volume XIV

hiya, self. i guess you’ve started being a Goofy Head a lot more often now, because i’m getting to write you notes so soon after the last volume! well done, dummy!

1. self, it would have been a good idea to fix that window on the Explorer once you heard that we’d be getting snow last night. well, Miss Smartypants, the last two times they forecasted snow here, they were three days early! i thought we’d be in Fort Worth by then! good point, self. nonetheless, there are two inches on the ground, and i wonder how many in the car. nice job.

2. hey genius, don’t take a Coke to bed with you unless you’re quite sure you can stay awake to finish it. not fun to wake up covered in syrup-water and have the bebe yelling at you. and you were in your cute jammies!!

3. um, self, that boyfriend of yours? never accept an unknown package from him and take it through the airport. don’t worry. lesson learned.

4. self, i keep hearing you’re moving out of Texas. to the beach. we need to talk. i’m on your side, really. but he’s such a good kisser! point taken.

5. self, you should probably resume packing. just sayin’.

go Stars. waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. go Cowboys. waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. go Mavs? yeah, ok.

5 Responses to volume XIV

  1. Since your moving to Florida now, are you going to become a Dolphins fan. They are even more pathetic than the Cowboys.

    Go Giants!!

  2. ha ha–brew, i have a pic that says differently–i totally forgot about that one, i wonder if i have it somewhere to post on MM . . . .

    also, can someone explain to me why it would snow in amarillo but not forth worth? i thought they were right next to each other

  3. In the future, just always check all the gifts I give you.

  4. sirkisser, Whaaaaaa? and it did snow in Ft. Worth today. ;p