Mr. Wonderful wants me to show up to the weddin’

ok, but only if there’s a molten chocolate groom’s cake in the shape of an M1911.

i’m actually quite sure the molten chocolate part is not gonna happen, because molten chocolate, once cooled, is no longer so molten. more like ooey gooey.

anyway, Frank wrote an editorial in which he states his adamancy that i show up at the wedding. it’s funny.

7 Responses to Mr. Wonderful wants me to show up to the weddin’

  1. Roger Kiser

    I don’t think Frank has ANYTHING to worry about. Harkening back to my earliest metaphor concerning this timeless romance, nobody ever saw a cheetah make the kill then forego the meal.

  2. I don’t see why Frank would be upset if you didn’t show up. More cake (and Bridesmaids wink-wink) for him.

  3. If you should pass through Albuquerque (before turning left) lunch is my treat.

  4. Bikermommy

    not to worry FrankJ. SarahK is yours. Plus Roger has the correct logic going there.

  5. RickP in NC

    Hi Sarah
    Long time reader,first time commenter. I think Frank really wants you to be present at the honeymoon, the wedding is optional,LOL.
    Have you considered changing your Blog name to Penisula Ponderings, since you’ve moved to Florida?

  6. lottiedottie

    that frankj is so needy! i mean, are you sure you want to be married to a guy who insists you actually be at the wedding? silly boy :p

  7. LarryConley

    You could always get a pistol shaped pan and put a couple sterno cans under it and have melted fudge… :)