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Niagara of the west

Little Man went to Shoshone Falls.

Little Man at Shoshone Falls

Two by two…

No power in the ‘verse can stop him.

Little Man plays that funky music!

I wondered why Little Man asked me to bring home the sheet music to Canon in D. Now he plays a beautiful, stilted serenade, because he has no fingers–only hands.

Little Man emerges victorious from mom’s purse!

On the way home from church Sunday, Little Man made a choice. He could stay in that purse in the dark with a crazy green German named Hans and the vampire Spike, or he could claw his way out and insist on staying in the light. He chose the light, people! He chose the light. You can see Hans right behind him, still hangin’ out with Spike in the darkness of my purse.

I shoved Little Man back in later. He’s gonna have to get along with Hans and Spike.

Little Man likes good TV!

I will shake my fiery-ball fist next to this crypt until you let me watch Once More, With Feeling!

Oh, Little Man. You scamp.

Little Man wants to come in!

Little Man, if you want to come inside, maybe you should turn around and knock on the little window instead of just shakin’ your thang at the occupants of the house. Just a suggestion.

The Adventures of Little Man

Once upon a time, Little Man was in the Lost & Found box at church. He remained there, sad and alone, for several weeks. Finally, Cindy’s daughters rescued him from his life of solitude, realizing that no one was coming for Little Man. They brought him to me, because I dig well-sculpted calves, and Little Man’s calves are beautiful. I promised to cherish him forever.

Then Cindy’s family came to live with me for a couple of months while their house was being finished. Cindy and I, determined to make Little Man’s life complete, took turns hiding him in various places all over the house. Little Man hung from the ceiling fan, stood on a plant ledge, nestled in a box of tissues, peeked out at us from the fireplace, and–my personal favorite–was congealed in apricot Jello.

When my friends moved out, Cindy and I shared custody of Little Man. When I moved from the Metroplex, Cindy gave me full custody, and he’s lived in Pinky’s visor ever since (Cindy hid him there for me once).

But now I think it’s time for Little Man to get out and see the world, or at least Idaho. So we’ll see where Little Man goes!