i’m covered in fire

ok, yesterday we went to Epcot and MGM with Rachel and Jim. more on that someday. around 11:30-ish, i’d say (sometime after i’d lost my glasses), i noticed that my legs felt like they were on fire.

from the knee down, both legs were practically covered in this gigantic, red, splotchy rash. my thighs were only covered in the front.

i still have this rash, which, added to the excruciating pain in both feet when we walked (i’ve really got to see a doctor about my feet), made me miserable all day. the rash doesn’t itch much, not enough to make me scratch it anyway. which is great, because anytime anything rubs up against the rash (even the slightest brush-up), my skin feels like it is on fire. not sunburn fire, not hand held over flame fire, but make me stop everything i’m doing and bring me to tears fire. it hurts.

i’ve looked up everything to do with rashes and can’t seem to find anything that fits. the ones that seem close don’t mention being on fire. they mention itching, which is not really a problem with this booger.

i can’t go to worship this morning. so many hugs, so much crossing of legs. so much fire on my legs. plus the headache, but that’s nothing compared with the fire.


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  1. You must have gotten too close to a liberal.

  2. I’m sorry, Sarah. Maybe I shouldn’t have poisoned you?

  3. aaawwwwwe that stinks out loud, so sorry your limbs are burning w/ a rash. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with your shots.

  4. Seriously, I would google it. It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen medical insurance, and I’ve had a pleasant success ratio with some self-treatments…

  5. have you changed laundry soap? what about walking in some kind of grass? call your doc immediately in case it has something to do with the shots. love you…mommy

  6. When I was in Florida in October, I got a horrible rash on my ankles which sounds like what you are describing. My relatives told me it was “no-see-ums” – some sort of little invisible mosquito type insect? Is the rash on the parts of the limbs that were exposed that day? What I did – I got some insect bite cream from Walgreens or Walmart or someplace, and that really helped.

  7. Umm, you are a little young for it, but shingles?

    The “on fire” stuff sounds like shingles, but I would check with the doc that handles your shots to be sure it is not some zany side effect.

  8. Sarah, it may actually be a sun rash. Uncle Robert has had one before that was so bad, he was VERY sick with it. Love you!

  9. There are some sunscreens that will react with people and sun. I can no longer use sunscreen with Paba. Something for you to look into.

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