look at my new baby

this is my Christmas present from Mr. Wonderful.

lovely, no?

the evil fake sarahk has a different picture.

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Oh yeah, the gun is nice too.

    I must say that the Frankster is one lucky dude.

  2. Nice! Now we need some more strangers to come to the door so we can see pics of what it can do. :)

  3. Lovely, you are. The gun is right awesome, too. : ) What a great gift.. and what a great story behind it.

  4. Don’t tell me Frank threw in a free t-shirt? Actually, a very nice picture. I’m a little turned on and I don’t know why.

  5. cool!
    I bet if you posted some sort of sign about membership in the NRA you won’t get strange strangers at your door.

  6. Coming out of lurkdom to say “Score One For Frank J!”
    I must say, I wish my better half would make with the presents that go boom, in order to add to the collection: 9mm, 38 Special, 22 Long, 22 snub, 30 OT 6, I think that a 45mm would be vastly appropriate at this juncture!

  7. I dunno, Sarah…..

    The gun stuff still makes me nervous. Just WHAT do you need a gun for? I would like to know that.

    Are you afraid to live your life without bullets? I just don’t get it. Do you think it is (GR)exy to pose with a firearm? What about it is so (gr)exy? You, Sarah, honestly, look disturbed and unattractive in your photos bearing weapons. A beautiful woman holding a firearm……does not compute…. Your “normal” photos project a beautiful woman, in love and happy. Look at the gun photos……not happy, not loving, not carefree…..sorry, but I am really trying to figure this out here……

    WHO do you want to shoot? And are they a threat to your every day life…to the extent that you must be prepared for their “attack”? Yikes! I would not like to live in such fear. Barbed wire fences and wrought-iron window guards of East LA spring to mind. NOT a beautiful young, ready-to-begin-her-new-life-with-the- man-of-her-dreams, living and loving life…..

    Does God promote firearms? I must have misseed that point somehow, somewhere in my 10+ years of parochial schooling.

    As a mom, I cannot justify bearing arms. I would not want my sons to think it is practical and logical to shoot guns “for fun or for safety from the bad guys out there” and keep guns in my house “just in case the bad guys decide to knock on my door”.

    I choose peace. And no bullets.

    Sorry, but this seems to be yet another point of view on which we differ greatly (which is fine and “mind-expanding”, at least for me…).

    I cannot justify guns, which would can only be used to KILL PEOPLE, being in my house. I cannot promote the use of firearms to the two young men I am raising to be decent human beings and respectful of their fellow man and respectful of our God-given life and the lives of others.

    I respectfully submit my opinions on this matter and await your (and I am SURE others’) response.


  8. it’s fine for us to disagree on this, and i respect your right to NOT have guns, as you respect my right to have them.

    a little perspective… i’ve had a psycho spend an hour and a half trying to pry the lock off the door of my apartment, and yes, i think he would have tried to kill me if he’d been able to get in. he was determined enough to get in that he left when the cops arrived and returned after they were gone. crazy people just aren’t that deterred by a woman with short arms shouting “get outta my apartment or i’ll cut you!”

    i’m a pretty, 28-year old, 5-ft., 116-lb., poor arm strength woman with no martial arts training, living alone. i need to protect myself somehow, and i just doubt that Minerva is gonna go all Pus in Boots on a bad guy and protect me with her sword. sure, knives and golf clubs are great, but knives require a proximity that i’d like to avoid considering i’d be far overmatched in a physical fight. and golf clubs are just never as handy as they need to be.

    i prefer a firearm.

    i don’t live in fear, as you suggest, but i do live knowing that there’s a very very proud man out there who loves documentaries about serial killers and once turned to me and said, “if someone plans their murders that well and is that smart about it, he deserves to get away with it.” no, i’m not joking, he really said that. and knowing that i delivered a great blow to his pride by leaving him and refusing to be his quiet wife while he had whatever whore he chose/bought, i do often wonder if he’s going to try to come after me. i just sleep much better knowing i have more than a potato peeler with which to protect myself.

