if that mockingbird don’t sing

it was just perfect.

i’ve been a little stressed, because it’s tax season. happy, but still stressed and ready for it to be over. my sweet boyfriend told me sometime during the week that if i had Saturday off, we could spend the day together and do whatever i wanted to do and then he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner. and i worked enough during the week that i could take off Saturday and work Sunday.

we had decided to go hiking and were getting ready to go when we discovered our flea infestation problem, and that it was a bad problem. so all daytime plans were off, as we had to figure out what to do for the kitties and what to do for SarahK, who has the sweetest blood that is beloved by all the fleas. but Frank was still planning to take me to dinner and then Easter Vigil at his church. we didn’t know for sure whether those plans were on until after we got the girls some relief. we got some liquid to put on their backs and gave them pills from the vet, and about a half hour later, they were agonizing and freaking out. we were worried for a while, but then around 3:00, they calmed down some.

Frank told me that he’d heard that the Chart House was a nice restaurant, and he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner. i said, “wow, i heard that one is really nice and that they have really good food. and that it’s really expensive.” “oh really? how expensive?” “i don’t know, i just know it’s supposed to be one of the best in Melbourne.” he said, “well, you’ve been pretty stressed out, and you deserve a nice dinner.” he told me he heard he should make reservations, so he said he was going to go make those. he went into his bedroom. when he came out, the sneaky fella said he made the reservations for 5:45 so we would have plenty of time to get there after mass. i told him he’d better call the church and make sure mass was at 4. he went back to his room and did that, and said that it was at 8, so we’d have plenty of time for dinner.

what the sneaky prince was really doing was calling his voice mail at work and talking for no reason. he had made the reservations on Wednesday, but he did actually call the church when i told him to.

we got ready to go, and i had no clue what to wear. i hadn’t gone “Easter” dress shopping, so we’d stopped at a couple of stores on the way back from the vet, but i’d had no luck. finally i remembered my cute purple dress in the back of my closet that i never wear because it’s a little snug. i put it on, and Frank said it was cute, so i wore it. the great Frank J. even wore a tie. of course, that was a little production, because he didn’t know how to tie a tie, and i thought i knew, but neither of us did. that’s ok, because there are websites that describe the process (with diagrams!).

as we were driving to the restaurant, Toby Keith was playing (Greatest Hits, Vol. 2), and “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” came on. Frank never skips that song, but suddenly he reached for the cd player and said, “let’s skip that one and sing this one so we can sing together.” he fast-forwarded to “Mockingbird”, the duet based on the old nursery rhyme. we always sing this one together in the car, and we get really into it. so into the song, in fact, that Frank has injured himself while singing it before. anyway, we sang Mockingbird. go read the lyrics if you don’t know the nursery rhyme.

we got to the restaurant and valet-parked, and i came around the back of the car to go around to Frank’s side, which was closest to the door. Frank came around and met me at the back and said, “oh, don’t look, sweetie, i have a little gift for you that i need to get out of the car.” i walked near the door and tried not to look. in the process of my trying not to look, i saw him carrying a green velvet necklace box. whee!

we got inside, and Frank gave them our name. well, his name. but soon to be our name! :-D the girls at the front exchanged glances and looked at me and smiled really big and said “oooohhhhhh, Fleming…” “we have a lovely table prepared for you over here, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.” of course, i’m still thinking, wow, i’m getting a necklace! i hope it’s long enough that i don’t fee like it’s choking me when i wear it! and i said, “when did you have time to go get me a gift?”

