on inkjet printers

none of them actually outputS your documents face down, so you always have to reverse their order after you’ve printed them. why don’t these smirt computer programs automatically set the print options to print back to front when you’re printing on an inkjet? hmm?

how ’bout it, science?

UPDATE: lest ye continue with this theory that i’m a computer newbie, i do know that the programs generally have settings to print in reverse order; however, i should have placed emphasis on “automatically”. i don’t want to have to remember to go in and change my printer settings to print in reverse order; i always remember too late. :)

and BeeBee has been first on every post today! it’s because she’s playing hooky with Big Guy. :D

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  1. It’s due to the Emmliheir Paradox. It’s unfixable.

  2. I have an HP OfficeJet GX85, and it actually prints back to front. Mind you it’s a pain, if I want to print double sized. But for singled sided stuff, it’s great.There’s a setting in the printer properties for it, maybe there is one for yours if you dig deep enough into the Advanced printing properties ‘n stuff.

  3. Actually… buried deep in Microsoft Word’s printing options is an option to print in reverse order. A friend of mine who was one of the worst computer spazzes ever actually pointed that out to me. She was printing long documents like novels and screenplays, so it was important for her. Me, I never had that problem, ’cause I’ve always had a laser. :)

  4. Both my HP DeskJet 340 Portable and my DeskJet 825c do reverse printing. It’s better to do it in the printer settings than in Microsoft Word.

    Steve Bragg

  5. You cant end a sentence with a preposition? Get out!

  6. Like Steve said, change the setting in the printer settings instead of Word, that way it will apply to all of your documents.

  7. oh, i get it now. change the printer settings. :) duh, i was tired yesterday.