this just in…

ladies and gentlemen, soon to be broadcasting from Melbourne, Florida…
it’s mountaineer musings!!


yeah, so i’m moving to Florida.

* crickets chirping *
* still chirping *


ah. good. you’re still there. anyway, i couldn’t stand keeping the secret any longer! now that i’ve given my notice at work, i just had to let it out! especially since i have a Spidade with a big mouth, and a lot of you are starting to figure it out… well, until now, a few people knew for sure that something was going down soon, or i’da exploded. so this is why i’ve been a bit less attentive to my blog of late; i hope y’all will understand.

this little huge move has been kinda-sorta in the works since i went and visited Mr. Wonderful in October. after i beat Frank in Trivial Pursuit Saturday night of that visit, he said, “wow, T-Shirt Babe. you’re so smirt, smirter than me, even. i wish you lived closer. why don’t you just move here?”

and i said, “no! i heart Texas! actually, i heart Flagstaff and want to live there! you move west. how ’bout it?”

and he said, “T-Shirt Babe, who’s the boss at IMAO?”

and i said, “you are, Mr. T-Shirt Boss,” and hung my head. he patted me on said head and stated, “that’s right, Woman. i’m the boss. you’re the T-Shirt Babe. as your boss, i’m transferring you to Florida.”

i replied, “does that mean you’re going to pay me to be a full-time T-Shirt Babe? so i don’t even have to go job-huntin’? cool, where do i sign? oh, wait. do you provide health insurance?”

“this is Florida, you don’t need health insurance. or clothes. just bottled water and food. and actually, you’ll have to find a job, because i can’t afford to pay you enough yet. all those warm fuzzy socks you buy, i just can’t swing that kind of salary.”

“hmm… i’m not convinced that Florida is the place for me. i hate job-hunting.”

“Woman, there is to be no more discussion. you’re moving here, and you’re gonna like it, or i’m gonna shake my fist at you.”

“but… * sniff * there are no mountains here.”

“sure there are. you see that hill back there? the green, lush hill behind my house? that’s the foothill of a mountain! they’re all around out here!”

“that’s a flat fairway, silly head.”

“ok, goofy goof, ya got me there. i’ll tell ya what. i promise to take you to national parks and mountains and canyons often so you won’t cry all the time. you totally beat me down when you cry.”

“that’s a start…” i said.

“and i promise to buy us annual passes to Disney World.”

“keep going…”

“and i’ll take you to the range and let you shoot my guns whenever you want. and–”

“yay!!!!!! shooting is fun!! ok, i’ll move to — oh, wait. one more thing. you fly me home to see my friends and family in Texas now and then. and you have to meet all of my family and my dearest friends before i move.”

“mmm…. yeah, ok. now let’s snuggle.”


so i started looking for jobs online, applied for a couple. heard nothing. we figured i’d be moving January-ish, or whenever i found a job. early November i sent my resume for a super-cool sounding job, and the next day (a Sunday, even!), i got a call. turns out, job was through Robert Half (accounting headhunters). i’ve gotten jobs through them before, and once they have your resume, they basically do all the work, and all you have to do is go interview when and where they tell you to. and you get to ask them all those forward questions that you can’t ask the company you’re interested in, such as “how much are they gonna pay me?” (you get to ask before you even interview) and “is there a signing bonus?” and “will they mind if i take 3-hour lunches?”. stuff like that.

anyway. week and a half later, i had a phone interview, and i didn’t get the job. that’s ok, it was just my dream job.

kept job hunting. was trying to stay out of auditing, because it’s taxing (har har), and i’ve been doing it for 5 of 6 years. i’m tired. finally, i decided that i’d give it one more shot, if i could find something that wouldn’t be 100% audit (30% would be grand). and for better pay. i’ve taken pay cuts every job i’ve changed to (::shakes fist at public accounting::), was still making the same thing now as i was in 2000, so i decided that if i stay in auditing, i’m going to need a raise.

