you’re out of touch, i’m out of thyme

since Music be the Food of Love (or is it the love of food?), this week’s Carnival of the Recipes (#51) will take you back to the musical 1980s, so Jack, get back! come on before we crack! lose your blues!

everybody cut Footloose!

good grief, the Carnival is huge this week! thanks for your participation!

and if you go to the linked lyrics, please don’t click on any of the popups, especially the ones about your computer security being out of date. it does bad things to computers!

now let’s rock & roll!

don’t Hold on to the Night for too long, or you’ll miss out on Breakfast Calzone from Kevin of Technogypsy. Kevin also has for your viewing … um… pleasure? a little ditty about Jack & Diane a hamster, which somehow relates.

when you get up in the morning, you can Relax with Bagels, Bro-Style, from Christine at Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea.

apparently Richmond’s Hot Artichoke Dip is a Hard Habit to Break; she makes it every time they have guests!

Martin of EGO sends a recipe for Cheyenne Chili Pepper Poppers, which are sure to leave an Eternal Flame in your mouth.

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into Brian B’s Italian Sports Car Pasta Salad over at Memento Moron.

Dave Schuler’s Black Bean Salad with Goat Cheese sounds excellent (except maybe the goat cheese part). i used to make a similar Pampered Chef recipe, Time After Time. one of my all-time favorites.

have a go at this Mediterranean Vegetable Stew from Annamaria, and you, too, can Walk Like an Egyptian!

Countertop Chronicles has a recipe for Brunswick Stew that is sure to be One That You Love!

i have not had muffalettas in The Longest Time. Feisty Christina has a yummy sounding recipe for New Orleans Muffalettas, too, so i’ll have to try it!

i almost had to Look Away when i saw that this was a recipe concocted at Taco Bell, but songstress7 convinced me nonetheless that i should give the Red Dragon a try.

Kris of Anywhere But Here’s Brazilian Iced Chocolate Drink sounds wonderful! and i am not F-F-F-Foolin’.

after Harvey’s been working 9 to 5, Harvey likes to have an “after-five” adult beverage that sounds absolutely awful (no offense, Harv, still love you!). and Mr. Bad Example gave no proportions, so i’m guessing he would say throw in a gallon of each ingredient.

If Techie Vampire’s Fried Dill Pickles don’t make you Hungry Like the Wolf, she also has instructions for How to Build a Better Hamburger.

i know without a doubt that a Country Boy Can Survive on OzarkLad’s Chicken Fingers and Fries recipe!

if you decide to try your hand making Romeocat’s Grilled Oriental Swordfish Steaks, please do Call Me, and i’ll help you eat them.

Jeff of Trub has a recipe for mid-continental fish tacos (i loooove fish tacos). even if Jeff doesn’t live in Panama, i’m sure they’re fabulous.

If You Don’t Know Me By Now
, you don’t know how much i will love making RTO Trainer’s Tuscan Shrimp. i’ll love eating it even more.

you’ll surely be Head Over Heels for Kevin Weeks’s , Seriously Good Tea Smoked Salmon.

i have a few words to say to the Bow Tie Pasta with Semi-Homemade Red Sauce from the Peach Pit: I’d Love to Lay You Down on my dining table. next to my fork. which i’d pick up. and use.

if you’re trying to figure out who to invite for dinner when you make David of third world country’s Pasta à la lovely daughter, i have a suggestion. Why Not Me? btw, how do you make that little thingy go over the a? i had to copy/paste.

being a born’n'raised Texan, beef is Always on My Mind. The Thomas has a great beef recipe, Fables II Steak Kabobs.

Prochein Amy knows that Some Like it Hot, so this week she has submitted Tex-Mex Zucchini.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Everything and Nothing’s Peach State Bread. yummmm.

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away with this sinfully delicious Chocolat Alexandra from mensabarbie.

Taleena of Sun Comprehending Glass says that her milkshake recipe is easy. so Don’t Worry, Be Happy about those and the Russian Tea Cookies.

i’m on the Borderline with ArmyWifeToddlerMom’s Cat Crap Cookies. all the ingredients sound yummy, but the end result looks so much like something that gags me everytime i empty it into the trash…

Heaven is a Place on Earth, especially if you’re eating the Black Forest Trifle offered by KeeWee’s Corner.

if you’re having a Manic Monday, you should go home and make yourself some of Blog d’Elisson’s Blackberry Sage Tea Ice Cream. sounds very calming.

if you make these Crunchy Pecan Clusters by red fish of purple fish guts, you’re sure to have Nothing But a Good Time eating them.

it’s been a Cruel Summer for us in the Florida humidity. these Iced Orange Cookies from Ted of Rocket Jones sound like just the refreshment we need!

when i get together with this Chocolate Caramel Tart from Jay at Accidental Verbosiy, you’ll Never Tear Us Apart!!

You Might Think
i’m crazy over the Chocolate Sauce Pears from Inside Allan’s Mind. and you’d be right!

i Don’t Know Much, but i know that this Dragon Dirt recipe from Random Marybeth sounds interesting!

and that’s it for the Carnival this week! thanks to Beth for letting me host again, and thanks to all who participated and all who link it!

and go visit NZ Bear’s Carnivals page for other great carnivals.

36 Responses to you’re out of touch, i’m out of thyme

  1. Awesome!!! I got Def Leppard!!! heheh I love Def Leppard! How pathetic is that? [snicker snicker]

    Great Carnival, blogmommy!!!

  2. Great job! I love the song theme. I’ve been looking for some of those lyrics, thanks!! :))

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  7. Wow. Very cool, even if I really am more of a classical or bluegrass kind of guy.

    But you forgot to link to the hamsters and we even promised you one:

  8. fixed.

  9. Air Supply Rocks!!!

    Seriously, a very good Carnival

  10. A few weeks ago, Swordfish and Shark steaks were on sale at my Kroger, so I went ahead and got 2lbs of each. And then it occurred to me that I didnt know any recipes for them. Now I do :)

    Well done

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  12. Great Job!!

    Thank you very much.

    ; )

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  17. Great job, Sarah! I love the lyrics idea!

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  19. How do ya make the lil “à”?



    OR, install a French layout to your keyboard… but that’s just icky.

  20. Oh, and thanks for evoking,

    “If music be the food of love, play on;
    Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
    The appetite may sicken, and so die.”

    –From Twelfth Night (I, i,1-3)

    I love that play…


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  31. DO you have any recipes for food items for Penguins? I would like to start feeding my Penguins dessert but only want to give them something healthy.



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