Frank the Dishonest said, “i had last Friday off” or something like that, and SarahK the Enchanted said, “ooooh. ok.” as it turns out, Monday night when he was making me worry, he was buying my ring. and knowing that i must be worrying, he actually left before they were done re-sizing the ring, because my finger is so tiny that it was going to take an extra half hour. Monday night when he got home, he did say to me, “i’m sorry i made you worry. i promise to make it up to you so you’ll say, ‘wow, i’m somewhat less enraged by this incident’.” Tuesday at lunchtime, he went and picked up the ring. oh, and he’s known at the jewelry store as “the guy with the ring”.

the hostess took us to our table, which was by the window overlooking the boats and the Indian River. when we arrived at the table, the hostess said, “oh, and what beautiful flowers.” i started oohing and awwing and getting a little misty-eyed. the arrangement of stargazers on the table was absolutely gorgeous.

told ya. so we sat down, and Frank had the necklace box, and he put it on the table in front of me. he said that the gift he was giving me was a little bit different and required a little bit of explanation, and i thought, the last time he told me that, i almost got arrested. ha. so i opened the box, and there was a piece of paper in there. written on it was “Frank’s Soul.”

i’ll give the ladies a minute to pick themselves up off the floor, a moment to fan themselves and say, awwwwwwww.

Frank said, “i’m not sure i’m allowed to give that away, but if i could entrust it to any earthly person, it would be you.” and then he said that i make him the man he’s always wanted to be, that i’ve added to his soul, and he’d like to at least devote a portion to me so he’ll always treat me like the princess i am.

“having said that, this is all leading up to some bad news.” by this point, his voice was a little nervous.

what??? there can be no bad news!!! you just said the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me, there can’t be bad news!!

i said, “what?”
he said, “the mockingbird won’t sing.”
i said, “REALLY??!!!??” with a huge smile on my face. i knew what he was saying. he carried the one for me anyway.
he said, “you know what that means… i bought you a diamond ring.”
i think i was crying by this point, or at least really close.

Frank stood up and took the ring out of his pocket, then got down on one knee. he said, “i’m not sure which knee i’m supposed to be on.” i said, “i don’t think it matters!”

then he spoke. “i got you this shiny bauble. it’s not much by itself, but it would mean the world to me if you would wear it on your finger.”
i said, “YES!!” and kissed him!
he continued, “so… Sarah C— K—, aka, SarahK–”
i was saying at this point, “oh yeah, i have to wait for you to ask.”
“–will you marry me?”

and i said “YES!! OF COURSE!!” and we kissed again. and he took the ring out of the box, and i held out my finger, and he tried to hand me the ring. i took it from him, then handed it back and said, “no, you put it on me!” and he put it on me. he sat back in his chair, and i turned around to the other restaurant patrons and said, “we’re getting married!” and they all clapped for us.

the ring is the perfect size, he was actually listening when i told him my finger size is smaller than 4.

Frank was so ready to call me his fiancee, apparently. because the first time the waiter came to our table, he said, “my fiancee will have…” Hee!!!

dinner was wonderful, we had lobster spring rolls for an appetizer. i had the 6 oz. filet (medium) and coconut shrimp, and he had the prime rib (medium rare) and coconut shrimp. for dessert, we got the creme brulee and the molten chocolate cake and shared both.

it was a wonderful night for a very happy couple.

when we got back in the car, we sang our song together, because “Mockingbird” is now our song. :-) Frank told me that he made sure to play it on the way to the restaurant, because he wanted to make sure the reference to the mockingbird not singing wasn’t lost on me. carry the one, SarahK. ;-)

so that’s it. we’re engaged and will get married sometime after Joe Foo’ gets back from Iraq.

the thank-yous

of course, there are so many people to thank for where my life has taken me and the fact that i am sitting in Frank’s livingroom, watching my fiance hold his kitten, wearing a shiny bauble on my finger… so i can’t get to everyone, but those instrumental to us getting to this point include…

my blogdad and one of my bestest friends since high school, Juan.
Jeffrey (who’s getting married himself in June), who first sent me a link to this Frank J. post and who encouraged me to enter the T-Shirt Babe Contest.
Glenn Reynolds, the blogfather of my new fiance.
Rachel Lucas, John Hawkins and Misha who were very instrumental in Frank’s blog explosion and therefore somehow responsible for this.
all of the judges who voted for me in the contest, and even those who didn’t vote for me. :-)
and of course all of the readers and especially commenters at IMAO and mountaineer musings, who doggedly encouraged us to pursue our little romance.

i can’t tell y’all how happy i am.

