about jump drives

my jump drive is one of the best purchases i ever made.
in my whole life.

it’s a SanDisk cruzer mini 128MB drive, and i heart it.

6 Responses to about jump drives

  1. Don’t know what a jump drive is but I’m first again!

  2. I have a 1GB PQI I-stick on order from Newegg… Shipping from NJ to VA and it takes 6days!!!? Get with it FedEx. I’m hoping to quit carrying around a USB HD to and from the lab (and the lab machines always seem to have viri so that’s not good). Maybe I’ll heart it too (and it’ll fit in my wallet apparently, a double-plus good).

    Is this where I start singing “Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon…?”

  3. Flash USB drives rock.

  4. I outgrew my 64MB, so I just bought a 512MB.

    It’s everso cute.

  5. I got a watch with a USB drive in it for my birthday. It’s a wonderful little gadget. And it works on the Mac as well as on the PC (which is great for working on projects for my Graphic Communications class)!

  6. Amen. I use a 128MB Attache. It is beautiful – and was dirt cheap.