the second i let the headhunter know that i’d consider auditing, he called me with a next day interview. that was Friday December 10, when Frank was at my house. that phone interview went really well, and i was apparently a perfect fit, because within 10 minutes, the sr. manager was asking when they could fly me down for the office visit stuff. i flew down Saturday night (got to Frank’s place at 2 a.m., just long enough to collect my Christmas present from Frank and chocolates from Miss Beca – which did not almost get me arrested) and interviewed Sunday morning over breakfast. they offered me the job, and i even got a nice raise. sweet! plus i’m supposedly going to be auditing only half the time, and i’m glad of that.

so i gave my notice at work this morning. no one seems to be surprised. hmm.

so anyway. the next little while on mountaineer musings, you’ll be reading all about my packing, moving (and what a time it will be, driving 24 hours cross country with Mr. Wonderful and the bebe), still have to finish writing about Thanksgiving with Frank, his December visit, getting all settled in to my new home and new job. and don’t forget, ALIAS starts January 5, so there’s that. it will be a whirlwind couple of weeks, but once i’m in Florida, i’ll get to see Frank and snuggle him anytime i want. that will make it all worth it. :)

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  2. I’m so excited for you! Congrats on the new job with the sweet raise! Woo-hoo!

  3. Stephen Swanson

    Wow! That’s perfectly crazy. I love it. Though, I do think you’ll have to change the name of this blog, there being no mountains on the East coast. At all.

  4. Do they make porta-litter-potties for traveling cats?? I hope so!

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  6. That’s right; I’m the boss!

  7. yea announcement! how wonderful for you. Robert Half is a really great agency, i am glad they were able to help you. even though you are already facing what appears to be harrassment from the CIO of IMAO, i think the disney passes far and away surpass your trauma. happy moving!

  8. congrats! what AWESOME Christmas news!!!

  9. Man, that Frank is lucky! I can’t even joke about getting my wife to do anything without getting the Gaze of Death, and he gets you to leave Texas (well, actually, the Panhandle is really Western Oklahoma) and move by merely decreeing it. He must have some kinda super power.

  10. Holy guacamole! And congratulations! Whoa! Guess you two, um, really hit it off! It seems we were just reading about you relocating and getting all settled in…..and here we (you) go again! Minerva’s probably getting dizzy moving around….ah…..but now she’ll have a “Daddy”….too sweet.

    BIG congrats on the super job. Being a Florida resident myself, I can certainly understand how hard it can be to find the “right job with the right pay”. Took me almost a year to land in my nice, comfy position. Sounds like you got a winner…..and so did your employer. Gotta warn you, tho’…’re gonna miss the West, young lady. I certainly do. Florida is ok, but is certainly NOT the West. Hold Mr. Frank to that promise of frequent visits.

    Happy for you guys……….enjoy.

  11. Stephen Swanson is right: no mountains for the mountaineer to muse upon. What shall we call your blog?

    Swampland Stewings?
    Peninsula Ponderings?
    Florida Feelings?

    Sounds like an idea for a contest post, whether you change your blog name or not.

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  13. Awww!!! Awesome! I’m happy for you, Sarahk! You get a new job and to be close to someone who gives you snuggles and makes you happy!

    (I imported my Hubby-head from LA to Phoenix, so I know sort of how this must feel for you. Or for Frank. Something like that.)

  14. Sheesh, it really is about time. Way to go!

  15. Sarah,

    I’ve seen plenty of mountains on the Florida Turnpike… Oh wait, those are garbage dumps that they’ve dumped dirt and grass over… never mind.

  16. YAYYYY!!!! Congrats, SarahK! Wonderful news. As I’ve said before, this makes me happy you won the T-Shirt Babe contest. ;) But I think you’re right; Frank definitely should have moved out west

  17. so, have you even unpacked completely from your move to Amarillo? I suggest just setting everything on fire (except the bebe) and getting new stuff.

  18. I am shocked. Shocked.


    Like this is a big surprise to anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 5 months or so….. You go, girl!

  19. Yay! Been waiting for an announcement like this. :-)

  20. Oh My,

    What a total and complete surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wait a minute. I forgot an exclamation point..!

    I’m so happy for you. Disneyworld, money, Frank and guns. My gosh. The only thing better would be shooting your guns with Frank at Disneyworld. (I’ll look for that on Drudge)

    Hurray. Sarah is moving to Florida.