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  4. KDS your former cubemate

    Congratulations to you and frank. I told you before you left that you’d be engaged in a few months!! Blessings to you both on a long and happy life together.

  5. Yippeeee!!! Me mum’s gettin’ hitched!!! [confetti]
    [sniff sniff]Y’all are making your IowaSoccerMom get all misty-eyed. I just love you two to pieces, you know that?

  6. Congrats, SarahK! You’ve got a great man there, and you have every reason in the world to be happy—including when you stroll into work tomorrow and show off that glimmering rock. (Also, if push comes to shove and those fleas are really getting to you, remember a diamond makes a great scratcher.)

    And, since I’m fast supplanting bikermommy, does this mean you’re not going to get your own apartment afterall??

  7. Um… does this mean you’re not getting your own apartment after all? (hee hee hee)

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  9. Dave in Texas

    *snif* it’s a magical moment.

  10. Awwwww. (sniff!) That’s such a great proposal. Once again, yay!!!

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  12. See if there is a MensWearHouse nearby, SarahK. Their suits are excellent and well priced. They also sell socks, shoes, ties and shirts. Everything Frank will need as he progresses up the Engineering Pyramid.

    They also have free illsutrated placards on how to tie a 3-in hand, Windsor. Even a bow tie.

    Heartiest congratulations on the ring and up-coming Nuptuals!


  13. Congrats Kids! As old Doc Brown said, “Your future hasn’t been written yet… so make it a good one!”

  14. Congratulations you Crazy Kids!


    You know, I had my doubts about Frank J (you never know how a man is going to come out in the end after being shot by a monkey), but danged if he didn’t come through with serious class!

    Let us all know where you are registered!

  15. (sniff) where is my box of tissue? (looking around)
    (sniff) Wonderful, that sneaky-cheeky monkey.
    Maybe I shouldn’t use the word monkey in reference to Frank, but I will today.
    I hope you have a *long, happy and blessed life together*.

  16. Congratulations!!!! That is wonderful! Here is to everlasting love!

  17. Man! Frank gets all the girls.

    Congratulations anyway ;)

  18. *sniff*
    that’s so beautiful! you guys are so beautiful! i’m so happy for you!!


    and is your finger really smaller than a size 4? wow, one of my friends is actually technically a midget and her rings are 3 and a half/4.

  19. Beautiful story! Congratulations!!!!!

  20. I am so happy for you both. not that you asked, but my Better-Half and I have made out union relatively successful by never fighting about money, you either have it or you don’t, by always making time to laugh, and by saying I love you at every chance we get! We have been together for 10 years and married 8 1/2 and everyday is a blessing. I wish you both the happiest of unions, though I don’t know you in the flesh, I feel like I do and you are both wonderful!!

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  22. Bee-yoo-tee-ful story. You guys rule.


  24. An awesome story. My deepest congratulations to you both.

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  26. Congratulations! I am choked up. I am SO happy for you!

  27. What a wonderful evening – looks like Frank outdid himself with this one. Congratulations to both of you! Many wishes for a lifetime of happiness headed your way.

  28. All the best! I think you two are perfect for each other…

  29. Awesome!!! Twue Wuhv…

    Congratulations, SarahK and FrankJ…you two are truly the cutest! I am so happy for you!

  30. Congrats, Frank J. & Sarah K.! A long & happy life together to you! May each of you always be able to look at the other & say, “You are the wind between my cheeks”.
    Or however that thing goes. I never could remember. Maybe that’s why I’m divorced.
    Seriously, all the best to y’all. I’ll fire off my GP-100SS in celebration. Frank M.

  31. Congratulations…

    I may have to steal elements of this for my own use someday down the road… :)

  32. Ahhhhhhh! – girly scream of delight – I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

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  35. Yay!

    Congratulations, and welcome to the “married because of their blogs” club. Are there any other members besides you and Frank and me and Deb? It would be interesting to know.

    This is so cool!

  36. congratulations! this is such wonderful news!

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  39. Congratulations, kids! Best of luck as you blog through life together. God bless you both.

  40. Congratulations! I want to wish you both a lot of health and happiness. You have a great foundation for a wonderful marriage already built.

