no flash photography!!??!

last night, i had been joyfully taking pictures of Coach Bob Knight every time he yelled (he’s a legend!) for the entire game. and i’d just finished telling Tarina’s brother about my airport fiasco, and this nice security guard came down to where i was sitting.

GUARD: um, young lady, there is no flash photography during the game.

i sunk down into my chair and started apologizing for my little blunder. because in a 42 point game, i’m certainly going to affect the outcome of play. after he walked off, i realized that it was just a gigantic plot against me.

“no guns at airports, no flash photography during the basketball game! they’re all just out to get me!”

5 Responses to no flash photography!!??!

  1. Were you using a digital camera? I think the guard was probably disappointed he couldn’t make a big production of ripping the film out of your camera. That’s one of the few perks of such a thankless job.

    On the good side — I believe flash photography was just made legal in Florida.

  2. Always remember: Just because you are being paranoid, it doesn’t mean they AREN’T out to get you! ; )

  3. That was you. I was trying to watch that match on the telly. You would see a flash go off every few minutes and mess up the cameras broadcasting the game so you could not see the action.

  4. I’m no sports fan, but maybe the flash would distract the players. They could slip on the ice and slide into the San Diego Chicken or something.

    (Did I mention that I don’t know anything about sports?)

  5. We should’ve never allowed IU to get rid of Bobby.

    He’s the man, and probably the most well known basketball coach in the sport’s history.