  9. Excellent present Sarah! And very cute pic.

    Oh and Julie… what makes you jump to the conclusion that because she holds a gun she wants to point it and shoot at a person? If she was standing there with a bow and arrow in her hand would you automatically assume she was going to run out the door and take aim at a person? Or might you just think it would be a fun thing to go to the range and target practice?

    The reason I mention the bow and arrow is that I have a liberal friend who actually thinks guns are evil, but bow and arrow are fine… not the same thing at all. This makes me laugh and laugh.

    I just love how people jump to all kinds of unsubstantiated conclusions about guns… If they were doing the same thing with race they’d be called racist… wonder what we call it in relation to guns??? Suggestions anyone?

  10. I, too, did not approve of guns and did not want guns in my house until my husband took me to the range to learn gun safety (he’d bought one, I was unhappy, but saw the need to know how to safely unload, etc. if the need arose).

    Once there, he had me shoot (bulls eye target – NEVER human form). And I did better than he did.

    It’s now a competitive thing. A sport. We go to the range. We shoot. We come home. I get satisfaction out of a nice grouping from a farther distance than before. (apologies to all you real gun aficiandos – I know I don’t have the proper terms)

    As for my children, we drill them on if you see a gun, you don’t touch, you walk away, and you go tell an adult immediately. My 6 yo dd proved that this was effective. She’s absent-minded and curious, not a good combination. I was sure she wouldn’t ever remember. While we were on vacation, she saw the flare gun laying out and ran to tell my husband immediately (looks real enough for a then 5 yo).

    We keep them in a locked safe in our bedroom closet. I don’t carry but my husband does. He goes to his office downtown late at night. He wants the added security. He has no desire to harm anyone. At the same time, he doesn’t want to be defenseless. When he carries, he puts more effort in staying calm and not letting his temper flare – it’s easy to escalate.

    Before the children were born, we lived in a depressed area downtown with a lot of crime. We had an outside dog (sweetest mutt you could ever imagine but a vicious bark), NRA stickers, and ADT stickers on our windows. Our neighbors had problems with break-ins, we didn’t. They were safer targets.

    Just my .02


  11. Julie, Julie, Julie. I thought only men got gun envy.

  12. SarahK, maybe I missed it in a previous post, but what kinda gun is it? I believe I read 9mm before, but I can’t quite make out the make/model from the picture for sure.

  13. “gun envy”…..huh? wha? This is not a joking matter.

    I am presenting my opinions in an open forum and welcoming the opinions of the webmaster (mountaineer) and others in order to enlighten my thoughts on guns, etc……..

    Sarah, oh my….I had NO idea you were put through such a traumatic experience….or experiences, as it seems. I am so sad for you and grateful that God saw you through that time. I can, somewhat, understand your “need” to bear arms.

    I still choose to not allow guns in MY house. And that’s why it is MY house.

  14. More seriously this time, Julie I respect your right not to have firearms in your home. I had second guessed myself when my son was born. But I chose not to be anyone’s victim after hearing stories like that of SarahK. Too many stories with too many bad endings. My family will be protected by me. Other homes are easily targeted when thugs and criminals know there is no one inside willing to protect themselves. My better half and I lived in a very bad neighborhood in Philadelphia where the local teen thugs used to place crack in a crack in my border wall where their customers would pick it up and deposit some cash, that is until I took the crack out of the wall myself and flushed it, and then announced on the street corner as loudly as I could (and specifically directed to those teen thugs) that I pack and I wasn’t afraid to use. They chose someone else’s wall to bother after that, and I even got some props from those local thugs. Not wanting to be a target, however, my family and I moved to a nicer neighborhood, but continued packing.

  15. walther p99.

    definitely ok for you to not allow a gun in your house. with 2 little ones and no man around, i’d consider it, but it’s your right to not have a gun.

  16. Julie – no one said you had to allow guns in your house… The idea is that this is a free country – you are free to choose in your own home whether or not you want guns present. But, in your own way, you wanted to take that choice away from Sarah. Oh, you didn’t come right out and say it, you used the underhanded method of trying to shame her out of them.

