bang bang! pow pow pow!

can’t talk now, going shooting!!

5 Responses to bang bang! pow pow pow!

  1. I only own one handgun–a Kimber stainless .45 automatic. Highly recommended.

  2. I wanna see the results when y’all get back. *Pleeeeeease?* :)

    What style handgun do you and Frank prefer? Automatic or revolver? I know you both possess each,but I was curious about which is your favorite and which are you most adept and accurate with?

  3. there will be a range report. :-) i was goood today.

  4. yay shooting!! Yay MF1911 and Kimber, but BOO HOO, he only has one. I’ve got 2, hahaha.

    We were going to go to the rifle range yesterday but turned chicken as it was only 20 degrees. So we went bowling instead.

    I wanna see that range report … little sarahk, going for group. Look out Frank – you’ll be calling her 10 Ring Kiser soon!

  5. actually, frank has 3 1911s. we took two of them with us, and Mr. Shiny and i got along rather well.