he said / she said

the new podcast, which is called something like “Time-traveling Monkey Killers” is up for download.

two bits that were left out of the podcast (because they were recorded last minute, inspired by our mutual annoyance with each other after i tried to coach Frank on his acting skills) were our she said / he said bits. i still think my best blogging was back when we were doing the he said / she said stories about our Grand Canyon hike. listen to the bits in the following order:

she said
he said

even when we’re doody-heads to each other, we can laugh about it.

3 Responses to he said / she said

  1. Loooooved the he said she said!
    very very funny.

  2. I loved your laugh in He Said! Can you do that anytime you want? That is some serious acting!

    Can you really laugh like that on que or was Frank making monkey faces to help you out?

  3. It’s the first time I hear your voice Sarah, and I really like it .

    You can relax, I’m not a weirdo, my girlfriend is sitting 12 feet away watching tv as I’m writing this!

    I just wanted to say I like your voice – and that it goes well with your pretty face.

    I don’t visit your site often, I should, It’s fun.