more snowblogging

this from the back yard…

the back yard

i don’t know if that’s the moon, but we’re gonna say it is and go “ahhhhhhh, how priiiiiiittty!”

hammock looks cozy today, maybe i should have a nap in it.

6 Responses to more snowblogging

  1. yipes! i don’t think even Chicago has had snow yet!
    stay warm and drive carefully.

  2. maggie katzen

    wow! oh and it’s probably not the moon, but a ghost. hee hee.

  3. Wow! Real snow!!

  4. Nope… we haven’t had snow yet here in Chicago.. now hush before you give the guy upstairs any idea! I’m still hoping one day I’ll have a snowless winter. ;)

  5. wow Sarahk

    im in wisconsin and im still cutting my grass lol try and keep warm lucky for you that white stuff will melt

    your humble servant

  6. Is is light and fluffy or wet and heavy snow?