly are you when that’s the first thing that goes through your mind when someone says something in an accounting meeting. And I had to stifle a laugh. And then Big Boss said “duties” again, and it was all I could do to keep my mouth impassive. My eyes, though — they were cracking UP.

educating the public, one boss at a time

So New Boss started Friday. He’s very nice, I think he’ll be a great boss (I make the judgment from the total of three short conversations we’ve had). But I did have to educate him just a little, in a very nice way. A much nicer way than I might have wanted. I was reasonable and just pointed out that his presuppositions about my dog are… presuppositions.

The whole department went to lunch, and I was sitting right in the middle of the table. All the guys to the left of me, all the girls to the right. I could hardly hear the girl conversation, and the guys were talking TV and politics, so I was talking to the guys. And the political talk was a nice segue to my story about Rowdi and the Democrat dog. While I was telling the story, they asked what kind of dog I have.

SARAHK: Oh, she’s a shepherd/pit bull mix.
ALL THE GUYS: Wowwwwwwwwww.
SARAHK: Yes. Very high energy dog. Very sweet.
NEW BOSS: Wow. [smiling] Just don’t bring her into the office.

Ok, I was so struck by this comment, not because he was judging Rowdi’s behavior without meeting her, but because he felt the need to tell me not to bring my dog into the office. Is it common practice to bring dogs into the office?

SARAHK: [funny look on my face] Um, I would never bring a dog into the office. [laughter]
NB: Wow, that’s a dangerous mix to have! But I’m sure she makes a great guard dog.
SARAHK: We don’t let her be a guard dog. She’s stable. And it could be a dangerous mix if we were irresponsible, but it’s the same with any large, high-energy dog. But we give her exercise, we discipline her, and we don’t let her get away with trying to be in charge. We’re responsible owners, so she’s a good dog.
NB: Oh, that’s good.

I was so proud of myself. I didn’t even get angry, I kept my voice reasonable, and I didn’t call him a dog racist. Yay for me!

Then the entire table made fun of me because we take Rowdi to daycare if we’re both gone all day. I tried to explain that we’re not one of those people, but they weren’t buying it. Oh well. I’m used to being laughed at.

first day

Today was your typical first day. Take the tour, meet the people whose names you won’t remember, meet with HR, get the accounting program walkthrough, history of the company, lunch with the department, meeting with Big Boss… we didn’t get to our desks until after three! My office mate (who also started today) and I only got to look over the books for our respective companies (the ones we’ll each be responsible for) for about fifteen minutes before it was time to go home. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to digging in. Maybe they’ll even let me post something. :-D

Also, Frank took Rowdi in for doggy daycare today at the place she’ll inhabit during the days when we’re both working. She made herself a high energy friend (just what she needed), and they played all day. So she’ll go once a week or so for all-day socialization until we’re both working, and then she’ll go every day.

I’ve gotta go to bed, but I’ll try to update y’all in the morning. I want to talk about gluten-free dining.


Ok, so this job. First, thanks so much for the many congratulations. Y’all are the bestest.

I’m so excited about the job. Like I’ve said, it’s dreamy. Plus it pays well (not as well as my last job, but the maximum I expected to get here at this level). And the people are so nice, the work is going to be so much fun, etc. The benefits are good, too. No more COBRA! I’m psyched about just that part alone.

Here’s the state of things now: they’re hiring three new people to go along with the three people who are already there. The management issues that I mentioned? Didn’t turn out to be management issues at all. Three people left, all for different reasons, none of them to do with any of the other people there. That was my big worry going into the interview — what if the department is managed by micromanagers? But it’s not. I’ll report to a very nice and smart lady who is moving to a whole different type of position, and she’ll be training me. We totally get along, personally as well as I’m sure we will professionally. We’ll call her Boss for now. Then there’s her boss, who we’ll call Big Boss for now. He’s also very nice and smart.

Ok, so I sent them my resume over the interwebs on Friday. Monday, HR called to schedule an interview, and before she scheduled the interview, she told me some things. Told me about all the people leaving, and about the job itself, pay, etc.

