birthday bits

they say it’s my birthday… contrary to what the evil fake sarahk would have you believe (warning, Frank is shirtless in that photo), today is my first 29th birthday. tonight my sweetheart’s gonna take me to dinner, we’re going to try a little fancy restaurant we haven’t tried before (at least the website makes it look fancy).

presents! it’s all about presents, right?
Frank has ordered me the Harry Potter book, which should arrive today. i talked to Sa last night, who was shocked that i wasn’t already finished with the book. i told her i’ve been trying to get a lot done the last couple of days, because once i get started, that’s all i’ll do until i finish… bad news, though. Sa called me when she finished the book last night, and she was almost inconsolable. i know J.K. Rowling has said that a major character would die. apparently the one i figured it would be is not the one, because when Sa called, she was sobbing. she said it is sooooo sad. i consoled her, then reminded her that it’s fiction and asked that when i call her in a few days bawling my eyes out, she remind me that it’s fiction.

i think that Frank also ordered the latest Paullina Simons novel for me. but i can’t be sure that he got the hint.

and yesterday he asked me when my sister is coming to visit, because on a certain date there is a timed event that he wants to take me to for my birthday. i know he wanted to surprise me, but i recognized the date as the date of an event i would love to attend. so wheeeee!!!!

walking and breakfast… wow, yesterday we actually went for a 45 minute walk after work. and this morning, i made oatmeal. mmm, with butter, sugar and bananas. healthy breakfast i say.

weekend fun…
we did go to the Dave Matthews Band concert this weekend, and i’ll have a big post on that in the next day or so. i will say this: some people should drink less beer or take their wives along to concerts with them, and all DMB fans should get to hear “Granny” live in concert at least once. * sigh * it was great.

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  1. 29 sure. As someone who is going to be turning 30 in a couple of weeks, I’d just like to say…I feel so old…tired.

  2. Aha, I knew that would be his strategy — to use the hp book to cover till the other one comes in. Clever, that one, and probably used overnight shipping from Australia for his sweetie. (after reading your comments section.)

  3. Happy Birthday, sarahk!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And enjoy the Harry Potter – I thought i was somebody different that was going to die, too. But then, I also didn’t cry over it because well, you know…I’m a guy.

  5. happy birthday!
    lets see…next year will be your first time turning 30, so in the years that follow it will be an anniversary of turning 30.
    enjoy 29!

  6. Oh, I forgot to thank you for making breakfast… and on your birthday even. You’re the sweetest!

  7. i would never guess 29, SarahK. I was thinking more like 24, 25? Happy Birthday and congrats on hearing “Granny” live at DMB concert.

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  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  10. What a coincidence. My co-worker just had her 12th 29th birthday.

    Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday again!! Have fun at with TK too!

  12. Happy birthday, sarahk!! Hope it’s a good one….

  13. Happy birthday! You know I love you and wish you a very happy day! Smooches!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Happy birthday Sarahk!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday SarahK!!

  19. Here is my Birthday Poem to sarahK
    Who turns 21 on this very special day
    A lover of kitten, Chipotle and big shiny guns
    The living enbodiment of Pretty and Fun!

    Who wooed us all with her smile
    And gorgeous singing voice
    Plus T-Shirt babe photo that really are choice

    So, blow out the candle and make a big wish
    For many more years of love and fun under the sun
    Mingles with recipes and tales of Frank J
    Minerva, Bikermommy and “Alias” dish.

    Happy Birthday, SarahK!


  20. Happy Birthday! I too turn 29 in 2 weeks, kinda scary.

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  22. Chris James

    Happy 30th, Sarahk!!!

  23. Hey, 29′s not so bad actually. You get all the benefits of being an older mature and respected member of the community since you’re, for all intents and purposes, in your 30s, BUT since you’re not actually IN your 30s you get to party and hang out and have fun like you’re still in your 20s!!! ‘Cause, you know, you ARE!!

    Don’t let them get you down, buddy. You don’t look a day over 25, serious.

  24. Happy Birthday fellow cancer!

  25. Aww, happy birthday! Hope it’s spectacular!

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  27. Master Shake

    Happy birthday, Queen of all T-shirts!

  28. Happy 29th Birthday.

    The first of many.

  29. lottiedottie

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy 29, it’s been a great year for me, I know it will be for you too! also, I heard a tip on the radio the other day that going for a walk before you eat is more beneficial than walking after.

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  31. Happy B-day! :)

  32. thanks everyone!

  33. *votes for SarahK*

    Happy Birthday :-)

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  35. Die?! Read the book very, very carefully. Then get your bets down on how long the deceased STAY that way. :-)

  36. late as usual…happy birthday to the prettiest,smartest, most wonderful daughter a mommy could ever have (except I had two of them)…I LOVE YOU! (sorry this is late but it is not as late as Frank’s birthday present and your birthday card – can’t find a stamp)…I did call and sing happy birthday to you, huh?

    by the way, the first two letters of the code were PC – I have never actually been pc so that is new for me….MoDe/Bikermommy/Grandma Linda

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