    Also, if you are going to put your opinion out there – in an open forum – you have to realize that you are going to be teased by people who don’t agree with you… that’s the way it works. Actually Sarah runs a very nice place here – on other blogs the comment you take exception to would be so entirely mild you’d miss it totally as others stomped with the big boots.

    The real point remains – there is nothing wrong with not wanting guns in your house. But it’s time to stop judging others about why they might want to have a gun in their house.

  17. Yikes, Oddybobo! You are far more brave than I! I just try to lay low, mind my own business and hope that God shines his Heavenly white light on my family and me. With my luck, some
    bu–head would take the gun out of my trembling hands and shoot me with my own weapon! (I know….here goes the weapons training speeches….sorry folks, don’t WANT to learn how to shoot a gun….just on’t….)

    More power to you guys and your bravery.

  18. Teresa:

    Not judging Sarah and definintely NOT wanting to take her choice of owning a gun away from her! Heaven forbid! Like I would have such power. Not. That’s almost funny.


    I merely stated my opinion and view of how I saw the photos. A free choice….to view them and state my opinion thereof. She looks so pretty in her t-shirt and American Idol photos, etc, but looks less-than-pretty in the gun-totin’ ones, that’s all I was saying. ‘Kay…?

    Just offering opinions and/or questions in an effort to enlighten. Don’t start a fight here. I am just trying to understand this mindset a little bit better. Really.

    She can have her guns, as can you, and you, and you, and you….but I will not.

    PS….I don’t have much to steal, y’all, in case yer twisted or sumthin……………..

  19. Julie, you are right not to have a firearm then. But I hope, all the same, you teach your children the dangers (and benefits) of firearms and try not to ignore it. My wish is for God to smile upon you and keep you safe as well. But perhaps you should take some self-defense training all the same. This world is not a nice place and it gets nastier when you (the public) look vulnerable.

    Oh, and Julie, my problem is that I never mind my own business, that is why I blog so that everyone else can see that I never mind my own business :)

  20. Oddybobo:

    I have spoken to my oldest son about guns and he’s cool with the fact that I choose not to arm our family. If in the years to come, in his adulthood, he should choose otherwise, well that’s fine with me as long as he’s educated about his decision.

    I have lived in the barrio of Chicago, the mean streets of Las Vegas and many points in between. I am OLD….(ALOT older than Sarah, let’s just say that much) and have experienced ALOT of violence both in my life and from the sidelines. I know the evil that lurks out there. I just don’t wanna shoot em, that’s all……………..

    (and let’s hope they don’t wanna shoot ME, either ;) …)

  21. If living there didn’t make you want to shoot people, nothing will! I on the other hand think we should declare open season on some individuals. That isn’t very nice though, so I will retract . . . But, Sarah K does have a nice stance doesn’t she?

    Hey Sarah, have you researched the gun laws in Florida? (see gunlaws.com) cause there are a bunch. Wouldn’t want cha to get into real trouble, the cause of which would once again stem from Frank.

  22. Just out of curiousity, did you undergo the federal background check or did Frank? If Frank did, that’s a straw man purchase, which is a felony…

    Stay armed, stay safe…

  23. I do not like guns. On the same token, I do not like rape, kidnappings, murder, theft or any of the other horrible things guns seem to discourage. Yeah…guns can be used for evil but unlike rape, murder etc., they can also be used for good. Guns are neither moral or immoral-that is a distinction reserved for the people who use them.

  24. Goodness! Quite the 2nd Amendment discussion on this. SarahK, you look quite snazzy with your weapon–and it is particularly good that Frank is having you do some training with it. Far too many people purchase weapons and don’t get any training in order to use them.

  25. Perlwizard there is no federal background check required to purchase or possess a firearm, with one exception: fully automatic machine guns.

    Further, there is no fedearl mandatory waiting period to purchase firearms.

    Both background (NICS) and waiting periods are state-enforced issues.

