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it’s a ball

I made some cards for my father-in-law’s birthday this week. One of them was from Buttercup to her Papa. I had just gotten my new set of Stampin’ Up gnome stamps and decided that since Buttercup was a gnome for Halloween, I had to somehow work this into the card. Add my FIL’s love of football, and an idea was born.

First, the inspiration…

Cutest gnome ever

Now the card…

It's a ball

You can’t tell from the photo, but the gnome is flat, and the football pops up on a foam sticker. I love how the football is bigger than the gnome. Just like in real life!

I CASEd this beautiful card for layout.


Cold outside

I decided, oh, around the beginning of December that I would consider making my Christmas cards this (last) year. The likelihood of them actually going out was very small. For one thing, I’ve never ever mailed Christmas cards. I’ve bought them, yes. I’ve addressed them, yes. I’ve never actually made it to the stamping and mailing part.

I stink at snail mail.

But this year, I got really into stamping and cardmaking. Add that to the scrapbooking, and it turns out that I LOVE papercrafting. So much.

Around the 2nd week in December, I decided to do it. Just do it, SarahK. And I did. I took really crappy pictures of all the cards I made, and I’ll post them later. I made about 80 cards in 2 weeks.

I had my cards ready, Christmas letter typed, and address labels printed on December 21. Whatever, by that point, I’d been working through every naptime and from the time baby went to bed until after midnight to just get the silly things done. So they were going out, and I didn’t care if I mailed them on December 26. They were going out. Frank was on board with this, too. He knew I’d been working hard.

So I mailed them. And two days later, I got a stack of them returned to me. “Non-machinable.” Since an actual human had to actually touch them, I had to add 20 cents postage to each of them. I cried. I texted Frank and told him I might have a breakdown (DRAMA ALERT!). I was also out of budgeted money for sending cards, so I wasn’t sure where that two dollars was going to come from. Of course, as soon as Frank got my texts, he texted back. “They have to go out. You worked so hard on them. I’ll pay for the extra postage out of my allowance. Whatever it takes.” He’s a sweetie pie.

I only got about 10 of the cards back, so I had no idea what happened with the rest of them. I took the returned ones to the post office and saw a person and got them in the mail. Nevermind that an actual person had to touch them the first time to tell me they were non-machinable and then an actual person had to drive them all the way to my house and touch them again, and oh, I could go on, but we’d just end up in a place where I’m ranting about the government’s inability to run anything efficiently, and why do I want them running my retirement account and health insurance again? So I won’t go on.

I got more back a day or two later. This time, I went to the post office and used the little automated postage thing to buy the extra postage, and oh yeah, I got a little passive aggressive and paid with my debit card but had the machine run it as credit. You know, so they had to pay the credit card fee. Small, petty victories and all.

Oh, I also found out that while most of the cards made it to their destinations safely, at least one that wasn’t returned to me arrived postage due. Hi, Caltechgirl, Merry Christmas, here’s your card that you have to pay for. I hope she put the 20 cents in her mailbox in pennies.

Had I not spent two weeks cranking out cards and felt an enormous sense of relief over their completion only to have my calm diminished (ha, you thought I was going to say shattered because of the drama factor), I might try the same thing again this year. Popping them out all at once and all. But I decided to actually get started early this year. Like this week.

I’ve made three cards already, and I joined the Christmas Cards Challenge over at Splitcoaststampers to keep me accountable. My goal is 10 per month.

Here is my 3rd card:

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, it's cold outside

I did this for Sketch Challenge #368 at Splitcoast and added the twine for Technique Lovers Challenge #360.

Card base: Bazzill Basics (card size is 4.25 x 5.5)
Cardstock: White (some value cardstock from Jo-Ann), light green (The Paper Studio)
Patterned paper: Holiday Dots (The Paper Studio)
Stamps: The snowman is Studio G, the snowflake is one of my favorites, from Winter Snowmen by Stampabilities
Inks: Stazon jet black (snowman), Stampin’ Up! lucky limeade (sponging around edges), Versamark (for embossing the snowflakes)
Markers: Tombow brush pens (N15, 847, 925)
Embossing folder: Victoria (Cuttlebug)
Embossing powder: ZING! red (glitter finish)
Twine: Martha Stewart baker’s twine
Rhinestones: Studio G
Christmas tree punch: Fiskars
Cuts: Sentiment tags cut w/ Cricut using SCAL & 09 KutUps font


