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Reader Dan emailed yesterday morning to congratulate me on a year of gluten-freeness. I’m glad he did, or I probably would have missed the milestone (like I miss every single blogiversary).

Wow. A whole year. About ten months of that has also been dairy-free. Man, do I miss cheese. Actually, that is the only thing I miss of the things I’ve given up. Okay, also the flour tortillas from Rosa’s, but we don’t have a Rosa’s here, so no big. And Fiery Habanero Doritos. Everything else is replaceable with better-tasting food (including, holy cow, the donuts we had the last three mornings). I haven’t talked much about this, but I’m still having occasional setbacks. I’ve started cutting way down on eggs and trying to cut out corn completely, at least in kernel form. I hardly have any corn syrup in my diet as it is. At least for baking, I can use egg replacer, but there is no replacement for egg salad or deviled eggs or tostada shells. It’s okay, though — if I start healing faster then I’ll be able to add everything but gluten back into my diet sooner rather than later. I love corn so so much, and occasionally I crave deviled eggs with all the urgency I own, but it’s only temporary.

Anyway. I feel worlds better than I felt a year ago. And four years ago, when I couldn’t even get out of bed from the migraines. And three years ago, when the fatigue was starting to settle in… Yeah, I’m much better now. Still have some healing to do, but I’m not complaining.

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You know who’s awesome? Lou Maull, that’s who’s awesome. He’s been a reader here for awhile (I hope he doesn’t mind my saying so), and a few days ago (okay, a couple of weeks — this one has been sitting in my drafts for a while), I got a most wonderful email from him. See, Lou runs a family barbecue-sauce-making business that’s been around for more than a century. Apparently all the peeps in St. Louis buy Maull’s barbecue sauce, because they know it’s tha bomb. I’ve meant for a while to try it but for some reason never got around to it (because I’m lazy). Well, the company gets a few emails a month from gluten-free sauce lovers asking if they can consume Maull’s barbecue sauce, and because of that, and because Lou has read about all of my gluten problems… he decided to find out. Even though there are others emailing him, I take full credit. ;-)

Lou went to his suppliers and asked each one if all of the ingredients he buys are gluten-free. (I’ll stop for a moment while you applaud.) And he didn’t stop there. He got the ELISA testing supplies (accurate to 10ppm) so he could be sure that his sauces are clean. He tested every flavor that they make, and only his beer-flavored BBQ sauce tested positive for gluten (and I conclude that since the others did not test positive for gluten, he runs a well-segregated shop).

I have been making my own barbecue sauce lately, because I hardly ever see prepacked bbq sauce marked gluten-free, and they all contain some language like natural flavors, spices, or flavorings… and when I’m running around the grocery store, I don’t usually have a laptop and wifi for checking out certain brands. I have found a couple of organic sauces marked gluten-free, but let’s be honest — they might as well be labeled “bland ketchup flavor.” And I do like my own bbq sauce (but I like most of my own cooking). But it is pretty inconvenient to have to make my own every time (and since I’m scared to try canning for fear of exploding glass, making it in advance and storing it is not an option), which means that we don’t have barbecue and barbecuey things very often. And we plan to get a grill soon, so I know there is a lot of smoking and grilling in our future.

So I’ve just ordered a lifetime supply (okay, twelve bottles) of Maull’s sauce. Every flavor except beer. I will report back later on how it tastes. It had better be good! ::shakes fist::

pasta sauce

Okay, so I had a massage last night. It hurt, because George is trying to fix my gimpy leg, and he was really digging on the knots around my knee. That has nothing to do with anything, but I had a massage, just so you know. (My leg was great last night, but it’s worse again. George told me to try stretching it often.) I should move my massages from Tuesdays, though, because I don’t like getting a massage and then screwing up my massage by blogging Idol for two hours.

Came home and cooked a fantastic and simple pasta sauce using very few ingredients (coconut oil, three cloves garlic, salt, red pepper flakes, couple splashes of white wine, fresh parsley, coconut milk).

Ate dinner, watched Idol, ate coconut milk ice cream. Which is perhaps the best thing ever made in the history of the world. History of the world. Yummeh.

Wish I could say more, but until Idol is down to twice a week (next week, yay!), most of my blogging time is spent on that. Gotta go close some books, lovies.