    Some states require additional background checks for CCW (concealed carry) permit acquisition.

  26. Julie – I wasn’t trying to start a fight… I also didn’t say you could take away Sarah’s gun – physically or otherwise. I just read your first post and the conclusion I came to was that you wanted to make her feel bad for posing with a gun in pictures… leading to an erroneous conclusion on my part that you wanted her to get rid of the gun. (see I jump to conclusions too)

    To quote from your original post:

    “You, Sarah, honestly, look disturbed and unattractive in your photos bearing weapons.”

    And a bit later:

    “Does God promote firearms? I must have misseed that point somehow, somewhere in my 10+ years of parochial schooling.”

    You are entitled to both thoughts – but the words you use to express those thoughts are definitely open to interpretation. I never equated the description “disturbed and unattractive” with “looks less-than-pretty”. Then again I’ve misread many things in my life and I will again in the future. My apologies for misunderstanding what you wrote.

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  28. Being a guy I can’t have a woman’s perspective, but "http://www.mrsdutoit.com/ee/index.php?/weblog/essays/P1/">Connie DuToit writes about women and guns better than anyone. Here is a snip from her blog:

    “First and foremost, I was frightened to have guns in the house, because I have children. I had been successfully brainwashed into believing that a gun in the house meant that my children were in danger. My husband alleviated those fears in two ways, first by showing me how irrational those fears were, and showing me that with the proper precautions, guns were no more dangerous than the power saw in our garage or butcher knife in the kitchen drawer (neither of which were ever kept under lock and key). The second way was to show me how the facts had been distorted–that children do die of accidental causes with guns, but the accidents were so infrequent (given our huge population), that the fear of it happening in our home, with our proper precautions, simply was not a risk. Guns weren’t left around for children to play with or access.”

    BTW: On a 1911 style pistol you can install a shorter trigger so that it better fits people with small hands. You can’t do this with a P99, so the designers made the pistol itself adjustable. The part of the grip that fits into the palm of your hand is called the backstrap. Walther makes several different sizes. Get the one that fits you best. They are not that expensive.

  29. SarahK,

    You need to work Frank over for a white-light attachment (or as they call them, “Tactical Illuminator”). Check mine out at tripeneck.blogspot.com

    Absolutely every gun for home def should have one.

    Fewer toddlers are shot that way!


  30. My posts don’t show– am I banned?

  31. Does God promote firearms? I must have misseed that point somehow, somewhere in my 10+ years of parochial schooling.

    Apparently so. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it, though; you’re not alone. My parochial school didn’t teach me about Luke 22:36, either.

  32. Sarah,

    It rocks, and you look great, with or without it.

    Julie mentioned above that she didn’t have anything worth stealing, thus, nothing worth protecting.

    But she does. Her life and those of her sons.

    As someone who owns a gun, grew up around guns, and submitted to the University of Illinois’s rules regarding ownership of weapons for self defense, I guess I can thank the UofI for being stalked and sexually assaulted.

    It can happen to you. Far better for the bad guy to lose his life than you to become a victim and a statistic.

  33. Wow… bit of misinformation about gun laws so far!

    First, not a straw purchase. Not even by the ATF’s most strict definition. If it is a -GIFT- then there is no problem. SarahK. has nothing prohibiting her from owning a firearm that’s been gifted to her. If Frank SOLD her the firearm, that’s shakey ground. It would be hard to prove that Frank didn’t buy it for himself initially and sold it to her a week later because he thought it sucked. It’s all about intent and if your intent is a free gift you’re okay (even if the person is under 21, providing there’s no STATE law against it).

    NICS is a federal system — HOWEVER it can be run by state agencies. It was created by a Federal law and is ultimately run by a Federal agency (BATFE). I’d like to know what state you think doesn’t require a NICS call when making a purchase from an FFL. I’d love to live there!

