funny ’cause it’s true

Claus for Alarm

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  1. Hi, SarahK:

    Merry Christmas!

    I often wonder just how many candles and pounds of ambergris Michael Moore would produce if he was boiled down to renderings?

    Think of the electricity saved and the tons and tons of doughnuts that could be fried with what’s left over.


  2. Funny and sad at the same time because it’s so true!! [yucky boo] MM! (Hmm, wonder if Rachel Lucas has ranted about him yet? Gotta go check.)

  3. Bwah, too funny. I’m sure it would be selectively edited to make Santa and the elves look positively moronic and evil, too. And Barbra Streisand would love it.

  4. great. now there’s another site I have to hit every day. do you know I visit like 300 different sites a day? Ahhhhh!

    I bet Michael Moore has a full lump of coal collection from his middle-class upbringing in the white suburb of Flint.

  5. Thats too funny. I read the bubble firt then saw the MM caricature and burst out laughing!