    Hmmm. I should post some helpful moving tips.

  21. you’re way too young to have a dream job–you need to suffer on into your late 30s like the rest of us :)

  22. YAY!!! Happy happy happy happy!! Florida may not be Texas, but it has a couple of things going for it that Amarillo doesn’t: Weather, and Frank. Big pluses, both.


  23. Congratulations! I hope things go really smoothly in your move.

    Enjoy Florida, there’s a lot to do. But personally, I like EPCOT better than Disneyworld… ;)

  24. wah! my bebe and grandcatbebe are moving…must I always be the last to know…good thing I read your blog. I thought you were just packing up your boxes to get new decorating items…like your mother does occasionally. well all i can say is…wah…and congrats…follow your heart, blah blah blah whatever…from your not bitter mommy. florida sucks. but I do like you Frank…but florida is a long way from your mother…wah!

  25. Congratulations!

    It’s about time.

    Will you change your blog name to something more Florida like? May I suggest, “Ramblings from God’s Waiting Room” or “On a Clear Day, You Can Actually Smell Castro”

  26. How can anyone stand to leave Texas? TEXAS?

  27. I approve of FrankJ because he looks like Spiderman. But he better make sure my bebe and grandcatbebe are not lonely. And he better like Texas, because a true Texan (SarahK) will always have a yearning…to be in Texas. Besides, it sounds wrong to say “I am a Floridian”…sounds kinda like something you add to toothpaste to strengthen the enamel on your teeth. So Spiderman you better be good to my bebe or IMAO (IMA On you like stink on a monkey – stolen from Sidney of course)…true dat.

  28. Congrats SarahK, a new job, a raise, and closer to Frank. Sounds good to me, cant wait to hear about the moving, thats always fun. lol

  29. I think you should still hold out for the IMAO dental plan.

    Otherwise, go ahead. It can be a negotiating point you give up later for another gun or something.

  30. Congratulations. I have lived in Melbourne for about 7 years now. You will love it here. I just watched the launch of the new Delta IV heavy rocket from Canaveral. It’s about 68 degrees today and perfect. After I watched for a couple of mintues I went inside and watched the replay. Awesome experience. Wait until the Shuttle goes off again. The sonic boom on it’s return is very cool.

    And you already know about the ocean and intracoastals being 5 minutes away. Heck, I think everyone should move here.

  31. Yay for you and Frank!! Ooo and minerva too…don’t want to leave the little one out.
    I hope the move and job change go as smoothly as possible : )

  32. Welcome to Florida! I won’t make any jokes about being old; living in a college town like Gainesville makes ME feel like the fossil at 35. The kids never get older but I do.

  33. SarahK!!!! Wonderful!!! And if you come through Lower Alabama on I-10, let RRN and I know. We’ll take you out to eat!!!

  34. Congratulations! I can’t wish you any more than you have been wished already- so dittos to you.

    Though there is a lot to be said for mountains, real mountains, like the Rocky Mountains. And Texas is east, not west. But that’s another thread.

    Again, good for you!

  35. David Kohlhoff

    All I can say is that this is one more step on the road to a Mr.& Mrs. Wonderful.

  36. 24 Hours? What are you doing, idling down the highway? You can do that in 10 hours no prob.

  37. there is a mountain in Florida- read about it here:

    Good Luck

  38. congrats! i don’t recall anything being mentioned about platinum…but i’m sure that will be coming soon!

  39. “Or clothes”? Frank, you da man. And congrats to both of you.

  40. Rubber(Red)neck

    Congratulations to both ALL of you! (Minerva deserves credit for at least SOME of the mesmerizing of FrankJ!)

    One tip for a sane interstate moving experience: DON’T dope the cat! When I was a kid I helped my sister and her new ex- husband move to Montana. An hour before we were to pull out, the cat got out of her kitty-carrier for a potty break (had been in carrier because apartment doors were open while loading the truck) and she made a break for it. Guess she had heard how cold it gets in Montana!! FOUR hours later, we found her in some bushes and captured her with a blanket. (VERY unhappy kitty!)