    Both issues can be cleared up by looking good and hard at ATF Form 4473 (that yelllow form). Take a good look at question #1 (the one you answer “Yes” to!). Was Frank the ACTUAL PURCHASER of the firearm? Yes, unless SarahK gave him money. Was he buying it for somebody prohibited from posession of it? NO! He’s in the clear, not a straw purchase.

  34. Just out of curiousity, did you undergo the federal background check or did Frank? If Frank did, that’s a straw man purchase, which is a felony…

    Uhhhhhhh, No it isn’t

    You should read the law better. A straw purchase is when you buy a weapon for a person who is not legally able to buy a weapon like a felon. Buying as a gift is perfectly legal. Go into a gun store and tell them you’re buying as a gift and they won’t care.

  35. Yeah,

    I was going to add that anytime you make a request thru NICS, your using (among other sources) NCIC data. That’s certainly involving a federal agency.

    The P99 looks great on you, kid. I don’t know why there are so many reactionary Hoplophobes out there at this late date in human history…


  36. Oh… them P99′s don’t have one of those awful “magazine disconnect” safties do they? My P22 does and it bugs the living crap out of me! One of these days I’ll get around to disabling it. Curious about the P99 — I didn’t see it mentioned on the Walther webpage.

  37. I always wonder how people equate choosing to be a helpless victim with choosing peace.

    I have no plans to shoot anyone, but I have no plans to welcome my own murder, either, should it come to that. I write this as someone who is alive only because my father narrowly escaped the Nazi death camps. There is a time to fight, and appeasement to murderous aggressors has never brought peace or freedom to anyone.

    Besides, shooting is fun. And people at the range, in my experience, are far more disciplined, polite, and nice than the general population around here. People who participate in shooting sports are mischaracterized far too often, without justification.

    Nice gun, SarahK! :)

  38. Up until a few weeks ago I had a micro uzi machine pistol. You might say it’s overkill, but it would get the job done much quicker than your standard semi automatic

  39. First, quick appology to Jeff, as on second thought he’s right on some level. States can substitute other things for a NICS check at the time you fill out a 4473. For instance, here in Michigan, a pistol purchase permit obtained from the local police department (good for 10 days) means you don’t have to do the NICS check on the spot. In some states a CCW license is good enough.

    Second, onto Julie. :)

    If you think you don’t have much worth stealing then feel free to put a sign in your front yard saying so: “Unarmed, but I don’t have much anyway!” Criminals don’t always make sense and I guarantee you have something that some sociopaths are after. Look below your stomach and between your legs. Your boys might be in danger of some Michael Jackson-esque cracked out fellow too. You just never know, that’s why a firearm or two (or three, or 20) makes sense to -me- to keep around the home.

    Look at them like a fire estinquisher. Just because you have one doesn’t mean you want to put out every fire around, just the BAD fires. A firearm kept by a responsible person is meant for stopping BAD people.

    Onto the attractiveness of the pictures. Different strokes for different folks. Some guys like tall skinny women with no “meat on their bones” — personally I don’t find that look terribly attractive. Here’s why: males are hard-wired to find women suitable for child birth and survival. Terribly skinny women aren’t suited to survival. However, a “voluptuous” woman, such as Sarah K, appeals to our cave-man like instincts. If we died, or moved on, after she bore a child she wouldn’t freeze to death or waste away if she couldn’t find food for 5 days.

    Tossing in a firearm, and willingness to use it, just makes her that much more attractive to our most basic instincts.

    Boorish? Yes, but logically sound.

  40. Wow! Quite the discussion. Very nice picture, Sarahk.
    Julie, thanks for sharing your concerns about guns and being open to discussion on the matter. If you are interested in reading more about why a woman would want to have a gun, and why it might even make sense to you I would recommend reading
    Armed and Female by Paxton Quigley.

    Paxton Quigley was an anti gun person, spurred on by Kennedy’s assasination. However, things happened that changed her mind about the Gun issue and her book does a very nice job of explaining why.

    Many many crimes are deterred by guns that involve no shooting. Also, even if you are not having guns in your house it is a good idea to teach your children gun safety so if they are somewhere where there is a gun they will be safe as well. Eddy Eagle videos (from the NRA) are good educational videos for young children. The message is don’t touch and run and tell an adult.

