i’ve only bought 3 Christmas presents so far. is that bad? i love giving gifts. i just hate the shopping part.

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  1. did you get me the pony that i asked for?

  2. pleasepleaseplease let it be the pony!

  3. rats! socks again!….sorry, i peeked….

  4. but i like the socks!

  5. I’m with you, girlfriend… I hate, abhor and detest shopping. I was born without the shopping gene. But I must, alas, brave the madding crowds, as I have two grand-nieces to buy for, and I really cannot put it off much longer….

  6. go to–they have tons of great stuff at a cheap price and cheap shipping

    for that special someone in your life, go to–personally i would LOVE that LCD watch ::swoon::

  7. You’re way ahead of me… I have all of Denver to shop in: I put off trips to Denver as long as possible because I HATE DENVER.

  8. Gah, I have to go shopping today, too. Maybe I should just make presents for all my friends and family. I’m thinking macaroni. And gold spray paint. And lots of Elmer’s glue.

  9. depends on how many gifts you’re going to give. ;D

  10. Yes, it is bad, you are evil, a lump of coal for you for making the baby [Jesus] cry.

  11. Were the three presents all for Frank?

  12. There are some awesome sales out there right now to try to lure the last minute types, so the accountant in you can be cool with the savings.

  13. I don’t like shopping either, unless you count food. I love food shopping. Of course, that’s all for me. Well, me and my family. Mmm…food.

  14. Let me guess…the three presents are for BikerMommy, Sizzle, and Frank.

  15. wow–going on 1 1/2 days with gullyborg’s taking the lord’s name in vane, and no sissifying–someone better send out a search party

  16. buy my present!