Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is finished and due in July!!! (so says Instapundit)

what this means is that the next IMAO Teambuilding Adventure will have to be scheduled around the release and my reading of this book. Frank, be on alert that when Harry arrives, he’s the most important man in my life until the book is finished.

aw, man. 7 months of anticipation. bummer.

14 Responses to wheeeee!!!

  1. july? july????


    okay, beca, breathe, you still need to wait 7 months.

    *impatient dance*

  2. C’mon now, you can get Michael Crichton’s State of Fear today!
    I just started it and I’ve heard he does a job on the fiction of global warming.

  3. Those Potter books aren’t any fun at all. What are you talking about? Read them all and the mysteries are solved without ever giving you any clues. Mystery books aren’t any fun at all if they don’t give you the clues you need to solve the mystery if you are paying attention. Give me Encyclopedia Brown over Harry Potter any day!

  4. By then you can just put the book on your registry :-)

  5. Harry Potter?! Pulease, go read Lord of the Rings, you don’t have to wait, it’s already in print and such a better story.

  6. We can wait together, dear SarahK. Because of my 10-year absence from the mainstream of life (to get my babies grown), I missed out on the entire Harry Potter phenomenon. Oh, I knew about HP, but who has time to read when you’re chasing a 10-month-old with a Barbie leg in his mouth? When I got my teaching job in August, I found that many of my students were Potter scholars, so in October I set out to read through the five books that were already out. I just finished HP5 last week. Every time I checked one out from the school library, I had to turn it in the next day because I had stayed up all night to finish it. They’re quite entertaining, I have to say!

  7. eric r: oh right, cause i’ve never read THOSE before

    *rolls eyes*

    is it not okay to be fans of both? and by the by, have you even read HP? i find a lot of people laughing at me until they read them themselves.


  8. I have to admit, I was a scoffer until I read the books. I’m not saying they’re brilliant literature, but they are a very good and entertaining read.


  9. As an actual reader of the entire LOTR trilogy, an somebody who’s never read one word of Harry Potter, I have to say that I like LOTR better. How do I do this? Cause one is a kid’s book, and the other is a history lesson.

    I know how a child can get interested in something like the Harry Potter books, because of my experience with LOTR when I was an impressionable lad in 6th grade.

    Of course, there’s also this experience.

  10. all of the adults i know would agree that HP books are not merely children’s books. in fact, i would probably not recommend them for anyone under junior high age. they’re some of the best books i’ve ever read.

    i plan to read the LOTR trilogy, but i wanted to finish the hobbit first, and got within 20 pages of the end and couldn’t make myself finish it. i enjoyed it, but when i’m having to make myself read something… ugh.

  11. I’ve read both HP and LotR, and while I like LotR more, HP is definitely an entertaining read better than 99% of what else is written of late.

    (I read LotR at least twice a year since I was 6 or so. Yes I started early.)

  12. using the Hobbit is not really fair, as the Hobbit is on the same level as Harry Potter. I will concede that HP is not written solely as children’s books, what with all the dark themes and such. but the fantasy nature of HP, and the situation of the school, and of Harry’s growth and realization that he is the one, and that he will save the humans in the Martix makes it something that children can really get into and enjoy.

    and on the Hobbit, it is to LOTR as the Star Wars Christmas Special is to Episodes IV-VI.

  13. i know what i’ll be doing for at least one weekend this july!

    the only downside, is that they will make it into a movie, and if the last one is any indication, it will stink–that last one was the biggest disappointment of last summer

  14. Christmas in July!

    LotR is better than HP. But so what? They both kick pinkytoe! Saying in a poopoo tone of voice that “LotR is a serious book but HP is childrens fluff” is like saying “A Mercedes is a real automobile but a BMW is just a scooter.” Both are good. Opinions may vary. You can be a grown up and enjoy them both. And books cost less than imported automobiles. Usually.