    And if you want to read my story of how I found learning to shoot empowering, and not because I feared for my life, you can read this post on my old blog http://leahguildenstern.blog-city.com/read/607411.htm

  41. Barry (San Diego)

    Funny, I thought it said, “Where are you?” but didn’t clue in when there wasn’t another line for “who.” I guess my eyes go screwy by the middle of the afternoon at work! :-)

    One more thing I have to add.

    The less we do as free individuals in a free country, the more we tend to cede to the government. This tends to make us a little less free with each little step.

    Thus, I find nothing admirable about refusing to contribute to the deterrence of crime in his/her community. You are free to not defend yourself. I won’t get on your case for not recycling your newspapers, either. But there’s nothing admirable about tossing them into an overtaxed landfill system like ours in San Diego, either.

    If you do not believe that American principles of the right to realistic self defense — and our willingness to use that right as a last resort — are helping to keep our nation a relatively safe place in which to go home at night, PLEASE read this and follow the link. http://instapundit.com/archives/019707.php

    It’s about what’s happening in Britain right now.

    Because home invaders COULD be shot here in the US, they operate differently, and in a way that saves our lives and improves our quality of life. Barbed wire, burglar alarms, and window bars are not quality of life, to me.

    Again, I respect anyone’s right to NOT own a gun. But I don’t think it’s a reason to be proud, either.

  42. Is that an HK P2000? If it is would you mind sending me a review of it? I just ordered a P2000SK today, and I have a USP but never fired a P2000.

  43. Statesman, can’t you tell from the Bond movies?

  44. I fail to see the logic in accusing a gun owner of living in fear. Julie, You wear seatbelts dont you? Your car has airbags? Personally, I both wear seatbelts and have airbags. I have never been in a car accident but that doesn’t mean that I refuse to take either of these small precautions simply because “It hasn’t happened to me.” I know that there is a possibility I could crash and need to defend myself. If we were to take your exact same reasoning on guns and apply it to cars, seatbelts and airbags would be examples of “living in fear.”

    If you own a gun but have never had your home broken into, your simply preparing for a day or night when you may be called upon to defend your house. It doesn’t mean you want to kill your attacker either. I have a cousin who lives in a small apartment in the Bay Area. When someone broke in he took out his Shotgun, loaded a round, and the simple sound of a shotgun being loaded was enough to persuade his attacker to leave the house. I doubt him yelling “Hey you! Knock that off!” Would have had the same affect.

    Just my thoughts on the issue

  45. (and let’s hope they don’t wanna shoot ME, either ;) …) “

    Let’s hope…

    I really want to say something in respect to the tint of your spectacles and the position of your head in relationship to a sandy patch of ground, but I am really trying hard to be nice here…

  46. Dave in Texas

    “I choose peace. And no bullets”? Nobody chooses peace with an assailant. The choice was made for you.

    Are you sure you just aren’t fishin Julie?

  47. All very interesting points of view, everyone. Thank you. I am still opposed to owning a gun and thank you for respecting that choice.

    Happy New Year, btw.

  48. Quite the discussion you have going on here Sarah K!
    Told my better half that my birthday is coming up soon and to make with the gifts that go boom! Better half says, “Walther P99 sounds good, but don’t you want something bigger?” Me likey better half!

  49. …!!!???…?

    Leaving now…. Still want to learn how to properly use a firearm other that nintendo… & Halo…

  50. That’s a nice gun. I have it on the Walther P990 version, 40S&W with standard hydrashocks. The picture is not clear, but is your model the black/OD green version or is it the standard black?
    The difference between P99 and P990 is that yours is Double/Single Action and features a decocker, mine is DAO (Double action only) which never cocks, hence the lack of decocker. Mine is a good gun, perfect weight and shape for my hand (gotta love those interchangeable backstraps), as safe as a revolver and, so far -knock on wood- no misfires.
    That was my home defense/concealed carry/range gun. Then I got the Walther P22. That’s now my range gun. You know that like a thousand of those .22 LR rounds cost as much as 50 rounds of .40S&W. And it looks as good as her older sister.
    Some advise. Never mix Walthers with low quality ammo. Is like using Dollar Tree Motor oil for a Mercedes.


