ten statements about me

stealing this from Jennifer:

nine of these statements are true, one is false. you guess which (except Frank and Bikermommy and Spidade):

1. I scored 1250 on my SATs.
2. I prefer Swingline staplers to all other staplers.
3. I own the “Barbershop” DVD.
4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
5. I once had a dog named Poo-Poo.
6. I sometimes drink a glass of pickle juice.
7. I stress-fractured my shinbone by running too much.
8. The antenna ball on my car is a black cat from Halloween.
9. I peed my pants at a Dave Matthews Band concert.
10. I prefer my pizza without cheese.

UPDATE: keep guessing, i’ll post the answers this weekend!

29 Responses to ten statements about me

  1. Hi, SarahK:

    At first reading I thought that #4, #6 and #10 were false.

    Two more readings narrowed it down to #4 and #6.

    I do believe that you cannot tie a cherry stem with your tongue.


  2. I am going to go with “Cherry Stem” also.

  3. Dave in Texas

    The SAT score sounds low.

  4. I don’t know, but #4 sure as hell got my attention.



  5. why for can’t i vote?i don’t know all of these!

  6. I disagree with Dave in Texas, if nothing else because I’m still jealous of him (I think Sarah took the SATs before the “inflation era”; I also think he’s kissing Sarah’s “pinkeytoe”… how typical of him). #2 is too stereotypical of accountants to be true.

  7. i think it’s #10….i know you like cheese.

  8. I’m calling horse hockey on #6. Pickle juice, eeeeeew!

  9. i would of said pickle juice but that get’s rid of cramps from running so they both gotta be true… im guessing she didnt have a dog named poo-poo cause that is just mean…and sarahk is so very nice… she gave me gmail.

  10. I’m gonna pick #8, ’cause it has too many details.

  11. Dave in Texas

    I’m not above kissing pinkytoe if it gets me in on some of that sweet blog money.

    But I’m beginning to think that blog money thing is fake.

  12. I’m goin’ with #10. Pizza just isn’t pizza w/o cheese.
    Many food items can be made better with cheese, you just need the right cheese:
    & salads
    just to name a few.
    And come on, unless you are lactose intolerant or alergic, who doesn’t like cheese.

  13. I’ll go w/#8. I have a friend who eats cheeseless pizza (won’t have it any other way) b/c of lactose intolerance, so that’s not impossible.

    When do we get the answer?

  14. I think #1 is false, you probably scored higher than that!

  15. I’m going to pick #3–doesn’t seem like your kind of movie.

  16. I think it’s the cherry stem. And re: #9, it’s good that you peed in your pants and not on Dave. I don’t think he would have liked that.

  17. Pickle Juice?
    No Choking, Pickle juice?
    Olive juice maybe, but pickle juice?

  18. Sarahk you are a bum and that is what makes you so great… now you need to learn to be nice so i dont look like a liar…:(

  19. I’m guessing #4. I’ve seen the trick at a party where you hide a tied-up cherry stem in your mouth, then pretend later on to put a second stem in your mouth and tie it, all while hiding the second stem in a part of your mouth while retrieving the first.

  20. I’m going with number 10. I seem to remember a blog post about pizza’s without the sauce but lots of cheese a long while back.

  21. My code number contained the letters VD and now I feel dirty. And I know the all the answers spidade! from sarah’s mother.

  22. *I* can tie a cherry stem with *my* tongue, so I don’t think that’s the false answer.

    And when I was a kid, I had a dog named Wee-wee.

    I’m thinking it’s the 1250. Your score was prolly at least 1400.

  23. I don’t think you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue.

    All your readers would assume by looking at you that you could
    Therefore you put it as a trick question, to fool us all.

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  25. Definitely #10…what’s pizza w/o cheese?

  26. The Stapler has to be false. I believe all the rest.

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  28. Liar. Everyone stole this from me way back last year.