they have to make it complicated

so yesterday i was out at my client’s office, and i tried to install my field printer so i could print at the client’s office. of course, none of the installed drivers on my machine was the driver needed for this printer. so i tried all the HP DeskJet numbers close to this one, 3 different drivers i tried, but all was for naught. i could not get the printer to work.

last night i downloaded the driver for the field printer onto my thumbnail drive so i’d be able to finally use the printer. and when i booted up this morning and started to install the printer, i looked at the printer and thought, “hmm. yesterday when i tried to install the printer, i don’t remember ever turning the printer on. or seeing this power indicator light come on.”

i wonder if that had anything to do with it not working. occasionally i’m a moron.

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  1. Yep – not having the thing on… ooorrrr….. not having the printer cable firmly connected, have caused me no end of grief. Although I truly hate printers. I’m quite sure printers were invented just to make my life miserable. I can’t tell you how many I’ve bought and tossed over the years. Currently I’m using a way outdated Xerox M760 which seems to want to continue working – although I’m always having to replace ink cartridges because they dry up on me… *sigh*

  2. at least you’re brave enough to admit it

  3. LEDs are our friends, SarahK.

    If they don’t light up. They are not paying attention.

    Now I am going to laught quietly and politely to myself. Remembering all of the times women have gotten on men for Not reading the instructions!


  4. Don’t feel too bad, it even happens sometimes to computer geeks like me. :p

  5. Aris_Ravencroft

    what’s worse is that its cheaper to just buy a new printer ($20 gets you a decent one at my store) than it is to buy new ink cartridges . . .

  6. D’oh! but, as a professional chef, i can’t even count all the times i put a pan on to make a sauce, saute some meat or veggies, etc, and wondered why it was taking so long, only to realize that i forgot to put some fire underneath it….each profession has its brain [poot] moments, so don’t feel so bad!

  7. Thats not sooo bad. You could have gone more than a day believing you did all the right things and still the printer didn’t work.
    Sometimes I just think machines hate me, they taunt me and know when I am coming to use them.

  8. Machines love me. Don’t know why. Guess I don’t have to worry about Christine.

  9. wow, i wish my husband would call me a cutie-head when i forget to do something. you rock mr. frank!

  10. 98% of all communications problems are at the physical layer.

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