oh good, just what i always wanted to be

You Are A: Puppy!

puppy dogBeloved by all, puppies are energetic, playful, and loving. Your outgoing and friendly nature is part of what makes you a puppy. Known for their loyalty, puppies make great pets for young and old alike. And an innocent puppy face can melt anyone’s heart!

You were almost a: Frog or a Bear Cub
You are least like a: Groundhog or a LambWhat Cute Animal Are You?

Frank is a monkey. i coulda toldja that.

9 Responses to oh good, just what i always wanted to be

  1. I’m a Frog!

  2. Bear Cub. I was least like a chipmunk or duckling. I was almost a pony or monkey.

  3. I got Bear Cub. I was hoping for piranah, but what are ya gonna do.

  4. Make way for ducklings.

  5. i came out as a turtle. what the? turtles aren’t cute!

  6. I’m a Bear Cub?????

    That’s just wrong!


  7. Bear Cub. Guys (or at least guys who read this site) seem to be coming up as Bear Cubs. I was almost a duck or parakeet and least like a squirrel.

  8. lottiedottie

    what??? they made me a pony! i don’t know that i want to be a pony!

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