i’m working on the weekend posts

here’s what’s coming up:

*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – funny thing, i enjoyed the movie, but i was hugely disappointed. i do not give it a good review. far from that. i’ve ranted for pages about the disastrous first ten minutes – seriously, why not just skip right to the Triwizard Tournament if you’re going to butcher all that happens before it so horribly. anyway, i’m writing it, but i haven’t even gotten to the arrival of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and it’s looooooong.

*Saturday at Epcot with Jim & Rachel. a miserably painful but fun day. Rachel has her recap up, so i’ll have to write an even wittier and better post than hers. i love our pictures that she has posted.

*funny thing about losing one pair of glasses and finding the pair that i lost months ago (without even trying).

*i have some good catblogging. you’ll never believe how Sydney cleans herself.

2 Responses to i’m working on the weekend posts

  1. This is just me guess, and its a wild one at that…But I bet Sydney clears herself with her tongue.

  2. well that’s hardly fair. My post isn’t witty because I was writing around midnight after a full day at a theme park. Sheesh. My poor readers suffer from a lack of witty entries, but they are somewhat compensated by having timely entries!

    we had a great time with you two. you know where to find the pics I posted should you decided to – um – borrow any for any reason.