*Princess Buttercup has still not arrived (that’d be kinda sorry if she had and I didn’t let you know, huh?). Contractions started 22 days ago, and I’ve decided she’s a big ol’ drama queen. I have no idea where she gets it. Occasionally, there will be something different about the contractions or the way I feel, and I’ll think, “Oh! This could be it!” So far, it’s not it. But whatevs, she’ll be here soon soon soon! I’m due Friday, and my doctor said the max he’ll let me go past my due date is a week and a half, so she’ll be here by the 18th or 19th no matter what! He’s also offered to induce me at any time. I don’t want to be induced until it becomes medically necessary. Friday I’m going to ask his thoughts on castor oil. Have I mentioned how much I don’t want Pitocin? Yeah, I don’t.

*I have one more hospital story to write, because we went three times in one week way back when. There’s an actual good chance it’ll be written, since I want it for my pregnancy scrapbook and/or the Drama Queen section of the baby book.

*I’m really enjoying making the baby book. I have 1 finished page and a few other started / mostly done pages. Ok, mostly I’m enjoying collecting scrapbooking supplies with my allowance every month and learning how to use all the stuff I’m collecting.

*There’s a consignment sale for used crafting supplies in Boise Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I’m torn about whether Buttercup should come before then.

*I don’t get the whole Tim Holtz thing with scrapbooking. I just don’t get it. It’s dark and messy, and while I can see the artsiness of it (some of it incredibly well done), I just don’t think it’s pretty. And everyone seems to be into it except me. I think it’s just the whole messiness of it. Looks like you just dumped out several bins of supplies and then glued them on a page and covered them in dark ink.

*The last month of pregnancy is murder on the pelvis. And the bladder. And the sleep. I now sleep sitting up in the glider.

*I’m up to 14 pounds now. After being at 7 pounds like a month ago. I seem to gain 2 a week now. Come on, Buttercup, get here so I can stay within my goal of 15!

*I’ve had every sign of impending labor except water breakage. You know, the one that counts.

*Rachel Lucas is back!!!! I both heart AND love her.

*Community is still the funniest show on TV. Also, the new Running Wilde (with Keri Russell and Will Arnett) is hilarious and has lots of references to Arrested Development. WATCH IT SO IT DOESN’T GET CANCELLED. Oh, who am I kidding? I love it, so it’s doomed.

*I’ve had this pain above my left ear (just above) for a few months now. Comes and goes. Mainly comes if I blow my nose or sniff or whatever. It started with nose blowing, because I’ve done that excessively since getting pregnant. So I dunno if it’s an ear thing or a jaw thing. I may have to consider seeing my general doc. Maybe I’ll ask her about it when she visits the baby in the hospital.

*My belly itches. No matter what time you’re reading this, my belly itches.

*Frank has become a master of the foot rub and the back rub. It’s my new favorite thing about him, and I’m hoping he’ll keep it up after the baby comes.

Uh oh

When my mom came to visit, she took me baby book shopping so she could buy the baby book. But the more we looked, the less we liked. We didn’t like any of the baby book options out there, because they were either solely photo books, bland pre-made scrapbooks that had zero of the traditional baby book elements, or they had traditional baby book elements but were bland and had few places for pictures and no pockets for keepsakes. Or you couldn’t add pages.

So I decided to make the baby book. Oh, SarahK.

We got a lot of papers and accents to get me started, and I’ve worked on it here and there ever since and mostly finished her 2-page name layout a few days ago. But y’all know me and my obsessions–I get obsessed easily and don’t fall out of obsession nearly as easily. So yes. I’m now obsessed with making this baby book and with scrapbooking in general. On the one hand, this is good, because I have bins and bins of mementos and scraps just waiting to be put into books. On the other hand, scrapbooking is expensive. I’ve been pretty good about not spending too much money–only buying embellishments and paper when they’re on sale, using coupons religiously, only buying stickers if I can think of ways to use more than just the one sticker in the package that I really want.

But then when I learned about and became obsessed with the Cricut, I also happened to have a couple months’ worth of allowance saved up. Bad combo.

Yes, my new Cricut arrives today. I got it on eBay and feel like I should be in a Weird Al song. I’m so excited about it that I’m trying to get all my cleaning finished this morning so I can play with it all afternoon. And yesterday I went and bought a bunch of scrap papers on clearance so I can play cheaply.

So I’m not saying that this blog might get a little crowded with boring scrapbooky stuff, but I’m also not saying that it won’t.