was Alison Krauss’s dress weird or something?

i’m getting a ton of google hits today for “Alison Krauss dress CMA awards”. what’s up with that?

UPDATE: i googled it myself and now i see what the fuss is about (click on the CMA photos link). egads. beautiful voice, bad taste in clothing apparently.

UPDATE AGAIN: reader Lori says there was another dress that you could see straight through. so that’s the fuss…

10 Responses to was Alison Krauss’s dress weird or something?

  1. It may have been a beautiful dress–if only it hadn’t had the spotlight shining right through it!

  2. I’ve been getting hits for interracial sex…

    I win.

  3. it’s a nice shape, but those stripes-yeesh!

  4. I didn’t click the CMA link the first time, I was going by what I saw watching the show. The dress in the CMA photos is not the one that caused the commotion. When she sang with Union Station she had a long white lacey dress that you could see right through. You had a clear silouette of her legs to her panties for the entire song.

  5. yes…i thought i was the only one that noticed she looked so naked under the dress and the light continued to shine right through. i now know she is a little pigeon toed.

  6. I didn’t see those pics yeesh, fire that stylist!

  7. Her dress was quite sheer, but just below the areas where it shouldn’t be. The light coming through gave a very nice shot of her legs.

  8. On photo #10 in that series, is that an Orthodox Klezmer clarinet player with Ricky Skaggs?!?

    By the way, congrats on your 9 of Hearts.

  9. All of you are missing the point!!!! You’re all focused on the outer material appearance and have no clue about the inner beauty of this lady!! And regarding both outfits, the sheer one with the light shining throught and the tiger=striped one, I thought theywere both great! The same outfits on Paris Hilton would not have looked as good because people like that do not project any inner beauty to complement their physical appearance. Just read a bit about Alison’s life, listen to the way she comes across in interviews, and listen closely to the lyrics of the songs she chooses to record, and the way she makes that fiddle cry and sing, and you start to get a picture of who she is and then, if you have any soul, you begin to see just how gorgeous she really is. I’ve seen photos of her in old sweats, no makeup and her hair disheveled, and I still thought she was gorgeous because of that natural unaffected smile and those drop=dead blue eyes! I guess that I see her with the eyes of my heart. So *phhhhhtttttt#@& on all you shallow people with your unsolicited fashion statements!

  10. Kristin Reveal

    Alison’s dresses were perfectly fine! I am agreeing with you here 100%. That woman is BEAUTIFUL and looks amazing in anything she wears. People should look around before judging someone so beautiful and talented. I mean I’ve seen Shania wear worse. I though the dress at the 2005 CMA’s was absolutely GORGEOUS! And the one at the other award show was Beautiful! She couldn’t have looked any better!!