new category – i heart

i’ve decided to add a new category, since i keep getting all mushy and talking about things i heart. lemme start…

i heart Michael Medved. i heart him very much and agree with practically everything he says. he might be my favorite Jooooo.

i heart Glenn Beck, if for nothing else but his theme song.

tune in to the Glenn Beck Program
it’s the Glenn Beck Program
nothing rhymes with Program (that sucks!)

… or something like that.

i don’t heart those On-Star commercials, ’cause they get all mushy and make me cry. and cryin’ is for sissies. except i cry a lot, so i guess there are exceptions.

i heart sunflower seeds. they keep me awake while driving.

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  1. Yes! Michael Medved!! I heart him too!!! Thanks for the link to his site.

  2. I don’t have anything of any real substance to say, so I thought I’d just wish you a good Friday and that the Lord will bless you this weekend. Bye.

  3. sarrrrahhhhhh
    i liked your old blog better. are you still up? i just stayed up watching vanilla sky with timothy and can’t sleep. creepy.
    i close my eyes and picture funky faced tom cruise in bed with me so i finally got up. i think i’ll clean. i doubt you are, but call me if you’re still upit’s 1: 08

  4. oh, sorry to get off topic.
    yay glen beck.

  5. Yay for Glenn Beck! He started off in my hometown. Which is about to get nailed by a hurricane. Pray for us!

  6. Glenn Beck’s great. I’m an Insider. My Saturday nights at work are spent listening to the previous week’s shows

  7. Now you’re talkin little miss. Glenn Beck is quite possibly the only radio host with the talent to become the heir to the great Limbaugh. And Medved has my attention from 3-6. Hannity Who?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! saaaaaaaaaandyyyyyy, you are totally cracking me up. i was asleep. why you no like the new site? i still have lots of fixing up to do. vanilla sky wasn’t that creepy.

    thank you Joel!

    ichthus, will do! stay dry!

    i heart sean hannity too. but he’s on 2-5 here, and medved’s on till 6, so i get to hear my favorite Jooooo more often.

  9. I heart fruit pies.

  10. I heart (most) food in general.

  11. Exile, Glenn Beck is awesome, but what do you mean, “Hannity who?” There’s a reason he’s number two after Limbaugh. I heart Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck. I haven’t heard Medved, but I’ll check him out soon.

  12. El Seco, didn’t mean to “dis” (as the kids would say) Sean Hannity. I used to listen to his show daily, but when Medved came on opposite I switched channels.

  13. Yea Medved is cool. I like his movie reviews. Michael Medved’s ‘Eye On Entertainment’

    Michael Savage will ever remain king of the talk show hosts.
    Mainly because he is an independant conservative/nationalist. (Just one man’s opinion.)

    God bless you SarahK and God bless America!

  14. I tried listening to Savage once. He got a call from a liberal woman, and literally started screaming at her.

    It was a little frightening honestly. Don’t know if that’s how he is all the time, because I’ve never bothered trying him again.

  15. Gotta agree with you Krakatoa, Savage is a little insane (for lack of a better word). However, screaming at liberals is no reason to stop listening. More good Americans should scream at libs and make them cry. Rush was at his best the other day when he unloaded on a commie.

  16. And SarahK, if Medved is your favorite jooooo!, let me know if you need a favorite Agnostic. Purely platonic, I’m happily married. You’ve just got to let this silly crush of yours go.

  17. I suppose, Exile. I just think that if someone makes the effort to call into the radio program, and they aren’t a total loon, it presents a golden opportunity to lead the liberal to a logical discussion that allows them to demonstrate to themselves the shallowness of their ideology.

    Simply screaming at someone after one sentence (literally, he “had her pegged” after the first sentence, and worked himself into a rage without any more input from her other than “but”, or “I think that”.

    ugh. Guys like him give conservatives like me a bad name.

  18. Hurricane update: It turned south and missed me entirely. Yay for not having five feet of water in my house like I was supposed to!

  19. There is a reason he calls himself Savage.

    Sometimes you need to be a lil’ Savage in order to wake the muckadoos out of their stupor.


  20. I like the thing Glenn Beck has to say, but I cannot in good conscience listen to his radio show.

    He’s a Mormon. I have had some seriously bad run-ins with them before (one of my parents is a mormon. Let me tell you, that church is not all smiles and roses like they say they are). Trust me, you do not want to know some of the things the elders in that church do.

  21. Johsua:

    I think you are right in a sense, i.e. that we all have to be a little “savage”. However, I don’t think we need to savage those who actually come to us for discussion.

    Look, Savage has his schtick, it’s what he gets paid for, and that’s fine. He may espouse many fine ideas, but he won’t have people like me for a listener, because I can get all those ideas from forums that don’t come off as shrill and hostile. So I do. If he “does it” for you, that’s terrific for you and him, and I wouldn’t dream of denying either of you the right to your preference. Everybody wins. :D

    James P:

    I don’t listen to much talk-radio. Pretty much only on road trips. So I haven’t heard much Jeff Beck. Don’t remember any specifics, but I seem to recall his show being pretty good, and I didn’t pick up that he was a mormon.