Anyway, I went to the interview, and I interviewed with Big Boss first. We went over my resume, blah blah blah, went through those interview questions that everyone hates (“Where do you see yourself in ten years?” “What is your favorite color, and how does it relate to your personality?” etc. BTW, the color one is a joke, but you know, those kinds.). Of course, “Taxes” is an honest answer to my biggest weakness, and it goes along with that question of what I do not want in a job. And then, my very favorite part. He quizzed me on journal entries! First the simplest of simple journal entries, and then he moved on to easiest of easy. Either I just answered fast enough that he didn’t doubt my financial accounting awesomeness anymore or he only had two questions to begin with. Anyway, we moved on. What’s my ideal manager like? I personally *love* this question. This is when you get to tell them, hey. Don’t micromanage me, but also be okay with me asking questions, even the occasional really dumb question, and don’t make me feel like an idiot when I do ask questions. Because then if they hire you after you’ve given them their boundaries, it’s kind of a pact. And they understand that if they start to breathe over your shoulder every five seconds when the report isn’t due until tomorrow, and you are working diligently on said report, they’ve broken the pact, and they will lose your respect, and the working relationship is doomed. And on the other side, you’re agreeing that if they are the kind of boss you’ve requested, and any failure on your part is all on you. Big Boss was great, I really liked him. Then he had me interview with Boss, who was also great. And she asked me the strengths and weaknesses question. I made a dumb face and mimicked, “I’m a perfectionist.” We got a good laugh out of it. We saw Big Boss on the way out, and he said they wanted to move really fast, to which I replied, “I’m available, so if you want to hire me, you just let me know.” I left feeling good about it.

In the afternoon, I had an interview with a staffing agency, and after the girl asked me what I want and don’t want in a job, she handed me a job description. I recognized it exactly and told her I’d interviewed with the company earlier in the day (I think I’ll call the company The Playground for now). So I was going to be my own competition, which made me very happy, especially knowing that The Playground wants to move fast and get someone hired right away, and there was a good possibility that the staffing agency wouldn’t come up with another candidate that soon.

So not long after I got home from the staffing agency, HR at The Playground was calling. She asked how everything went in the morning, and I told her that *I* thought it went great, and it sounds like a great job, great people, a lot of fun. She was glad to hear that, because she was calling to offer me the job. “Oh, and guess what? I’m going to be able to offer you the job at [what you asked for]!” Wahoo! I was very happy to hear it.

So I start Monday, and I’m not freaking out. Mainly because I went on Monday or Tuesday back to the outlet mall, and I had a most productive shopping outing. I found two sweaters at the offensively named Dress Barn, four pairs of shoes (at 70% off!) and a pair of jeans (!) at Bass — I love them so much. Bass is the only place I’ve ever found truly comfortable shoes. And I would have bought more jeans except that they had only one pair in my size. Then at Van Heusen, I found four sweaters (nice enough for work) and two pairs of pants (they finally had my size!). Such a relief.

Oh, and while I was gone, Frank got called for an interview, so this could turn out to be a really good week!

Frank and I went together down to the job fair so we could scope out the engineering staffing agencies, and afterward, we went to P.F. Chang’s to celebrate the new job. I’ve never been, but I knew they had a gluten-free menu and they even change up some of the regular menu items to make them GF. It was such a great dining experience. Oh my. The Chang’s Spicy Chicken? Awesome. We also ordered the Cantonese Shrimp, but it was just okay. Probably because when you have Chang’s Spicy Chicken, the other dishes can’t add up. We also had the lettuce wraps, which were yummy. The best part was that we asked for a GF menu at the front, and they had them right there. No one had to go to the back to print it off the internet. And when the waiter saw we both had GF menus, he immediately took away the soy sauce and came back with Tamari. Oh, and we got dessert, too. Chocolate dome or something like that. It was soooo good. It comes with a lot of raspberry sauce and fresh berries. Basically it’s solid fudgey chocolate. Mmmmmmm.

Okay, I have to go walk the dog and then I’m going to get our bedroom in order. Be good.