fun with headlines

Afghan President Karzai Holds First Cabinet Meeting
warns cinnamon and cayenne pepper to put aside differences.

Senate Freshmen Debate Filibuster Rule
debate ends when one freshman has to pee.

and that’s all i have time for. y’all can add your own in the comments, and keep them clean, please. ta, musees!

6 Responses to fun with headlines

  1. I mis-read this post initially and thought you were saying something about Frank throwing up. Ugh! I need another cup of coffee.

  2. Moviegoers Spend A Record-Setting Christmas With ‘The Fockers’

    Spurred by the fact that they had gone to the movies to escape irritating Christmas houseguests, moviegoers stage massive revolt and pummel Barbra Streisand cardboard cutouts by the thousands.

  3. Hacker hits McDonald’s site

    Partner in crime Hamburglar on the lam

  4. The 10 worst films of the year

    Ironically, the only movie our panel of judges voted for was Fahrenheit 9/11.

  5. Fifteen killed by gas explosion in French apartment building

    Police say noxious odors had been building up for some time; survivors emerge from rubble waving white flags

  6. Cinnamon and Cayenne will “reconcile” or “put aside” their differences!


    “Kerry Jumps Into Ohio Fray”

    Water too cold. Turns Blue. Now Smurfette’s Love Slave!