the continuing adventures…

after Frank almost got me arrested, i went back to the AA counter while he was driving to comfort his traumatized girlfriend. i put my bag up on the weigher and told the same lady who had told me to run as fast i can for my flight that i missed it. i told her that my suitcase must be checked. she looked at me funny and found me later flights and said i should have no trouble at all, as both flights were pretty open. i told her very plainly that my suitcase had a gun magazine in it, and she now understood why my bag must be checked. i explained what a doofushead my boyfriend is, and she actually took up for him by pointing out that i was late. well, that was his fault, too. we told TSA screeners about my cargo, and i was good to go.

when Frank got to the airport, i forced PDA upon him. heheh. what was he going to say?

FRANK: no PDA, woman!
SARAH: [silent fuming]
FRANK: what? oh, look! someone has a dog, at the airport!
FRANK: so i should make this over-the-top, get-a-room-type PDA?
SARAH: at least you learn fast.

so we had lunch, and that hot dog place at the Orlando airport has really yummy sauerkraut, FYI. i decided i should get over to my gate, so i said goodbye to Mr. LaLaLand once again. when i went through the first checkpoint, the security lady glowered at me. “follow me, ma’am.” Frank owes me. i got put into the special line where they do all but test your earwax for GSR (in case the Feds are reading this, i learned that acronym from CSI). they swabbed my bag and tested the swab for evil illegal stuff, went through my purse article-by-article, sniffed my boots, etc. meanwhile, i got the wand treatment from a nice lady who warned me before she groped. “i’m going to have to touch all over your torso now, this is the worst part.” stupid underwire bras! i passed all the tests and actually got to go to my gate! even got pretty little hearts on my boarding pass.

i got to DFW, had dinner and finished writing about my security problem. i’d like to just say that it’s great that DFW has Wi-Fi (MCO does not – boo!). two things that totally stink about DFW’s Wi-Fi, though: 1) in Terminal B, it’s intermittent, and if i’m paying seven bucks for a few hours of Wi-Fi, i expect no signal troubles. 2) while you’re paying for “24 hours” of Wi-Fi, “24 hours” means that your Wi-Fi access will expire at midnight, which is really only a problem if you end up staying overnight.

yeah, speaking of that, my flight to Midland was delayed, then moved to a new gate and delayed some more. when the plane that would take me to Midland finally arrived from Lubbock, it was almost 9:00, and i should have been 40 minutes from Amarillo by that time. but i was cool, i had internet access, and i’m pretty much always content if i have internet access. then they announced that they were having trouble with weight restrictions on our flight and that, even though they had five more seats available, they would need volunteers to stay back, and not everyone would make the flight. this is bad news for someone flying stand-by (translation: me).

i’m from DFW, so this wasn’t too big a deal. Spidade came and picked me up, and i crashed on his couch, then Sizzle took me to the airport this morning. i believe i’ve blogged before about what a risk one takes with his/her life when getting into a car with Sizzle, especially when Sizzle is running late, and there is a horrendous traffic jam on 360. yeah, there’s always a horrendous traffic jam there, i know. somehow, i survived the ride to the airport, and this time, i wasn’t put into the special line at security.

i had to buy Wi-Fi again and saw that i had links from several big bloggers, and that made me happy. i finally got to Midland around 11 this morning. somewhere during my reluctant layover, i realized something. i’m sick, quite sick actually. and as i’m now out of PTO days (today will be an unpaid day off, which means even more jewelry), i will have to suffer through this working. after i passed Lubbock, i realized i was exhausted. i pulled over to a safety rest area (thankfully, no “ya’ll” signs, but sadly, no Wi-Fi) and slept for a couple of hours. a right-wing babe’s dream, really, i slept like a baby for two hours and woke up to Michael Medved‘s genius on my radio.

so i finally got home around 6 and have been joyfully miserable ever since. i have my 16-rd. Walther P99 magazine, a sore throat, my bebe next to me, the most painfully chapped lips, the best traffic day ever for my blog, headache and body aches, and a big announcement coming soon for you musees. i’m getting all giddy just thinking about tellin’ y’all.

oh, my Bikermommy went to the hospital this morning. she was having really bad chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack. all of her tests have come back fine, the cardiologist said she’s ok. they think it’s her gallbladder. so y’all pray for her, please.

nighty night, musees, i’m gonna try to sleep this sickness off. i heart y’all.

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  1. after all you’ve been through the last couple of days, you deserve all the healing sleep that you can get. i’m still looking for “Amazing Grace” on your sidebar, but that can wait! i’m sure that i can speak for the rest of your musees by saying “we heart you, too!”

  2. but i’m sure that they’ll speak for themselves! :)

  3. Get feeling better soon so you’ll have enough energy to kill Frank!

  4. At leat you got to spend more time training Frank on what he can can can not do. And although it might have been a hassle and embarassing for you look at it this way, it gives your musers a great story to read. Thank you SarahK for being late to the airport, I wish my life was the exciting, all I have are semester exams.

  5. Sorry for you sickness-I hope you are able to sleep most of it off. Feel better : )

  6. In Frank’s defense, he is a guy. That automatically means he is relationship-impaired. After many years of research and experience, I can certify that there is only one correct answer to any request by a wife or girlfriend. That response would be, “Yes, dear.”

    Sure, you can attempt to convince her why you don’t want to do something and waste a bunch of time. In the end, you will do it anyway. By saying “Yes, dear” up front, you save yourself much time and aggravation.

    Now, as for the matter of Frank not knowing what file’ is and challenging your knowledge of it, he must pay. Everyone should know that file’ is ground sassafras root and works very effectively as a thickening agent especially in gumbo.

    Don’t get me started about cooking rice. My wife is forbidden from making rice in my house. I alone have the skill and cunning to do that.

  7. Wow! I’m glad it wasn’t a heart attack! This can be such a stressful time of year maybe it just put Bikermommy over the top. I hope she’s better soon!
    I’ve got a couple of sick kids and I’m trying to keep from catching it since I’m having Christmas dinner here. I hope you don’t miss any more work!

  8. I am catching up on your postings.(shakes fist at working 3rd shift & having to go to bed now!). I hope your bikermommy is okay. I’ll be praying for her!

  9. MCO does have / had FREE Wi-Fi in the hotel area just before you go through the security checkpoint.

  10. good to know, i didn’t try in that area.

  11. YOU REALLY NEED TO SOMEHOW WORK MORE ABOUT SIZZLE INTO YOUR SITE. Unless of course she’s younger than 19, that would violate my age-difference laws. Maybe she could post occasionally? Or some more pics would be good. Yeah, pics would be a good start.

    -Brian the gun-toting Utah Air Force pilot guy

  12. So, I typed “Doofushead” into my search engine and this is where it led me (on account of the reference at the top of the page here!)

    Not a bad read. :) Just funny that typing “doofushead” into a search engine gets you someone’s blog, and a bunch of cute pics of girls with guns. Or, well, girl with gun.

    Blog on!

  13. haha. it’s so much fun to know how people find my blog… but what were you doing searching for “doofushead”? ;-)

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