    Do you not listen to him just because he’s mormon?

    Your warning about things not being what they seem with the mormon elders could be said of just about every religion I can think of.

    Certainly I didn’t particularly want to know the sexual predilictions of many catholic priests, or the fund-raising shenanigans of the buddhists for Gore.

    I’m neither mormon nor catholic nor buddhist, but I try not to limit myself by ignoring people simply because of their faith. If those people try to convert me, they are much more likely to go on ignore.

    I don’t mean this to shame you by any means. Obviously, considering my personal distaste of Savage, we can all choose whom we listen to for whatever reasons. If I tuned in Glenn Beck and he started proselytizing, I’m sure I’d change the channel quickly. If someone wants to appeal to me on a matter of faith, I require the opportunity to ask that person some very pointed questions.

  22. One question, and it is the most important question you will ever be asked.

    “Who do you say that I am?” -Jesus of Nazereth

    Your eternity hangs in the balance upon this one question.
    Many groups have tried to define who He was/is, and many still to this day redefine who He was/is.

    What did Jesus Christ have to say about himself?

    Do we believe Him?

    God bless you all in your search for the Truth.

    (This is not a proselytizing question, but I question that you may or may not be willing to answer. Consider Jesus claims and what He said about Himself, before you are too hasty in answering this all important question.)

  23. one typo sorry….

    “but ‘a’ question” ….. not ‘I’ question……

  24. I believe Jesus is precisely who He said He is. That is, he is the Word become flesh. The fleshly incarnation of the Almighty God.

    The Mormon church believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God in the same way that I am the son of my dad. They believe that God Himself was once an imperfect man living on another world that lived a good enough life to become exalted as a god and then created us. I believe what it says in John 1. That the Word became flesh. Mormons believe that the Word always was flesh and always will be.

    Besides that, after the church made several good attempts at wrecking the lives of most of my non-mormon family members, it became personal. I did not go seeking to make an enemy of the Mormon church, but enemies they have become. This happened right after I joined a southern baptist church, a church with serious biblical principles that does not try to retranslate every bible verse that they find incovenient. Just like no patriotic American would listen to Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiyah on a daily basis for their news, just like no patriotic American would want to import goods from a place like North Korea, I have no desire to get my news and commentary from a man who is part of an organization that has made itself my foe.

    There are probably many athiests and buddhists and insert description here-ists that I watch or listen to. Some of these people have useful things to say, even if spiritually they are greatly deceived. That may be wrong of me, but these people, unlike the Mormon church, have not made it a point to attack me personally.

    If I am to be considered harsh or judgmental for this attitude, so be it. I will accept whatever lables are applied to me in order to do Jesus would have me do. Jesus does not want me associated with Mormonism, and as such, I will not be.

  25. I like Hannity more than savage.

    I never listened to Beck, so’s I can’t say that I heart him.

    I DO heart the “Original Eight”, however. YAY octopi!


  26. when did my blog become a forum for religious debate?

    savage is a bit of a nutjob if you ask me. he has good points, but he spends so much of his time just being angry and talking about how he’s the best talk show host ever, and being so bitter. i listen when there’s nothing else on, but he’s bitter, angry and spends too much time talking about how wonderful he is.

    and who let the wings fan in the door? ;)

  27. SarahK, please forgive me.

    Everyone else come to my blog and blast me with your comments.

    I made that post of mine a blog entry.

  28. James P: Sounds like you have good reasons for your dislike of Mormons.

    I imagine there are probably a few good ones, but you certainly have the right to choose your own path.

  29. sarah, i can’t believe these people are discussing RELIGION on your blog of all people’s! i mean obviously, glen beck is the important topic here.

  30. :o)
    see you tomale

  31. yay glen beck!!!

  32. It’s ok SarahK, I’m done preaching. You can all come out of hiding now.

  33. Gotta go with you on the sunflower seeds. Nothing beats a handful o’ barbeque sunflower seeds. Except maybe a mouthful… Oh, maybe barbeque corn nuts. Mmmmmm… corn nuts…

  34. David Bolden

    Stumbled into your site quite by accident. In your speak I will also grant many hearts to Michael Medved. You like his theme song? I wonder if you know what it is (a bit of trivia for you). If you get stuck let me know and I’ll tell you what it is and which “western” used it as a theme. Many hugs, Dave p.s. love Hannity, Savage, and Rush (oops did I use the R word?) God Bless

  35. I have been searching fot the theme song for Micheal Medved but can’t find it. What is it?

  36. What’s the Glenn Beck radio program theme music?

  37. Michael Medved’s theme is taken from Silverado.

  38. David Bolden

    James is correct. The Silverado theme, specifically the portion used in the closing credits. As far as Glen Beck’s new theme goes it’s a private creation he commissioned (to avoid the copyright battle like Rush endured with Chrissy Hynde). The lyrics are inspired by his own thoughts and the voice-over includes Ronald Reagan. Um, sorry it took me 5 years to get back to you Mountaineer ;)