  41. Awesome!
    I guess I’ll have to stop trying to win you over, eh? :)

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  45. Sweet! Congratulations to you both. Now I can stop pining for the t-shirt babe and get on with my life (kidding! sort of…)


    So… when is the Sizzle going to officially be off the market? ;-)

  46. Congrats, SarahK!

    Of course, there are several questions that must now be answered.

  47. I am SO not surprised…and yes, I had to dry my eyes when I saw that soul being given away. Too sweet. He sure knows how to pick ‘em…as do you SarahK…Better keep that SarahK name or we won’t know who you are! :-)

    Best wishes on this most joyous occassion!!! You two bring smiles to my face all the time and it’s wonderful seeing the smiles on yours!

  48. Congratulation! May you have many wonderful years together.

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  50. The Flying Burrito


    you guys are so wonderful!

    *sniff* *sniff*

    …and the story is so beatiful!! I feel so happy for you!!!

    *long sigh*

    God bless you, crazy kids!!! :D

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  53. Awwwww. So sweeet. Congrats you two! So happy for you guys! May you have many wonderful years of blogging (and everything elese too!) together!

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  56. Awww! Congrats! I am so happy for both of you!

  57. Now I’ve teared up, sounds like you got as good a Big Guy as I do and I thank God for that.

    Peace and love to you both, and many blessings.

  58. I have that same tie!

    Congrats, you nutty kids!

  59. Mountain Mama

    Gosh, I go away for the weekend and look what happens!!!! I should have gone away a few months ago, LOL! I am SO happy for you both!!! Much love, Mountain Mama

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  61. welcome to the family FrankJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made my daughter so happy that I will love you forever! Congratulations to you FJ on the princess bride and congratulations to you SJ on the prince charming. I love you both. MOM

  62. Congratulations, you make a cute couple…! :)

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  64. DixieDarlin'

    Apache Wedding Blessing

    Now you will feel no rain
    For each of you will be shelter to the other.
    Now each of you will feel no cold
    For each of you will be warmth to the other.
    Now there is no loneliness for you
    For each of you will be companion to the other.
    Now you are two persons
    But there is one life before you.
    Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your togetherness
    And may your days be good and long upon the earth.

    God Bless You Both!!

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  67. Congratulations! I hope that you have a long and happy life together!

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  71. Oh, darling hubby (who only knows you from my “talks” about “This-Really_Cute-Couple-From-the-Blogosphere”) and I are so happy for you!

    You guys are too sweet, and *I* pray that you have a long, happy, life-filled marriage that you can hold up to your great-great-grandkids as an example of how to live a rich and fulfilled life of love.

    May God richly bless you and gift you with hearts that love the other more than self, words which encourage and edify one another, minds that learn from one another, bodies which are entranced with each other, and souls which lift each other closer to heaven!

    Many blessings and prayers for a rich and fulfilling marriage!

    Love and hugs,


  72. I am so thrilled for both of you! That is wonderful…..and Frank J? Oh My…you did good. You did real good.

    A life time of duets and smiles. God Bless You Both!

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  74. How romantic (wiping tears from eyes)! I’m very happy for both of you. Gorgeous ring and nice dress, too!


    Time to break out the Reddi-Whip and duct tape!

  75. Congratulations!

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  78. Congrats and many happy returns. What a snazzy story.

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  81. May you be happy together, for all the years to come.

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  84. What the [diddly doo] is Marriage? Can someone tell me?

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  86. Okay so I am so happy for you (haaaaaheeeee whooooooooo hoooooooo) but where is MY thanks in all this.If it werent for me the photographer you would never have even been a t shirt babe. Remeber ME the photogropher taking pictures of you over and over at 2:00 in the morning. The weapons were provided by MY neighbor and MY boyfriend which made you even more appealing to be a t- shit babe. But you know that is a really good love story. I havent weeped so hard since I saw the notebook on DVD.So go ahead and make a very large post for the most special sizzle in your life starting all of this for you.

  87. Congrats SarahK and FrankJ! You got me all misty with the mushiness….you got a good one, methinks.

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