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dinner Friday night was good. before dinner, i went shopping with Marci from work and got some new jeans and a couple of tops. when i arrived the kid we saw at the shooting range recently who i thought worked at our Publix — turns out he works with Frank. and all the engineers are nice. and no one tried to teach me to carry the one or anything. of course, the first thing i said to the waitress was, “we’re going to need separate checks.” :-)

i worked yesterday, then after work i decided to pay my rent for March. so i made jambalaya for my sweetie, and for dessert i made Dave’s Molten Chocolate Cakes. while i was cooking, i tasted the batter and told Frank that if i ever leave him for anyone, it will be for a spoon full of chocolate. when the cakes were done, i told Frank he had to pause his jambalaya eating, because the cakes are supposed to be served immediately. our cake plates were completely cleaned, my goodness it was fabulous. i actually don’t have the words to describe how wonderful.

we went to church this morning, and the sermon was a good one, about prayer. i woke with a migraine which got progressively worse until i came home from church and took a long long nap. it’s a little better now. you know what i think will help me feel better?

there’s a leftover chocolate cake in the fridge. and i proclaim it will be amazing.

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  1. yes, it’s amazing how many ills chocolate can cure =)

  2. Mmmm! Sounds good. Poor Frank is going to have to get a bigger ninja suit soon if you keep feeding him good stuff like that.

  3. egads! you made the man stop in mid-jambalaya-chowing mode for chocolate?
    don’t get me wrong, i like chocolate too, but it doesn’t have the same effect on men that it has on y’all women. at least in my experience.
    but to interrupt jambalaya…especially yours…..
    he must really love you!
    btw…did he finish the jambalaya after the dessert?:)

  4. Yeah, chocolate can cure many things. Oh how I love it!
    but for me, the better the quality of the chocolate the worse the headache. After dinner with family, (wonderful eats at Legal Seafood) I had a decadent Ultimate Chocolate Cake for dessert. 20-30 minutes later-BAM!-head exploding migraine in the middle of Christmas shopping.
    Sometimes its worth it though. Man, that was great cake (sigh).

  5. It’s not church; we call it “worship.”


  6. Actually, chocolate has healing properties too. And the caffeine in it often helps with the headaches. Must make those cakes now!!!

  7. Chocolate probably gave you the lovely migraine. When or when are your going to learn daughter of mine? Find another dessert to love besides chocolate.Unbelievable.

  8. Aris_Ravencroft

    I advise getting an Aunt B recipe book (I think that’s what its called, I know it has to do with that show) there are some great recipies in there, as well as a great chocolate cake recipe.

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed the Molten Chocolate Cakes. They’re really just too good, aren’t they?