i was gonna try to be cool…

… and not say anything, pretend this is nothing new for me, but i’m just so baffled. John Hawkins has me linked on his sidebar? that’s a very nice Thanksgiving surprise, so welcome, RightWingNews readers (and thanks John)! i hope y’all don’t judge my blog by the recent poor blogging. i have a million excuses if you want to hear them.

speaking of hearing, i heard Switchfoot on Leno last night; they played Dare You to Move, which is on their 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums as well as the A Walk to Remember soundtrack. great song. but what was up with Jonathan Foreman’s hair last night? seriously, i couldn’t tell if his gel got the better of him or if he got his head caught in a Suck Cut.

oh, yesterday at work, i had a red sucker. it tasted funky, so i decided to try another red sucker to see if it was just that particular sucker or the whole bag. yeah, that one was the same, so i decided that they were both just nasty. didn’t keep me from finishing them off.

speaking of off, i’m off today to sunny hot & humid Florida. leaving snow to go to the beach. Frank must be pretty special.

do any of y’all eat Special K? me either. i was always put off by the chick in the white swimsuit doing the scissor kick thingy into the pool. maybe it’s the whole not liking water thing.

about water. i had a bottle of Ozarka yesterday, and i’d made fruit punch Gatorade in the same bottle. had it there in our audit room at the client’s office, and Caroline asked me what i was drinking. i told her it was the blood of audit seniors i’d worked with before. i was hoping to freak her out, but she just laughed. oh well. i’m wearing my Caroline pants today, the black ones with white pinstripes that are way cute.

speaking of pinstripes, the worst thing anyone could ever do to me is accuse me of being a Yankees fan. but Frank and cadetdid it, and i think they should pay for that one for eternity. from this day forward, i decree that the Minnesota Twix and the Florida Darlins will lose every game they play against the Yankees. shoot, Frank likes the Yankees. uhhhhh, boooooo Yankees!

i heart Twix. not as much as i heart Butterfinger, though. but Butterfinger is so stinkin’ crumbly, and it gets your audit workpapers all messy. not that i would know, i’m just sayin’.

speaking of sayin’, Bikermommy called this morning and said she’s stressed out. why, Bikermommy? because my daughter is leaving at Thanksgiving and not helping me with Thanksgiving dinner. i told her to give me a break. mmmm. KitKat.

the kitty cat is all up in my face this morning. i told her i’m going to see the mean man who put her in the lamp, and she started growling. or maybe purring. i can never tell, she purrs so loudly.

speaking of the mean man who likes to abuse kitty cats. i see Mr. Wonderful in 15 hours. now i smile.

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14 Responses to i was gonna try to be cool…

  1. I like the Yankees too–I love dynasty teams, so there :p

    I’m tellin’ yah–Butterfinger Crisp is the way to go–you don’t have all that messiness or unpleasantness with chewing it

    why can’t sizzle help your mom cook? and how many people could it possibly take to put a turkey loaf in the oven, mix up some stove top, butter some wonderbread, and crack open a can of cranberries?

  2. yay! I kinda worried about your trip after seeing the snow last night on tv. oh well, I had Carlos in my hair this morning, it would be okay if he’d go to sleep but he just wanted to sit there and kneed my head…. with his claws. ow. anyway, I hope you don’t have any problems getting out of Amarillo. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Talking about the red suckers, one year for my daughter’s (her name is Sarah, with an h) birthday, my wife decided to buy a bunch of candy for the party. She saw this bag of hard candy, lollipops, gum etc… at wal-mart for like a dollar. For a big giant bag. At least 100 pieces. Always the bargain hunter, she bought it, disregarding the fact that the label was entirely en espanol. I guess she just assumed it was pinata candy, and it would work for favor bags. Once the kids started playing outside and eating their candy, I noticed they would make awful faces when they would taste it and throw the candy on the ground uneaten, but in a while they would try another piece, make a face and throw it on the ground. I finally looked at the bag and read the ingredients. I noticed a common ingredient among all of the various types of candy (other than azucar) was chile pepper! I don’t know if this is common in spanish culture or not, and excuse me for finding it humorous, but all of those little irish kids got one heck of a culture shock. So be careful with suckers, especially red ones, and especially from wal-mart.

    BTW, I’ll look for you as you flyover my house in Florida. Wave, so I can pick you out. Oh, and the weather is great here.

  4. Peter Griffin (of Family Guy fame) asked a very important question. “What do they do with the Regular K?”

  5. When you do this it’s like trying to listen to someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, a real bad case of it, or maybe someone with Multiple Personality.

    Oh. My. Gosh. Girl. It’s almost scary how you can come up with so much is such a short post. How do you do that?

  6. I have really gotten to like your stream of consciousness blogs.

    Butterfinger crisps? Go only with the real thing, my children!

  7. What with your alternative site, mountaineermusing.com, I’m confused. So who is the best snuggler – Michael Moore, Al Franken, or FrankJ? We all especially want to hear about your snuggling with Mike, you lucky girl.

  8. I just read your diatribe against Chirac. I ADORE YOU! CONVERT AND MARRY ME!

    I like big butts every bit as much as FrankJ does. And you saw my picture; compared to mine, yours won’t even look that big. Besides which, you’re so beautiful, think how ravishing you’ll look next to me.

    Anyway, Frank is far too young and vigorous. He has plenty of energy for running around and cheating on you. I’m old and feeble, and don’t like to go anywhere; you’ll always know where I am.

  9. How can you not like the water? 75% of your body is made of it!

  10. Have a great trip with the mean man, SarahK!


  11. Mike C: yes, it is the norm in Mexico, anyway, for candy to have chiles and lime in them. Tamarind is also a favorite flavoring to use in candy (and it’s not bad, if you’re expecting it) i’ve also tried guava candy, which isn’t so bad if you want an instant toothache, ’cause it’s so sweet, but i stay away from the Mexican chocolate, don’t get me wrong, i like chocolate, and i like cinnamon, but the two together don’t do much for me. not all Mexican chocolate has cinnamon, but the first time was enough to turn me off of the stuff.

  12. Say it with me now: Minnesota Twinkies

    that’s the proper food reference

  13. - Maybe a little late in the day but here’s a holiday wish from my small family to yours Sarah sweets….Enjoy your trip all you can…and just keep on being adorable, warm, and human….I think its what makes your blogging unique….

    - Hunter and not-so mini-me …..

  14. Just tell that senior that those aren’t crumbs on your audit papers, you had to create some new tick marks.