we’re at this blogger bash (a liveblog)

and all these people are here, and they haven’t tried to abduct us or give us freaky kool-aid yet. there was some debate over whether we should bring Frank’s dual .45s or not. but i think we’re ok. Harvey’s here, and he’s not yet tried to kill us and bury our bodies in the back yard. i’ll update you later.

ok, _Jon has just informed me that Detroit is in Michigan. thanks, _Jon. carry the one, SarahK.

Boudicca won’t let me help cook. that means dessert tonight will be awesome instead of just yummy. :)

Beloved Wife is a doll, what’s she doing with Harvey? :-) just kidding, Harvey.

hey, you know you’re at a right-wing blogger party when FoxNews is on the television and there are 3 laptops out and on the Wi-Fi.

Frank J just called Tammi a dime-store hooker. he’s such a mean man.

and Johnny implied that i whine a lot. meeeee??? how could he say that??? that was so meeeeeean!!

i’m never modeling t-shirts again. i’m the most underappreciated t-shirt babe in the history of t-shirt babery. and i un-heart Doug the t-shirt guy. but i blame Frank J for not promoting me better and not putting up the new pictures.

i know this will be a shocking thing to hear… we’re talking about blogging, and there’s much cooking going on.

Frank is big-timing everyone. i’ll bet he gets popped in the mouth soon. :-D

Frank just told a joke that fell completely flat, crashed and burned. we decided that Frank should leave the funny to me.

i was worried about Harvey, but really i think it’s _Jon who might bury us in the back yard. but maybe he likes me ok, he’s letting me take over his laptop.

Johnny eats tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches. ewww.

hey! _Jon said something funny, and Frank said it was good. maybe we won’t get dead today. :-)

Frank and i just drew comics for Harvey to put in his scrapbook. mine is better, of course.

Tammi is the bestest hostess ever, and i found out that Teresa jumps out of bed before she thinks about whether she’s decent enough to walk around in front of other people. ;-)

7:12 p.m.: my boyfriend is intoxicated. i’ve learned that he’s a sweet drunk. he’s telling everyone here that he’s gonna marry me and said he’d propose right now but it wouldn’t be romantic. oh, and i’m very disappointed in him being drunk, and i don’t condone drunkenness.

20 Responses to we’re at this blogger bash (a liveblog)

  1. Gah! I wish I were there! You guys have fun, but don’t get too close to Harvey!

  2. we wish you were here too, T1G!

  3. Actually Tammi called herself the “dime-store hooker” and Jon was nice enough to offer a quarter.

  4. We want LOTS of pictures!!!!! (since we can’t be there, waaaa!).

  5. Harv usually doesn’t do that kind of stuff…in Florida

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  7. Sarah, you said that someone eats tomato and mayo sandwiches – nothing at all has sounded good to me today except when i read that. im off to make dinner, now that i know what im gonna have!

  8. Nothing wrong with a tomato and mayonaise sandwich. It’s simple, light, juicy and very good for you.

    Glad you’re having fun at the party and also glad that Frank is a sweet drunk.

  9. You can get hookers at dime stores?!?

    Who knew?

    What a dork I was, buying model airplanes.

  10. I am happy to let you use my laptop.
    Especially considering I have this key capture program running.

    I am trying to think of something funny and witty and funny to write here, but … nothin’. Maybe I can get FrankJ to help me out….

  11. Sorry to interrupt, but Heidi had a good chemo day! Heidi had a good chemo day! GO HEIDI!!! Beat that #%@@&*# Crab to smithereens and stomp it into the #@%$&*## dust!!! YAY! YAY!

    Drunk? Less than good. Oh I know we’re not dealing with incipient alcoholism here, but I’m with you, SarahK. I have never understood humanity’s fascination with alcohol, or how people can be so blase about intoxication. I think if you just ask him not to get drunk anymore, that’ll be it. After all, he is a reasonable guy of mighty intellect.

  12. You crash a party and you don’t even invite your own blogkid? Not that I could have made it, but still. *pouting in guam*

  13. Oh, and Dave in Texas, didn’t mean to ignore you, and your post certainly is worthy of comment. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. You weren’t a dork, you just didn’t have your priorities straight. Anyway, dime stores aren’t the best place for hookers; you’re much better off with Walmart or Target, or some other place like that.

  14. And so there won’t be any confusion, “hooker” is also a position in rugby, corresponding to the center in football. In rugby, the “quarterback” (scrumhalf) centers the ball to the “center” (hooker). With a scrum, one team is awarded the put-in. While the scrumhalf of the other team looks on, the scrumhalf of the put-in team rolls the ball down the middle of the scrum, between the interlocked front rows of the opposing forward packs (forwards are like linemen in football); each hooker, who is the middle guy in his front row, tries to hook the ball with his foot back into his own forward pack, while each pack is trying to shove the other pack backwards. It helps a hooker tremendously if his pack is pushing the other pack backwards.

    There’s a famous truism in rugby (and I’m not kidding about this, that if you ask a hooker what he wants most, he’ll reply “a couple of inches of push”.

    Now if you ask a hooker what SHE wants most, I supose the answer is a different matter entirely. Unless the subject is women’s rugby.

    Please pay attention. There will be a test.

  15. Now my (I hope) very final comment on this matter is that the scrum is a set formation, like the line of scrimmage in football, whereas both the ruck and the mall are ad hoc. So when you hear or read some sports or political commentator use “scrum” as a metaphor, he or she almost certainly should be saying or writing “ruck” or “mall”; John Derbyshire at National Review will support me on this point. It is a particular bugaboo of mine.

  16. You SPIT in Frank’s dinner?? Bad Sarah K!!! You gotta RELAX, religon is there to explain the unexplainable. The ancient Greeks saw lightning and said “See that? It’s not a bolt of electricity caused by friction between molicules, attracted to the ground by electrical differences between the earth and the clouds, It’s actually a guy throwing burning sticks of death. Pray to him.” BTW, now that you moved to Florida, can you PLEASE let Frank play CounterStrike: Source??

  17. I love tomato and mayo sammiches. Add salt and pepper. MMMMmm!

  18. Yay!! New T-shirt babe pictures! Frank is certainly a lucky guy!

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