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  52. Owning guns is a HUMAN RIGHT. And as a single mother in the Murder Capital of the US of A, I would defenitely be packing, no matter who says I can or can’t.


    And God DID say something about owning weapons.

    “Jesus said to them, if you dont have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36

  53. Uhh… That was supposed to be a link, but the code got all wacked out. Maybe sarah will be a sweatie and fix er for me.

    Thats A Human Right

  54. Rubber(Red)neck

    I think the best analogy so far would be that of the fire extinguisher – but with a minor modification: You keep a fire extinguisher (or several) in your home with the sincerest of hopes that you NEVER HAVE TO USE IT. The same holds true with guns. I own many, and with the exception of hunting or range shooting, I hope I am never forced to the occasion of actually using one in applying lethal force to defend myself or my family. But would I if necessary? Without a moment’s hesitation.

    That’s the tough part that every gun owner has to ask him/herself. ‘Would I hesitate if the critical moment arose?’ If the thought of killing another human being gives you a moment’s pause – even if that person is bent on and about to commit the grave injury or destruction of you or another family member, you SHOULDN’T consider owning a weapon… At least not until you get proper training in handgun operation and defense.

    This might sound like the recipe for a psychopath to our visiting liberal friends, but it’s plain ol’ gun responsibility. Knowledge and confidence translates into safety, not just for the owner and family, but even for the attacker/victim. Pulling the trigger is the absolute LAST option, but those options have to be evaluated and played-out quickly. Displaying fear or hesitation in a life-or-death face-off can quickly turn the advantage to your attacker and get you injured or killed. Being properly trained and confident will allow you to take control of the situation and possibly to even defuse it without firing a single round. The combination of gun, confidence, and command can often scare the attacker into realizing that the next heartbeat may be his last. (A CrimsonTrace(R) laser dot on his chest is also a good exclamation point for your statement, BTW!) Gun ownership isn’t for everybody, but our Forefathers had the wisdom to give us all that choiceright, and to thereby guarantee our freedom.

    I personally have used a gun on more than one occasion, and without firing a round escaped the situation I faced. Aggressors quickly change direction when you unholster a .45 to let them know that you’re not as ‘alone’ as they thought you were.

    Yet these types of events defused by the mere presence of a gun go widely unreported to authorities for the simple reason that the gun seems to have a life and reputation of its own in our society. “Guns kill people!” (Oh Really? All by themselves? Where can I get one of those to defend my home when I’m away? Screw ADT – I want to come home to find my “Smart Gun” panting and sitting proudly next to the pile of dead hippies stacked like cordwood just inside the broken glass door off my back porch!)

    In one such incident, in a major metropolitan former-residence, I reported the details of my near-attack to the authorities, who were less than interested in my would-be attackers and more interested in me and my gun. They completely ignored the descriptions of my two would-be assailants. Since I didn’t give them the chance to rob or injure me, “no crime was committed”. Instead, they chose to question ME at length for confessing to threatening them with a weapon – which could be considered a weapons offense under that state’s gun-crime laws. I don’t know how serious they were, but the 90-minute ordeal at the Sheriff’s office was almost more traumatic than the 90-second near attack that preceded it.

    Okay, so I’ve rambled enough. I only have one remaining problem – now DD is asking when I’m going to gift her with a new sidearm – she’s had her eye on my Kimber for some time and wants her own. SarahK – by posting your (albeit awesome) pic, you’ve gone and put ideas into DD’s head! And FrankJ – You’re making me LOOK BAD! ;)

    God Bless you both. :]

  55. One Texas blonde, one pistol! Who woulda thunk it?

  56. I can understand how folks want peace, and peaceful lives. I can never understand how they feel that NOT having a gun will ensure bad guys don’t hurt them. Actually, it’s just the opposite.

