i just unburied my car, and i’m pretty sure i already have frostbite. my poor toes.

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  1. aw, I hate scrapin’ the car off. Usually I could con RTO into doing it. anyhoo, I’ve found that a long handled scraper/broom thing works pretty well, I can get some leverage on it.

  2. It so wierd. I did not think that Texas ever got more than a dusting. I though you were putting us on.

  3. eh, she’s practically in Colorado. ;D

  4. I had to put on a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT to go vote! I don’t know if I can take it! :-)

  5. (still sittin on the couch) hmmmm mmmmm hmmmmm.

  6. when i lived in amarillo i once had to help my dad shovel 3 foot drifts off our driveway. i think the official count for that storm was 11 years. snow isn’t uncommon in the panhandle. it just doesn’t usually stay more than 3 or 4 days.

  7. I used to live in Colorado. August is the only month of the year where there has never been measurable snowfall in Colorado Springs. Don’t miss that at all. But never thought of Texas as that cold.

  8. Good! Now go get in that car and go vote!

  9. Yes! Go and vote! (For Bush of course.) I love election day! And not just because I got a half day at school (because my high school is being used for voting).

  10. Welcome to Amarillo! Need some wood? I have a friend who owns a lumber company but doesn’t know it. Vote for President Bush!!

  11. Up here (can’t say that enough) I’ve worked outside in a snowstorm on August 2.

    Yeah, really!

  12. I was going to ask what there is to do in Texas when we come down on vacation this week. Never mind – I’ll stay home in Ohio and mow my grass!

    Just kidding – I realize Texas is like its own continent when it comes to weather. But we are coming down to San Antonio to see our son graduate from basic training Friday (yay Air Force!). Anyone know any good steak or Tex-Mex joints in San Antonio?

  13. Dave in Texas

    Could you find your golf ball??

  14. I remember when I turned 12 on October 31, 1995 and I walked out in a snow drift and I fell into snow. The snow was almost as tall as me in some places and up to my waist in others. Luckily I had good insulation and was near my home. I remember when I got home my shoes, socks, long johns, and outer layer of clothing were frozen solid.

    I suppose that weather that isn’t comfortable without a coat is “dangerously cold” for Texans.

    On the other hand I wonder how southerners go outside during their very hot summers.