    Well, my brodinlaw – being a medical doctor an’ all – decided that what the cat needed to keep her “calm” on the 15-hour trip was to be sedated. A quarter Valium crushed-up in a little tuna was certain to do the trick. Hmmm…

    Being under driving age and the only pair of hands NOT attached to a steering wheel, it was MY job to continuously shake the cat, tuck her tongue back in and blow in her face (a’la kitty-CPR) when it appeared she might not be breathing while my sister cried for 800 miles that her new husband (fortunately for him NOT in the same vehicle) had O.D.’d her Precious.

    The cat was comatose for 2 days…THEN she lived to be over 20 years old!!

  41. wait a minute bikermommy. i have it on very good authority that sarah “is NOT a Texan!!”
    i’m just sayin

  42. Phlorida Pharmer

    Ask the man about Mount Dora (the town).

  43. Happy, happy, happy for you and Frank. Remember to give us plenty of notice for the wedding, so we can send best wishes and presents to Melbourne. Hey, isn’t that in Australia?

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  45. First off: CONGRATS SARAHK!!!

    Second off: To Bikermommy, It’s about time someone else thought that Frank looks like Tobey Maguire. I posted a comment on one of the pics on IMAO ages ago but he never replied.

  46. Did I scan past the part about a wedding?

    Hmmm.. seems this Frnak character is is getting free milk…why purchase the …er… bodacious bovine.


  47. joshua, we won’t be shacking up, the milk is still on the table at the price of platinum. if living in the same town constitutes free milk…

  48. ([oh wow] see what happens when ya take a week off to Christmas shop? *shakes fist* Ya miss big important stuff)
    But aww…this is sooo sweet and romantical. :) Congrats Sarah (oh and Frnak too)!

  49. Hey, three cheers for you, and Frank, too, I suppose. (Although it seems he’s getting the best end of the stick, here.)

    Anyway, as a Texan and Metroplex resident, I’ll be sad to see you have to leave Texas. It would take an act of God (and I mean direct, fire-from-heaven style intervention) to make me move to Florida, so I admire your courage for making the Big Move. Then again, my wonderful wife moved here from the Oregon coast for me, so I understand. Just don’t give up on the Dallas Stars, please! **if the NHL ever gets squared away, that is…**

    Oh, and make him fork over the platinum at some point, with rock of appropriate size, of course! I don’t envy you the moving process, so may God bless you in your moving experience.

  50. This is almost as exciting as the new Harry Potter book!

    (that’s very exciting!)


    But shouldn’t you be dragging Mr. Wonderful over to Texas and not the other way around?

  51. So SarahK, shouldn’t you be filming a happy dance of your own now?

  52. Wheh, that’s a relief!

    I was sweatin’ there for a minute.

    You are still a good girl. I am dern proud of ya.

    Keep that punk in line.

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  54. I’m so glad the secret is out, when you told me and then said not to say anything, all I wanted to do was blog about it and tell everyone.

    me no good with secrets, me a goofy goof.

    I heart you and want nothing but the very best for you t-shirt babe!

  55. Goodness, me! I take a few days off, miss a post and then find this when I track-back from IMAO.

    Congratulations to you both! Glad everything is working out great. Great way to start the new year!

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  57. Yay for you guys! Congratulations!

    For me it feels like deja vu all over again, especially the timing.

    A year ago Deb and I were on our “pre-honeymoon” when I went to meet her in California. A year ago tomorrow we bought the rings, and a year ago the 2nd we got married in Vegas.

    End of January we moved Deb out here to icky Massachusetts, knowing but keeping secret that she was pregnant from the tiny window of opportunity between the wedding and my flight home on the 6th.

    made things harder, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her.

    I’m so happy to see this happen to someone else.

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  59. I recently moved to Florida,take some GOOD advice,don’t move to the central part of the state. I can only describe it as “Kentucy with palm trees”,I’ve been all over this state and the Sarasota area seems to be the best. Unfortunatly at this time I’m stuck in central Florida because of my job. Don’t worry about finding work…there is plenty of it down here.