  57. [Posh Spice] nice! i have a gun just like that!!!!!

  58. SarahK,

    I love the picture. You look like such a bad[pinkytoe] and, gun or not, you’re a very beautiful girl. I really wish my own personal fear of guns didn’t exist so that I would be able to have one for my own protection.

    I’ve never been a victim of gun violence and the extent of my ‘anti-gun education’ was my watching every episode of MacGyver ever made. My mother owns a gun and, though I am uncomfortable when I come into contact with it, I feel a little more secure knowing that she has protection in case something happens when my father is not around. Especially considering the recent rash of home invasions and subsequent murders in my city.

    I guess what I mean is I am not afraid of guns so much as I’m afraid of my klutziness and the fact that I might shoot myself in the foot while cleaning the thing. ;-)

  59. Now, I don’t want to get into a religious argument here, but trusting God to stop assailants when you refuse to do so yourself seems a bit…odd, seeing as anyone with eyes can see that God is not in the habit of thwarting the free will of criminals.

    And choosing peace for oneself by refusing to stand up to violence only begets violence (what if 95% of people thought like you?). I can understand a reluctance to be prepared to take a life to save your own (and I can even respect that view), but how about your loved ones?

    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    This may seem like harsh guilt-tripping, but you did the exact same – and we’re both just speaking our minds.

  60. Reading some of these comments makes me really happy I was taught to shoot a gun early — at the age of 7, by my Mom’s boyfriend at the time who happened to be a deputy. It was good education and he taught me to respect – not fear – firearms.

    And I was a [pinkytoe] good shot, even back then.

    Hope your move is going well, Miss T-Shirt Babe! :)

  61. Why are so many people afraid of guns?

    The rise of individual liberty corresponds to the rise in the effectiveness and ease of use of individual weapons. Back in the days of chivalry, it took a lot of time and a lot of cash to be well-enough trained in the use of the sword, the joust, and other medieval weaponry to be effective in battle… until the longbow was developed. Then, an ignorant, course peasant with a modicum of training could take the bravest and most-skilled knight right off his warhorse. (The ‘finger’ is a variation of the English ‘two fingers up’ insult that has been passed from medieval times, a taunt the English would use against the French to show that they had the necessary fingers to shoot a bow… and a response to the French threat to cut the fingers off of any soldier caught with a longbow.)

    The same thing was true in Japan; the warrior class (samurai) banned the use of firearms since it allowed relatively untrained peasants to defeat martial artists with decades of experience. Here in America, the near-universal familiarity and skill with firearms enabled our militia, using tactics learned while fighting the Indians, to defeat the British Army… the world’s best fighting force at the time (c.f. the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and Francis Marion’s experiences in the Carolinas).

    The Industrial Revolution and the rise of machinery that could do hard physical labor (the tractor, the power loom, the bulldozer) meant that raw physical strength was no longer a requirement for certain trades… and those trades were opened up to women.

    Similarly, the modern handgun means that a moderately-trained weaker person is no longer at the mercy of the criminal brute.

    How anyone who truly values peace and freedom could be against gun ownership, against getting training in firearms safety and defensive use for herself and her children, is beyond me. What Julie is effectively doing is ensuring that she and her children will be victims.

  62. Why do people make such a big deal out of guns? They are honestly just like any other hobby out there! They are fun, have a practical purpose, and if misused can cause harm or death. There are hundreds of other things like that out there, and I don’t hear you [goofy-head] hippies complaining about them! How about cars? Just like guns, if you operate them like a moron, you can kill someone, but they’re around because they serve an important purpose. Or water. If you’re an idiot around it, it can kill you! More kids die every year from accidental and preventable drowning than from firearm accidents. Why don’t you focus your energy on water safety before you turn your energy on guns? Seriously, your bias against guns is so obvious it’s sickening.

  63. i never noticed the first time ’round that you are blowing faux smoke from the gun–that makes a little more sense than you kissing it :p

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