IMAO podcast


IMAO debuts today its first Podcast. along with the other IMAO cast, i’m in there, reviewing my favorite of Frank’s guns, Mr. Shiny. there might be some singing, too. :-) i hope y’all enjoy it.

5 Responses to IMAO podcast

  1. You’re not fooling me with that fake Texas accent. I bet you sound closer to Michele Catalano in real life. Let’s face it, you live in Florida now; you’ll have a New York or Long Island accent in no time. ;)

    Seriously, though, I think you should sing on EVERY show. Love the singing AND the speaking voice.

  2. Oh man this is such comic genius! I can’t get over this.

  3. Hi, SarahK!

    I really enjoyed your singing and comments on Mr. Shiny.

    Remember that if you want to clean Mr. Shiny and are out of Gun Scrubber, Crud-Buster, Break-Free, or Hoppe’s Nitro Solvent. You can always put the slide, slide release, barrel and bushing in the dishwasher. Just like your pots and pans!


  4. this is true.